The Chain



Firstly, the personal stuff. ‘I am your Mother, your Daughter, your Sister’, Vesica Piscis and the Lucid Dream in the Sky with Diamonds truly is the most peculiar place. It makes the Mad Hatters Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland look like a Beginner’s Manual. And the feeling that you are the punchline and ‘Always the last to know’ is prevalent for everyone at present. I’ve no idea what is happening from the perspective of reality or even what’s happening in the physical reality we experience and having to rely and trust in spirit and the universe. Even in bewilderment and confusion though, I think the right course is to say ‘Yes’ to a bolt from the blue. The Underground is something else. Some things you just don’t see coming.



On my doorstep this morning. It’s not painted but a reflection from the sun against a white wall which then showed up on the tarmac. Read into it what you want if anything.



There’s also a strong ‘Cue Sun’ feeling to life at the moment though.



And General Lee. I do find it difficult to relate to what’s going on ‘out there’ at the present as it bears only the slightest little relation to my life and much of the NEWS is total garbage and makes no sense. And when my brother recently told me something happened that never happened even in the most surreal Universe, the sense of unreality reached a new level.

In ‘A Course In Miracles’, there is a lesson titled ‘I am upset because I see something that is not there’. This works at two levels. Firstly, when you are upset at something you experience it is saying it is an illusion. There is a second level to this though. You are upset because at a deep level you know it’s not happening and the ego mind, for want of a better description, wants the world of death and guilt and fear to be real so the ego mind is upset because it is not real.

Back in the day, when I started on the path it seemed relatively simple. All you have to do is go into your belief system and emotional coding and release or integrate the Shadow or whatever you do but WTF to the roller coaster and shit storm of Life which then manifests. Again I refer to ‘A Course In Miracles’. It says at a certain point on the journey, teaching is not possible and you will only understand through experience and as I’ve discovered a lot of this comes with hindsight and I think we are definitely in that place.

Also at certain points I’ve very seriously wondered if I’m having a psychotic breakdown and the sense you are going mad and it would appear not. It is seriously a mind fuck within a mind fuck within yet another mind fuck and then another one . Maybe in the quantum world there are an infinite number of mind fucks !



It’s fucking intense.


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  1. Frank

    What’s good is that you keep talking, irregardless of what you hear yourself or others say.
    Personally I love rainy days.
    Every voice in the choir.

  2. Frank,

    I hear you!

    Hahaha, aaahhh!

    I’m may be a step ahead of you, in that I’m not going to give in to a breakdown, nor kill myself….

    I’m just gonna go…..



    Love it.

    And know…..


    1. In other words, I’m SICK of trying to “be good.”


      F– it.

      Just BE HAPPY.

      damn right!

      That’s our natural state, after all.

        1. And I firmly believe all mayhem is breaking loose, due to the TRUTH that no one here or anywhere wants to HEAR:

          “Earth” is not a “planet”

          It is a PLANE, created by Our Father, and just as described in Genesis.

          WHY don’t the prisoners want to see/hear the TRUTH?

          because you’ll fully see and realize your entire life is a lie, and that you are prisoners.

          That you’re in hell.

          And NO ONE wants to see or hear that ESPECIALLY if you’ve got a “good thing” goin on…. You’ve got money, family, yeah whatever.

          Who would want to listen to a lunatic telling you that the WORLD IS ENDING…..

          You love the world.

          And yeah, one will be hated for telling you the truth:

          There is no “world” and you are living in a meaningless matrix.

  3. Just putting this here for interested people to read. I was told recently ‘Expect the biggest surprise of your life’ and this could well be it. And that’s saying something about my life. The world gets rocked again. Didn’t see this one coming. God knows where this is going.

    ‘Someone’ would appear to have serious serious esoteric knowledge. Next time we meet up I will be fascinated to to learn how it works and what exactly has gone on. Very clever girl it would seem. Knowledge beyond my ken.

    Or I’m going totally mad. Yet again.

        1. It”s 11:01 pm….

          Weird, because I just had the thought….

          Would you ever want to join up somehow on my big “journey” west to Imperial Dam in Arizona?

          I’m thinking, that somehow…. this will not be “romantic”

          But…. something better?

          I have NO IDEA….. just putting it out there.

