As Time Goes By



I have no idea what’s been going on and would dearly love to be able to understand and see the full picture and how it will play out but nothing ever seems to be as it looks. My mind is totally blown. And my heart is being mashed up in the alchemical crucible. Always expect the unexpected. Much of what I write about may seem self centred at the moment but this is truly the weirdest place. It really is a total state of confusion and in no sense. DNA and Time are in there somewhere down the line.






And thank you Texas and the greatest love of all.



‘Hearts are blessed here’.


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        1. Roob

          I thought about ‘Xi’ Jinping of China and the Story of ‘O’ mostly as a joke.

          It is about the DNA. The code, the code breaker, the messengerRNA, the language.
          And controlling the information.

          The part about Oncomirs and Oncogene ‘addiction’ is really interesting. Addiction is slavery in it’s most primitive form. Out of Africa?

          And just to be completely bonkers, (why not?). There is a hypothesis among ancient alien believers that the aliens that happened upon this planet eons ago, deliberately altered the genetics of the species they found here to create humans as a viable slave species for themselves. And also implanted a time stamp that when reached, the memory of the alteration would return. I think some of this dovetails with the Archon theory.

          It’s hardwired into the chip.

  1. A thing I’ve never quite understood is why others want to interfere in the paths or journeys of others. I get it when you are in a significant relationship and with family. I don’t get it with others who you have a loose relationship with though. And why you let what others do effect your own life so much and obsess over what they do and try to interfere in the relationships of others. I’m using ‘You’ in the general sense.

  2. COVID-19 For Kids on 8/11/2021 and DOW JONES Drop on 26/11/2021

    Series of emails to **** ***** on 27/11/2021-

    At 12:15pm on 26/11/2021 New York time the Stock Market had dropped over 1,000 points but back to about 900 points now.
    They are saying it is because of the new Covid variant! Ha ha ha!

    This is Day# 330 and on my birthday, 29/11 it will be day# 333 and the 33rd reverse day.
    29/11/2021 where 2+9+1+1+2+2+1 = 6+6+6.

    But now looking at the final closing (closed early at 1pm?) figures on what they call “Black Friday” we see –

    34,899.34-905.04 (-2.53%)
    The Satanists love using mirrored numbers –

    3+4+8+9+9+3+4 = 40 and 40 + mirror 4 = 44 or 11+11+11+11.

    9+5+4 = 18 = 6+6+6 and 18 + mirror 81 = 99 or 33+33+33 or 11×9.

    2+5+3 = 10 + mirror 1 = 11, antichrist number.

    Also 253+352 = 605 = 121+121+121+121+121 where 121 = 11×11.

    The 10 biggest Dow Jones one day losses are listed here –
    Monday is the 29th which is my 74th (37+37) birthday and exactly 92 years since the 1929 Stock Market Crash.
    The 29th is the 92 year anniversary. 29/92 mirrors.
    I had previously thought/speculated that it might go to 37,000 before they crashed it where 37 is the most sublime number in the Bible.

    It is also the 74th (7+4 = 11) anniversary of the UN voting (33 to 13) to partition Palestine leading to the establishment of Israel.

    92+29 = 121 = 11×11 again.

    And 9+2 = 11.

    Since the closing Highest High of 36,432.22 (adds to 22) on 8/11/2021 to yesterday’s close on 26/11/2021 of 34,899.34 the drop is 1,532.88.
    1+5+3+2+8+8 = 9+9+9 (Finality tripled)

    From 8/11 to 26/11 = 6+6+6 days.

    From 8/11 to 29/11 = 7+7+7 days.

    Also, from 11/9/2001 (911) to 29/11/2021 = 7384 days and 7384+4837 = 12221 = 11×1111 or 121×101 or 11x11x101.

    Also adding the digits of 29/11/2021 = 2+9+1+1+2+2+1 = 6+6+6 as mentioned in my earlier email.

    Monday could be big especially as it is the 333/33 day of the year!


