When We Were Young


Personally, how this is playing out is difficult to deal with. We are encoded to look outside ourself and there’s a lot going on out there but ‘spirit’ says focus on yourself so that’s what I’m doing. My natural inclination is to join as best I can with others so the personal nature of this is uncomfortable for me. Sometimes I wish ‘spirit’ would explain it simply and write it down on a bit of paper but that doesn’t seem to be the way it’s done.

Going ‘Home to God’ because I think this is where it is leading is incredibly personal. Hopefully. I cannot describe the emotional depths of what I’m experiencing. I’m assuming everyone is but it’s impossible to fully understand what ‘the other’ is going through. Pain and Love are a shared experience though.

From A Course In Miracles. ACIM uses ‘Him’ to describe God and I’ve changed the text for this quote. I’ve found the exact opposite. It’s She who has been in charge.

‘Revelation induces complete but temporary suspension of doubt and fear. It reflects the original form of communication between God and Her creations, involving the extremely personal sense of creation sometimes sought in physical relationships. Revelation unites you directly with God.

Revelation is intensely personal and cannot be meaningfully translated. That is why any attempt to describe it in words is impossible. Revelation induces only experience. Revelation is literally unspeakable because it is an experience of unspeakable love.’

Bolts from the blue and ‘When We Were Young’. We seem to be looking at alternate and parallel mirror and degrees of separation realities which reflect and interact with each other. Both personally and collectively. And Time Resets and deliberate fxxking about with reality are in there. Who has done the fxxking about though is a big question. What is the nature of the game. Why ?



Every Picture Tells A Story. This pic of me when I was young which I have described as Young Frank, in the mirror becomes Frank Young and opens a big personal can of worms. Who’s the Mummy or Who are the Mummies ? Which is an incredibly weird concept to have to deal with. Sometimes I wonder why I put out this stuff but going with the ‘personal’. A problem I’ve noticed is it can cause confusion but it’s all so confused anyway ‘Why Not’ and just add to it.

People ‘energy feed’ sometimes which can be irksome but maybe they need the energy and does raise a question of why if I include a pic it can speak to three people. And why I can exactly get the same message from three sources. It’s All About Me. It seems to be All About You, All About Them and All About We as well though. From a personal perspective ‘confusion’ isn’t an adequate description.



And Anne Frank – The Diary Of A Young Girl.



Ending the Circle Game and The Fourth Wall and Saturday at the Movies.They are all in there. Over Christmas I got a message which read ‘Break The Fourth Wall’ from an unexpected female source so giving it a go.

Black Mirror and nose diving into Who Am I, Who Are You, Who Are We, Who Are Them exactly ? And who are He and She ? Maybe it’s just an enormous In Breath and Out Breath.




Rebecca and Cars and Girls and Car Clues. And the Birthday, 801 and CGY.




And Lucid Dream. There are a host of other Saturday at the Movies which all seem to speak.



About the virus and the jab. I haven’t bought into it since day one. It is the biggest load of garbage I’ve seen but something is causing it to show itself. I believe we are looking at an original disease which replays itself possibly. A memory. See Black Death in the Middle Ages and the flu virus at the end of WW1 as examples. And maybe its just the way my mind works – STDs and Original Sin.

And summing up. I’ve got my coat out of storage for the cold weather.




Moral of the story. If a black man appears bearing red pills maybe best to walk away. Too late !


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  1. Difficult to know but ‘the program’ has been for some time saying I was born in Texas. Maybe You Only Live Twice. Clear as mud. Possibly applies to all.

  2. Hieeey….


    Apparently Cirsten W is dead? And Bluewater has posted a tribute to her…

    I have called out “Bluewater” for foul language etc..

    But the thing I hate the most is his/her? (who knows these days) mockery with constant jibes that “jesus loves you”…

    Bluewater, you are taking the name of our most precious savior in vain when you do that.


    For your own sake.


    But you don’t wanna be the one who He turns to and says…..

    “I never knew thee.”

    1. OK ok… I get now that Bluewater is mocking Charlie Ward, the biggest guy on Bitchute, who has his son introduce his vids that way…..”And remember, jesus loves you”… BARF

      what a joke.

      So, yeah. that GUY needs to be taken down! he LOVES the British monarchy, even saying the Queen was a “good queen”….


      So Bluewater, I noticed your last post was “cleaner” than the last.

      Good on you!

      1. If Cirsten is dead, I want to say (being up front about rumors she was a he)….

        even so, I liked “her.”


        1. The truth is the truth! A person like “Cirsten” who did their best to speak the truth and expose lies….

          As long as you deny JESUS CHRIST as your Savior, and Yahuah as your Father, you are lost. And undone.

