The Pain Barrier


Through a Rose Window. Click ‘A Kiss From A Rose’.




Crossing a pain barrier.

Two sides of the coin. Pain.

And Payin’. You have to pay.

The Annual summary 🙄. It hurts. Summing up. Who says ‘It’s a sin ?’ Who decides ?



On the other side of the coin. The Greatest Love of All. When you are thrown back in your memory to an unexpected journey nine years ago which at the time was weird but seemed relatively minor and suddenly it is transformed into something beautiful beyond belief and I suddenly see my beauty and the beauty of the other and how beautiful we are together. And personally suddenly become incredibly important to Now, whatever exactly Now is. I put this in a comment which I hope describes it. We really are beings of incredible beauty. And the Fourth Wall. The Unexpected Journey was like something straight out of a Black Mirror episode and actually seems to be talking about the episode. Which again is odd as the episode was shown about six years later. It seems Time works differently to how we experience it.

When the magnet goes Clunk Click. And a recurring theme in life. ‘The first time I saw your face’.

‘About the unexpected journey. It was only a small act of kindness and I’m sure others do far more all the time but I can see why ‘spirit’ would get off on it and see it as amazingly beautiful because it was and an insight into my own beauty. And we are not meant to see that. We see it in others easily enough and I think part of is projection of our own beauty and innocence onto others. It applies to all and this reality is set up to shit on beauty and innocence. We are beings of incredible beauty who have forgotten who we are.’

And what is really happening in the news ? I’ve talked about the flippity flop over the last couple of months which is too confusing to explain but when you see a pic of Maxwell and Epstein which seems to be referring to the flippity flop, you have to ask what is really going on.



And not knowing. I cannot say for sure that the reality of certain events are real and all you can do is accept the confusion and bewilderment. When nothing makes sense. It’s Maya but tell that to the achy, breaky heart.

It is saying something is very real though. And a personal request. I would like some clarity. We could all do with some of that.

Do the Past and Future Exist ?



Doctors and Nurses is a good game.



Remembering The Way We Were.


10 thoughts on “The Pain Barrier

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    1. And apols to everyone and will make no sense to anyone probably. Music speaks and every picture tells a story. Shaking the tree. Seriously weird shit territory.

      Objects can hold cellular memory. And songs and pics.

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