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Changing the coding.

As part of the Merovee upgrade, I’ve been playing around with a coding system known as CSS. I’ve come to see Hi Technology as some sort of reflection of the Mind. Our minds are truly amazing. In order to throw and catch a ball for example the brain has to make fantastic mathematical calculations probably involving calculus etc at an incredible speed. I’ve only gone into basic CSS at present but what it seems to be able to do is if you write ‘colour green’ for example then the colour green shows up. I’m sure Top Boffins could give me a lowdown on it but it doesn’t make sense to me that you can input ‘red’ into a machine and ‘red’ pops out. And does the Machine understand French and Swahili and Cyrillic and Japanese and Chinese characters ? Presumably it can do.

Here’s a copy and paste of a basic CSS code to show what I mean. It’s baffling.

.widget-title {
color: white !important;
font-size: 14px !important;
font-weight: bold !important;



The real ‘Changing The Coding’ in my view is to alter the emotional belief system within the Self of guilt and fear and death and hate and belief in lack and fear of God etc. Recently I’ve been pulled back into the Underworld and have now come face to face with the Devil and Pindar. Who and what is the Devil ? I went to school with Draco Malfoy. Which is weird but seems to be the case.







As part of this I’ve added my old Satanic Memories article at the top of the site on the menu navigation bar which I’ve titled Satanic Verses. I’ve slightly updated it and may go into recent revelations in greater detail in time.

I’ve also converted the article into a  pdf document which can be read here.


Satanic Verses


Click to access satanic-verses.pdf


In the article I include a video of Dormer Cottage in East Grinstead, England.

‘In the last couple of months more has come to light and I have recovered plenty more memories. And as part of this trip the afore mentioned bungalow has revealed itself. Dormer Cottage. Which was either owned or rented by the Church Of Scientology.’



And Following At the top of the article I include a video by The Cure and the Cure pic. By a few degrees of separation The Cure have been in the background. In the 1980s I was friendly with a girl whose sister was dating a guitarist with The Cure. The Cure came from a town in Sussex, England called Crawley. Agent Robert Smith is the lead singer and the connections with the Cure have repeatedly shown themselves over the years.

Which leads into Creepy Crawley and under the surface in England’s Green and Pleasant land. Looking at the Dormer Cottage yesterday somehow I ended up at another Urbex video : ‘The Brothers Frank House aka Tall Trees’ which is in Crawley Down. Apart from the name the other thing that caught my attention was there is a reference to Sandhills. I won’t go into my birth certificates again but it would seem the house or houses where I was born has two names – Gateways and Sandhills. Also the Abandoned building keeps showing itself.



Over the years, from time to time I’ve mentioned the murder of Sarah Payne. The man who was convicted of the murder Roy Whiting came from Crawley. Click Mail Online.

‘In the evenings he would spend his time doing up old cars at home. The most respectable sounding entry on his otherwise uninspiring CV would have been a spell at Lancing College, a leading independent school whose alumni include Evelyn Waugh and Sir Tim Rice.’

And this pic Sarah Payne drew of herself which seems to look very much like a Masonic temple. It is open to debate whether it’s a self portrait or not. Click Ellis C Taylor : Sarah’s Painting.



And Creepy Crawley. The Dormer Cottage video shows an image of Charles Manson and Bruce Davis who was also a member of the Manson family and resided at Dormer Cottage when he was with the Church of Scientology in East Grinstead in 1969. I understand the house was either rented or owned by the Scientologists.



From Inside :

‘The book takes its title from a Family activity — part prank, part ritual — that Melnick treats as a metaphor for Manson and friends’ cultural impact, both at the time and over the long term. Going out on a “creepy crawl” involved “breaking and entering into a private home,” he writes, “rearranging furniture, perhaps having a quick snack, and then leaving without, usually, taking anything.”



And Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Once Upon A Time.



Creepy Crowley and Lam.



And Creepy Crowley and L&M – Lennon and McCartney and Creepy Crawley with The Beatles.

‘It was 20 years ago today, Sgt Pepper taught the band to play’.



From Far Out Magazine :

‘The identity of the real Sgt. Pepper is a question that Beatlemaniacs have been asking for over 50 years and, given its notoriety, there are countless theories in the ether surrounding the possible identity. One of the most popular beliefs that Beatles fans have been speculating for decades is that Sgt. Pepper’s identity is a man who goes by the name of Aleister Crowley, a person once branded ‘the wickedest man in the world’.

The record was released 20 years on from the death of Crowley, which the band seem to draw attention to on the opening line of the album when they sing, “It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play,” which suggests that they are aligning themselves with the occultist.’

It’s a tangled web. And ‘No Sympathy For The Devil’ even if he does show a soppy face.


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    1. Roob

      Buggy came up yesterday with CSS. Had a weird thing in my widget area 🙂 and got in touch with the Happiness Engineers 🤔. Actually they are fine. At some point though I would like the Happiness Engineers to return Merovee MK 1. To cut a long story short I was told it was due to a bug. But ended up with access to widget admin. Widget, Digit, Fidget, Bridget Bridge It, Midget.

      1. I’m off from Friday for the next week in order to work on a follow-up Ronageddon Halloween short story, featuring 3’3″ Death and his scythe and Psypad, that he controls with a bony digit…

        Additionally, I just listened to Wes Cecil’s talk on Issac Newton and in it he mentions the slide from Science into Scientism, and specifically that someone came up for a mathematical formula to explain Happiness…

        1. Roob

          You’ve got Halloween story to do !

