The Eye Of The Beholder


The Eye of the Beholder.



It’s a foreign language.



Lucy :

‘Every cell knows and talks to every other cell. They exchange a thousand bits of information between them per second. Cells group together, forming a giant web of communication which in turn forms matter.’




On the wall.




And in my childhood memories I have remembered finding the treasure. It’s where I hid it and what it actually symbolises is now the question.

In my memory there was a cup.



And a pair of candlesticks.



The Ear of the Beholder.



Touch the heart.


165 thoughts on “The Eye Of The Beholder

  1. All eyes on Zaporizhzhia. It has quite a ‘powerful’ history.
    Territory once known as the ‘Wild Fields’, because they were not under the control of any state. Eventually came under control and became a fortress, a part of the Dnieper Defense Line. And now is synonymous with the production of power and maybe the loss of power.

    Uncovering the core.


    1. Zap :

      ‘To strike (an object or target) with a beam of energy, an electric current, or supernatural power.

      To expose to radiation, as to cook or examine.

      In science fiction and fantasy, to transport (a person or thing) into another place or time instantaneously, as with an energy beam.’

      Pardon me for how I read the mindlines sometimes. Zaporizhzhia means Below the Rapids. Underwater and fast as fuck. Faster than the speed of light which will probably play havoc with linear time.


  2. If any state has the REASON and the WILL to secede from the U.S., it’s TEXAS.

    They control that border, and THEY have the power tp tell the FEDS to GET the F OUT.

    LEAD THE WAY, Texas.

    The whole COUNTRY will follow.

    It is TIME


  3. I think, since I have been through it all, that Satan has power to enter our idk, “spirits” when we BEND OVER like they do in Islam, with the men “praying” at every “call to prayer,” with their asses in the air. It’s in the opening of “The Exorcist.” And as a what they call “recovering Catholic” become New Ager, I got into yoga, and performing “the Rites” of “Immortality” which, I will testify, made me stronger, more flexible, I did the Downward Dog, with my ass in the air. Hmm.

    WHO would think that yoga poses (even if you have never lol “taken it up the ass,” could allow the demon to enter therein?

    Look at that “yogi” pose above in the illustration of meditation: that well-intentioned person, man or woman, “MEDITATING,” is doing the 666 with each hand on each knee, with their SACRED what we used to call “private parts” fully OPEN and EXPOSED.


    Nudity is of Satan. It’s foremost in the Garden of Eden story: they realized they were NAKED after they gave in to the Serpent and God told them so. Being NUDE was not a THING before the SERPENT tricked them. Making it SINFUL.

    Satan is REAL and at WORK trying to STEAL YOUR SOUL with this New Age cerap about chakras, and all the rest.

    Would or did Jesus ever tell us to pray in that way? Bending over with your forehead to the GROUND and your ASS in the air?


    Wake up and realize our Savior was the most POWERFUL SPIRITUAL ENTITY to EVER come to this “plane.”

    And Satan is forever trying to get you to dismiss “Jesus,” and to BOW DOWN and WORSHIP HIM. Lucifer, instead.

    It’s the ROAD TO PERDITION. It’s WIDE.

    Here’s the opening scene to “The Exorcist” in two links. That film was edited in post-production in the building at 666 Fifth Avenue, owned by Trump’s son-in-law.

    I don’t believe in Trump anymore.

    I believe in SECESSION.


  4. Jesus of Nazareth spoke the Truth to Power.

    He did not BEND before the Jews…..

    To be a Disciple of Christ and an American Patriot (In the CREATOR Yahuah We Trust, not the MON-EYE at the top of the pyramid on our Dollar bills)…..



    1. It has been “revealed” to us that George Washington was not so much the “Father of Our Country” but first and foremost a Freemason….

      Now I’m thinking….. REALLY?

      How do we know that THAT is not a LIE?


      The victors REWRITE history, dont’cha know.

      Who are the “victors”?


      And the FREEMASONS (who have been INITIATED into Judaic/Satanic “Rites” and are now Honorary JEWS) are the TYRANNY we must fight to liberate ourselves from.

      The FIGURE of George Washington still SHINES THROUGH all the FREEMASONS’ deception (i.e. a “globe” earth spinning through Space from NASA (Countdown: “T minus 10, 9, 8….. ” You get it? “NASA” minus the “T” equals?



  5. First came George Washington…..

    Then came John F. Kennedy ….

    And now comes US.

    (As for JFK, well…. I don’t think it’s for nothing my mother named me after his DAUGHTER.)


      1. Here is JFK’s “Secret Societies Speech” made at the Waldorf-Astoria without the “skips” in the text….. it was I think the last speech he made before his assassination.


  6. Wow, I mean…. wow.

    So… here we are.

    I think the only option is for American patriots to SECEDE from a FEDERAL GOVERNment of CRIMINALS that reaches down into every county and community: your local sheriffs, your State Troopers…. your mayor, your “community leaders” are ALL freemasons.

    In other words, we must secede from the ALIEN “Federal” Jew-run “government” (yeah, the IRS, you bloodsuckers….) to SURVIVE.

    What do you THINK the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is doing down at the Texas border? Shipping ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to every corner of the nation with free phones, welfare stipends, who knows?

    You know what it is?




    1. The most LUCRATIVE BUSINESS on the “plane.” It was attributed to Mel Gibson but we can’t know for sure, that BABIES are of the HIGHEST COMMODITY in Hollywood. Worth more than whatever: diamonds, gold, silver, WHAT EVER.