          I’m heading out in my camper van in the next few weeks…..

          Let’s see how far I get.


          1. The thing is, I’m going into the desert to seek the “One.” To seek Jesus…..

            I can only be with someone who is also seeking the TRUTH: who also wants to know…. Who is “Jesus Christ”?

            The greatest teacher and the figure whose appearance in our WORLD has numbered our YEARS.

            I want to seek the TRUTH.

            WHO WAS HE?

            WHO was Mary Magdalene?

            Just saying, Frank….. hahaha.


            If you want to seek KNOWLEDGE (whatever name you want to call it?)….

            then we’ll get along….

            As honest seekers.


  4. Frank, I’m not saying “I’m the ONE.”

    Maybe it’s “Someone” else.

    The only “esoteric” knowledge I would have to give is the TRUTH, given to me is:


    It’s HAPPY.

    It’s the “Good News”!

    It’s a cause for CELEBRATION.



    1. Trinity

      I’ve never been into ‘The One’ as seen in The Matrix. I follow ACIM with this and view it as my personal responsibility to end the imagined separation with God though. Accepting the atonement for yourself. You have to totally let go and rely on spirit ! Its bonkers.

      From a male POV, and how it has played out for me is to join ‘God’ – who and what exactly is God ? – through and with the feminine rather than a male figure. OMG though. I’ve been pulverised in the alchemical crucible. When the magnet goes clunk out of now here. God knows whats really going on. Talk about the land of confusion. Who the fxxk is everyone ? Who is the Mystery Lady ? A crazy kaleidoscope of Love.

      1. Yeah, the Course does still speak to me but I’m in the same exact boat:
        Where is God? Who is God?

        I think like I’ve said in the past, it’s the story of Job.

        You might want to read that Book. I read it a long time ago and it has stuck with me.

        Thanks for your reply!

        1. I just saw the latest James Bond movie “No Time to Die”…. and have to say I’m over shouting out all the predictive programming of Hollywood (see the BIG Tom Hanks movie coming up, all about being GOOD and LIVING your life now, and I’m just over it. Because it’s SO in you face…. A virus you can spray on people so they get these nanobots in their system, but it doesn’t take EVERYBODY out…. just the targeted.

          Oh and once you’ve been “contaminated”? It’s ALL OVER:

          For Eternity.

          You’re dead.


          Welp, I believe in the miracles of Jesus Christ, WHo taught us that the Father can accomplish ANYTHING for those WHo Believe in Him!

          Including HEALING from evil NANOBOTS flooding your immune system and so-called KILLING it. And…. YOU.

          Yeah, so….I’m just over it.

          Time to turn the TV and now the InterNet….. the WorldWide WEB….


          Face the life you are living that’s right in front of you.

          And walk with Jesus.

          That’s my new mantra.


    1. Now I hope this goes after the “The Chosen” clip I posted of the wedding, because this is so crucial to understanding how Satan DECEIVES us all, on a DAILY BASIS and in a DEEP BASIS: in your thoughts and fears, which he reads all of and….can mess with you.

      Point is, if you’ve been reading all of my posts, you will understand how INCREDIBLE it has been that I posted a depiction of Jesus’ Scourging and Crucifixion, which is the CLOSEST to what I saw as I READ the Gospel accounts. From the CUrch of Latter-Day Saints–the Mormons.

      A truly um, “inspired” depiction of Jesus. He was not a wuss. Period.

      I know, I was “in love” with “Jesus of Nazareth” but the point is, JESUS is SO big, that of course there were truths in the “Jesus of Nazareth” depiction of the Passion.

      I realized this when I awoke to Jesus: HE ENCOMPASSES ALL.

      He is a PRISM, if you will: If it helps you to see his crucifixion and Mary Magdalen as it was depicted in the miniseries “Jesus of Nazareth” then it was meant for you!

      If it helps you to follow “The Chosen” and my beloved brother’s (hey buddy, I need a job. I’m coming out to your territory. You might see me soon… looking for WORK.) lovely and inspiring series, then great!

      But you must watch out for Satan’s deception, which is in ALL of them. And is even in our Bibles.

        1. And Bill?

          If you can’t figure it out, and forgive? Let it go and move on…..