    It was noted that the 8th Nov was the Highest High ever of the Dow Jones.

    *****The children’s Covid vaxes were supposed to start on Nov 8th *****
    Their ages are from 5 through 11 which all add to 56 or 7×8 and 5+6 = 11 again.
    The centre age is 8.
    5 6 7 8 9 10 11

    We were looking from the 8th Nov to the 26th Nov from the Highest High to the crash/drop.
    As we have seen the 8th was the centre of the 7 children’s ages being vaxxed starting on the 8th.
    The number 8 stands for their New Beginning and they stole it from the Bible.
    So now lets look at the 7 days around Nov 26th –
    23 24 25 26 27 28 29 which reduces to, guess what, 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. Mmmmm! Exactly the same as the ages!
    Looks like a Satanic ritual to me.
    And these two dates being 6+6+6 days apart too as previously mentioned.

    8 is the 4th number counting from the start and from the end counting backwards. So 4+4 = 8 again.

    And yet another strange coincidence with those two date sequences Nov 5 to 11 and 23 to 29.

    If you look at the day numbers for these two sequences and fully reduce them to 1 digit both sequences are identical.

    Nov 5 through 11 are day # 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 which fully reduce to 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

    Nov 23 through 29 are day # 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 which fully reduce to 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

    Each of these both add to 42 or 21+21 or (7+7+7).

    Even when you add both day number sequences and add them it is still divisible by 21 or (7+7+7)

    2310+2184 = 4494 = 107x(21+21)

    2+3+1 = 6.
    2+1+8+4 = 15 and 1+5 = 6.

    But let’s look at the centre day#’s for both date sequences and add them and then add the mirror number.

    312+330 = 642 and 642 + mirror 246 = 888!! Bingorama!!!
    Jesus in Greek gematria = 888, our New Beginning.

    This 888 coincides with Nov 8th and the 8 year old children’s age.
    It also coincides with the Nov 26th date which is the Dow Jones drop date and 2+6 = 8.

    But if you take the first day# of the first sequence (309) and add it to the last day# of the second sequence (333) and add them you still get 642 and then add the mirror 246 = 888!!!
    This is true for all day numbers in both sequences –
    309+333 = 642+246 = 888.
    310+332 = 642+246 = 888.
    311+331 = 642+246 = 888.
    312+330 = 642+246 = 888.
    313+329 = 642+246 = 888.
    314+328 = 642+246 = 888.
    315+327 = 642+246 = 888.

    How cool is that?

      1. DREAM,

        “Covid Concentration Camps” = 256 (English Ordinal) or 16×16 or (8+8)x(8+8).
        Yes, the Satanists who currently run the world love using the number 8 signifying THEIR New Beginning.
        They stole it from the Bible – 8 humans saved in the ark among many others.
        And also “CCC” = 333 and as I said before, Nov 29th (today) is day# 333 and reverse day# 33.

  3. And for ‘interested parties’. I have no idea what the fxxk has been going on or how it all works but just to confirm ‘Contact’ and the connection has been made. I could be going mad though but the most ridiculous wordplay joke in the history of ridiculous wordplay jokes says not !

  4. (VIDEO) 11 Australian Nurses Blow The Whistle On COVID Vaccine Side Effects: “We Were Told Not To Talk About What We Had Seen”

    Georgia Guidestones 2012
    First guideline? To reduce the population of the earth to 500 million to maintain perfect balance with nature.

    Best way to achieve this? By Vaccines? Covid-19 Vaccines? Well?

    Mandatory = 666
    Vaccination = 666

    Are you awake or asleep?

    Satan want your soul. No kidding!

  5. Welp, I’m outta here again, you are all so BORING.


    Your MK-Ultra OPERATION on me has FAILED miserably…..

    YOU SUCK as “Crisis Actors”



    Roob is the um, what is it, TFM on Bitchute probably….

    “Turd Flinging Monkey”

    who reviews vibrators and everything in hatred and insult to women.




    I’m trying to think of a goodbye video….. hmmm.