      And why? Oh, there are So many luxuries for SALE: you can buy a HUMAN and do with it what you want. You can make millions from that human’s organs alone. The mob will give you instructions on how to dispose of the remains because they are the experts at it. (Most funeral homes are mob run, but of course)

      That means, you’re a sick GAY person. You long to become a “WOMB-man.” So you BUY a real womb-man (an innocent woman) and you have Her womb transplanted into YOU! So YOU can realize your life’s dream! Bear a child….. um, I don’t KNOW if this has actually been DONE but you can be SURE it has been done?

      That “BABY” will be born from the PIT of HELL.


      1. I think the first film that I saw that struck me to the core of FEAR (what if that happened to my child? What if that happened to ME?) was…..



  7. So I know I get “Carrie-d” away with movies but they are representative of our collective deepest desires (good and bad).

    So anyway, um. I’m hoping the Texas governor, who I heard is unhappy with the federal govt’s handling of illegal aliens…. welp YEAH! I hope he just goes for it. F them all. GO FOR IT.




    It’s TIME, people.

    This is all BULLSHITE.


    I don’t know what more I can say at this hour, I’m still planning to take a break from the WORLD WIDE WEB OF SATAN. i.e. the Internet

    Get it?

    You turn it off?

    It can’t get to you.



  8. i.e. I’ve been blocked again and … I don’t even remember what I was trying to post now….





  9. Frank,

    You mentioned in a previous post how “powerful” (not sure if you used that word, but somesuch) MUSIC is.

    Yes, indeed.

    Lucifer was the Angel of Music, and the most highly ranked Angel in Yahuah’s Heavenly Realm. Yah commanded all his Angels to serve his New Creation, MAN. “Human-ity.” Lucifer rebelled, and Yah cast him (the now “Fallen” Angel, with his loyal, 33% of the rest) DOWN to this earthly, “lowly” human plane, to be its lowestβ€”a serpent who eats dust, and yeah, sh*tβ€”and thus Lucifer vengefully promised the Father that he would lead all of His “beloved” HUMANITY (to Satan, DISGUSTING and DIRTY trash, “pieces of shit” he is forced to EAT) to follow HIM (he IS the Pied Piper….) into the Lake of Fire at the END of JUDGMENT with him.

    So, even after having learned all this, I was even so being seduced by “music” I hear in my brain (like the brainwashing we have ALL experienced from the MUSIC INDUSTRY, and not just “rap.” For example, for my generation, of CIA-descended musicians from Laurel Canyon like um…. “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Neil Young, and Jimi Hendrix”: ALL BRAINWASHING sixties musicians that led us all astray into “FREE LOVE” i.e. SIN … compliments of ?


    The ANGEL of MUSIC.

    Who of course was also the “god” of Michael Jackson, who said the music and lyrics were just fed into his “brain.”

    I have finally LEARNED that any song that is pushed into my mind? Gets “stuck” in my head? [All the songs I have posted on here, and movie scenes too? Not sure….PROBABLY]

    are from Lucifer. i.e. Satan. (Santana. Santa Anna Winds. Santa. Ssss-ann-ta. Ann. In-anna. In-ane. INSANE. The Devil Who Wears Prada. Red-soled stilettos. Red Shoes! Just like Pope Benedict! )

    And what for?

    MIND CONTROL…. to keep me in “the Game” (i.e. The Matrix).

    Keep me fighting the windmills in my “mind,” keep me fighting my enemies I see EVERYWHERE “out there.” Keep me following the white rabbit down the hole into the fox’s den.

    So too with whatever “messages” I “spot” OUT THERE. Like the piece of mail I “not-ICED” this morning on the pile on my floor from some wildlife charity:

    Oh!….. Is that a message from my FATHER? From Jesus?

    HAHAHA, um…. noooo.

    It’s from Satan, feeding my “ego” as some sort of “savior.”

    I totally get it now.

    All we need do … to DO “God’s Will”… is to follow the First Commandment:

    “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, and with ALL YOUR STRENGTH.”

    So how do you do that?

    “Let go and let God”? Um . . . . YEAH.

    “Call no one your ‘Father’ but your Father who is in HEAVEN.”

    The calendar quote in my Day Calendar for September is:

    “From the rising of the sun until the going down of the same the LORD’s NAME is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3

    Yeah, so what is the LORD’s NAME?

    (short for JAHUAH)

    His NAME which was originally “named” thousands of times was ERASED from Scriptureβ€”save for the one lone reference in Psalm 68:4.


    So instead of fighting our “enemies” out there, Jesus (Yeshua, His Only Son) wisely taught us to PRAY for our “enemies.”

    Because if you are fully trusting in JAH (i.e. “GOD” or “the LORD”) to handle the matter, you don’t need to fight them at ALL.

    Or “worry” about outcomes of your actions or past actions or future actions…..about the past or the future….

    You simply start your day at sunrise praising JAH…. and keep doing it until the sun sets.

    Psalm 68:4
    “Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.”

    I’m not going to post the “song” lyrics I’m hearing in my mind, because…..

    I know it’s not from JAH.

    He’s WITHIN, not OUT THERE.



  10. Frank….

    Hahaha! Ya know…. that woman playing the violin in your vids?

    It sure looked like she was standing in the station, “waiting for the train,” for the Shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square, that I used to take every day as a dutiful slave to Anna.

    Post MY video and prove me wrong.


      1. The vid “Isaac Kappy Brackets & Jackets” has gotten “3673 views” by now….

        Hah hah hah.


        It has MILLIONS. And WE ALL KNOW IT!!!

