Max Headroom


In space. Or somewhere.



The message is on repeat. I’ve suspended belief or disbelief in anything and everything just about. When you live in the White House and you watch Max Headroom on the White House website babbling on about something that isn’t happening, it doesn’t get much weirder. The universe keeps ramping up Stranger Things though. And Max Headroom saying you need two jabs in the arm and and a booster shot or become a leper and persona non grata against this non existent illusion. Thanks but no thanks. I suppose becoming a leper will be a new experience. Ooops. There goes the other leg. ‘We accept the reality with which we are presented’. Until you don’t.

Max Headroom.



And the Maya of London.



Meet another Talking Head – Marianna Spring. Marianna Spring is the BBC’s ‘Specialist Disinformation Reporter’. She’s fighting online vaccine disinformation in the Ministry Of Truth.




And ‘Through the peephole’. When you thought it couldn’t get stranger, it has. When you ramp up the volume on Je T’Aime by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin you get an interesting reaction !




And false memory syndrome or two memory syndrome. It gets perplexing when you had one timeline memory and then another pops up and it’s saying you were in two different places at the same time. Which memory is real ? Maybe both or maybe none. And it seems one of the memory timelines has been deliberately wiped. A Marble Falls or the penny drops. Or something. Weirder than weird.



And the mural of the story. Love is ‘All There Is’ but Love also means you don’t have to take shit from anyone.





That’s all I know.


18 thoughts on “Max Headroom

  1. I do miss Anon showing up to shout ‘CGI’ ! πŸ₯°

    About a month ago I had a dream in which a crowd of people were ‘trying to remove the plug’.
    Which led to a conversation with someone who had been raised in the southern US and told me in the south a ‘plug’ was a drug dealer. A supplier.
    Last weekend we celebrated my cousin’s 80th with a bottle of sparkling wine.

    All of which led me to think about the plug…to block or fill in.
    And the process of unplugging.
    To put it more bluntly, how and when to stop sucking on the tit!
    In the video RB talks about losing personal freedoms. How do we lose something we never had? How would we recognize it? What does personal freedom mean? Do we even truly want it? Relevant questions, because if the external authority structure, which is under great pressure right now just like sparkling wine, finally does collapse. What then?

    Struggling with the choice and allowing the other person to struggle with the choice.

    1. Orlena

      About Max Headroom, CGI and doppelgangers. AI or actors or purely in the mind god knows. In recent months I’ve had BBC animal lover Michaela Strachan show up along with the world’s most famous soccer player Christiano Ronaldo. Leo Messi may disagree with that statement. Totally bizarre seeing Christiano Ronaldo behind the counter in the village shop. And a week or so ago James Corden as a builder. Overheard him talking. Sounded just like him as well. And others.

      Also my brother told me something the day when we were chatting which would never happen even in the most surreal Universe and wanted to shout at him ‘What are you talking about ?’ but left it.

      And energy. I had a gas safety check yesterday. The gas safety check man said he had turned up the gas pressure in the White House.

      And plugs and sink holes. And safety. They say British wall plugs are things of beauty.

      And freedom. How will reality show when it does collapse ? This is how I view it but the physical and spiritual are connected. What is the real physical world ? Is there a real physical world ? Only one way of finding out I suppose.

      β€œIt is freedom from the world that the deepest part of you seeks knowing that in overcoming the world, all that is left is God which is all there ever has been and all there ever will be.” – The Journey That Never Was.

      1. Frank

        Something about ‘dark matter’ and a ‘transfer of power’ during a routine ‘health check’.

        Forget Joe. This is about Kamala. Nothing political.
        What is dark matter? What is it made of? How is it made? Does it have a function? What is that function? Can we understand that function? Etc.

        And just what is going with Kamala Harris? Where is she? What is she doing? What is her function? Does she even have a function? Why isn’t she making any sense? Why did she all of a sudden start speaking with a French accent when she was in France? 🀨 πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

        Reducing the size, so we can understand. Why dark matter?

        1. Orlena

          Something has flipped for me. The NEWS all seems to be absolute nonsense and it seems to be speaking of something else than what appears on the surface. At least that’s how I read it.

          I’ve been keeping eye on the Kyle Rittenhouse story. The name speaks to me of something totally different to race and self defence and the trial. See also Insulate Britain and the Qanon protests in Dallas .

          And the sob story.

          And Russell Brand is terrified as well as Tucker Carlson.

  2. Rittenhouse is a pathetic one of “YOURS.”

    YOU LIARS, yup


    Welp, like you did at Sandy Hook……

    You must be Satanic.




    1. Listen, I’m only now realizing at 59 years of age that while my childhood “all
      looked” above all I was born an orphan…. in an orphanage.

      Worse, that I was ABUSED.

      I was neglected. But worse than that, my mother exposed me, as if, I was just a child so it’s OK? You as a mother strip your child of a bathing suit in full view of her 10 year old brother?

      You DENIGRATE your daughter’s natural love for her brother as if it is somehow “unseemly”?

      You wash your baby daughter in the kitchen sink, in full view?

      You call her out, at puberty…. you make her bend over so she can inspect your ass, with your dad right there, looking on…..

      You require her, not yet a teen, to have her baths with YOU. You’ve got breasts with nobby nipples… and I don’t like looking at them.

      1. I understand that I must move on from this MEMORY of being abused and neglected, but it’s hard if no one acknowledges your suffering IN THE FIRST PLACE.

        Yes, child “abuse” is like, part of our DNA.

        It’s so SICK.

        I’m moving on, and I don’t blame ANYONE.

  3. Oy oy oy oy oy.

    Did you see the DEMON in PLAIN SIGHT?

    Ugh uch ich ich auch….

    Yah, well it’s my LIFE.

    And no amount of “resistance” can get it off me…….



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