Dancing On The Ceiling


Being zapped is not for the weak of heart. Your life gets turned upside down. I know more than a few would agree with that.

In the mindlines. Zaporizhzhia means ‘Below the Rapids’.




The Upside Down. Strangely enough the Sun pic above which showed up this morning has a personal connection from the past with Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Richie.

Half remembered names and faces.



Going full circle and quantum lives. The future is unclear.





The deep dive is terrifying.



What we’re experiencing is way beyond the beyond.

And Lucy and her diamonds. I’ve been recently told about four different spiritual helpers that I have and vice versa I think maybe as well. All are female. One is my Higher Self, one is my Guardian Angel and the two others are Twin Flames. They all exist in the physical world. I’m not sure exactly what a twin flame is as I’ve always felt my major relationships have had an element of twin flameishness to them, if there is such a word.

One twin flame is As Above and the other is So Below. And in this life all four are different individuals. At times they seem to merge with others as well. When three people tell you the same thing independently and they have no physical contact or knowledge of each other as far as I am aware, you being to understand the Self is far bigger than the individual personas.




Or is just me in the mirror ?



It does get confusing. Coal makes diamonds or so they say.



If you’re going through hell, keep going.


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            1. *There’s stick and there’s stick, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… Depends how the stick is wielded…*

  1. I wrote this back in May. The alchemical crucible. Deep diving below the rapids.

    I came across a good You Tube video recently where it asked ‘Who is the real Self’ ? Is it Superman or Clark Kent ? And you can probably use Wonder Woman for the feminine. From our earthly perspective we would probably say Clark Kent. The You Tube creator as they are called now, asked what if actually Superman or Wonder Woman is the real Self. I think there is truth to this. Using myself as an example Big Frank is probably the real Self rather than little Frank. Paradoxically I think the real heart of God lives in the human experience. It maybe an illusion but the extraordinary nature of this reality is so extreme that it pushes the heart to the limits and beyond sometimes what you think is conceivable.


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