        Google and YouTube, um all of them….idk…

        are LIARS!

        They used to say and threaten our kids who got caught up in Facebook, Oh well, whatever you DID, and posted it or it showed up on Facebook, it’s on there FOREVER!

        Um, I don’t think so….

        They are deleting a lot of the Internet right now….. And this whole digital world in my honest opinion…. is gonna go “HAL” … as in the “Space Odyssey 2001” the thumbnail of this website!

        It’s all fake, it’s all of SATAN, it will dysfunction, and …..

        IT WILL FAIL


        1. And you know what?

          This government that is almost completely run (just look it up, I’m right).


          If we just “lay down our arms” and give in, put on the mask and take their medical tyranny’s word that we SHOULD …. if we are “good people”…..

          We are dead, not only in THIS world…. but as Jesus told us….

          in the NEXT.


          1. If we don’t say No to a poison being injected into our children’s arms….

            What good are we as PARENTS…

            As PATRIOTS.

            WE are being WIPED OUT.

            WAKE UP


            1. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE watching this “Battle of Trenton” vid from “The Crossing.” I think Jeff Daniels is some kind of hero to have pulled off George Washington in the saddle with that white horse that was … hahaha… having none of it!




              1. It’s an incredible sequence from “The Crossing” and it DESERVES to be watched by American Patriots over and over again to inspire us to stand up wherever we are in the fight ….

                for freedom.

                Freedom isn’t FREE

                You may have to die for it.


          2. Of course, if you are related to a Freemason (lucky you), meaning in the “fam” of MOBSTERS, Law Enforcement, et al…. you of course have a badge that when you get pulled over for speeding? All you need do is flash it and they’ll give you a pass.

            This is FACT.


            1. Oh and…. if you are related to this scum (i.e. law enforcement, mob, politicians, senators, what have you….um even medical team people in the family?) you don’t have to worry about the jab. Either you will get a pass from your “physician,” or you will get the “saline” non-lethal jab. And you all know it. You will let the entire American people (lowlifes to you, how IRONIC) sink JUST to stay on top.

              These SCUMBAGS are ALL “in on it,” meaning they have sold their SOULS to be part of the ruling class in Satan’s New World Order.


      2. Now, I’m sorry but I have to go here. The “persons” who produced this incredible vid of Isaac Kappy’s final vid with all the graphics et al were not Isaac Kappy himself for one, two, they show him in the final scene in the place of George from It’s a Wonderful Life contemplating suicide, asking for help from Guardian Angel Clarence, and three, after that he’s holding up a bottle of “Turbo Lax.”

        What the hell is “Turbo Lax.”

        ThE POINT IS…..

        what was going on on Epstein’s Island?

        Old men having sex with underage female teenagers?

        Phuhh!…. NO ONE cares about that!!!

        The point is EVERYBODY KNOWS that was just a cover.


        We don’t have any evidence yet of “child sacrifice” and trafficking but…..

        Um, what does a “denizen” of the “islands” need do with “Turbo Lax”?

        Is it some sort of “prep” for the visit?

        Um…. Yeah

        Yeah… and it’s BELOW me to detail, but this all comes down to the UNFORGIVABLE sex act in the Court of Yahuah’s LAW:

        i.e. SODOMY

        Why ARE they DRIVEN to sodomy? (When you gotta clean out the BE-hind before some famous Hollywood exec asks for it. (barf)

        Because the ANUS is Satan’s entry point into men’s souls …..the “back door”


        It gives the sodomized one POWER too, but it’s satanic. But it is power, and creeeeepy.

        Just thought I’d note that….. I can’t give any more details about Hollywood hopefuls showing up with a suitcase full of Turbo Lax to show they were on board with whatever the Hollywood execs required of them.. to get their first job.


  11. But now I know that the reason Becky showed up in my face, with her DEER T-shirt and her pink jacket, with her “Awww!” expression that they love, ie. “You lose…..”

    That was back in idk even know…. 2016?

    And I did not even KNOW, number one, it was her. I didn’t recognize her….. So number two, I didn’t really get the facial expression of Oh, you lose! BECAUSE (not that it matters to me!) BUTCHIE had just gotten Danny pregnant. Ha ha.

    OMG… ummm … Welp good!!

    Fine. He’s “TAKEN.”

    Huhahha! I don’t mean to make light of this “drama”? But really now…..


    It is what it is. But….



    You and yours? can go to hell. Period.

    Chris B?

    You better make sure my bankruptcy filing goes through? I foreclose?

    Because if there is ANYONE I can sue….?

    It’s YOU.


    1. I’ve been accused (I believe) of “lying.” That I’ve lied. About what, I’m not sure. And it’s like Dostoyevsky: no one actually accuses me, but I am treated as such: a liar. I am an outcast (not that i Care….. outcast from what? Helltown?)….


      Other than…..



      Just leave me alone.



    1. So……


      Who is my prince?

      Will I ever have one……

      Butchie, you are not my prince, period. Honestly, I’m gonna go out into RV land, and if I think you are stalking me? Welp, I don’t WANT YOU TO.


      It’s hard, but you failed the test, and you can’t have me.

      You’ve NEVER stood up for me.


      SO fuck you, and I MEAN IT.

      Don’t waste your time following me out there.

      I like I said?

      You are a STALKER, and I will get you and Jakie as such, if I NEED TO.

      I don’t NEED you or any other pathetic “man” to save me.



