On The Buses



On The Buses.

If you thought it was safe to go back in the water I wouldn’t bother over the next week or so. No rest for the wicked.

You want a sign.

The Gates are opening up on 27th August.



And never trust a dog collar. I thought the mirrors were a relatively harmless quantum effect. I’m not so sure now. Shenanigans. The vaccine is not ‘An Act of Love’. In my opinion. I’ve said this before but I’ve been picking up messages at normally invisible frequencies saying ‘Take the vaccine’.



The Dalai Lam.





Is Lam.



It’s a load of bollards.




And Ka Bull shit in the Year of the Ox.



In the movie ‘Cam’ the web cam girl Alice has her identity stolen by a form of AI.

Deep Fake.




Who Is Rael ?


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  1. Just one way to get people to take this vaccine – get your holy man to endorse it.
    Uhh – the chance to win a million dollars didnt entice me either

    1. Kenneth


      It is such an obvious load of bollocks but I suppose if all the authority figures – politicians, doctors, holy men, media stars etc etc – push it and add the fear factor as well with disease then the vast majority of Joe Public will believe it. There is also an element of feeding off innocence. You should be able to trust the elders if you like but it is a tried and trusted method over the years.

        1. There’s also more subtle programming as well apart from normal media. I mentioned this in the article but it is true I think. I’ve picked up a message on an invisible frequency about taking the vaccine. This is part of the reason why people wake up one morning and think ‘I must have the vaccine’.

          1. Peer pressure also forces many to get the vaccine. My younger sister and husband got it. My sister works in customer services at a big casino in MN. My older sister is like me and has (so far) refused.

        1. Roob

          When it gets personal.

          A lot of this is directed at us. The mystery of Merovee. Others don’t get this to such an extent. This is why I’ve gone a bit ‘paranoid’ recently and trying to work out exactly has gone on but there is more than an element of truth to it. As an example in my case Pope Francis, The White House, Rebecca and Harry Potter aren’t random. I think now it’s more than a random metaphysical effect but deliberate mirroring to keep us within the Prism prison. Harvesting or trying to control energy flow. Something along those lines.The good news is we have friends in very high places.

          Notice the colours. Not a coincidence.

          Here’s Benedict at Brambletye.


          And George Harrison and Crackerbox Palace.


          And Frank Whaley and Jennifer Connolly.



          And LAM and Pindar. They or It follow us about whoever ‘We’ are exactly, through Time and Space I think


          Never trust a dog collar. Dalai Lama.


    1. Hi Roob.

      I honestly think that is the real Tom Cruise, with all the hormones and plastic surgery to keep “him” young-looking! Nobody here has taken on the idea that all celebrities, including Tom Cruise, are trans. His body looks like an FTM’s, I’ve seen the research! Yes, I know there are clones, but it’s possible that Tom Cruise is such a “big deal” in Holly Wood and SO DEVOTED TO HIS CRAFT, that he told “them” NO CLONES.

      Tom Cruise can handle the AGING process like a Superstar.

      Which “he” is.

  2. This isn’t nice or enlightened or anything, but the world can fuck off.
    The more I hear about somebody like the pope telling people what to do, the more I have a violent reaction.
    Then again, there’s always what’s under the surface. And maybe what’s under the surface is that we will be on a timeline without any concepts of a pope.
    At this point, I would say I have soul exhaustion.

        1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          Angels come in all sizes, shapes and colors, whether or not you’ve prayed. I’ve seen them off and on since I was a child. They stay for a moment or a few years. In their presence, it’s impossible to feel lonely or hopeless. When they leave, you remember and are never quite the same again.

  3. So the religious leaders are getting in on the act?

    I was watching a video by a guy promoting the idea that antichrist has been around a while but has been out of the way or not here for a long time and when he appears (re-appears?) everyone will be shocked to their knees!
    That reminded me of the funeral of pope John Paul II where he was buried in a trapezoid-shaped coffin! Very unusual! very strange! I made some notes about it at the time. It is supposed to have the power to bring a person back to life! I had always wondered if and when that might happen.
    Now I had another look.
    I must also point out that this person doing the video is making it very clear that the antichrist will only be revealed after the body of Christ has been removed.

    Pope John Paul II was buried in a trapezoid-shaped coffin on 8/4/2005.
    From 8/4/2005 to 5/9/2021 = 5994 days.
    5994 days = 9×666 days!
    5994 days is also 37 x 162 days or 37x([9×9]+[9×9]) days.

    He was born on 18/5/1920.
    From 18/5/1920 to 5/9/2021 = 37,000 days!
    37,000 days = 888,000 hours!

