This Bitter Earth



Jogging the memory. And trigger warning. Apologies if this upsets anyone. This is part of a trip into my subconscious memory carried over from a previous life I believe. May not be mine only but I seem to have access to the memories. And hopefully releasing past pain. External reality is different from how it appears .




Sunken Pool.





SS Schwimbadd
Bergen Belsen



In the window.

Bizarrely champagne and flowers.





Super Spooky.



On the wall.






10 thoughts on “This Bitter Earth

  1. I got *that call* at *that time* today. Might be something to do with the change in the Doomsday Clock.

    I thought I’d mention it here, mostly to register my complaint to the British Ministry of Magic (or whatever you call it). I do have some major issues with emergency calls. Maybe you haven’t received calls from people asking for help for an overdose or terrified about somebody coming to beat them up, but I have.

    I like your choice of songs, though. Very in sync, but I guess you’ve been at this for years. And the Alice pic.

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