Men In Black And Other Stories


Firstly to go with upgrade there is a new domain name for Merovee : if you want to bookmark the new URL address. I’m hoping the old links automatically connect with the new URL. I thought I was just claiming the name but the machine changed the URL straight away which I didn’t expect. I just push buttons and hope for the best.

The old address was a bit long winded. The names I wanted which was either or were both taken but does work as Merovee was known as both Merovee and Meroveus and combines both names. There’s 2 Of Everything. And if you Google ‘Merovee’ to access the site, at present it is still showing on the first page with a google search for Merovee. Fingers crossed.


This is Deep Water.

It is the beautiful bird which gets caged.





Following the ‘Blue Arrows’ and Dotty. And also begs a question. How can a movie made in 2001 appear to be talking now ?






The Men In Black.

Agent Z.



And Agent Smith. Begging another question. Why do Will Smith and Tom Cruise not age ?





From Vocal Media :

‘This time, the agent was a very strange man dressed in typical MIB garb.

He had very unusual features. His hair was too long to be military. His chin was very pointed. His skin had a strange olivine tone and he had no accent to speak of. Stranger still, he drove a grey Mustang rather than a government car.’




Car Clues.




We Know You Know.




It’s a totally insane mind beyond belief. In a sense we give our power away but that’s OK. You can have it for nothing. There’s plenty more where that comes from. The price the mind puts on love but the mind doesn’t accept the love but wants to take it and control it and limit it. I think the sensible view is sympathy for the madness. At the same time though I don’t think it’s capable of change. It is what it is. Never smile at a crocodile. Sympathy but no sympathy.

At present, as part of the ‘ascension’ process the insanity is being let go which is the reason for the chaos. It is a choice to change the mind but can’t be done without a little help as it has been so ingrained for aeons in linear time terms. And it’s a paradox. In reality it has never existed in present time. It really is and has been an illusion. In my opinion. Yet within the mind matrix various stratagems have been put in place to ensure the continuation of the guilt based 3D reality.



Leaving the cage.


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    1. MJ

      Thank you 😊. Just changed theme and address . Runs the same way as before which I like :-).

      Energetically it’s off the scale . I’ve just woken up from a power doze.

    1. Anon

      The Village and cellular memory.

      ‘A gilded cage is still a cage’.

      ‘The test was whether the person concerned “was under continuous supervision and control and was not free to leave”, HL v United Kingdom (45508/99) (2005) 40 E.H.R.R. 32. The person’s compliance or lack of objection was not relevant, nor was the relative normality of the placement or the reason or purpose behind a particular placement. On that test, all three appellants’ living arrangements constituted a deprivation of liberty and so had to be subject to periodic independent checks to whether the arrangements made for them were in their best interests.’

      1. There is more than laws, which require obedience or lack of same to function.
        There is that which even though it is caged, can’t be contained.

    1. Jenny

      When the Universe takes over I think. At beginning of week I had the previous URL and theme and not thinking about a new site and found myself suddenly pushing buttons and hey presto. And now a site with all the bells and whistles. Fast as fxxk.

      And with ‘Following’ and as a little bird said maybe Go Daddy should have been called Go Dotty.

      And ‘You’ve got an Ology’. You’ve got a .com


  1. AM I a Trump supporter? Well if I am, I’m now an Enemy of the State!

    Satan plays both sides and I know it…. Trump got elected with statues of him around the world NAKED but for his “G” ring.

    Is Trump going to “come back” and save the day, and me…?

    because I’m really not ready to FACE “forced vaxx” mandates. Or the “concentration camps” altho…. would be fun to finally meet like-minded people!

    I don’t think this vaxx is the Mark of the Beast. I think they are trying to kill off as much of the “dead wood” out there as possible, and then ZERO IN on us “live” ones…..

    And let Trump “save the day.” Be our “savior.”

    Can’t say I don’t ENJOY watching this vid.

    He’s QUITE the “entertainer.”

    1. Oh, and here is the video to back up my claim that “Saint Paul” was a or rather, THE, “False Apostle.”

      i.e. “Saul” (Haha, just like the liar of the CIA who helped take Carrie down in? HOME LAND)

      This is truth that has only come out recently (duh!) but it’s sooo um, “TRUTHFUL,” that it makes EVERY “CHRISTIAN” question his/her “faith.”

      i.e. to realize, Did I ever really know or understand Jesus of Nazareth’s message at all?

      Do I know Him?

