The Mined


Being a bold explorer, every day really is an adventure.
Today I set out do my 3D practical things and along the way I was diverted by my inner GPS or spidey senses into a wooded area.

Very soon a sign appeared.



I made my way down into a dense mini forest and my inner child thought this would be a good place to build a den. I wandered around for about fifteen minutes and even though the area was peaceful and picturesque, I wondered why my inner GPS had led me there.






And then my eyes glanced down at a stone and then I looked around a little bit more and noticed there were many more stones and then more and more still.







The more I looked around, the more it seemed like it is a man made structure which goes up a hill. And then I had a mad idea which the more I looked at the area makes sense and the mad idea is that it is actually a man made pyramid. It is early days and the site will require further exploration but believe it is something along those lines.






As seems to be the nature of my bold exploring, it required going up and down a precarious slippery slope but it was interesting to see what was at the top of the slippery slope.



Nutfield Masonic Centre.



Here is a video of the area and hopefully shows what I’m seeing. Is it real in the 3D sense or a subconscious projection or memory I’m not sure or whether that matters as there seem to be many facets to the physical reality that is experienced. And if it is a pyramid, it’s a big pyramid.



On repeat.





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