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  1. Re: When we were young. How does that iteration of the ‘original sin’ meme differ from any of the others you’ve made over the years, Frank? Can you just not stand the thought of allowing that particular plate to fall from its pole? You just had to give it another quick spin, yeah? What’s the loop counter up to these days? Any idea? Or did you set up the loop without a condition, i.e. without giving any thought to how you might break out of it?

    Another concept you like to spin is that of reality as a ‘mirror’. If that’s the case then how can you so consistently fail to recognise your own reflection? It wasn’t so long ago that you asked if I was “happy living in prison” or words to that effect. I declined to answer your leading question and observed that you seemed intent on imagining ‘reality’ as a prison for the paradoxical purpose of planning an escape from it. Shortly thereafter the COVID outbreak began, along with all the ‘lockdowns’. Sadly, you don’t seem to have learned anything from that particular exercise.

    Or maybe you have? How long ago did you get ‘zapped’? Got to be more than 30 years ago, yeah? I look at the stuff you spit out (over and over again) and think “This guy is either deeply stupid or deeply cynical and knows exactly what he’s doing”. Have you ever given any thought to what prompts you to write yet another article that includes yet another reference to the same subject?

    Let me return the favour and ask if you actually want to live in a world in which a ‘sin virus’ spreads through the population? If you don’t then why lend credence to the concept? Keep dipping your finger into the pond and you’re gonna get ripples, right? Perhaps the most best solution would be to simply ignore the echoes and reflections? Better still, if you genuinely want change (rather than more of the same) then perhaps the best solution would be to delete your blog and move on? And why not given that another year has passed and nothing has changed?

    Be careful what you wish for? I asked the question a few years ago on my own blog, and again I ask: is this what you want? Because in all honestly I don’t think DAVID would lose any sleep over it. You know, after all the loving kindness he experienced at the hands of that nice Mister Weyland…

    As for the ‘when we were young’ and ‘spreading the disease’ themes, the latter was just a song that was played on the radio, a song on an album that captured the attention of a certain someone decades ago during one of many dark nights in the garden. Rather than echo it back to him you’d be better off asking why you’re serving the interests of a bunch of douchebag cowards that knew they couldn’t win a fair fight, paying particular attention to what they did to that certain someone, beginning at an age when he was too young even to understand what was happening let alone defend himself, to the point that he had to be put on tranquillizers at SIX FUCKING YEARS OF AGE.

    Christ, and to think that some of your regulars moan about having to take a ‘chill pill’ as an adult! You know the type, Frank: they read a headline or two (lies and propaganda the lot of it), bring their extensive research (zero hours and counting) on a certain topic to bear and pronounce that I’m ‘sick’! And if Her Majesty decrees it then what else can the ‘healthy’ do but avail themselves of an ‘instrument of loving parental correction’ (a.k.a. a suitably splintered length of 4×2) and get stuck in?

    Honestly, Frank, some of your douchebags (specifically them wot like to dish it out but can’t handle a dose of their own medicine) will probably get all huffy and rush off to write their own articles with titles that contain oblique references such as ‘to pay’ and the like. Oddly enough, I seem to remember one of your douchebags doing that very thing after my last visit.

    Honestly, you’d almost think that some people really do want others to pay for their sins…

  2. Speaking of douchebags, here’s an absolutely true story which occurred mere days after my last visit to Merovee – and I’m sure we all remember that, don’t we? I was returning from a 40km hike and trudging along a trail at night when I happened across a figure lying on his back in the mud. He was either Indian or of mixed ancestry, perhaps in his late twenties, grossly overweight, and reeked of urine and alcatel. He just happened to be wearing a black Nike tracksuit, and the wet patch around his crotch suggested that he’d had a bit of an accident. I wasn’t in a particularly charitable mood, but after walking on I reluctantly decided to return and make sure that he didn’t freeze or choke on his vomit or anything like that. After all, we wouldn’t want such a valuable member of the community to expire before his time, would we? What a loss that would be!

    Back I trudged, and after several minutes I finally managed to coax the guy to his knees. “Ah!” I thought. “We’re making progress. If I can only get him to stand up then I can point him in the right direction and be on my way.” Sadly, it was not to be. Instead, he withdrew his penis and unleashed a really rather impressive stream of piss into the surrounding mud. It formed a large puddle in front of him, which he promptly collapsed into and rolled around in. A more pathetic sight I have never seen. It was truly awful. At this point he managed to find his voice and began yelling “I’ve done nothing wrong! I’ve done nothing wrong!” over and over again.

    Oh, I got the message all right, brothers and sisters. He’d done nothing wrong, you see? And by the same token, neither have I. For example, given his willingness to treat himself as a toilet it seems to me that I’d have been perfectly justified in using him as one, and should I ever happen across him again then that’s exactly what I’ll do. And therein lies the rub, you see. You can’t really punish someone without legitimizing the concept of punishment, and you certainly can’t mete out a really rather unreasonable dose of vitamin P only to complain when the victim of your ‘loving touches’ decides to return the favour.

    Here endeth the lesson, and all that.

    1. Show goes on.

      Sweet dreams.

      “The pookah takes many forms, but is most famous when he appears as a giant, six-foot white rabbit – which is the form most Americans know from the play and film, Harvey. Whatever form the pookah takes, he retains the special ability of his species, which is like that of Thoth in Egyptian legend, Coyote in Native American myth or Hanuman the Divine Monkey in Hindu lore – he can move us from one universe, or Belief System, into another, and he likes to play games with our ideas about ‘reality.'”


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