          About the Happiness Engineers. I think they’re a form of AI. If you do a webchat with any large organisation the supposed bot will say they are putting you through to a real advisor. I would be very surprised if it is a real advisor that you end up with.

          And Creepy Crawley and AI.

          ‘Crawling :

          Crawling is the process of finding new or updated pages to add to Google (Google crawled my website). One of the Google crawling engines crawls (requests) the page. The terms “crawl” and “index” are often used interchangeably, although they are different (but closely related) actions.’

  1. And the abandoned building.

    Here are some recent examples of abandoned buildings that have shown up.

    Dormer Cottage.

    Brothers Frank House.

    Fullers Earth.


    And I broke my humerus down the slippery slope going to explore an abandoned building.




  2. Good point about the ‘coding’. (Important!) The things being revealed right now are showing a very robotic core, and if anybody doesn’t already know “the Word of God” in itself is some kind of sick programming, well, … I imagine those in that flock are either clinging to the last thread, or having a ‘come to Jesus’ moment (pun intended).
    How ‘words’ could ever take top position is really unbelievable. But, you know, this is a weird place. Maybe if the intended purpose was always to show that reality is “programmed” and therefore, programmable, then that makes sense. So let’s program something nice, which of course, would involve nice feelings with less focus on words.

    Frank, it is so courageous of you to tell your story btw. After being down on words, I want to be clear: writing out trauma is healing, I was being down on Abrahamic religion, not ‘words’ entirely. And I don’t think I have read worse trauma than what you experienced. It’s incomprehensible to imagine people arranging these awful things you describe. It’s not human. I think I said something like “… context to understand such darkness”, but honestly, I still don’t understand.

    I miss my cat. Right about now he’s usually sitting on my lap, purring. Every day gets easier, except today was worse than yesterday.

    1. MJ

      Just pulled your comment out of spam catcher. God knows why it does that.

      There seems to be a form of coding. I see it as a reflection of the emotional belief system coding in guilt and fear and hate and anger etc. And plays out in matrix coding. Maybe, possibly.

      I’m sure Fizzy is OK wherever he is. Maybe a bit confused though and missing you as well.

      At a soul level I think I chose to go into the Heart Of Darkness so I’m not innocent in that respect. I’m not sure others had the same choice.

      It maybe in duality you have the highest high and the lowest low. Even then it’s incomprehensible.

    1. I wrote it was a self portrait but that is open to debate. Looking at it again Sarah x 2 jumps out.

      Ellis Taylor thought it maybe a shoe as Sarah’s shoe showed up in the media during the investigation and the apron was a masonic apron as it had 33 studs or buttons. Also the Jachin and Boaz towers.

      ‘The black, right-footed, size 13 shoe was found in the village of Coolham, West Sussex, about four miles from Pulborough, where Sarah’s naked body was discovered on Monday morning. The shoe is now being examined by forensic science experts in the hope that it could hold clues about the identity of her killer.’

      Solomon’s Temple.

      1. ‘More to come’. That didn’t take long.

        Guess where ? ‘Nothing has been proved’ but coinkydink left the building a long time ago. There are plenty of black and white masonic type floors with towers but it would make sense. And colour of towers are the same.

        ‘Over the years, from time to time I’ve mentioned the murder of Sarah Payne. The man who was convicted of the murder Roy Whiting came from Crawley. Click Mail Online.

        ‘In the evenings he would spend his time doing up old cars at home. The most respectable sounding entry on his otherwise uninspiring CV would have been a spell at Lancing College, a leading independent school whose alumni include Evelyn Waugh and Sir Tim Rice.’

        1. Creepy Crawley.

          Whiting had been convicted of sexually assaulting a young girl in 1995 and was released in 1997 even though a psychiatrist believed he would possibly kill next time. But think there is more to it than a decision make in good faith to release Whiting which went wrong.

          ‘On 4 March 1995, Whiting abducted and sexually assaulted a nine-year-old girl in the Langley Green district of Crawley. He was arrested a few weeks later after a man who knew Whiting came forward after hearing that the abductor’s car had been a red Ford Sierra with a Bart Simpson sticker on one of its windows, identical to the vehicle that Whiting had just sold. On 23 June that year, he admitted the charges of abduction and indecent assault and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. The maximum sentence for the crime was life imprisonment; however, he received a lesser sentence as credit for admitting to the crime and sparing his victim the ordeal of having to give evidence in court had the case reached a trial. A psychiatrist who assessed Whiting after his conviction said that he was likely to re-offend once he was released, and could possibly kill his next victim.

          Whiting was released from prison in November 1997, having served just over half of his four-year sentence, and was one of the first people in Britain to go on the newly-launched sex offenders register. He was scheduled to have been released from prison in June of that year, but had to serve an additional five months in prison for refusing to take part in a rehabilitation programme for convicted sex offenders.’

    1. Orlena

      Hope you’re OK with this. The YT video channel of Sneakers vid only allows it to be shown on YT. I’ve added another vid which can be seen here and left the other vid as well. It bugs me 😊 when it does that.

      You want a sign ? The gates could be opening today.

      The Cosmic Gift. In the movie it got lost in translation.

      Still bubbling under. From Proxima Centauri.

      Breakthrough Listen.

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