          There’s no WAY AROUND IT.

          There’s no way making being “gay” or “trans” or WHATEVER …OK

          Because it’ll NEVER BE OK with YOUR CREATOR.

          GET BACK to Yahuah, while you still can.

          Cirsten, a obviously “good intentioned” person…..

          Welp, I pray for her.

      1. You are the beautiful one, Trinity. ❤️
        That you can still recognize beauty when you see it, in spite of all that has been said and done to you, tells me so. Remember this the next time someone asks to see your ID.

        You Are Too Beautiful

    1. Elena

      QI. I came across this video about narcissism and mirroring. Narcissism is a bit yin and yang within the psyche.

      The analyst 🙄. And data mining. She speaks about how the narcissist collects information to use in the relationship.

      1. Frank

        That’s very interesting considering the path we are traveling down. She actually used the terms, data mining and bandwidth. It’s more than interpersonal, it’s humans and the machine. While I find the technology fascinating and entertaining, there are moments when I get a glimpse at just how dependent we have become on it and controlled by it. And I feel a wave of vulnerability wash over me.

        She says at the end ‘we have to do a better job of mirroring ourselves’. To begin with, we don’t see an accurate image of ourselves when we look in the mirror. That’s a set up to invite all the things into our lives which we don’t need. But, we have invited the tech into our lives and it’s behaving very narcissistically.

        This test has been going on for a long time. The gods used to be invisible ideas, now they are hardwired and we can touch them and they instantly respond. Until they don’t. The manipulation is the same. Trust the Lord…trust the science. At what point here do we say enough? Maybe that’s what the researchers are trying to determine.

        1. It was the data mining aspect of it that jumped out for me as well with IT. Maybe we are just seeing what has always been there and the tech is a reflection.

          About the mirror. It is fractured. I’m seeing all sorts of strange mirror events with different people and ‘out there’. When you have an experience and then others seem to have the same thing. I go with what you experience in your life first hand is the important thing. That is for you. You don’t want to live through others but it is a mystery.

          Seems to reflect in the media as well. And degrees of separation and parallel lines. I mentioned I made a visit to the BP garage in Red Pill last weekend which I think is connected with oil and black goo and the rest of it. And personally more to it. About the same time big protests in Kazakhstan over the price of oil blew up. Got very unpleasant as well. Pro tests .

    1. If anyone is a “narcissist,” it’s you.

      You post behind my back, you are a sorry, um “gossip.”

      ALL of you are, GOSSIPS.

      Yeah, well….

      If I could wipe you out in one fell swoop?

      I WOULD


      1. Trinity

        I’m not talking about you. I wasn’t referring to you at all. Not speaking about anyone personally. I was discussing with Elena something we’ve been discussing recently at a macro level. You maybe interested to know I rarely talk about people on Merovee apart from when shit lands on doorstep. It does raise a question why some people think it’s all about them which makes things confusing when people put their spin on it.

  3. Frank, I have to call you out.

    That you are CHANNELING Satan by your accusation that I want Jesus to yeah…just fuxx me.


    You are idk, Frank….

    I think you are a demon, let’s just say it OUT LOUD.


  4. I just have to say that my mind cannot encompass the evil Satan has brought me into….

    The IDEA that the “Sheriff” all good and law-abiding, was it possible he had sex with his sister???

    Out in front of EVERYONE? Got his sister pregnant?

    It’s like, I was there, but I never even contemplated this…..could be true, for REAL.

    So welp….

    If so….

    I will battle you til the end, I will KILL anyone who comes at me, PERIOD.

    You sick fxxs

  5. I’m not gonna play Excalibur again….

    I am not invested in ANY “fight.”

    This is SICK beyond belief, and it’s just …. not my bother.

    I’m leaving and welp….

    So, there you go. Inbreeding low-lifes gotta live… amIright?


    I don’t know, Frank.

    You’ve always had it in for me, admit it.

    Meaning, you and I will never CONNECT.

    And that’s OK!

    I need to break from here…..

    For good.

    1. Trinity

      Haven’t got it in for you. I’ve always been here for a chat. Actually I see everyone here and in my life in general as fellow travellers. At same time they can have their own agendas and different POV which is fine but so do I. Which is in short to return home to God. And the question re Jesus and sex is reasonable.

      1. Thank you Frank….

        Times are rough, as you know.

        I don’t want to post tears, I want to post laughs.

        Sorry for accusing you.

        1. Seems to go with the territory.

          And generally !!! About demons . Again ACIM. I think it is projection and the shadow . The projection though may have created some semi real ‘creations’ though because there seems to be some seriously weird stuff out there.