  12. I hate leaving it “all about me,” cuz it’s not.

    I just happened to have found myself being a WITNESS to 9/11. To walking into St. Peter’s down there at Ground Zero, where they had placed that FAKE CROSS of [cut] steel beams that “somehow” survived the destruction. The MIRACLE. It was a LIE. And I went into St. Peter’s, where I looked up to its stained glass window murals, with Saint Mary Magdelene, holding the ointment that she used to comfort Christ, OUR COMFORTER, and then in another, of Jesus Himself, the Messiah, smiling at us and pointing UP:


    I was at Ground Zero and worked in the “Freedom Tower,” which the “ELITE” built to replace the “Twin Towers, which were a male and female “couple.”

    The 1 World Trade Center building that has replaced them is male and female merged into One: a Baphomet.

    Just like?….

    The Statue of Liberty, hidden, a MAN with BREASTS, IN DRAG, in PLAIN SIGHT.

    Satan is remaking “humanity” from MAN and WOMAN (his Wombman) into a “new race” and intends to MOUNT THE THRONE up there, where Our Father sits on the THRONE OF HEAVEN: Polaris.

    He WON’T. Believe me…. but he will never stop trying.

    Thank you, Richie! Your vid totally backs up how Satan, the Prince of yes, the “Air” which equals electricity and digital airwaves, WIFI, the Inter NET, and Verizon, with its lighting bolt logo….4G, 5G,….6G?

    There’s nothing new under the sun, however…. Satan has finally perfected the “digital,” the electronic technology through which he intends to? RULE MANKIND, by BRAINWASHING them.

    Mind Control them….. so that he can


    I believe he was unleashed from the pit on 9/11.

    Just look at the demonic faces that sprout from the BLACKNESS…. if you can find that vid now….

    Two great vids here, Richie’s latest, and one from WAY BACK about the black screen (the BIG SCREEN of Hollywood!) and a major player in the mind control of all of us, Robert Zemeckis.


  13. It won’t post, but it’s Richie from Boston, trending on Bitchute right now: “The Most Important Video I Ever Made.”

    I’ve been in this game a long time, but what he reveals here is pretty MAJOR regarding the black screen, from old of Hollywood, the “Big Screen” and now? In everybody’s pocket, as they walk around transfixed by it on the “Smart Phone.”

    Oh, it’s “smart” alright…..

    It’s the “Black Mirror”

    I never knew it was the “scrying” mirror….of witchcraft.

    i.e. of Satan


    1. And what the American people refuse to face is….Our Country DIED on 9/11.

      ALL OUR RIGHTS were taken away with the “Patriot Act.”

      “They” (the juhews who are in total power of our government now who DID it) don’t want us to know it!

      So all this Trr-rump patriotic Q cerap is, yeah….


      He told us he was THE SNAKE that we have let in!
      He stands smiling on the balcony of the White House next to the smug Benjamin Netanyahu, who TOLD THE WORLD that America and all its “citizens” will be brought down into slavery to ISRAEL.

      It’s OVER


      Get close to the Father now, so can be close to you when HE PULLS THE PLUG on Satan.


  14. DC 91


    Who is that? Slowing down as I passed West lol “Anderson Way”….

    Hmm? Is that DON-ielle? Fuck you, Don-ielle.

    This is STALKING, and I’m not putting up with it anymore.


    1. “Stalking?” whaat? You need like my brother said psychiatric help!!!

      No, it is “GANG-STALKING”

      They ALL have the ability to track me (even the lowlifes, everyone related to the scum mob) as long as I have my phone on, which I do, to keep connected to my son….

      They can all WATCH me compliments of DON-ielle’s MOB JOHN GOTTI JR family…

      I THINK they can all hear me too, which is really creepy. When I go to the bathroom, when I burp….

      I realized that THEY were all listening in on what I was “playing” working at the GAP on my music.

      Could they hear EVERYTHING?

      CAN THEY ALL HEAR EVERYTHING OFF MY PHONE anytime they tune in?

      I think so.



      FUCK YOU, Danielle. You seem to be shit out of LUCK.

      Not my fault.

      As for your stalking of me (you knew I was out on the road, and you know how to pass me right when you want to), I didn’t even know you existed until I heard the Sheriff DIED.


  15. I do hope you LOWLIFES understand that these videos I post of John Wick are METAPHORICAL. I do not own a gun, nor will I ever.



    But they are very REAL


  16. And we all know WHO has both ME and MY SON enslaved on this phone THEY made sure he set up for us. That they listen in and not sure, but threaten him to say what they want, on this phone? Ummm…. YEAH.

    Or at least….. I KNOW.


  17. And herein is the DEFINITION of a rapist:

    The woman says, “NO. I don’t want you.” The baby “says,” Do not trespass against me.

    And the rapist thinks in his head, “Oh, but she doesn’t really mean it….. She wants me.”

    “Rape” I never thought I was a victim of “rape,” I always thought I’d gotten through life escaping it.

    Boy, was I wrong.


  18. The point is….

    I’ve been through it all.

    I don’t seek so much to be a “Priestess” as to let others know, if and when you seek me…..

    I’m … how to say it….

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE because I am a nun.

    Jesus Christ is my Prince.

    Please come to me if you need to, I truly want to help victims of Hollywood like me, be they the stars (Keanu? Where are you) or lowly audience members…..




    1. HOLEE-Y COW

      I just got through looking at the pics of Keanu around John Wick and that “girlfriend” of his? Keanu is 6’1″

      That woman is taller than he is!

      “She” is clearly in control of him… He looks desperate….. What more I can say about it I don’t know.

      Keanu is….. SPECIAL.

      Why ELSE have the dark side demons surrounded him, just like they did Michael J.


