Something Inside So Strong





To say reality has become super weird is an understatement.



Another day and more Waiting For A Train. Today’s journey was a trip into Creepy Crawley and again, without going into details as it is personal, it involved an incredibly weird experience.

On the way to Waiting For a Train, the Doves Of Peace appeared out of Now Here.









And when I arrived in Crawley, the same underlying message about reality which is 3D reality is an illusion. It is also a memory and difficult to get the head around the idea, it is a false memory. Having to go into the false memories to release them. It’s a paradox of sorts.






Next was an incredibly mind blowing experience which is connected with the title of the article and reason for the visit to Creepy Crawley. Even after thirty years of consciously experiencing supernatural Space Oddity, I am still staggered at times by it. In hindsight the weirdness was always there. I wasn’t consciously aware of it before then.

Then I moved onto the Roman Catholic church of St Francis and St Anthony in Crawley. Recently my inner GPS has been leading me to churches and chapels. I don’t follow any organised religion but religious churches and temples can be incredible in their own right as buildings. As far as Christianity goes, I have strong doubts about the historical accuracy and reality of Jesus. I do believe in the Christ as our real nature though. I would also add that I believe the Christ is equally feminine and masculine – see anima and animus.











Don’t forget.






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