It’s a jam packed summer. It’s gone very Jamaican around here.





The face in the cloud. Reality is stranger than we imagine but I think we know that now.

When you stare into the Abyss, it stares back.






The animals are very chatty. And the telepath with animals. Yesterday I was walking up the path and ahead were two ladies walking a small dog and the dog had fallen behind as they were deep in conversation. And I said to the dog ‘we’ll catch them up’ and the dog seemed to understand and happily walked by my side until we caught up.




The Fuel Matrix. What a fuel believes.

I’ve added a shell to my collection of various items such as crystals, feathers and fossils.

And the guilt trip. My fuel supplier is Shell Energy and they send me a bill every month which I have to pay for. It’s not real IMO but until guilt is released fully from the Self this is how reality shows up in our lives. Reflections of the ego belief system.




And call me old fashioned. The land of confusion. It is now LBGTQIA. I came across this article recently about Shiva and Shakti energy which I found reassuring.

From Yogapedia :

In the tradition of Shaivism, Shiva is forever in union with Shakti, his divinely feminine consort. The nature of Shiva energy is steadfast, stable, peaceful, strong and totally unmoved with complete presence.

Shakti is exquisitely beautiful with a flowing and shape-shifting quality to her — embracing reality as a dance. She is fluid, flowing and powerfully flexible.

Shakti energy can be wildly sensual, raw and expressive. Shakti energy can be seen in everything that lives as the manifest, while Shiva energy is formless.

Things that have already come into being are made of Shakti energy. These two divinely sacred energies are equal and opposite forces. We can’t have one without the other.



The land of confusion. We, whoever we are, seem to exist in different dimensions and timelines and as the walls come down reality has become very strange. And doppelganger update – Amy Pond from Dr Who, a British comedian called Peter Kaye and Bob Marley himself if he had lived to his seventies. It was definitely him. I have wondered if I am hallucinating which at a deep level I think I probably am but many of the doppelgangers are celebs who I have never heard of before and then the Universe shows me who they are.



Easier said than done.


7 thoughts on “Jamming

  1. Any Random Kindness and the Butterfly Effect.

    How can all of this connect with my life including the song titles ? And the English Rose. It just does. And probably others as well. Land of Confusion.

    Sometimes protocol has to be broken.


    Full circle.


    On the flip side there is a good book called Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess in which a Catholic priest performs a miracle by saving the life of a young child who is dying and the boy grows up to be the fictional equivalent of Jim Jones of Jonestown cult infamy.

    All the world’s a stage.



  2. Show me your ID.

    A man waters his neighbors flowers, which some suspicious mind finds intolerable, and the Child ersburg Police are called.

    1. Orlena

      It’s a very distressing video. Having said that being a copper is a job where it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


      Not just white on black. Tribalism and religion. I read an article a few days ago by a British Hindu complaining about the Hindu treatment of Moslems in India. And also in south London there are occasional gang problems between young black men of Nigerian and West Indian parentage and the Nigerians taunt the West Indians by saying ‘We sold you to whitey’ which as you can imagine doesn’t go down well. The Jets and the Sharks.

      Also I have a Sikh fiend who was in the Golden Temple in the massacre in Amritsar and his brother was killed there and he was told by the Hindus in to leave the country or else.

      1. My task is not to seek for love but to seek and find all the barriers within myself that I have built against it.

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