Pearl’s A Singer


I understand people put their own interpretation on what I put out.I seem to be a conduit but at the same time I see my own personal journey as paramount and see the messages through the ether as directed at myself first which they seem to be. Why they speak to others as well is part of the mystery of the kaleidoscope and Lucy and her diamonds and how the One Mind manages it I don’t know. I can’t say how it all works and fits together. It’s probably beyond the capability of the human 3D mind to understand.

I seem to have been walking a path specifically designed for me to end at least my separation with God. Again I’m not sure how it all fits together with others and how I fit in with their journey. The Big Picture is not too difficult to understand. It’s how it manifests is where the state of confusion comes in. A problem I have found looking within rather than without is that you become totally separated in the mind from what’s going on out there and the illusory nature of our reality becomes clear. It all becomes nonsensical. Why are you talking bollocks and saying something is happening when it’s not ?



‘You were never supposed to know this.’ Well I do now. Maybe possibly. I get the gist. Damn all flippity flops. The Program seems to have come back into play. And the Underground. It wasn’t meant to have happened but it has. ‘They’ are seriously not happy. How all this will play out I don’t know.



Pearl’s a singer.





La Grande Illusion.

‘I am upset because I see something that is not there’.



“If we see the world as Maya or illusion at its surface, we can discover the depths of the cosmic reality wherever we look. We can find the whole in each part, the eternal in a moment, the infinite in a point, the entire universe in every object. All that we see is sacred and divine, a display of vibrations, in which creatures and objects arise like patterns in a kaleidoscope only to dissolve back again into the light. We are the light behind appearances that is also the light through which we see. That light alone remains and yet in it nothing is ever lost.

To see the world as Maya means to look through the illusion to the divine presence behind it, through which its wonder, delight and transformational power can unfold. The reality is known for those who do not think they know, and it is unknown to those who think that they know. True knowledge is not information about appearances; it is knowledge by identity, in which we become one with all that we see. It requires that we see with the light of the heart, not with the memories of the mind. We must learn to look beyond the illusion of multiplicity to oneness, the inner self that shines radiant through all…”


And the terrible pain of an illusory separation. Seems we have to go through it though.

Who’s that girl ?




Let’s change the world with music.



A total heart monster mash.


14 thoughts on “Pearl’s A Singer

  1. Hear you go. God knows why ! I Here You. Someone is going to have explain the flippity flop and a whole lot more. Being chewed up here. Saturdays aren’t good days. If you look at this with a jaundiced eye it may seem cold. It’s really not. Just when you thought life and reality couldn’t get any stranger. Circling back and pulling back the curtain.

    And in general we are far more connected than our normal senses allow.

    Etheric echoes in the mind as well. When you can hear what is happening somewhere a long long way away. Having said that there are some people experience has taught me by their actions over the years you really don’t want to let in. Not speaking about anyone I’m connected with at present.

    1. And the message is on a loop. Automatic pingbacks. ‘We’re The Band’ or something.

      And doppelgangers. ‘Shirley. You can’t be serious’. If my head explodes could someone wipe up the mess.

  2. Just a little bit of information from the Henry Makow website which explains what is really going on with the Covid-19 scamdemic.
    “Judeo Masonic Mafia” Behind Covid Depopulation Agenda from March 2020.
    Testimony of Russian ex-Military Intelligence Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov, March 25, 2020

    “So the aim of the behind-the-scenes Zionist and financial powers is reducing the world’s population. It’s their idée fixe.

    They think there’s too many of us ordinary people in the world. There should be around 100 million of their kind and a maximum of 1 billion people on Earth to serve them. Then they’ll be living in abundance here on Earth.”

  3. Reminder–Agenda 2030: No Property, Privacy, Cash, Freedom, Meat or Pets.
    We’re being frogmarched into an Orwellian future.

    The United Nation’s Agenda 21 intends to ban all “unsustainable” practices including irrigated crops, animal farming, having pets, freedom of movement, private cars, air travel and sea freight.

    They intend to outlaw the ownership of all private property, (yours not theirs) as this promotes inequality. What’s “unsustainable” is locking down the human race forever. What’s “unsustainable” is 10% of the people owning 55% of the wealth which they will address by getting rid of 80%, and keep 10% as servants.

    But I do not tell you all the negative stuff without giving you the ONLY answer and some of you already know what I am going to say. However, it must be starting to be blatantly obvious to even the most blindly retarded that they do not have an answer. The answer is Jesus Christ yet some of you still use his name in vain. How stupid those people are! You have been programmed to mock Him and refuse to accept Him as your Lord and Saviour! You have taken the bait and refuse to change. Sorry but time is running out.

    1. Ken

      Who and what is the Christ though ? For me Jesus was and is a manifestation of the Christ. I see Christ as far bigger than one individual.

      And quantum Christs. According to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics whenever the universe faces a choice, it chooses both choices which has played around my mind in relation to birth. If you follow this theory using me as an example, at my birth I was born as male. It would make sense to me there is a female version of me somewhere. And same for Jesus / Christ. Jessica Christ.

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