Dog & Duck



Yes. The joke is in there. It’s a beautiful weekend with clear blue skies and a winter chill in the air. I walk a lot. Firstly I simply enjoy walking and secondly with the extreme energy it helps me deal physically with the energy. And also because it takes me to weird and wonderful places. I’ve been thinking for some time about writing an article about English country pubs because some of them are extraordinarily beautiful. As part of my thinking I thought a trip to the Dog & Duck would be a good idea. It’s never as simple as just walking to the pub. Things happen along the way.

I walked a short way from my home and decided to take a detour down a path in the woods which I have travelled down a few times. And out of No Where at the end there was an abandoned building. It is super spooky. Similar to the Holy Tree it wasn’t there the last time I walked down the path and suddenly there it was.














It comes with Weeping Angels as well.






I didn’t attempt to enter the building. I may go back and see whether that is possible when I feel the urge and have a further explore. In a slight state of shock I left the abandoned building and continued on my journey.

Next on the agenda was Deep Water. The gates which protected Deep Water have come down.






I doubt if the similarity to the video titled The River of Time is a coincidence.




And further along were more Ripples.



And Dogs. A very friendly pack of dogs then wandered over to say Hello. Or maybe they wanted feeding. Whatever. They are very beautiful. I’m not sure of the breed.






Eventually I arrived at the Dog & Duck and made a pit stop. Aside from the joke, the Dog & Duck holds personal memory.




The aim of the ‘Ascension’ is to get the energy and currency flowing the right way again. I wasn’t too surprised Light Bulb energy showed up.



And back home via the Holy Tree.




In my opinion ‘reality’ and the world is a projection from the subconscious. Kenneth T asked ‘Is any of it real ?’. I don’t think so but there’s always another question. Does what we are going through have value and I believe the answer to that is Yes. God or the Self or whatever term you prefer is using the extreme depth of love and pain to evolve.





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  1. It’s just a movie. You will probably have had to to read the movie or book ‘Never Let Me Go’ to understand this. The Haunted House is Hailsham and also includes my old prep school and Lost Gardens Of Heligan somehow. Also the Holocaust and the asylum and ‘In loco parentis’ are in the loop.

    And Sally Sparrow from Blink and Dog & Duck It.

    And how synchronicity has deeper levels.

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