The Eye Of The Beholder


The Eye of the Beholder.



It’s a foreign language.



Lucy :

‘Every cell knows and talks to every other cell. They exchange a thousand bits of information between them per second. Cells group together, forming a giant web of communication which in turn forms matter.’




On the wall.




And in my childhood memories I have remembered finding the treasure. It’s where I hid it and what it actually symbolises is now the question.

In my memory there was a cup.



And a pair of candlesticks.



The Ear of the Beholder.



Touch the heart.


165 thoughts on “The Eye Of The Beholder

  1. THEY are sharks!

    Hidden, all this time, UNDER the water… “secret societies”…. Jesuits….mob….


    Sharks in the water

  2. THEY are sharks!

    Hidden, all this time, UNDER the water… “secret societies”…. Jesuits….mob….


    Sharks in the water


  3. Like President JFK warned us…. “Secret societies” are SHARKS in the water

    Hidden, all this time, UNDER the water… “secret societies”…. Jesuits….mob….Juh-eews… “elite”


    Sharks in the water…. headed for self-destruction.

  4. No, if you are a True American?

    It’s TIME

    To secede.

    It’s SAD AS HELL.

    But while we are still ALIVE and VIGOROUS and have our wits about us…..

    We need to SECEDE from a corrupted, evil, child-trafficking, predatory “government.”

    A hell on earth!

    We came to America to escape religious persecution. “We” altho not we, ended up eliminating all the indigenous peoples of this land. Not “US”! THEM

    i.e. The CROWN

    Do not forget that!

    We are brothers.

    THEY create the “racism.”

  5. Hahaha! It seems I have created a “Newer Comments” section!


    ANywho… yeah …..yup.

    We are fucked.

    We just are and um, the only way I see out of it now is through Jesus Christ.


    Keep your eyes fixed on Christ.

    NO ONE has ever approached me, I’m a single woman, and I don’t think anyone ever will, meaning I guess to “save” me.

    Except for Jesus.


    1. All the “female warrior stuff” is a yes of course, a LIE.

      So many too now….. total brainwashing.

      Of me, a wannabe “Queen Gorgo”?

      She was able to wield a sword.

      Do you know how HEAVY a sword is? There is no way the average woman can wield one. So all of the female warrior stuff is FAKE, and very detrimental to women like me, who WANT to fight.

      It’s HOLLYWOOD conditioning.

      WE’re kinda all done anyway tho…

      Without a man, it is true.

      A woman alone is at the Beast’s mercy.

      1. So what the hell is going on?

        Is the corrupt pedovore Federal govt dumping illegal (their human-trafficking food) aliens into the deepest parts of the US? Like what the hell, Martha’s Vineyard? (Barry’s vaca spot, but…. HEY! )

        Isn’t it TIME states assert their rights and say, HELL NO?

        It IS TIME

        HELL NO!!!

        GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, you slime buckets!


        You are SCUM!


        GO and have your HOT DOG PARTIES somewhere else.

        Preferably in HADES.

        You’re f— EVIL.

        SO GO TO HELL

        Where YOU BELONG.

        1. Seriously, PEOPLE!!!

          IT’s time to turn the WHOLE DRAMA OFF.

          Look at your state, look at how you are being abused by the Federal govt.

          Like TEXAS.

          That’s YOUR BORDER.

          When is everyone gonna just say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

          This WHOLE Washington D.C. SOAP OPERA…. Biden, and Hunter, and Trump, and Pelosi…. can all go in the trash can.

          Cus that’s ALL it is, on Satanic steroids…


          Especially when WE have to pay TAXES on FAKE NASA bullshit, and CPS child-kidnapping and trafficking, um what else….. WELFARE for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, I mean, HELLO.

          FUCK THIS SH*T


          I WANT TO SECEDE

          GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

          SECEDE ME!!!



          Before this endless mind-game of an ELECTION.

          They already proved to us they cannot hold a legitimate election!

          IT’S A JOKE

          NOBODY wants to vote because we know whole thing is RIGGED. Probably by CHINA.




          Make the move NOW


          SECEDE!!! [PLEEEEASE!!!!]

  6. Whatever state, hopefully Texas, that secedes now will attract real Patriots like me.

    I’m SERIOUS.

    We are just looking for somewhere to GO.

    You secede, and we will come to your state, true patriots, and FIGHT for you and our Republic.

    It’ll be like “The Road Warrior”

    Please, Governor of Texas!

    Do it now! BEFORE the ELECTIONS.

    And I for one, will come directly. I MEAN it.

    And I believe all frustrated patriots will FLOOD your state to help you FIGHT against this EVIL TYRANNY .

    The FEDERAL Government of Washington, D.C. is a SWAMP of PEDOVORES!!!

      1. So if indeed any state has the wherewithal to secede (Florida, perhaps? Governor DeSantis?), these comments above from our Founding Father Benjamin Franklin must be observed if we are to stay faithful to Our Constitution and Bill of Rights that make America One Nation Under God.

        1. Haha, not so easy.

          Kennedy wanted to eliminate them and the Jew run banks = Usury

          Do you not get this?

          It’s usury, against all God’s law.

          It’s just the MOB.

          They “help” you by giving you a “loan” and god forbid you can’t pay it back, with INTEREST, or?

          You’re DEAD.

          1. Yeah, THIS ALL NEEDS TO BE WIPED OUT.

            Secret Societies (i.e. ‘religious” Jesuits or whoever?) …. OUTLAWED

            Freemasonry….. OUTLAWED

            Mob….. OUTLAWED

            1. And it’s a tall order…..

              But I’m wondering, if we don’t do this, which WE KNOW IS RIGHT…..

              is it possible…. we won’t deserve salvation.

              That we will be the “Left Behind.”

              1. We need to stand on the side of the Law, ALWAYS.

                Thievery, be it of the MOB, or the IRS, or being overdue on your mortgage, does not mean you deserve to be VICTIMIZED in ANY way.


                WE ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES

  7. Huh, I’m still up and having watched that vid above… From “Q”

    Q advises us “digital soldiers”? lol to “Never retreat from the battlefield” i.e. Facebook, um I don’t even know cuz I don’t participate

    But there YOU GO.

    DON’T go dark, get off the internet, in fact, never retreat from your Facebook page, why?

    Because they don’t want to lose sight of you…..


    Um, no I do not want to become a “digital soldier” and Q is literally produced by Israel.

    Donald Trump is their Golden Child.



    That’s my Donald Trump SMILE.

    So yeah…..

    Always watch the water…. for sharks.

    1. Also I just need to point out these grifters on Bitchute.

      Just like the “MAG” (hope he’s ok, haven’t heard from him) but the famous (?) David Icke posts this video with a thumbnail pic that ANYONE is like, What’s goin on in here??

      Um, SOMETHING disrespectful was happenin….. to the QUEEN and HER CASKET.

      PRINCE CHARLES looked like ….. idk. Everybody looked um, death… just look at the pic!

      But, do we get even a REFERENCE TO IT for David Icke? Um…. NOOO. IT’s the THUMBNAIL to his vid. HE IS GUILTY OF CLICK BAIT.

      You do not get to post a scandalous or unexplained picture like the Mag did regularly…. and NOT EXPLAIN IT FULLY.


      YOU SUCK and you are idk what….. FAKE. And ? LOW CLASS.


      And you don’t even mention it.

      YOU sir, are a grifter? A um connected SLIMEBALL, that’s for sure…. YOU SAY NOTHING.

      [Donald Trump SMILE here]


      Which means, F- you all and any pretense at “royalty.” You are SCUM and now?


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