Through The Looking Glass



The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

‘Implanted memories can over time feel as real as something that actually happened.’




Following Bar Dotty and the Bardo Bridge It or Bardo Bridge ET.



“In the space between past and future, having and losing, knowing and not knowing lies an opportunity for awakening.”



Through The Looking Glass.

In this video a ‘military insider’ a decade or so ago claimed that super weirdo hi technology known as the Looking Glass which allows Deep State to view different timelines showed there will be only one outcome and that the timelines are converging and this convergence can’t be stopped and only delayed. In effect the end of 3D linear time and the emergence of a new physical reality which didn’t go down well with those who like things as they are. As I understand it the timelines have already converged but for for some reason we still experience whatever the fuck it is we are experiencing. Time seems to be a very strange creature indeed.





And the Ma Tricks. It seems to be funny to someone. I fail to see the joke though.

I’m not sure if either I’m the sanest or maddest man alive sometimes. I think the evidence shows to me that I’m verging on the saner side. When my mother died I was taken to see her body. At the time I thought the body looked remarkably like a mannikin. I’ve now come to believe it probably was a mannikin. If it looks like a mannikin.



No kidding.


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        1. ‘early 15c., “meat or fish market,” from schamil “table, stall for vending” (c. 1300), from Old English scamol, scomul “stool, footstool” (also figurative); “bench, table for vending,” an early Proto-Germanic borrowing (Old Saxon skamel “stool,” Middle Dutch schamel, Old High German scamel, German schemel, Danish skammel “footstool”) from Latin scamillus “low stool, a little bench,” ultimately a diminutive of scamnum “stool, bench,” from PIE root *skabh- “to prop up, support.” In English, sense evolved from “place where meat is sold” to “slaughterhouse” (1540s), then figuratively “place of butchery” (1590s), and generally “confusion, mess” (1901, usually in plural).’

          He was a backbencher…

            1. Roob

              Sorry, the first video is blocked but, ‘the cake is a lie’ may be the punchline of the age old joke ‘let them eat cake’. Which it turns out, is still a thing.

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