Rocky Mountain


Further up and down the hill less travelled.




Here’s another video and images of what I believe could be a man made pyramid structure close to me : The Mined and Lost Horizon. It may also be underneath where I live. A pyramid does make sense. There is an old wives tale if you place a razor blade within a pyramid it retains its sharpness. I shave every few days with a razor blade and over the last couple of years I have only used two blades and I was wondering if the reason was connected to a pyramid. This is an incredibly mysterious place in general and an energy vortex linked to a pyramid fits the bill.



The site I’ve explored is probably about a mile from my home but there are signs it may encompass the whole area. I have only investigated one small section of a hill and some of the woodland is impenetrable. I managed to get half way down the hill and was faced with a fence and didn’t go any further but wouldn’t be surprised if it goes all the way down.

Here’s a gallery and below are enlarged images of the more interesting rocks. It looks very deliberate in its construction.













9 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain

      1. I hadn’t seen your post when I thought up the title of mine, but ‘slaughterhouse green’ describes your photos – green blood and branch bone; stunning.

        1. Roob

          Thank you.

          I’m seeing mirrors with virtually everything at the moment. Tend to be personal rather than mindlines even though those mirrors are there.

          It’s mind blowing. If I’m seeing this correctly and it is a pyramid, it is enormous – mega pyramid !

          The other thing which happened as I walked up the hill to leave the site was a pure white squirrel suddenly appeared. Indescribable. Squirrels have a very good defence mechanism and don’t hang about to have their photo taken.

          This is not my pic but a good likeness.


          Time is also connected with the pyramid.


    1. “So it goes.” – Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

      I also think the US thought the Russians would put up more of a fight. Pull
      us into a protracted ground war. Then the investment is not only financial but life itself. The ‘blood sacrifice’, the payment of the debt. The question is, when do people catch on?

      1. The Russians have destroyed 3 separate ‘Collective West’ weapons-supplied Ukrainian armies since the start of this conflict in Feb ’22. They’ve done it by creating ‘meatgrinders’ which Ukrainians have been feeding their soldiers into at the urging of of the leaders of the Collective West. All for money. Now Ukraine are drafting women because they’ve run out of men.

        Did you see 22 took out 47 with a blade in Sheffield? The Cold War continues…

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