      I don’t know if you can hear me……

      But I am here for you… CHRIST.


      I’d love to PRACTICE talking with you in a PRACTICE of finding JESUS in our lives.




  19. Umm, everybody KNOWS what you SELL-OUTS on Bitchute are doing….

    Snarky: “two bullets to the head” for don’t remember who you were complaining about.
    Really? Huh, just like in my recent proofreading project about young people trapped in an RV under fire from a “Gotti” yup mob sniper on an errand for his DAD.

    So actually, this is just more proof that Snarky McAllister (gay, most likely) IS….

    Bluewater (check out her latest: “Just Keep Jumpin'”: pink bikini-clad babe doing a yoga handstand). Nobody believes in your TRASH, nor SNARKY’s reptilian trash, nor Tarot by Jeanine. I’m tempted by the CBD products, but those two gals? SCARY

    And then there’s BIG “DEL”

    Doing the finger pointing to the head death threat…. two times!!!…. actually today you look like you are becoming unhinged.


    Just keep jumpin’!!!!



  20. Oh, and let me make a clarification: from now on when I refer to the you-know-who’s who COMPLETELY control our government, federal and thereby local….who run the MOB who have also infiltrated basically everything {there ARE no legitimate “small-business” owners anymore} : the local gas station and AAA tow-truck drivers; the local electric company; the local sheriffs and police; the judges; your local insurance company; your local oil heat and propane dealers; your local wine store…..oh, your local PLUMBER. ….

    Your local FIRE DEPARTMENT.

    Hmm, welp.

    That’s basically EVERYBODY.

    And they have sold US out [the American people, what few of us are left] in the mistaken belief they are escaping the SLAVERY that is coming to the American NATION by who?


    Not just “juh-eeews.” I’m not “racist.”

    The “Juh-eeews” WHO DID 9/11.


  21. And how do you KNOW without a DOUBT that Satan and his sssserpent ssseed were behind 9/11?

    How is it crystal clear?

    By the MOCKERY of the Cross, the central image that went around the world, a so-called miracle. Just LOOK at it and you can SEE:

    It’s FAKE


  22. There are aspects to the 9/11 “job” that are unexplainable in terms of how humans could have pulled it all off so PERFECTLY. Even just that Cross, left standing in the wreckage. The steel beams were clearly cut to match the dimensions of the Christian Cross, but how was it “planted” there when all the other STEEL BEAMS had been turned to DUST.


    Satan telling US, we believers in CHRIST:

    “For you are dust;
    and to DUST you shall return.”
    Genesis 3:19

    (A quote from “God.”)


  23. New info about Jah’s CREATION:

    There are seven colors in the rainbow, which reflect the seven heavens.

    PINK is not a color in the rainbow (i.e. adrenochrome addicts’ favorite color. See PELOSI).

    Why not?

    “Pink is not in the rainbow because violet and red are at opposite ends. The color pink is created from mixing red and violet; therefore, pink can’t exist because red and violet don’t meet within the rainbow.”




  24. So what did 9/11 show us?


    A Directed Energy Weapon is what brought those two steel Towers down into DUST.

    And now DEW starts all those “forest fires” out west….NOT global warming. And DEW is the culprit in “bombings” like Oklahoma……


    The PRINCE of Lightning

    The PRINCE OF “DEW” (always mockery of the creator’s beautiful works, like the precious dew that makes every day new)


    Get close to the Father so He can get close to YOU.



  25. 9/11 really means “NEVER FORGET”….


    He CREATED the so-called “pyramid.”

    He’s not at its APEX!!! The “All-seeing Eye”???


    Our Father is over ALL.


    He MADE it ALL!

    He MADE you…..


    1. Of course, the above is music Lucifer used to make…. with harps…etc. All “music” was in praise of Yahuah! Of the ALL MIGHTY.

      That was the only music Lucifer made as an Angel of Yah….

      Before he was kicked out


  26. OMG….haha it’s so IN YOUR FACE

    Can’t find the vid I saw a long time ago that located the DEW weapon HERE: in BROOKHAVEN….

    Longk Eye-landt!!!! Oy oy oy …. Uh yay-uuh! … Hey, You talkin’ to ME????…You just shaddup.


    It’s a STRAIGHT SHOT from Brookhaven to Lower Manhattan…. an also (hahaha) FLAT expanse of water over which to aim and shoot the DEW weapon at the Twin Towers. If there were any curvature (hello!) it wouldn’t work.

    See it all ties together


  27. The Hunger Games series was idk written about me.

    I came before the “Hunger Games.”

    And they twisted my relationship with “Peeta” (from get this, I love pita! I luv pita bread….yup).

    It’s clear in the above vid that “Peeta” is not Katniss’s idk “husband” or mate… he is her son.

    She is constantly all about protecting him.

    That they ended the series with him and her as a family and a baby is clearly sick.

    Peeta is my son.

    “Gil” is the one who needs to stand strong with me, if he ever want s to have me.

    And this video shows it.


  28. Am I going out to RV land with gangs stalking me? to a land of wind and dust?

    I’m thinking not.

    Not until the man who seems to have pledged his heart to me, stands up for me.

    Tall and strong.


    I won’t accept anything less.


  29. Satan’s deception is everywhere.

    I wanted to express “Hallelujah”

    So I came across the violin thing and saw the composer was “Leonard Cohen.”



    I saw him performing his “song.”

    Is it a song to the Creator: Hallelujah?


    I think it is a mockery of speaking or singing the word “Hallelujah.”

