Once Upon A Dime In Hollywood



Recently a few events in my past have been pointed out and don’t make a lot of sense apart from one reading of them. Or I’m mad which is entirely possible. A good description is the scene in Shutter Island when the characters are looking for the body of Rachel Solando but the guards are filmed looking very bored because they know there is no body. The dog that didn’t bark when it should have done. Maybe it’s a case of which story do you prefer.




It’s In No Cents.Time is currency.

Once Upon A Dime.




The return to Innocence.



The currency and Gilt.



The Chain Gang.

‘Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.’



But Sinlessness is guaranteed.



The Cent of money.



And the Cent of a woman.



Rhinoplasty and Noses. And Gnosis and face value.



It’s surreal.




We Have All The Time In The World.



Maybe Dreamlines are a more accurate description than Timelines.

‘When waking from your dream means living your nightmare.’





It is forever.


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