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Firstly a new theme for Merovee. Some people don’t like change and are comfortable with the familiar but it feels right.

It is getting incredibly weird in the Underworld. Don’t Look Now.

I’m really not sure what we are seeing with these individuals. They look like something from the Google AI dream generator or from a plasma Universe. And one at the back looks like an Observer. Only about two of them look normal and one of them is the current President of Ghana.



They look very much like descriptions of the Men In Black. From Vocal Media :

‘John Keel took note of multiple encounters that suggest that the MIB phenomenon might involve creatures that aren’t actually alive. Many of these experiences suggest that the MIB may be androids or robots created by a highly intelligent alien race.

A very unusual encounter happen to the Christiansen family of Wildwood. Shortly after a UFO encounter occurred near the Christiansen family’s home, a very strange man from “The Bureau of Missing Heirs” came to interview the family.

One of the Christiansens called him the “strangest man I’ve ever seen.” The man was huge, towering at six feet tall and weighing in at 300 pounds. His skin was a sickly white hue, his eyes seemed unusually large, and his government-style black suit was poorly fitting.’



And we may have Pindar on camera ! This individual was snapped in an archway in Whitehall, London. As strange as it may seem it fits a current pattern of things showing themselves.



From Bibliotecapleyades :

‘Do you know the Lizard King? Is Pindar real?

According to David Icke, the hierarchy goes like this:

Reptilian ’Royalty’: Winged reptilians, with the highest caste being the Albino type (similar to Pindar).

The Reptilians are described as being between 5 and 12 feet tall.’


Recently I’ve discussed the underground city in RAF Corsham Wilts which seems to be mapped out where I live. Click Underground Overground.



There is another military underground base under Whitehall, London known as Pindar and this also follows the same pattern. I suspect the two bunkers are essentially the same place in the subconscious which have a semi reality to them. Or maybe not.





‘Under the care of a Pinder’.

Down on the Farm.




And 2 Of Everything and Quantum mirror verse reality or data selves or clones ? Or random doppelgangers ?

Here is a pic of movie actresses Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan.



And Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. From Seeing Double.



Lady Gaga and Lykke Li.



And non celebrity and celebrity look alikes. Today I came across Fuller’s Earth discussing magic when googling ‘Pindar’.

Here is a video of a man named Steve Fuller discussing Pindar and magic spells.



Will the real Alan Moore stand up ?




As the saying goes ‘The Universe is stranger than you can imagine’. And more to come I’m told.


15 thoughts on “Don’t Look Now

  1. Your sidebar has moved from left to right. It looks lovely, Frank 😀

    Interestingly enough, JLL put up a vid earlier this week on David Icke…

    … Alan Moore wrote the superb Promethea, in which the main character is Sophie Banks…

    1. Because I include so many pics I use up the space quickly in the media library and upgrading was the only option. Looks good . I’m pleased with it. The new theme is called Rosalie.

      Rose seems to be a part of My Story. When I was about 8 I remember a very pretty black haired girl called Rose. She was part of the gang of children where I lived. Even though at that age I didn’t know why, I think she was my first crush. Then I went off to boarding school and after the end of the first term back I returned home to Caterham to find she had moved house. Don’t know where she went and did get to me. Slightly anyway considering I was a young boy and wondering what was the point of these strange creatures known as girls who didn’t play football and liked games such as hop scotch.

      About Icke. Even though I think a lot of his info is correct I’m not sure if he is a white hat or black hat. Icke and I got into an email conversation a few years ago and I sent him some info which IMO he should have been all over and he did nothing with it which surprised me. Maybe it’s simply a case of me being pissed off with him for ignoring it but not sure. He may have been mining. You can add Alex Jones as well.

      And Alan Moore and Lost Girls seems to fit with Rose as well. And maybe in the bigger picture too.

      1. The original Merovee site had a sidebar to the right. I like it 😀

        It was on the original Merovee site in May 2015 where you posted The Lost Girls, that led to Lost Girls, that led to Promethea – someone in comments recommended it to me. They weren’t wrong; it’s a spectacular read.

