A Kiss From A Rose


A Kiss from a Rose.




Dogon It.



Anima and Animice.



‘Who’s that girl ?’ is incredibly baffling. Who are you ?



However it plays out it seems He and She are joining.

How deep is your love ?




And Everyone Wants To Rule The World and says ‘It’s Me’. ‘The hero of the dream’. I get the small Me out of the way as much as possible. Life is incredibly personal on the flip side though. And in my life there’s a repeat pattern of others telling me ‘It’s me, not you’ and telling me they are my boss. Not playing that game any more. Really it’s a reflection of the ego mind’s need for control. And others get off on them but I really really dislike mind games and walk away when I see them as best I can. Maybe a problem of being Frank. What is true for one maybe different for someone else and if you can’t accept that get off the stage. You have to accept No means No sometimes. Letting others walk their walk is crucial. Paradoxically the more you free others in this respect, the more you free yourself.

And Freedom and A Dick Sion. At this time of year we make resolutions. Mine is to get the monkey off my back and it’s a big monkey. This is seriously weird territory. Could be a ‘fun’ year.



It really is All There Is.


42 thoughts on “A Kiss From A Rose

  1. When the most humdrum of places speak. The BP Garage in Redhill. Holds memory. Red Pill really is the void.


    Dark Water.


    Louise Banks : ‘If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things ?’


    1. Orlena

      It’s impossible to describe how mad all your comment is. Apart from the connection with article and Rose. Not your comment or subject matter but how much it speaks. Crazy world.

      Damn all unexpected journeys. In its weird way it speaks of the BP Garage and oil spill, Dark water, Mysteries of the Abyss and Cthulhu. And maybe black goo as well.

      And value of hindsight and unexpected journeys. Why an unexpected journey about nine yrs ago has suddenly taken on huge significance and ended at the BP garage and fits with whatever was going on in the months before the MH 370 crash. Deep Water. And Greatest Love Of All and childhood memories of Rose.

      Also ‘A Cure For Wellness’ and why no one gets better, an actress called Celia Imrie, psychic driving and MK Ultra type mind control. I’ll stop there. Neural pathway ! That’s a lot from one comment.


      ‘All done with mirrors.’


        1. About the unexpected journey. It was only a small act of kindness and I’m sure others do far more all the time but I can see why ‘spirit’ would get off on it and see it as amazingly beautiful because it was and an insight into my own beauty. And we are not meant to see that. We see it in others easily enough and I think part of is projection of our own beauty and innocence onto others. It applies to all and this reality is set up to shit on beauty and innocence. We are beings of incredible beauty who have forgotten who we are.

  2. This vid clarifies so much of the struggle I perceive we ALL and I myself are in (“The Matrix”), and that I (yes. Frank, I get it, “the hero” of the story) seem to be a central point of as “Care,” and a main target of these serpent seed “Free Masons”….uhhhhh……


    It’s the jews.


    And I am the Bride of Christ, Who is coming soon to OBLITERATE their POWER and ENSLAVERY of us goy cattle.

    So, rejoice.

    “Hang on, until the Golden Hour.”

    It’s coming, or I would not have received this video as encouragement, and CLARITY of our history.


    1. Trinity

      The hero of the dream is in there. I think the characters in the movies in your case such as Trinity and Katniss or Sarah O’Connor can be good role models. The problem can be when you identify with them too much. You are not the character in the movie even though the archetype can be useful. Let’s say JC isn’t interested in the movie projection but the real you. And the real you is perfect. IMO.

      And addiction. Britain is very much a country of functioning alcoholics. For about fifteen years the pub was central to my life. I saw a child’s t shirt recently which read ‘I drove mummy to drink’. And read an article about a Brit who moved to the US and only realised he was an alcoholic after he moved there. It is so normal over here. ‘I am an alcoholic’ can reinforce Identity so it becomes part of your persona. At same time it is useful to realise it has a hold over you. It’s the death wish I think at the core. Pontificating a bit but there is something to it.

      1. Yes, I hear that. That’s why I rejected going to AA meetings long ago because they require you to say your name, and….

        “I am an alcoholic.”

        SO I DO reject that, and am trying to convey to “you all” that I don’t BELIEVE that I’m an “alcoholic.”

        I understand what you are trying to tell me.

        It’s just, I think it’s some sort of “spell” put on me, but that I do see it.

        And that I now believe ONLY “Jesus” or my “Higher Power” can release me from it.

        Only “Jesus” can “cast this DEMON” out of me and my mind.

        1. And to my identifying with movie archetypes, I get that too…..

          I think my “pearl” being dropped into the mud and still remains a perfect pearl says the same thing you have just said, that JC wants me to SEE that I AM “perfect.”

          I just need to BELIEVE it.

          And idk….

          Maybe I’m almost THERE.


          1. Having said that there is a real phenomena with what I refer to as The Fourth Wall with movies, books, TV shows, computer games etc and I would include the news as well where imagination, the observer and the observed and our physical reality join.

    1. This world, its time, is collapsing in utter chaos, depravity, and RUIN.

      Come, Lord Jesus!


      I’ve been persecuted by Satan, that if I AM the “Bride,” I am not “ready.”

      I have not purified my temple, and I am still an alcoholic.


      Ii just read tonight…. that a pearl dropped into the mud still remains a pearl.

      1. The pearl just needs to be washed clean.

        It was pure and remains pure, no matter WHAT MUD it’s dropped in.

        Washed clean again, in battle….vs?…. Satan

        Washed in the PRECIOUS BLOOD of Jesus Christ by our very battle against the Devil.

