Staring Into The Abyss


Over the last year or so I know the articles on Merovee have become more personal than previously. But there appears to be very good reason for this.



The view from my balcony a few nights ago. The Darkest Dark. Staring into the abyss and the Observer effect.

β€œAnd the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”




Followed by the Lightest Light.



And the Metal Lurgy and Faces Ex Machina continue. It’s Chineasy.

In the Silver Machine.



In Time.

We’ll find out ‘In Time’ what this means exactly.

‘When future worlds and alternate realities collide’.



I’ve been doing some reviewing the situation and going back through some moments in time which I thought were odd and a repeat pattern has jumped out. Also my eyes have been drawn to details in images which are gross to say the least and very distressing. And it points to unpleasant hocus pocus. ‘Spirit’ says I have had no part in it which is a relief from my perspective.

At a soul level I believe I have chosen to go into the Darkest Dark and view the personal slings and arrows and mind fuckery with a certain detachment. It’s my job sort of mentality but when I see it happen to others it’s different and the blood boils. My initial reaction is that a few people can go rot in hell forever for all I care but I know vengeance is not my job and am aware of the dangers of fighting the empire.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. These are cropped images of a relatively well known woman in the entertainment industry. And I’ve come across other examples with others.




For me it is beyond the pale. And to continue with the traffic theme I hold no truck with it. I wish it was just a trick of the light and purely mind games but I think that is wishful thinking.

And Theranos πŸ€”. And time is the real currency.




It’s Money in the Blood Bank.


10 thoughts on “Staring Into The Abyss

  1. What you’re experiencing as visual, I’m experiencing as audible.
    Suddenly last week the heat, humidity and noise which have been non-stop, suddenly stopped. And a sense that the energy level dropped as well. As if an ‘all out assault’ was stopped.

    China and the connection between power and the dark and the games.

    And fear of the dark. On another level, watching Biden’s struggling attempt at playing the Savior. And a growing sense of apprehension among people that Harris as Dark Matter may be forced to take over.

    1. Orlena

      My audio aggravation is traffic. I live near a busy road and there is a wall at the back of the block and the noise rebounds off the wall and magnifies it as well. OK indoors with double glazing but sometimes it really hits me when I open the door. Get hit by the wall of sound.

      I did enjoy the initial lockdown ! There was lovely spring weather and I could walk around without the normal hustle and bustle and traffic and planes overhead.

      1. I have ‘heard’ that unrelenting stress is not conducive to the development of a ‘naturally’ healthy immune system. πŸ€’ 😷

        I may have reached ‘heard’ immunity! 😊

        And now here’s the ‘red pill’. 🀨

        And the white rabbit. πŸ‡ ⏰

    1. And Aaron Spelling.

      Charmed to meet you.

      And Aaron Spelling and a wrong spelling. Something like that.

      Elvis Lives.

      ‘Elvis Aaron Presley – Elvis’ middle name, is it Aron or Aaron? And Jesse or Jessie ?

      Toward the end of his life, Elvis sought to change the spelling of his middle name to the traditional and biblical Aaron. In the process he learned that official state records had inexplicably listed it as Aaron, and not Aron as on his original birth records. Knowing Elvis’ plans for his middle name, Aaron is the spelling his father chose for Elvis’ tombstone, and it’s the spelling his estate has designated as the official spelling when the middle name is used today. In Memphis, Elvis was enrolled in the eighth grade at Humes High School, as Elvis Aaron Presley.

      Similarly, there is some slight confusion regarding the spelling of Elvis’ twin, Jesse Garon’s name. Most reliable resources have the spelling as Jesse. However, near the graves of Elvis, his parents and his grandmother at Graceland is a marker the family placed in memory of Elvis’ twin, but the spelling is Jessie for reasons we have yet to determine. Jesse Garon’s actual grave site is in Tupelo, MS where it has always been, but it remains unmarked by a tombstone. Lack of money in the family’s early years was likely the reason.’

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