    Aap, nothing comes to mind.


  6. I don’t know, it bends my mind watching this…..

    I just don’t get it.

    And all I can think of, is that… Kneel DIAMOND is a Ja-eww.


    Um…. you are witnessing the ENEMY of Jesus Christ, and of me…. um, “at work.”

    I mean, there is no other explanation.

    I don’t take it personally, hahaha…..


    Who am I

    “Sweet Caroline”

    hmm, welp…..

    All I can say is “Adios”?

    Go with God…..

    And good riddance…

      1. I unknowingly posted the above at 3:22…..

        Pay attention people.

        This is the best vid and most “female” investigation into the topic of Elite “transgender” T(Y)RANNY I have ever watched.

        The “author” is a woman.

        A beautiful woman, that is for sure.

        Get ready to be red-pilled…. and feel ill.


        1. And the shot of Katy Perry jogging with her “moon bump”??


          I lLOVE you.

          I LOVE YOU.



          1. You’re all like, Whaat?

            She’s one of THEM!!! She’s an Illuminati cannibal MK-Ultra robot!!!

            Hmm, yeah?


            I don’t think so, and like I’ve said before?

            I think she is a SECRET double agent….

            WHO IS she working for?

            Um, she tattooed it to her WRIST.


              1. However…. the deception runs DEEP.


                We see this EVERYWHERE now……


                I’ve finally seen through this particular deception of Satan.

                It’s from the Greek mythology of Icarus.

                He and his father were desperate to escape the prison in which they were in. So they fashioned bird wings out of feathers and wax and they ROSE and flew out of it and ESCAPED.

                But the father had warned his son, Icarus: “Do not fly too close to the sun.”

                Icarus did, the wax of his wings melted, and he fell to his death.

                Sometimes like Katy Perry in “Rise” I think I can fly!

                But at the end of her vid: Did she fly free…. or fall to her death?


                So I don’t know, Katy Perry could be a double double agent.

                I’ll give her that.

                But she get’s extra credit from me for having “JESUS” tattooed to her wrist.

                1. And this, finally but it’s kinda crucial.

                  I got seduced TOO, into this idea that we are all EQUAL and that to be “good” we need to RESPECT everyone’s “chosen” gender: LGTBQ… animals….whatever1

                  Godalmighty! What the F—? WHAT HAVE WE ALL COME TO, ALL TO BE PC?

                  WE all KNOW, being the Most High’s children: There are ONLY two genders.

                  BUT being Christian, we’ll TOLERATE our fucked up brothers and sisters who want to be otherwise…


                  We made a BIG mistake.

                  As followers of the true Christ, we should have CONVICTED them of the TRUTH: that they are LIARS, and thrive on the drug of “duper’s delight” and deception, and have been seduced by the Serpent!

                  I got seduced too.

                  I condoned this idea to tolerate “them.”

                  And just LOOK at what has resulted:


                  I ADMIT!

                  I being a REJECT from my own community, identified with these….abominations.


                  But the POINT IS???

                  The FEUD I guess IDK between Katy and Taylor?

                  Haha, um….

                  “Taylor Swift” is clearly a transgender.

                  And I won’t call HER an abomination before God, but if she IS a transgender….

                  “She” is an abomination before God, and she will be thrown along with Lucifer into the Lake of Fire reserved for the fallen angel and ALL THOSE WHO WORSHIP HIM.


                  She tells those of us perturbed by our suspicions of her DECEPTION upon us….


                  JUST CALM DOWN?

                  Um, I think at this point we all see that you have lived your fake life span and welp…

                  gp for it.

                  1. aha haha, yeah, that how Satan works…

                    The typo…kinda blows the whole message out of the water.

                    Win: Satan
                    Loss: um, me

                    1. So does everybody think I should I avoid Route 66 on my journey out to Arizona, given that’s the road Isaac Kappy was suicided on??? By “HANX”?

                      Ya know, I’m going to avoid it not for that, but for Christian Bale in the movie “The Machinist.”