          I’ll kill you.


              1. Whatever it is you think you are getting away with… (and you very well may be…. will my van make to my destination?)

                But …. we’re FAMILY now.

                You’ve set me up for a breakdown?

                Your “own”?

                How could anyone respect you all after this.

                I don’t care…..

                BRING IT ON

    1. Mankind made perfect without woman.

      It’s a man BEHIND a man.

      Satan “creates” a new race … of sodomites (minus the defective and imperfect fe-male).


      It won’t work.

    1. And finally to my brother, whom I love dearly:

      I understand, and I think the amount of LOVE we feel for each other and goes unexpressed in this world, causes us to live multiple lives, until we can get it right.

      I love you the whole world, you know that.

      And I accept now that you simply cannot SAVE me.

      I KNOW you WANT to.

      And it’s OK that you can’t.

      I can handle this.

          1. And you know what?

            It might be time for me to “accept” that my brother is a jerk.

            And that?

            My son seems to be following in his footsteps.

            Um, yeah.

            JUST SAYIN…..

  5. Their “lostness” is not my responsibility.


    Do I post the Jungle Boy trying to survive with Bagurah watching out for him?

    Or do I just fight “It” myself?


  6. Nope, wrong….

    I’m “wrong”

    Wrong wrong wrong, fighting an endless battle…. no LOVE for anyone but ME ME ME….

    I found this, and am listening…..

  7. Who are these “elites”?

    Where are they?

    Tom Hanks was “executed” but now he’s set to star in another major movie?

    What the F-?

    This world is devolving, clearly….



    Or is it just one big spiral DOWN DOWN DOWN into the abyss.

    It’s ALL a LIE.

    Yup it’s all a lie…..

    Time to either crawl into your little cell or….. idk…..

    Take off.

  8. My son said he liked “Anna” in the final Bond movie and wanted to see more of her.


    Here you go.

          1. I gave you a break, hoping you would come back to me.

            But I fucked up and spoiled you.

            I spoiled you.

            I thought you would rise above this shit I have had to deal with….

            But you didn’t.

            You’re a ….. idk….

            a “lackey.”

            I thought you were gonna be bigger than that…..

            But you’re not.

            Grow up or not, I don’t really care anymore.


            YOU”RE A LOSER

            Just like ALL the MEN in my life……

            And now, you too.

            Fuckin LOSERS.

            I HATE YOU ALL

  9. And now you can all comfortably say whatever…..

    I hate you all so much, but I never thought I would lose my son.



    go to hell, you little BOY

    1. Or???

      Just let me GO.

      I’m not listening to you anymore, and your guilt trips on me.

      I basically killed myself to get you to where you are.

      Now, I’ve gone CRAZY…..

      Yah, I’ve LOST IT.

      Just get away from me, because you clearly do not care for me, and we are toxic to each other.


      I’ll make it, one way or the other.

      1. And if I go homeless, and you despise me because I am a “loser” and don’t care about my clothes or how my hair looks….

        So be it.

        God, what happened to you? When or where did the Devil step in and take you over?

        You’re like Kanye: sold his own mother out for fame and fortune.

        I HATE YOU and I just want to die

        1. I don’t care anymore if you fail or fall…

          You don’t love me, or care for me, or if I fall.


          Back at ya.

          Adios, I’m heading out west, and?

          If I NEED financial help to get there, YOU”RE GOING TO HELP ME.

          Because YOU OWE ME.

          1. Yes, you do.

            Become a MAN.

            Your father was a loser, so I’m asking alot of you, to step up.

            But you must.

            You are bigger and better than he ever was, bigger and better than my own dad.

            I’m so proud of you.


              1. What is the lesson you need to learn?

                The Creator made men, and he made their “comforters,” women.

                And thus MEN need to “TAKE CARE” of their women, from birth to death.

                “Women” are the property of men, and when men don’t take care of them, or of the innocent animals they may “own,” which also in their charge from the Creator…..

                THEY ARE LOST….

                EVIL MEN

                And they will pay the price of their EVILNESS.

                By being OBLITERATED.

                From existence.

                  1. Essential Meaning of “repent”

                    to feel or show that you are sorry for something bad or wrong that you did and that you want to do what is right

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