    Leonard Cohen’s version seems to be of suffering, sadness, not anything of the Creator.

    He’s a hook-nosed juh-hew and a deceiver, just like all the rest.


    Yeah. WHO am I

    I’m coming to wipe you out.

    322 … it’s in my birthright…. to destroy the 322 skull & bones pedophile cannibals who killed my “father.” JFK



  30. Oh, so, any way I’m Trinity, and you can reach me at blah-blah blah.


    They’ve already got my number, believe me.

    So…. I think

    This is a “revolution” in the mind.


    Yahuah LOVES US and?

    He/She yeah…. want US to “grow up” into the gods we were born to be.

    You get me?

    What I’m trying to say is……

    You need to stand up and yes, you are alone.

    It’s not gonna be any gratifying soldiers arm-in-arm, sadly.

    It’s comforting to have brothers-in -arms.

    We don’t have that, nor will we ever, now.

    We have to PRAY.

    Thereby we create an ARMY in the MIND to DEFEAT Satan.


    And I’m sorry! (not) SGT Report and um We Know or whatever, they’re the same guy! Fed fake crisis um idk “journalists.” they’re fake


  31. I looked to have a career in the “American Press.” Inspired by yes…. JFK.

    “And so it is to the printing press–to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news–that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.”


    Now what we’ve got is a Mossad Media Matrix.



  32. Now I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t notice Jake stalking me in his big black pickup truck the day before, and hmm, the next day, a girlfriend staring me down, why?

    Did Jakie get in “troubles”?


    Is that ALL YOU CAN DO to discipline your brat son?

    What the f– is wrong with you?

    If you want me, why don’t you fucking come for me? Call me? Um, idk stroll by i don’t know….





    You have two new young babies to look after….with mob parents who will quickly kill me if I try to steal you from them.



  33. I mean it, it’s time for you to fuck off or?

    I’m going to hurt you.

    Um, HOW?

    I mean, you’re dead now… so um.


    I’m not going to hurt YOU as much as I’m going to STOP your family from HURTING my SON.


    You fucking stay away from my SON, CHRIS B, and your FUCKING FIRE DEPT. can go to HELL.



  34. FUCK OFF, “Butchie,” I never knew yee and I want you to fuck off FOREVER!

    The late Sheriff Adrian Anderson is a fucking LOSER.



    You’re a fucking LOSER.

    I HATE YOU and if anything happens with my son….


    Danielle too.


    Yeah, well MY FAMILY comes first to me too….

    And YOU are a fucking asshole.



    A LOSER!



  35. Here is this video, and I’m going to watch it, just started it…..

    I’m not trying to DENY the bravery and heroism of FDNY who lost their lives on 9/11.

    But the PROBLEM is…..

    THEY have STALKED me for years. Why? Every day I’d go out to get lunch down there at Ground Zero, and EVERY SINGLE TIME there would be a FDNY truck with its sirens blaring roaring ACROSS my path.

    Again, why.

    I’m only trying to get to the TRUTH.

    And it’s not about denying your service or the lives lost.


    I am not your enemy…..



  36. Judy Wood comes closest to the truth, and she humbly as a true scientist stated that she actually does not know “what happened.”

    And that’s terrifying in and of itself that this “cabal,” this “deep state” employs MILLIONS of innocents just doing their jobs, unaware that they are like the Gestapo in WW2, “just following orders…” for some sort of James Bond Evil FORCE that has technology beyond our comprehension.

    Anyway…. it’s ongoing, the looking back at that terrible terrible day…to figure it out…..


    And the thing that’s caught my attention today is that Dr. Wood, or idk, she deserves to be referred to as a “doctor” of true SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION, and not just “Judy” a practitioner of “witchcraft” lol!

    That she pointed out, and it’s totally noticeable in the footage of Building 7 during the day, and how all that “smoke” was only pouring out one face of the building.

    And if you look at the Towers, the same thing.

    And now I SEE: that “material” was being SUCKED OUT in ONE DIRECTION, and from only one face of the buildings.

    The EAST face of each one of those buildings that “Collapsed.”

    If that DEW weapon was indeed in Brookhaven on Longk Eye-land….

    then you can see that weapon SUCKING OUT that material like a VACUUM.

    Until that steel DISINTEGRATED into dust.

    I think that’s pretty major to notice.



    1. Kinda like my “there is no pink” in our Father’s rainbow. (Hey, forgive me for singing, Hallelujah, “It’s my birthday!” after getting “revelations” like that……)

      The Creator pledged that the rainbow represents his “covenant” with US, His children.

      That He will never forsake us.

      His “rainbow” reflects the crystal Dome, or “Firmament,” and the seven heavens above, that HE CREATED.

      Satan has turned the “symbol” of the rainbow UPSIDE-DOWN.

      You see a manmade rainbow now, you’re if you are like me…..


      “Gender Fluidity”? All about the PINK. Adrenochrome. Baal’s demand for child sacrifice, and you get a reward: a hit off the drug of all drugs: a hit of “INNOCENCE” from a tortured baby’s soul.

      Sodomites demanding respect for being trangressors of God’s sacred LAW?

      Who we now know, are not pussies…

      “Homos” are NOT “gay” little faggots anymore…..

      No, they are MEN.

      And they are MEN to fear, because just like in the story of Lot protecting the Angels in his home from the sodomites that surrounded his house and called on him to let them rape them…..

      They are MEN who have to power from Satan to RAPE men. They don’t want women.

      Because they are FALLEN ANGELS.



