The Family Tree



Happy Christmas.



When you have to let go of nearly all reality concepts. When you think you’ve seen it all. Even now spirit has surprises up her or his sleeve. My money is on Her to be honest in that respect. When all the theories about quantum realities and dimensions and souls and different levels of being and time spirals and time zones seem to be real. We seem to have been experiencing the Flippity Flop over the last couple of months. I have definitely. A lot of unanswered questions though.

Healing the Deepest Part. Deep in the ocean and surrounded by water.




It’s in the Notebook.



‘It’s About Time’ is in the Notebook. I keep repeating it I know but would seem to be the case. Decreasing or increasing circles or spirals of Time. It seems to be going backwards and if to reinforce this feeling, doing my Christmas shopping earlier in Red Pill this jumped out.

Yesterday. And who writes the songs that make the whole world sing ? Creativity seems to be a sought after talent.




And Time Shenanigans. Time reset and memory wipes. Again it’s in the Notebook. The Notebook was the record of all the ‘Saturday at the Movies’ Jenny and I watched.



Also the Adjustment Bureau is in there. When it gets personal. They’re all speaking now.



Death of the Architect and creator of the Dome.



Greenwich Prime Meridian on New Years Eve 1999/2000. I suspect it happens more often than we know.




And walking around the Mall, a young lady wearing a T Shirt which read ‘Next Step’ kept showing up. It will be interesting to see what Next Step is. Always seems to be a surprise.



It’s long and winding.


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  1. I put this in a reply to a comment from Ken on previous article. I think it is part of what’s going on under the surface.


    Who and what is the Christ though ? For me Jesus was and is a manifestation of the Christ. I see Christ as far bigger than one individual.

    And quantum Christs. According to the Copenhagen theory of quantum physics whenever the universe faces a choice, it chooses both choices which has played around my mind in relation to birth. If you follow this theory using me as an example, at my birth I was born as male. It would make sense to me there is a female version of me somewhere. And same for Jesus / Christ. Jessica Christ.’

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