A Bumper Crop


At the beginning of this year Kenneth T made a comment on This Bitter Earth article ‘Mother Earth takes back what is hers.’ That seems to be coming a fact.

It’s a bumper crop. The blackberries are out of this world and the flora and fauna off the beaten track is growing wild and extremely overgrown.






JRR Tolkein wrote in a letter if you eat the local wild food it may help in seeing other worldly folk. It would be good to see a centaur !

“Family life must have been different in the days when a family had fed on the produce of the same few miles of country for six generations, and that perhaps was why they saw nymphs in the fountains and dryads in the wood – they were not mistaken for there was in a sense real (not metaphorical) connections between them and the countryside. What had been earth and air and later corn, and later still bread, really was in them. We of course who live on a standardized international diet … are artificial beings and have no connection (save in sentiment) with any place on earth. We are synthetic men, uprooted. The strength of the hills is not ours.”















And Mother Earth taking back what is hers also seems to relate to the Infinite Pathways. This was the Infinite Pathway sign in 2021.



And today.






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