  37. The other thing is watching the vids, you can see demonic faces sprouting in the “smoke,” it’s like um Satan’s destruction of mankind…..multitudes of howling suffering faces.

    You can catch glimpses, and if you pause, freeze frame….You can see.


    In plain sight.


  38. There were more vids that pointed this out that are no more.

    God bless this guy, but he has real footage.

    Um, there seems to be no more shots of a major demon’s face that emerged CLEARLY from the smoke, I mean, it’s in your face, but no more because you can’t find the footage.


    It was like the face of Lucifer, grinning at?


    Forgive this guy, he’s lovely, and um it’s the only vid I can find to support what I’m saying.


  39. I saw crisis actors like in the vid I’m posting below, and it’s pathetic PROPAGANDA, and it involves little children, and it’s SICKENING.

    If you are an American Patriot….

    You will want to barf, but it’s actually worse than that….

    YOU will want to KILL.

    And MAYBE….

    That’s what God is waking us up to.


    I’d rather die a martyr for FREEDOM than die a rotted shell in a nursing home.


  40. I used to IDOLIZE “Stephen Colbert”

    Can you believe that?

    The seduction involved all these years is too gradual to recount.

    Until I sat in his fake audience of crisis actors, and the whole black studio felt fake, empty, and DEAD.

    And HEAVY

    And then I saw that clip of but of course, Henry Kissinger signing autographs outside his show.

    I mean, WTH.

    We are dealing with HELL.

    Stephen Colbert can kiss my ass.

    (I shouldn’t say that, because I could get raped and end up dying in the process, if they want my adrenochrome.)



  41. When I was down there, scooting around on my citi-bike…. like you posed with in GQ?

    “They showed me”…..

    You like chicken.

    So like I said, I’ll keep praying for you, and you?

    Please do me a favor, and TELL THEM to keep away from my son.

    I know you can do that.

    And you know I love the REAL you!



    1. Look at that pattern behind Ricky G. Hmm? Yeah, um


      The Matrix

      Ricky is no hero because later he told everyone to go out and get that clot shot.


  42. And did you hear in that?

    “You’ve got to make the hole bigger?”

    That is direct, DISGUSTING, reference to the GOSSIP from this I hope he’s dead soon chimney guy that… he told all the mob…. “I’m too tight.”


    I’m “too tight.”

    Um, Yay uh.

    First of all, yep, I’m going to go here….

    My husband had a bigger dick than little ol’ chimney guy.

    Second of all…. um….. uchk. Yeah.

    I gave birth to a BIG BABY through that “HOLE”…..


    “Bill” chimney guy um…. idk… failed to”light my fire.”??? And not only that, I started to realize I’d made a very big mistake with him, meaning…. i started to realize he’s mob, and very scary.

    That makes any woman “tight”

    If you get my drift. I remained stiff and afraid, and realized I had made a VERY BIG MISTAKE.



    I’m NOT Frances Mc Dormand out in the middle of NOWHERE.




    Whether you all like it or not.



  43. My sister told me today the meaning of my name: Caroline

    And there are several, but the one my heart lifted to was “song of happiness.”


    Let me be a Song of Happiness!

    I can’t stand this struggle and hate anymore.

    Let me go and sing!


  44. Message to me from Yahuah today, which finally got me out of bed with the ANSWER to this nightmare:

    Just be HAPPY!



    And when I do and close my eyes, I’m “looking up.”

    It’s actually just like the New Age figure of the person meditating, I just don’t advise you sit in that posture:

    Don’t let Satan get you down.



    We have been told that Satan is still in “heaven.” He’s ya know, super natural, still.

    So I’m thinkin’

    There are seven heavens, following the colors of the rainbow.

    What’s Satan’s favorite color?


    So if you look at the rainbow it follows the chakras in a human being:

    Red, the basest, lowest level in your sexual organs, which are basically the level of FLESH: sex and survival and? Mon-eye.

    THAT’S where Satan is.

    Orange, up to your stomach, your core

    Yellow, idk a little higher

    Green, the color of regeneration, at your HEART

    Blue, the color of the high mind, in the sky…in your throat

    Indigo, that absolutely gorgeous color of the evening sky I adore…. ( I noticed the diagram doesn’t have this color…..Hmm. to be investigated….

    And Violet

    I don’t think we see violet, only rarely, because it represents ROYALTY above.

    ULTRA VIOLET (we can’t see it!)

    Would be above the human being.

    Anyway! Just wanted to share…..

    I’m sick to death of HATING my neighbors!


    So I think I will just follow Jesus’s advice…..

    And just love them.

    They’re not so bad…..

    And focus on “singing happiness!”

    At the beer store today, I somehow looked over to see cases of Budweiser:


    “Great American”



  45. Well, so um hard truth. Thank you, Mr. C….. Of course we all want to go Batman….. but, is that realistic.

    Basically the final take is what I’ve said in the past:

    Keep your children close


    1. Noticing posts and mentions of the Enemy (Juh-eews) have gone missing…


      And it’s OUTRAGEOUS for me, a citizen of a country that supposedly VALUES and PROTECTS Free Speech.

      Not surprised….. at all, tho….

      The InterNET of LIES….. wherein any Truth about WHO is CONTROLLING IT….?

      Gets deleted.


      Actually was pondering the whole thing. These vermin blood-sucker child-snatchers were expelled from countries throughout HISTORY….

      And now we find them, RULING AMERICA….

      They are all our bosses, and “THEY” rule our paychecks….

      NO WAY “we” could “expel” them now……


      That’s why it seems indeed that only YAHUAH can EXTERMINATE them, and set us free.

