Running Up That Bill


Running up that bill. It’s in the spelling.

Someone to watch over you.



First in the Windows of the Mind.



Spirit is saying to me that Time is the real currency. What underlies it all I think is the belief in Death and within this a convoluted system has been set up to keep the Self within linear time. Under the surface there are deeply unpleasant methods to keep the game going and also practices which totally beggar belief and there is no getting away from it are sick to the core.

‘Frozen In Time’ is in the loop. And numerology. For the purposes of demonstration.



And Dr Who and the crack in the wall of time.



The Joker and funny Ha Ha.



And the unpleasant practices I believe include something along these lines. For the few.



At the moment ‘The Joker’ is putting a brave face on things and trying to keep up appearances. It is deeply worried though and should be. One of the running jokes involves the military and for some reason it thinks it’s funny. Again pointing out that I see the ‘joke’ if that is the right word. I work along the lines that attack is a call for healing and believe it knows it’s sick and needs help. At the same time it can be a vicious animal.

And above all this is reality. And the paradox. Who wants to live forever ? Whatever is real does live forever. It’s in the contract. And the fight for survival. You do survive whatever.

And the irony. It’s trying to stop something that has already happened which is a bit of a mind fuck.

Who wants to be a God ? And who has been playing who all along ?



‘Gather every man. Gather every woman. Gather everyone.’


10 thoughts on “Running Up That Bill

    1. Kenneth

      Time seems to be at the core of how the world is set up. No surprise there – gone over that here to the nth degree – but recently I’ve been pointed towards some gross things which make me want to vomit and I won’t describe or demonstrate here. Physical pain itself is part of the feeding process as well and extreme physical pain at that. And I’m told there is worse to come which I find difficult to believe.

      1. Under the National Health Surface and who wants to live forever ?

        Transfusion vamp. Wouldn’t surprise me.

        ‘Blood transfusion is the process of transferring blood products into one’s circulation intravenously. Transfusions are used for various medical conditions to replace lost components of the blood. Early transfusions used whole blood, but modern medical practice commonly uses only components of the blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, clotting factors, and platelets.’

      1. Frank

        No surprises, but interesting.

        This all began end of last week with the ‘infrastructure’ bill in Congress, tied to default and the debt. The vote was called off because they couldn’t or wouldn’t figure out the ‘reconciliation’ part.
        Then three things happened this weekend. First, where I live, Saturday afternoon the sewer pipe in the floor between the first floor and the cellar, ‘cracked’ and sewage poured out every time someone flushed.
        Saturday evening I started hearing about the ‘offshore’ oil leak near California. Caused by a ‘crack’ in an underwater pipeline managed by, wait for it, Amplify Energy. Disclosure energy. Show me your ID.
        Sunday, Pandora’s box ‘cracked’ open and spilled out what is being called the ‘offshore data leak’. Just getting started.
        Yesterday, Facebook had a spasm shortly after a whistleblower a former employee, Frances Haugen disclosed her ID on air on 60 Minutes. Tick tock!
        And don’t miss the Booooooster shot. Just in time for Halloween. 👻

        Call me mad, but this is ‘cracking the code’, the language. No more secrets!

        1. Orlena

          One of the elements that I’ve tried to understand is how our lives seem to mirror what goes on in the media. Even relatively small things bounce back. It’s a time of deep reflection. It can be so bizarre. From my perspective see Frances Haugen.

          About the Secret. I pulled out a copy of David Icke’s The Biggest Secret from the bookcase on Saturday. I read the title as the Beau Geste Secret. Again the army with the French foreign legion and legionnaires’s disease.

          And I had a personal insight over the weekend which I’m thinking through. If true it is staggering. Created by something from the pits of hell is the only way I can describe it and cuts to the core. Difficult to believe though but unfortunately it follows a pattern and think it probably is. I’ve wondered if it is my own mind that has created it but seems more complicated than that. Super creepy.

          And Pythagorean numerology. Not sure if anyone has pointed this out. Someone probably has. In Pythagorean numerology 19 as in Covid 19 = AI.

            1. Swim

              Very good !!! And probably element of truth with data selves and doppelgangers and whatever is going on with them. And microcosm and macrocosm with little and large.

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