        As for Icke, he’s always seemed iffy and icky to me 😉

        1. Left wing or right wing ?

          The new theme gives a few more options. I can access CSS and alter a few things with site that were fixed previously. Not that I know what I’m doing but can copy and paste some code and see if it works. As an example I’ve removed the tags section which no one ever uses but is still in background for Google search options if they bother. And the theme had a ‘reading time’ tag as well which I didn’t like so removed that as well.

          The old theme you are talking about was ‘Sight’ but when the old Merovee went down the pan I found that it had been removed from themes and couldn’t use it again. I liked 2014 as well though.

          I’m still recovering from reading Lost Girls ! Still occasionally flick through it. Thank you.

          And Icke. I know this wouldn’t pass muster in a court of law but he worked for the BBC. The Corsham map speaks to me. As a rule of thumb never trust a dog collar or journalist.

          Section 16 – BBC Studio Offices.

            1. Expand 🙂 Just did some googling. Don’t worry. OK !

              Another Section 16. The Sex Act.

              ‘What Is Section 16?

              Section 16 is a rule within the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (SEA) that articulates the regulatory filing responsibilities that directors, officers, and principal stockholders are legally required to adhere to. The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 is a law that governs the secondary trading of securities in the U.S. This wide-ranging legislation was established in 1934 as part of an effort to guarantee more transparency and less fraud in financial dealings. The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 can be contrasted to the Securities Act of 1933, which governs the original issues of securities.

              According to Section 16, anyone who is directly or indirectly a beneficial owner of more than 10% of a company, or any director or officer of the issuer of such a security, is required to file the statements required by Section 16.’

  2. Men In Black.

    ‘This time, the agent was a very strange man dressed in typical MIB garb.

    He had very unusual features. His hair was too long to be military. His chin was very pointed. His skin had a strange olivine tone and he had no accent to speak of. Stranger still, he drove a grey Mustang rather than a government car.’

  3. The Fourth Wall and ‘Following Dotty’.

    Agent Smith

    Church of Scientology and cloning or AI or data self or something .

    ‘Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have long denied allegations that they are members of the Church of Scientology. However, the high-profile Hollywood couple operated a private school that reportedly taught the controversial religion to students. In a Daily Beast report published on Monday, multiple teachers affiliated with the Smiths’ now-defunct New Village Leadership Academy claimed that the school was “essentially a Scientology school.”

    As noted by The Daily Beast, the Smiths initially used one of their residences as the base for the New Village Leadership Academy, but, in 2008, they opened the doors to a building in Calabasas, California. Jacqueline Olivier, who co-founded and oversaw the academy for a year, told the publication that while she was not specifically instructed to teach Scientology, many of the teachers that the Smiths had working at the school were followers of the religion. Olivier also said that she was asked to take “study technology” courses, based on the teaching method developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

    “They never mentioned Scientology,” Olivier said of the Smiths. “But I remember they sent me the L. Ron Hubbard books, and I didn’t put it together. It just seemed like a great opportunity.”

    ‘Manson began studying Scientology while incarcerated with the help of fellow inmate Lanier Rayner, and in July 1961, Manson listed his religion as Scientology.A September 1961 prison report argues that Manson “appears to have developed a certain amount of insight into his problems through his study of this discipline”. Upon his release in 1967, Manson traveled to Los Angeles where he reportedly “met local Scientologists and attended several parties for movie stars”. Manson completed 150 hours of auditing. Manson’s “right hand man”, Bruce M. Davis, worked at the Church of Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead, England from November 1968 to April 1969.”

  4. Microcosms and macrocosms and mirror verse. And the New Village.

    Proposed new village devilopment – Green Park – in Nutfield at old Laporte Works, Nutfield Rd. The old Fullers Earthworks. Chief Exec : David Ford.

    Objection sent 19/8.

    Fullers Earth.

    Will the real Alan Moore stand up.

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