      WE can only PRAY.


  46. I know now it’s a dead end for the Batman trying to vindicate the innocent.

    The “Batman” IS in “a rat trap”

    Yeah, maybe maybe not…..

    “Time to go mobile”




    1. Gosh, I’m a veritable Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

      I can’t change the past, I can’t do nothin.


      Point is, FINALLY

      Just be HAPPY.


      Because…. when you do, you maintain a HIGH LEVEL of VIBRATION that the “devils” can’t touch.


      They cannot touch us when we are vibrating LOVE.

      NO FEAR

      “Vengeance is the Lord’s.”

      Let us never forget that.


  47. OK, just look people at how the “men” who hate “women” screwed with the above video!

    It’s in your face: scroll the bar under to see the real scene of her victory.

    Riding the wave, all on her own.

    Anyway I’m kinda shocked they seemed to have MESSED with that vid permanently all because of little ol’ me.

    OH WELL!


    Um… NO


  48. So to conclude, …. about PRAYER.

    Jesus taught that we should not do it in PUBLIC, for example in yoga poses opening ourselves up to Satanic power….


    WE should pray in PRIVATE. Behind a closed door. In your “closet.”

    And I do think we should keep our legs together, i.e. kneeling, when we do it. To protect the POWER within our own body, a holy circuit, instead of sending it off into Satan’s matrix. Do you see that. He wants us to FEED him. When we close our legs, when we keep ourselves “chaste,” we are “saving ourselves” for God.

    Satan, the rapist, WANTS our “power” because we are his batteries. He has NO POWER without US. Just see The Matrix.

    When we contain our power WITHIN ourselves…. we do become MORE POWERFUL than even the DEVIL HIMSELF.

    THAT is what he does not want.


    I won’t wish you “Good luck.”

    That’s from the Evil One.


    If you vermin cross my path …..

    I will cut you down…. by?

    Just IGNORING you.



  49. I saw a “real man” I know and respect, on BitChute today, like he understands and wants to rescue “me.”

    It’s gone. There one minute, gone the next…..

    This is WAR!

    This is persecution of women unheard of from the beginning of time.

    And only “real men” understand this.


    1. Um, don’t forget those supersexy “Victoria’s Secret” Angels?

      All Trannies.

      IT all FITS.

      As for Isaac, idk….. arm and arm with David Brock?

      Maybe.. he WAS a spurned lover.

      And decided to BLOW THE WHOLE THING UP.


  50. Back to the RAINBOW

    “The rainbow is a symbol of God’s faithfulness and mercy. The β€œrainbow around the throne” (Revelation 4:3 ) is seen as the symbol of hope and the bright emblem of mercy and love, all the more accurate as a symbol because it is reflected from the storm itself.”

    Yes, rainbows always appear AFTER a storm!

    “And while many other instances of Bible symbolism occur more often in the Bible, rainbows are mentioned just seven times.”


    There’s something about the number 7……

    Seven heavens… days of creation… days of the week

    Rainbows are SPECIAL, and ALL HOLY.

    The adoption of the rainbow as an IDOL by LGBTQ yada yada yada is BLASPHEMY, pure and simple.

    To me now, when I see a rainbow, number one, I think the Father is still over us all and is keeping his “covenant” with us…..

    I also see it is a reflection off the Celestial Dome, the Firmament: Diamonds in the Sky

    And It reflects us, HUMANITY, and how he created us: PERFECTLY, with the rainbow embedded within the “chakras” of our spiritual bodies.

    “Follow the RAINBOW” UP, from the red to the violet, to that pot of Gold…..

    Your “enlightenment”?? Or just going ….


    Pray UP, love your Father WHO is in HEAVEN and your neighbor down here on EARTH, and SING!


    We’re On Our Way


  51. I watched a video that to me proved it was Jackie who leaned into her husband and shot a bullet into his head.

    It’s IN YOUR FACE when you watch the Zapruder.

    WHO killed my “Father” JFK?

    The CIA

    George Bush

    The New World Order

    A Thousand Points of Light


    Skull and Bones

    The SAME EVIL BROTHERHOOD in LEAGUE with the Juh-hews….

    WHO DID 9/11



  52. Did you notice how nervous John Kerry was when asked by that honest MSM reporter (Gosh, he was a household name, but can’t remember it right now) about the “secret society” of 322? (He had a heart attack and died on a sports club readmill in NYC NOT soon after…..)

    Or again, George Bush, a weasel, when asked about “322” ?

    “Heheheh, it’s so secret, we can’t talk about it…”


    Two weasels, actually….. I believe they are both still ALIVE. Well of course…. adrenochrome.

    When they should BOTH be HUNG for High Treason.

    NOT ONLY for 9/11 and colluding with ISRAEL, the Juh-eeews….


    For the Assassination of our President John F. Kennedy.




  53. They all get notes at George Bush’s funeral: “WE HAVE IT ALL.”

    They’re all “quaking” in their seats…..

    Um, YEAH?

    WEll, BRING IT ON, President Donald Trump!

    You’re the Court Jester, looks like….







  54. We secede, and now?

    YOU are the ENEMY.

    Your “armed” IRS agents? Hahahaha!


    I’m not alone, I know that.

    Somehow, some way….

    YOU will NOT overcome the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    Yeah, the UNVAXXED.

    And PROUD OF IT.


  55. It’s time America crossed over from out from under the “Elites” to the OTHER SIDE…. to FREEDOM.

    Americans, now matter how lowly, “Let Freedom Ring.” WE CAN DO THIS.

    “The Crossing”


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