        By our very WILLINGNESS to STAND.

        And say NO!!!

  3. I’ve watched the Matrix 4 now and I KINDA like what they did with “Tiffany” is really Trinity…. a fake life that wasn’t “real.”


    A real woman might walk away from her husband….

    But she never walks away from her children.


    But what can you expect from the plagiarizing, NON-creators of the original “Matrix” which they STOLE from a goy woman: the Wachowski “brothers”

    MEN who now have TRANSFORMED THEMSELVES (i.e. REBELLED against the Creator) to become now so-called “women”.

    THEY have NO IDEA

    THEY can only PRETEND to be “women”…


    Trinity says at the end she WINS and it’s for the “children.”


    1. A mother who abandons her children.

      FU, Satan!

      Trinity is a MOCKED, because the “Trinity” I aspire to would never do so.

      No matter WHAT “reality” her children” are born into… no matter how bratty they seem to be…..

      She’s going to be there for them.


  4. I’ll also say… the movie went south big time with the “General”

    Ha ha ha ha ha!


    Jada Pinkett-Smith, I believe?


    What a JOKE

    First of all, JPS has been targeted on those TRANSINVESTIGATION vids as a he-she.

    The makeup, pathetic… but more, um YOU”D THINK if this was a man trans woman….

    “She’d be more formidable?”

    Seriously, CRINGEWORTHY performance no matter what.

    RUINED the movie, period

      1. And Keanu?

        You ROCK

        Always have….

        Always do….

        And always will.

        YOU are basically the only saving GRACE in this film.

        Kudos to you.


            1. And why would I condemn these openly transgendered women, like the Wachouskis?

              Because they have NO RIGHT to tell stories about women, or mothers, being MEN.

              As if they know?


              You are sell-outs.

              Tools of Satan.

              1. Owen: “Laugh or die”?

                Um, no…

                There’s nothing to laugh about here, I think you would agree.

                IDK, MAYBE MAYBE….

                You’re right, but YOU’RE the one with a happy family living the off-grid dream….

                And I’m NOT.

                JUST BEING HONEST

                1. The “Bride of Christ,” who is pictured in the Bank of America mural in Charlotte, South Carolina, being taken up PRISONER in a cube to the Black Sun, with the Golden Child Priest (Trump?)…. standing as the priest of ceremonies…..

                  Trump and his followers have mocked me (the hunted Mockingjay) with their “The Hunt Is On” meme…



                  The Hunt IS on…. believe me.

                  1. Did you know that Satan plays 3-D Chess against the Children of God?

                    I hate to sully my posts with this garbage from “Blue Water”:

                    THE MAN TRUMP
                    @15 seconds..sure looks like Trump
                    and to all you dummies beLIEving he is a jew, a freemason while having wet dreams in your diapers about your boy hitler who was nothing more than a PEDO like BYEDEN have no clue about anything and unless you grow up Spiritually real quick
                    you will be toast to your htilers that will destroy you…so get a life instead of posting your diarrhea all over the place .
                    you are nothing more than dumb broken records and get excited in your diapers by going around downvoting everyone
                    you are not any better than the trolls .clowns and bots…makes you less than human..Capiche

                    Um, yeah, “capiche.”


                    No defense against your MAN Trump…..

                    He admitted he is a snake, and it’s our “fault” for letting him in to….

                    KILL US.

                    (Blue Water is a FOUL-MOUTHED hater of women and of Our Father, the Creator. Period.)


    1. “Frank”

      I’m not “WAITING FOR YOUR TRAIN” anymore….

      And? Game is off.

      “Did she tell you?”

      “What, that you are trying to steal from me, or that we are actually asleep….

      “I want to know the name of your employer.”

      1. Meanwhile THIS MAN is of the final generation, the mothers and fathers who lose their children in one way or another….

        THIS is the generation that will RISE UP to take down the evil cabal…. Why?

        Because they will have nothing else to LOSE.

        MY generation, and proud of it.


  5. Hey, “Bluewater”

    Would you STOP with your misogynistic PORN images of your fellow women?

    WTF is WRONG with you.

    I’m a WOMAN

    I LIKE this vid, you are a flat earth TRUTHER.

    But you need COUNSELING my friend, because of your DISCONNECTION from…

    Yeah… WOMEN

    The HOLY MOTHER you were born from….

    And your “diarrhea” language…..



    1. Bluewater also posted a vid from 2019 of a very smart female citizen journalist reporting that it is possible to travel from the West Coast of the U.S. UNDER THE COUNTRY to the East (emerging in the Gulf) via, get this….


      So there’re are underground D.U.M.B. tunnels and “complexes” and now underground water channels um, that who? The “ELITE” travel by?

      Welp I know it’s true, because I copy edit young adult “novels,” and I read one that described this underground instant travel via tunnels much the same way.


      Here we are.

      And now, they just want to get rid of us lowly “cattle” who are starting to get in their way…..

      Before we disrupt their “FOOD SUPPLY LINES,” if you get my drift….


      This is BEYOND the beyond.

      I think we, the children of God, that is we who are NOT FREEMASONS (i.e. vampires, satanists, mobsters, or politicians (or uch “royalty”)…


      It really is US!

      David vs Goliath!!!

      Trust in the Father alone, and FIGHT the Enemy!



      It is truly “as in the Days of Noah.”

      And simply Prepare for the End.


      One or the other….

      Quite the TEST.

      1. Yeah, we lose our children, um….

        we’re coming after you….

        “BE AFRAID


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