    “Former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen, says this type of coffin is built to draw in and preserve evil, dark energy. While in Satanism, Bill had to build one of these trapezoidal coffins. The idea was to attract enough vampiric dark demonic energy, to draw sufficient quanties of energy, and to store that evil energy so that, at a right moment, the dead man can come out of the coffin, a demonic resurrection!”
    Scroll down.

    Just sayin’.
    Don’t have long to wait to find out.

  4. Wow, I totally agree, Frank!

    I noticed my past post about how you can see our “Hidden Realm” in Jesus’ tomb that was not able to contain our Lord in “death” is unreadable at present. Which means to me…

    I AM over the TARGET.

    That image of the dome over the flat earth in his TOMB!!!! is the Deepest of Highest SECRETS the Freemasons who are taking over the “world” in the “New World Order” do NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.

    The “hidden realm” is our own! The way the Creator MADE it: a flat plane (NOT “planet”) with His celestial “Heavens” above it, impenetrable: no way out. ie. The Dome.

    And NOW I give to you the biggest secret Satan wants to HIDE from you”


    Satan wants you to think it is HE who is the All-Seeing Eye at the top of the pyramid on your dollar bill! Your MONEY. Your “safety net” in this world! HE is YOUR GOD because you are so afraid to not have any!!! To get “fired”! To LOSE ALL YOUR POSSESSIONS in a fire or catastrophe….

    When in actuality Jesus COMMANDS that you GIVE AWAY all your possessions! TO be FREE of Satan’s power over you. Cuz you sure aren’t going to be able to take them with you where Jesus is leading you!

    Satan’s and the Freemasons’ PYRAMID is, of course, a COPY of the REAL THING.

    Hmm, really?

    SO what or where is this REAL pyramid of “power” and “immortality”?

    It’s literally IN YOUR FACE every day you GET UP and look up…..

    But it’s only on a day you see the sun’s rays shining down through the puffy white clouds….. this is when you can SEE it …..

    Look at the sun’s rays! They slant down to the flat horizon in a PERFECT PYRAMID! So perfect and mathematically correct is it that you can calculate the sun’s distance from the earth! And it ain’t millions miles away at the center of the Freemasonic lie of a SOLAR system.

    Look at the horizon of the sea: it’s ABSOLUTELY LEVEL (“see” level)…. a straight line that forms the base of the pyramid formed by the rays of the sun shining down on it.


    You can only “see” it on a cloudy day.


    But Satan who controls all our information now on MSM will NEVER let that Truth out.

    From the Weather Channel:

    “Have you ever looked up at the sky to see sunlight spilling out from the clouds in a dozen different directions? Some people call it the “Fingers of God” or “Buddah’s Rays” and even “Jacob’s Ladder.”

    Although it looks like a sign from the heavens, it’s an optical illusion called crepuscular rays.

    “The rays appear to diverge – widen as they get closer to the photographer,” said Dr. Greg Forbes, severe weather expert at The Weather Channel.”



    1. Trinity

      I’m open minded about the nature of reality in this realm apart from knowing ‘it’s not real’. The Hidden Realm I’m playing around with in my mind at present is a dimension where the most peculiar creatures such as the creature in Jeepers Creepers and The Mothman exist. I think ultimate physical reality probably is a form of ‘Light’ and matter in this reality is Light which has become solid or probably more accurately is imagined as solid.

      1. Yes, Frank, I agree with the bottom line here is that “it’s not real.”

        However, I think all I want to “get to” is the Truth.

        So why am I one of the few like you who can “See” through lies, which you must admit include the Freemasons LIE that we live on a globe spinning through space! It’s actually so ridiculous but that is because they attrribute it to some “Big Bang” accident and that we are all descended from apes! Darwin was Satan’s greatest deceiver of humanity, of “where we came from.” No, you were not created in Yah the Creator’s likeness, you were an ACCIDENT.

        And you have somehow decended from gorillas. YOU ARE NOTHING.

        These at SOME LEVEL of what is “real” are LIES.

        I think we can agree that the only thing that’s “real,” is LOVE.

        It’s God the Father’s “currency.”

        He LOVES us and wants to be re-UNITED with his lost children!

        And the only other thing that is “real” is the Enemy, which or whatever it is, works 24/7 to STOP it.

    1. We’ve been “blinded by science” to Our Creator’s testament of LOVE for US, His Creation!

      Blinded to the MIRACLE and the BEAUTY and the PERFECTION of this “hidden realm” we “live” in and from which He sent His Son to release us from.

      i.e. The Father put us here in prison for a REASON. We were seduced by the Snake to rebel against Him.

      But now He just wants us to COME HOME.

      He wants us to REJECT Satan and all his worldly temptations and COME HOME.

      Our Father is RIGHT THERE, ready for us! His throne is at the top of the dome, at the gate of the North Star, the “way out” around which the serpent Draco is encircled.

      We are the Prodigal Son and Our Father rejoices at every single one of us that says NO to Satan.