                      Yikers…. so so so evil-inspired that film….

                      The Road to HELL

  7. Shout out:

    I smell cigarette smoke sometimes when I’m sleeping in the middle of the night.

    I’ve found a Parliament butt or two in my backyard….

    I see a young blonde girl with glasses driving by me a lot with one headlight… is that Jake’s girl?


    Stop stalking me or when push comes to shove….

    I’m going to REPORT you.

    I’m going to report you for stalking.


    1. And don’t even think about having your family sneak around my car at night in my driveway tonight or even after I’m GONE, “on the road,” on my “big adventure” out West, and it’s parked somewhere out of my purview, and your have your brotherhood scumbags, your network is nationwide, I KNOW… put a nail in the sidewall of my tire (thereby ruining it): Happened to me with each of the last four vehicles I have owned) or putting gravel into the wheel well again resulting is a GOD_AWFUL screeching noise that you have to go to your trusted local mechanic, like John Jr., who bent my front tire rotor while I waited unable to see what that BANGING was all about, when I just needed a STATE INSPECTION!!!….. etc etc etc.

      Because I will come after you ALL, and you, you ARE an adult now, as the prime culprit, goaded on by your “Grandpa,” the JUDGE, and former state trooper who ENTRAPPED me in a Drunk While Intoxicated conviction, giving me a Criminal Record, and WHO has had his state police cronies STALKING me ever since. Sheriff’s dept too…..

      THEY”RE ALL RELATED, just as my neighbor who welcomed me the day I moved in, told me: “Don’t say anything about any of them, because they’re all related.”

      I really really wish he had added, and “they’re all related to the MOB.”

      “Grandpa’s” first name? “TAREN”

      It’s on the license plate of his pickup truck he had his wife stalk me with when I went to the local mob-controlled dump today.


      Um, I won’t post his last name, tho….but um, it’s downright pornographic.

      Get it? It’s always in the NAME.

      He’s a “Tare,” as described in the Bible.


      1. And if no one stops in at my yard sale tomorrow?

        It will be just one more nail in YOUR coffin. . . . “Paw-ling.”

          1. See you in the morning, townies.

            Or not, I don’t really CARE…. just doing my “job.”

            OBSERVING…. and “taking pictures” of everything…..

            And REPORTING.


                1. Ha, Frank….

                  I’m thankful you have allowed all my posts….

                  You REPLACE Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount with your “Waiting for a Train” vid???

                  Only for me to see, and you and the Ja -eww elite have been GASLIGHTING me from the very beginning.

                  Jeff Berwick, whom I just can’t seem to not love, said it best:

                  I happen to be the target of the BIGGEST PSYOP OPERATION ever known to mankind.

                  Our HISTORY.

                  It’s HIDDEN FROM US.

                  But not from the “elite.”

                  THEY KNOW IT ALL and perhaps your innocent neighbor next door knows MORE THAN YOU DO because?

                  He/she is a freemason (i.e. warlock/ witch).

                  Believe me, they all KNOW the earth is flat and that Satan has imprisoned us within it.

                  Anyway, thanks again for letting me post the Truth as I see it, in a wonderful format, and with freedom……


                  1. Trinity

                    It does this from time to time. It did something similar on my most recent article. Luckily I checked the article before I published it. Cade looked into it as to why about a year ago and it’s something to do with algorithms. Maybe possibly. Beyond my understanding how this computer stuff works.

                    1. Oh, well that explains it. I’ve been blaming you when it’s the Joker! I should know that by now…..

                      Thanks for that.

                      Also just wanted to say about this depiction of Jesus’ scourging and crucifixion, and why I think it is the one closest to the truth of the event: There was no “drama.”

                      Which makes it kinda boring, no?

                      No drama.

                      True believers of Jesus would have remained as depicted here, no wailing, no disbelief in what was happening to Him, but understanding and witnessing to what He was called on by the Father to do.


                      They BELIEVED in Him in His final hour and witnessed to His obedience.

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