      Does He “know” me?

      Or have I been led down the path …. to damnation.

      1. And I have my own personal testimony to add to this idea, this awakening to the Truth of the Satanic deception that is in the writings and Letters of “St.Paul.”

        I PRACTISED diligently for I would say, YEARS, from Ephesians Chapter 6 that our fight is NOT against “flesh and blood” and that by the “putting on the full armor of God” to FIGHT the VAST numbers of “evil spirits” in the spirit realm, you will overcome.

        I believe now that is a LIE.

        Satan is calling on you to FIGHT HIM.

        That’s EXACTLY where he wants you, and why?

        Because YOU CAN NEVER WIN.

        YOU can never “overcome” him or his “vast army” of “demons and evil spirits” because you are just a pathetic piece of cattle: a “human.”

        Satan LAUGHS at your efforts and can take you down at ANY TIME through um, idk, a curse to your physical body or illness a la in the Book of Job.

        Did Jesus ever advise you to fight Satan?


        He taught us to PRAY to Our Father to “deliver us from the Evil One.”

        Quite a different message, don’t you agree?

        Ask the Father to hide you from Satan’s attacks under His great Wing of Holy Protection given us in the Holy Spirit!

        And THEN…. and ONLY then, will you be kept safe.

        1. I find these post from the “High Command” guy to be, um, self-serving but perhaps they are not?

          This vid is about the “giants,” the Nephilim who mated with humans and produced offspring with six fingers and toes…. that they LIVE in caves underground in places like Afghanistan, and all around the “world” ‘(notice people, whenever you see “Free” Masons from the U.N. and other “New World Order” agencies post a map of the “world” it’s the flat earth map with its 33 “PRECINCTS” in plain sight.

          YOUR PRISON…..

          IN YOUR FACE

          And now? With the SERPENT of the World Health Organizations on TOP OF IT.

          The Bible proven true once again.

          It’s “SCARY.”



          And like I said?

          It’s time to PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD.”

          i.e. time to “prepare for death” while standing up and professing your faith in the Son of the Most HIgh God (Yahuah) as your LORD and SAVIOR: Jesus of Nazareth, THE Christ.

          i.e. THE “savior”

          1. What a Savior we HAVE in Jesus.


            As incredibly horrible and SAD and painful these “end times” are…. and are about to become …

            You …. and I …. are not alone.

            “Hallelu JAH”

            1. Did you see it? In the final shot of Jesus’ “tomb”?

              He having simply slipped free from His funeral shroud…. this “realm.”

              A DOME over a FLAT EARTH.

              DO YOU SEE?


              1. This made me laugh this morning:

                Vernon Howard’s
                SECRETS OF LIFE (R)


                “God put you here to save yourself, not the world.”

                A Treasury of Trueness, # 1087
                New Version, # 1090

  2. Time of the full moon Aug 22, 2021 at 8:01 am in Aquarius

    The Full Moon is at 29-and-a-half degrees of Aquarius and the Sun at 29-and-a-half degrees of Leo. The “Sabian Symbol” for the Lunation at 29 degrees of Leo is “A Butterfly emerging from a Chrysalis.”

      1. Roob / MJ

        In Deepak

        This phrase is normally attributed to Deepak Chopra : ‘Are you a human being or a human doing ?’ which is part of what ‘work’ is connected with. Why do only fools and horses work ?

        Ever since MJ brought up Lam, Lam keeps on showing. Lennon & McCartney as an example. Following I was looking for a and checked out who owns URL and it’s a lady called Sophie Lamy. And Roob’s recent article as well.

        Never trust a dog collar maybe.

        Dalai Lama. In plain sight ?

        Is Lam

  3. Neural Match as in Nerve Match

    Last Wednesday night the remnants of hurricane Fred passed thru PA. I was watching tv at about midnight when suddenly alarm sounds came from the set. A big gray box appeared with a message from the weather service which read something like, ‘a tornado has been spotted…the danger is imminent…seek shelter immediately’.

    I grabbed the remote, shouted “shut up” at the set and attempted to change the channel and I couldn’t. I tried to turn off the set and couldn’t. I had no control over the signal coming into my house. Straight outta the Outer Limits. All I could do mercifully was mute the sound.

    End of transmission…beep!

    1. Orlena

      Years ago when I was going through one of my occasional ‘I hate technology’ phases I wrote at some point we won’t be able to turn off the machine. Maybe we’ve reached that point.

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