      No, no, no….!!!

        1. See in this Disney vid (why do Disney vids show so much truth?) the pyramid rays of the sun over a flat plane of earth.

          Pocohantas sings of the miracles given us by Our Creator, and that we are all brothers and sisters in this “hidden realm” Under the Dome. We “have to get back to the garden” and it’s located at the North Pole. Just sayin”

          1. Pocahontas “says goodbye”? Like Jesus did to his Apostles?

            Or does she say, “I will always be with you.”

            Like Jesus said to His Apostles.


            1. Thanks Frank! We are on the same page.

              Oh and you’ll love this.

              I was watching the latest snarky vid from Linda Paris (McAllister on Bitchute, who may very well be a shill for the dark side…..idk) all about human cloning, with a reliable witness to it in a woman Hollywood denizen attorney talking about how it’s done. We’ve recently been shown they’ve had a “patent” on an artificial uterus since the 50s!

              Any WHO.

              I remember back yes, at the “Freedom” Tower…. where I was a SLAVE…. and stalked by my BIG BOSS…. that my supervisor mentioned close to the time I was pushed out, that there was a woman who was walking the floors who looked EXACTLY like me. She said it was the weirdest thing. I knew from how “they” work they’re all into body doubles…. but now I’m wondering for REAL ….

              or RAEL….

              Did they steal my DNA from my desk in the form of a hair or a water bottle and did Anna ….

              CLONE ME?

              Seriously, the thought just entered my mind the other day.

              If so, I heard they don’t live long.

              I’m praying it’s now dead.

              1. Trinity

                There’s some weird stuff gone on around these parts. Not too sure how carefully you’ve been reading the recent articles.

                ‘Back in about 2010, just before I went to sleep a man appeared in my mind screen. What he said was that he was on Mars and that he was a clone from my DNA taken at what I now know was Corsham. He never showed up again but today I came across this pic.

                Why do the likes of Tom Cruise, Will Smith and also looking at pic of Matt Damon, not seem to age. Healthy living or something else.’



                And Matt Damon is another one.

                ‘Forging a new Identity’.


                I see this as a form of confirmation. And doppelgangers of Matt Damon go into even deeper territory which is too complicated to show here but speak of cloning or something along those lines.

    1. Um, yeah


      The story goes, she doesn’t make it.


      Billy (Goat) IDOL is just um…..

      a sore loser.

      He cannot stand being told …..


  5. Harry Potter . And H&M, Lam, Dam, Cam, Jam etc.



    You wouldn’t believe some of the crap that has gone on.

    Merovee is a mongrel.

    ‘But the aforementioned Fredegar goes a different route. He says that Chlodio’s wife gave birth to Merovech, but her husband wasn’t the father; instead, she decided to go swimming and, in the water, mated with a mysterious monster, a “beast of Neptune which resembles a Quinotaur.” As a result, Merovech was the son either of a mortal king or a magical beast.’

    Draco Malfoy and purebloods and inbreds.



    FWIW. They follow us about.

    On page 453 of the same book, Icke states that ” … the Queen makes cruel remarks about lesser initiates, but is afraid of the man code-named ‘Pindar’ (the Marquis de Libeaux) who is higher than her in Satanic rank. Pindar, apparently, bears a resemblance to Prince Charles. Arizona Wilder says that Pindar is Charles’ real father.”

    Click to access pindar.pdf


  6. Oh, and I’ve started researching finding a religious exemption from the jab.

    Thank God I’m no longer an official Roman Catholic since I got divorced! Because as we all know the Pope is in on it.

    Calling our running out to get the jab an act of love! “Love your neighbor!”


    Just like Jesus!

    1. The extremely evil thing of it all, is…..

      The vaunted “Freemasons” have quietly infiltrated small towns such as the one I live in.

      They’re all related.

      What better way to keep secrets?

      How much you wanna bet NONE of these people will be “required” to take the death jab.

      Of course not!

      They’re all mob, or masons, or what have you…

      But they’re laughing at me, the poor “broken soul” single mother (LOL!!!!) and all the “niggers” and “spics” out there who will eventually… get sick.


      I am onto your game.

      Do you want me to leave, or not?

      Do you want a chance at healing?

      Do you want a chance to even get to know me?

      Cuz if you don’t Jesus said, if a town does not accept you, LEAVE.


      And then?

      You will never “see” me again.


        1. That’s not me.

          I have longer hair now, for one thing. It’s turning silver at the roots.

          Secondly, I no longer want or need a “job” in Satan’s kingdom, at least for now.

          I am not a saint, but I want to give a go at living like one.

          1. “I’m not homeless, I’m just houseless.”


            You’ve “weighed anchor” and set yourself free.

