Naked Garden


Life is weird. As the world collapses I and maybe Us – not sure exactly how others are experiencing this – have been going on a nosedive into memory and deep into the heart of the matter and is difficult to reconcile when the outside world doesn’t match up to your personal experience. It’s like looking at a weird crackpot reality which I feel detached from and it is I believe. I think part of my memory feeds into a collective memory. It’s difficult to know what memories are true though. Are they real or imagination or symbolic or a form of metaphysical gaslighting ?

MJ and myself off Merovee have been looking at the various connections with the people we know and trying to make sense of extraordinary experiences and concepts which have shown up. It’s clear there is some sort of collective kaleidosocope and mirrors and degrees of separation with family and friends and people who have been connected with Merovee and out into the wider reality. There seems to be a macrocosm and microcosm aspect to it with the masculine and feminine. Is there a core or is it an in breath and out breath which goes on and on ? We Zoomed a while ago and I think for both of us it was great to see each other again and e-motional as well which I think is the way it should be. MJ asked a good question which was basically ‘If you knew what was coming, would you do it again ?’ in reference to the storm of what we went through together. You can probably expand this to Life in general. With the shitstorm of Life it maybe best not to know. Everyone wants to know their future until they do.

And recently the pic of young Frank in the garden spoke to MJ of the Garden . Again I think I’m remembering a collective memory as well as a personal memory. Which was when I was about three on a hot summer day I would run round the garden naked until one day Big Bro said I had to put my clothes on otherwise the police would come and take me to prison. That gives a totally wrong impression of my brother though. I am extraordinarily lucky with my brothers. If you are going to have brothers I couldn’t have picked two better brothers. The day guilt and original sin came into the mind.

And the Family. My family has an interesting history or at least to me and my brothers. Part of this includes a privileged history. My grandfather owned a big palatial mansion known as Carclew in Cornwall and then it burned down – see Rebecca book and movies. Again I think it fits in with the bigger picture and collective DNA memory. My grandfather has many mansions. Maybe. I’m becoming more and more convinced in reality it is my grandmother’s mansion.

Cellular memory with objects. Recently my brother sent me pics of Carclew before the fire from an old edition of Country Life. Going back deeper in time.






There was also another mansion with the Family which is Heligan in Cornwall and owned by my grandfather’s brother. Again it speaks to me of something deeper in the cellular memory. Parallel lines or two arrows of Time.




A garden sculpture at Heligan is a lady known as the Mud Maid. She is asleep.




And you were there and you were here.


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  1. On the soapbox.

    If two people stand shoulder to shoulder and look at the same tree they will never see it exactly the same. Angles. We live in an odd world where people shout and scream at you because you see a tree in your own way. You just will and they feel you should be persuaded their angle is the right way of seeing the tree.

    1. Orlena

      You’re freaking me about a bit with your ‘Sneakers’ reference. Get all sorts of different vehicles parking outside here. A lot with dark windows. Just because you’re paranoid !!!

      1. My apologies Frank, if I upset you.

        My sense was to convey the necessity to control the narrative in order to maintain power. The physical war can’t begin in earnest until the propaganda, information war is established. In fact there is a saying that ‘the first casualty of war is the truth’. I’m not afraid of it, because I understand it.

        I can’t comment on how it’s affecting you personally, because I’m not there. And I think as humans we need to be physically present. If the last two years have taught us anything it’s that ‘social distancing’ is not what we do.

        About the dark car windows. I was chastised awhile back because I failed to acknowledge a friend who waved to me from her car. It took us a bit of conversation till we figured out that because of the dark windows, she could see out but I couldn’t see in. Again, we don’t fear what we try to understand. I’ll just say as common sense, if something in your surroundings is getting to you, try to get away from it for awhile. Breathe some different air.

        Some Virtual Insanity at play.

        1. Orlena

          Not sure about the video. Sometimes once a live stream has ended that’s it. The phrasing speaks.

