The Law Of Innocence



Sinlessness is guaranteed by God.



Reflections on the wall. I’m not sure exactly what it’s saying.




Look me in the eye.



Two of Everything and Don’t Look Now.





The Observer and the Observed. If it looks like a duck.



“The final receptor completing an observation must be something real, existing beyond physical quanta and capable of receiving and properly organizing the distinct impressions of form and structure relayed by the effects of the quanta of matter and energy that we perceive as existing in an objective physical world. Since the interpretation of form and structure as information with meaning is a function of the conscious observer, this something must be closely related to if not the very substance of consciousness itself.

Every observation is an instance of reality, primary consciousness, observing itself. It is the completion of a self-referential loop. Structure and form, originating in primary consciousness, is projected as a spectrum of potentialities. The process is completed when one specific structure or form is selected by observation and confirmed again in the nonlocal space of consciousness.

Without matter, consciousness has no reflection. All consciousness exists from one source…”



From a distance. Or something.


9 thoughts on “The Law Of Innocence

  1. How are you doing, Frank?

    I hope you are finding ways to acknowledge your loss and share it with others. 🌷

  2. “Strange game professor. The only winning move is not to play.”
    Easier said than done. Because part of any game is in how well it holds your interest. 🤨

    This is the article referenced in the video.
    ‘Today’s social engineers may talk endlessly about raising awareness. But, they seem painfully unaware of their own failings. In thrall to the ideology without a name, they are not solving cultural conflicts – they are driving them.’

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