            1. No “achy breaky” heart here.

              I’m weighing anchor [look it up 🙂 ], but did you know? When you’ve been rendered weak, as I have, you must proceed like the tortoise to make your escape and “win” the race: slow and steady.

              And before you know it, that anchor will be free.

              And then you will know:

              It’s TIME.

              Time to be set free.

              I give you the very last chapter of the Bible: Revelation 22

              “Eden Restored”

              That’s ME


                1. Now let’s be clear, this man is NOT our “Savior.”

                  He’s not Jesus Christ!

                  He’s just a MAN who has been called to “do the right thing.”

                  And that is…..


                  With the support of people like me, we can…..

                  Experience the work of God’s LOVE in the midst of these “End Times.”

                  Renew our faith in “Heroes” who are not afraid to “die.”

                  Fear God Alone
                  …27What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops. 28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

                  Fear God the Father alone…..

                  And stand up and fight for the Truth!…

                  No matter the OUTCOME.

                  1. That said…..


                    Where ARE you???

                    We need you man….

                    DON”T LET US DOWN.

                    Seriously, you cannot let this “mandate” of the American people that YOU WORKED SO HARD TO WIN… pass you by.

                    With great responsibility comes?


                    We’re at the end here…..

                    You do not want the American People YOU called on like ME….

                    to TURN on you.

                    1. Because this polished, “entertaining” video is OBVIOUSLY from Israel.

                      See the rays from God the Most High, that I just posted about, shining on “the Don” in the opening?

                      I’m not a fool, neither should you be.

                      My posts about the flat earth and the REAL pyramid are from “good faith.”

                      And now we are presented with this HEROIC vid with President Trump shining under the rays of the sun.

                      Don’t be fooled, people.

                      Everything you watch on this Inter NET is compromised.

                      There are no “accidents”or even “synchs.”

                      And yeah….

                      He could very well be the “Cull Man.”

                      Do you get that?

                      Place your trust in NO MAN.

                      Place your trust ONLY in Yah, the CREATOR.

                    2. Look at this poster’s fac, her name is “ShariRaye”

                      That is not a woman’s face as far as I have known.

                      No natural bow on the upper lip.

                      She’s most likely altho have no proof….

                      A MAN IN DRAG with loads obviously of MAKEUP, and pretty obvs SURGERY, and do you not realize just how DISGUSTING a DECEPTION that is?

                      Hope you do.

                      Keep me in your prayers, “Shari.”


                    3. And I don’t know what “warfare” I am really capable of on the physical level.

                      I’d rather just BLIND you until I knock you OUT.

                      With my dancing.

          2. Other reasons “That’s not me” in “Nomadland”:

            1) I’m happy to be seeking and finding my “heart.” My journey “out there” to the desert will be one of joy and excitement, not sad nor forlorn, like in grief or something for one’s loss…..

            2) I don’t need to make the hole bigger.

            🙂 Trust me.

            3) I am not an alligator.


            And number 4) for bonus points?

            I am a WOMAN.

            Thru and thru!

            No "gender-bender" here.

            Jus' sayin'

            1. I honestly did not remember the visuals of “Getaway” by Earth Wind and Fire….

              But looking at it now and really listening to the lyrics (“Let’s get away! Let’s leave today!”)…..

              there are THREE glowing white pyramids and they speak to me of Ascension.

              They look like what fiction writers speak of in ALIEN abductions!

              But that would be just a COPY of the TRUTH:

              That you, if you….

              FOCUS YOUR MIND ON GOD THE CREATOR (like Maurice White praying… the LEADER of the “band”!!! in the image)…




              You …. depending on the Father’s approval?

              Will be SAVED.

              1. The “author” of “death” is Lucifer.

                Satan, the Fallen Angel

                That is the Message Jesus came here to deliver.

                To “deliver US” from the “evil one.”

                Praise Be to the Most High God Yahuah!

                And to His Son, Jesus Christ.

                Because if you “DEVOTE YOURSELF TO AN IDEAL” [ Batman Begins] “you become something else entirely.”

                And that is?

                A “legend” Mr. Wayne.

                What’s that?

                It’s IMMORTAL

                    1. And TRUST

                      That “shining star” at the top of the pyramid?

                      It is Yahuah!

                      Your FATHER!

                      NOT “Satan” and ALL HIS MONEY

                      “Money” (one eye) is the ROOT of ALL EVIL.


                      Praise BE to YAH

                      And his son, Jesus Christ!

                      WE, if we choose to….


                      “If we choose to….”

                      ARE GOING HOME

                      “Serpentine Fire”???

                      Uh, YEAH!

                      Because the SERPENT is going in the FIRE.


                    2. The shock you get when you “awaken” is….

                      not “all dogs” go to Heaven.

                      It’s up to YOU ….

                      whether or not you DO.

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