Lost Horizon




In ‘The Mined’ I showed an area near where I live which I believe could be a large pyramid. My immediate thought was the pyramid mine from Total Recall.



Since then things have moved on and in the normal strange way she speaks ‘Emily’ tells me it is connected to a White Mountain. Again, I believe it to be subconscious symbology. There are many white mountains and when I am faced with subconscious symbology I look to the imagination for directions.

There are three white mountains from imagination which occur to me.

Firstly the white mountains from ‘Lord of the Rings.’ The book is a bit moth eaten now. I bought the book in the early 1970s from memory.







And you can’t keep Kubrick out of the picture.

The Overlook Hotel.




Lastly, ‘Lost Horizon’ and this is the work of art which really speaks to me.






The White Horse is also part of the jigsaw.




Hotel California.







5 thoughts on “Lost Horizon

  1. May I suggest Mount Kailash in Tibet where Lost Horizon is set.


    “many also believe it is a human-made pyramid, surrounded by other smaller pyramids in ancient times by some superhumans. It is also said that Mt. Kailash is hollow from the inside, and supernatural occurrences are also experienced in the mountain. In the northwest part of Kailash, a spiritual country called Shambhala resides.”


    “The most common name is Shambala, or Shamballa, or Shangri-La.

    The legend comes from the reference in various ancient texts that backs to thousands of years. There is a reference in Bon scriptures which talks about a land that’s quite similar and is known as Olmolungring. In Hindu texts, Shambala is said to be the birthplace of Kalki, the final Avatar of Lord Vishnu that will show the way to the new era.”

    1. bob

      Thank you. As is the way of things there seems to be a few levels to this. Meru is the other mountain in the Himalayas that occurs to me. I’m going to investigate the site further. Maybe I will find the door to inner earth 🙂 . Seems to be a strange overlap / mirror reality of somewhere else. As above, so below – the upside down. It’s very confusing.


      There is also a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ personal angle to Shangri La with manipulated reality/realities. I saw both versions of Lost Horizon in my youth. The original, even now, is a brilliant movie. I realise it’s a bit white man’s burden. Still good though. The second movie was a musical version which I watched with my Dad.

      Rishikesh in the Himalayas was where the Beatles famously went in the 1960s supposedly to study transcedental meditation with the Maharishi. I would suggest there was another reason and partly why I’m taking a No Sympathy for the Devil approach to what we are seeing and experiencing.

      Also the White Horse and Conspiracy Theory. If I’m reading this correctly it’s pretty much unforgiveable thru 3d physical eyes. At the same time it has never really happened IMO – the world is a guilt based dream/illusion/maya/matrix – which was why I talked about going into unreal memory/memories to let it go.



      1. When this pic and Darkest Dark showed up in May 2021, I never imagined how deep the Deep Water would become. It’s QI to see the difference between the masculine and feminine approach to life and death. Men take a slightly Godfather approach to life and death and survival of the fittest : ‘It’s not personal – it was strictly business’. Women probably see life from a more personal perspective. Emily is seething and no one wants to cross Emily when she’s on the war path.

        It’s all dumbed down in this reality. I have gone behind the spiritual veil more than a few times and experienced the unbelievable power of love from the feminine God. There are no words which can describe it. I would add the male God also is an enormous love machine. Somehow humanity, both masculine and feminine, detached itself from the God Self. Probably more accurate is humanity imagined it separated from Source.



        1. Elena has talked about the Lab in some of her comments. I can see in my life when ‘whatever it is’ has studied my blind spots and weak points. I’ve also been studying its weak areas and it has one fxxking enormous weak spot. Which is that it doesn’t exist, which by any standards is a pretty big weak spot.

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