The Shadow

The Shadow

Below is a PDF book which I wrote about ten years ago titled ‘The Shadow’ and is an investigation into the hidden Shadow Self which these days isn’t so hidden.



Here’s the introduction to give you a flavour. Please feel free to download.

This book is for those individuals who have entered the Shadow. You will know when
this has happened.Your marriage may have failed, you may have lost your job, you may have
a life threatening disease or depression . The whole world will appear to have turned against
you. No amount of positive thinking seems to make any difference and your old ways of
dealing with life make no difference. You feel that you have no control over anything and the
harder you try the worse your life seems to become. Nothing you do seems to work. You are
in the Shadow.

The Shadow can be an extremely frightening and threatening place. All sorts of dark
characters and events may intrude into your life and it may appear to be a very negative
experience. Actually the opposite is true if you allow it. We experience life through a material
prism but from a spiritual perspective these negative events are a hugely positive
opportunity to enter into the deepest realms of your psyche and bring the darkest parts of
yourself to the surface for healing. The Shadow actually creates the circumstances and brings
certain people into your life so you can deal with the various emotions that will arise because
it is in your emotional ‘field’ where your true self lives.

The Shadow is the place within you that holds the repressed pieces of your
personality. Most of the time you are completely unaware of this part of yourself and will have
had only vague glimpses of it but it is there that not only does your not-very-nice self reside
but also the far larger and immeasurably greater You that you are.


Click to access the-shadow.pdf


Frank Tremayne