          Didn’t upset me. As I looked out of the window after reading your Sneakers comment there was a 4×4 with blacked out windows which was why I replied as I did. Happens a lot.

          I’ve been getting all sorts with traffic. I’ve had the Anubis motor cycle, MIB cars and a car which may belong to Pindar show up. And tanks out of Mad Max passed me by one day. Also I use the bus as it stops right outside the house and as I wait at the bus stop I see it coming down the road towards to me and it looks like a toy bus. And then I get on the toy bus !

          And to add to the surreal nature. A strange looking woman has moved in opposite me. She’s small and elderly and when she comes out of the house she wears a thick hooded coat and you can’t see her face. She is reminding me of the dwarf in Don’t Look Now. If she puts on a red hooded coat you will probably hear my scream from where you are ! It is so bizarre now.

            1. definitely weird. IDK wtf about anything. I used to blah blah blah. And now… I’m stunned and have little to say. Maybe more pleasant for everybody, tho. I don’t really like talking anyway.

  2. Kazakhstan .

    ‘Aset Abishev was among the first protesters to take to the streets in Kazakhstan’s biggest city Almaty last week and one of the first to be arrested. After four days in detention, he emerged covered in bruises that he said were the result of being tortured and beaten.

    “The police department, all five floors, was a kind of a torture conveyor. Screaming could be heard from every window,” the longtime opposition activist alleged. “The tortures were horrific. They put bags on young people and strangled them. They beat people, jumped on those lying on the floor.

    “These were ordinary citizens who were grabbed on the street, passers-by, taxi drivers,” he added.

    The largest and most violent protests in Kazakhstan’s history broke out at the start of this month in the western city of Zhanaozen over a fuel price rise.’

      1. I think this is at the heart of it somewhere down the line. And Oral and Tonga. Along the 51.2 latitude and Holborns est 1974. Takes state of confusion to a new level. See Kate Moss comment as well.

        When we were young.

  3. Massive underwater explosion close to Tonga heard thousands of miles away.
    They say it was a volcano.
    USGS are calling it an earthquake at 0 kilometres depth.
    175°23’24.00″W 20°32’45.60″S
    From that location to Kilauea on Hawaii = 2664NM or 44 degrees of the earth’s surface.
    2664NM = 666+666+666+666NM.
    2+6+6+4 = 6+6+6.
    Ya think something is going on?

    1. Ken


      Totally off topic. Have you any connection with the Kent coast in England. ? I’m thinking of the Dungeness, Greatstone and Littlestone area ? And does the surname Young have any significance ?

      1. Frank,

        No connection that I know of.
        I remember a guy on my first ship called Young. Not sure what his first name was though – Maybe John but they called him Brigham for some reason.
        However, back in the mid sixties our school sent the Cadet Force down to Folkestone for military training.
        We had to lug around those heavy 303 rifles up and down hills if I remember rightly.
        There may have been some alcohol consumed in the evenings. Not absolutely sure about that!

        1. Ken

          I’m sure there was some alcohol imbibed. Probably why you can’t remember exactly ! I belonged to army cadets. My main memory of that was a week in Snowdonia which turned into the week from hell. Crossing Crib Goch aka the Knife Edge in a blizzard wasn’t fun.

          Some weird personal stuff has come up with the name Ken and name Young which was why I asked.

      1. bob

        A good name for an astrologer ! Lions are so beautiful.

        The past life regression was good. A few surprises. I was suddenly joined by a woman and we went through together. Talking about anima and animus. My male and female sides but she is a real woman in this reality so it is ‘our’ self. She is in me and I am in her which is difficult to comprehend. And what it showed was revealing.

  4. Regarding the issue of Novak Djokovic being deported from Australia over his Covid situation, his surname has the word ‘Covid’ in it.

    He was deported on the 16th, the day after the huge volcanic explosion near Tonga.

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