          ‘You think you are the home of evil, darkness and sin. You think if anyone could see the truth about you he would be repelled, recoiling from you as if from a poisonous snake. You think if what is true about you were revealed to you, you would be struck with horror so intense that you would rush to death by your own hand, living on after seeing this being impossible.’

          1. Frank, I am seriously in fear that the Course is from the Voice of Satan.

            It all “sounds good” but….

            I just had the realization, that you know what the tell-all is?

            That it says (somewhere, all a mass of whirling confusion) that you DON”T NEED TO GO TO THE CROSS.

            That Jesus already did it for us…..

            Whereas elsewhere, and in the BIble but not sure where, it says if you follow in the WAY of Jesus, you WILL suffer, and you WILL go to the CROSS.

            And to GO TO THE CROSS is REQUIRED for your salvation.

            And I believe it now…..

            I think ACIM is the ULTIMATE DECEPTION FROM SATAN to lead us OFF the PATH HOME.

            1. Let’s be honest, you and I must be “highly attained,” whatever that means…..

              We have LIGHT.

              They SEE our “light.”

              Satan is duping you, I’m telling you.

              I’ve honestly wondered if the Frank I first encountered on this website is the same Frank now in place.

              They all get replaced.

              It’s f— scary, but I honestly I wonder if it is so on here.

              1. I’m not judging you, I am in fear for my own “LIFE.” (My SOUL)

                You cannot deny Scripture, Frank, in favor of “ACIM”

                It was channeled thru a yes, a Jewish woman and a sodomite.

                Do you hear me just a little bit?

                24 Then Jesus told His disciples, “If anyone wants to come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.
                25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
                26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?…

                Not the best “Scripture” quote but I’m tired of trying to convince you anymore…

                I’m thoroughly confused, but not completely.

                I think ACIM is the work of the Devil.


  6. Haha, see how the criminals work, making me to seem “CRAZY.”

    My post suddenly doesn’t go thru?

    So I post it again, and end up looking stupid.


  7. It’s in our face!

    “A Course in Miracles”!

    You can work miracles too! (Only Jesus could work miracles….)

    You can be a savior unto the world too! (Only Jesus is a savior unto the world…)

    Do you not hear Satan’s jealousy of the King of Kings, who he wants to replace?

    His temptation to all of us?

    it’s as plain as the nose on your face!

    the JEALOUSY and green envy.

    Jus sayin’

    Frank, I’m sorry and I’m here for you.

    1. Trinity

      Don’t want your sympathy ! I still go with it and find it pretty much bang on the mark. It’s basic premise is look within rather than without and consider that wise advice.

      1. Frank, OK I hear ya!

        I look within and I don’t see anything!

        I mean I do, when I’m looking up in my third eye and looking to Jesus, it’s blue.

        And peaceful, and joy…..

        meanwhile my life out there is a shitstorm.

        I really don’t know, but I’ll just keep walking the path.

          1. Oh and “Bluewater” and that nasty piece of work “Sandman-MGTOW” (i have no idea what those initials mean, and I clicked in once to listen to this “person” and he was obvs a fag (means sodomite) and a Jew–they go together)….


            GO and look at that shill shit’s latest post of a woman on all fours like a????


            Homosexuality is the gateway to pedophilia, and how could it not be any clearer to us “Americans” than it is now….

            Note: Bluewater is pro-Trump. ANd Snarky?Is both pro-Trump and pro-Bluewater.

            Nuff said

            1. Oh and how ’bout Frank=Bluewater=Sandman=TurdFlingingMonkey? Equals AW=Baphomets=Ripley=the Feathered Serpent that is in the MASONRY of the VERIZON building that overlooks Ground ZERO.


              Hmm? Hey, commenters, let us know what YOU think!


              1. This “woman” is, clear to me at least, a Baphomet… and the song is “infectious” isn’t it?

                Making you want to dance…. SHAKE THAT BOOTY!…..

                Straight into HELL

                MK-ULTRA CIA Mind Control at its FINEST.

                It’s all crashing down now…..We’re onto you.

                Good time to run to your DUMBS….

                1. 666 hand signs, tongues OUT like demons, “fat ass” the main ATTRACTION….

                  Oh, and did you spot the Corona Beer neon logo on the wall? Yeah, you know….Crown Beer… beer menat to steal away your “crown”…. you mind…. your SOUL.

                  It’s REPULSIVE and EVIL, and how anyone can watch this shit, including our younger generation????

                  WAKE UP

                  There’ll be NO EXCUSES for you young’ins on JUDGMENT DAY.

  8. I’ve burned it all, all the past….


    My friends who were never REALLY friends in college…. because they didn’t come thru…..my ex…and all his “good intentions”….he was a good father until he abandoned us….


    It’s in the fire now….

    The past is the past for good now, for ME.

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