You Found Me


This is a personal article addressed to spirit or my missing sister it would seem. Probably goobledygook to others. That was a surprise ! I didn’t see that coming. And I didn’t know that about you or about myself for that matter. I’m not sure why I’m writing this in public when you know already but writing has become the only way to release the jumble in the mind and heart. I get it and I kind of understand it but it is the toughest of tough medicines and the most incredibly bewildering experience. And I see you and hear you and most certainly feel you.



Plant Lady and Rose.



The Windmill of the Mind.



At least the real identity of the sexiest nurse ever in the history of sexy nurses has been revealed who if my memory is correct worked on a cardiac ward for men. Maybe not the best idea. ‘And then I saw her face’.

And the most bizarre sex joke in the history of bizarre sex jokes. And my first Goddess. When ‘someone’ knows your history and heart better than you do. It’s good old multiverse stuff and at the same time it’s not. It’s incredibly personal.



Which leads into another bizarre experience. I tend to keep clear of the media as best I can but it has become obvious when I am looking down the peephole of my PC or watching the television news that the people on the screen can see and hear me. And even more bizarrely they talk absolute crap about a virus that doesn’t exist and news that it is not happening and occasionally I find myself saying to them ‘Why are you talking such bollocks’.

They would appear to be ‘actors’ or data AI or maybe just figures in the dream. Even the President of the USA and the Pope is an ‘actor’. When you gain an insight, another questions soon follows though. Why are they are pretending and who really is the piper who calls the tune and pays the Bit Coin ?

When I went to do my grocery shopping this morning in Sainsbury’s, I was confronted by a lady who suddenly stood in my path and thrust a bag of masks under my nose and told me it was again compulsory to wear masks. I explained I don’t keep up with the news and she replied ‘It’s disappointing’ and again I wanted to shout at her ‘Why do you want me to wear a mask to protect myself and others against something that it is just not there’. It’s really not computing.



If we’ve got this far though, we must be close a point where we actually leave this reality and the ‘Dream’ totally collapses. I can’t imagine how that will be experienced.

And the songs of David. This is a total heart monster mash.



Be Prepared !


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