Tipping Point

Playing Those Mind Games.

Eyes Wide Shut.



The Mind Lines in Red Pill.

Tipping Point.

And The Wacky Races. It’s just a colour.

Top Boffins.

I smell a rat.

Doppelgangers and AI data selves or clones. The truth is way out there. It may have always been the Brave New World.

Quantum Frontiers.

The eyelids are twitching.

34 thoughts on “Tipping Point

  1. I was staring into space outside yesterday and got wondering what the CSS code is for the world. If you look at with a certain eye it is a flat screen.

    Maybe it goes something like this.

    height: very high!important;
    length: very long!important;
    width: very wide!important;
    perspective: deep layers!important;
    pixels: 2,000,000!important;
    audio: loud!important;
    colors: spectrum!important;
    time: linear!important;

  2. Smell a rat, see a rat…

    … reporting this in the Red universe of Merovee…

    Does the glass glow?


          1. Roob

            That’s an interesting response I can promise you. This place really is like somewhere from an old episode of The Avengers TV series. Town Called Malice under the surface.

            Creepy Crawlies.

              1. In the Limelight.

                ‘George Leitch was found naked on some wasteland near Cormongers Lane in Redhill, Surrey having been stabbed three times in the heart. His body had been covered with 54kg of lime although it was thought that it had not been there for long as much of the grass was still green beneath his body, meaning that his body had been stored somewhere else between the time he was murdered and the time he was dumped. It was said that his body had not been where it was found for more than seven days.’

                Following Dotty. Why Dotty is sending me down this path I’m not sure at present. Gangland.


                Workhouse Lane and White House Farm and Carnage.

                ‘Essex Police launched an investigation when the three men were found dead on Workhouse Lane on the morning of December 7, 1995.

                They had been alerted at around 8am by a farmer who saw the bodies on a track by White House Farm, off the A130.’


                Down the Lane and Under the Service. In the Village and Darkest Dark.



    1. It’s a paradox. Under the Weather Surface and Under the Whether Surface.

      Whether the weather depends on whether the weather.

      And you learn something new every day. A wether is a ram or goat that is castrated at a young age. Down on the farm.


      ‘In Latin, id means simply “it”. Sigmund Freud (and his translator) brought the word into the modern vocabulary as the name of what Freud believed to be one of the three basic elements of the human personality, the other two being the ego and the superego.’

      Now Is The Time.

      ‘The mayor of New Orleans has called for residents to evacuate unprotected city neighbourhoods as Hurricane Ida bears down on the Louisiana coastline.

      “Now is the time,” said New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell in a Friday news conference, calling for those living outside the city levee system to flee.

      The National Hurricane Center (NHC) says Ida is likely to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane by Sunday.’


      1. Ida and Ita and connection with super hi tech such as super conductors and things that only top boffins understand.


        The world’s largest puzzle.

        1. Frank

          It seems like two perfect storms are forming at the same time. One in the Gulf at New Orleans (meaning golden), and the other in Afghanistan. Folks in both places are being told to ‘get out now’. Last night the US Embassy issued a specific warning to US citizens, to ‘stay clear of the gates’ at the airport. ISIS is back.

          Both are connected to the tearing down or preserving of the guilt script. And a lot of energy is going to be released. We are at the moment of Disclosure, whatever that means and it’s about energy.

          Iter is interesting. If I understood it, they’re talking about plasma energy.
          Again, energy at the core, the Id and the structure of Ego and Superego which enable the energy to function. But Ego and Superego operate on the ‘guilt trip’. That’s the structure being torn away. Which leaves the energy exposed for a time until a new structure is built.

          In the mean time the vaccine will protect us, right?

          1. Orlena

            About plasma. That is what I was getting with this pic. They are some form of plasma somethings.

            There seems to be two strands to this. There is releasing guilt and the rest of it etc – conventional psychology – but at the same time we are having to go though exceptionally weird stuff in the physical realm ! And strange mix with imagination and what we experience with movies and the media and NEWS in general and how we interact with it.


            And the vaccine 😱. In a year and a half of this deadly plague I have only met two people who said they had been infected. As far as I understand it they felt a bit peaky and the tests showed positive which I understand is not fool proof. I don’t have much faith in friends of friends of friends either.

            The other thing I’m having to sur face is that many people and some friends over the years who had I had trust in and no reason not to trust were really not what they seemed to be.

            1. Frank

              As I see it, this is the process of spiritual evolution. And it has happened before, if I’m understanding the Exodus story.

              There were people living in a structure which was a burden to them and were released from that system by divine intervention. They left that place and suddenly found themselves out in the Sinai desert. The worst place on earth, as hot as a place can get in the daytime and as cold as it can get at night. And no shelter, no supplies, totally exposed.

              So what happened next is so relatable to this time. The people went to Moses and said essentially, ‘did this god deliver us from slavery to bring us out into this desert to die? Let us go back to Egypt, it was a burden but at least there we had shelter and food.’ Get us back to normal.

              But normal was not the option. The option was to go forward through the Sin ai desert to the place of Promise of a better way. The only variable was the time the people would spend wandering around that desert until they got there and that was up to them. And now up to us.

              There’s a reason why that story is there. And as Jen said at one point to MJ, so much of this is just about trust.

  3. This is not me playing my violin.

    This is the TIPPING POINT.


    (One thing to note: the girl who has had her face removed if you look at her arms, she is a CHILD, like four to five.

    She is NOT a teenager. Not sure “What difference that makes!” but that pic of the young teen is not the child that was MUTILATED by the HIGH WITCH Hillary.)

    There’s a REASON I had O-Bama and Hell-ary pass me in their cars here in Satan’s HOMETOWN of PAW (of the DOG) ling….

    I guess?



    1. I think the point is….

      This is NOT OUR depravity……

      This is Satan’s!

      “Moloch” requires SACRIFICE to him of OUR CHILDREN if you want worldly POWER.

      And YOU NEED TO REBUKE HIM IN YOUR LIFE unless YOU want to be punished along with him in his crimes.

      Don’t stick your head in the sand.

      Wake up and SEE.

        1. The Godfather …. takes out his own family.

          The good “Godfather” vs the bad “Godfather.”

          It’s generational


          We saw you at those Golden Globes, FACING De Niro and Scorsese. NOT WITH THEM, but FACING THEM.

          WE NEED YOU


          Good cop, bad cop.

          STAND UP NOW before you die…..

          ANd GIVE THEM UP.

          TO ALL OF US.

          We love you.


          We need you…


            1. I heard at one point you were the High Priest in Hollywood.

              Well, you DID play the Devil. And of course, the Godfather gone bad….

              But as you have said, what are you?

              You’re just an ACTOR.

              If you want to DIE that way, go AHEAD.

              And if so?

              F- you

                1. Is there any way back after you’re a “sell-out”?


                  Of course! Hey, Al P.!!!

                  I’m a believer in miracles!

                  As Luke told his father, Darth Vader (Dark Father), “I know there is good in you.”

                  The good Father always offers us redemption if we REPENT.

                  That said, Hollywood wasn’t ALWAYS that bad, or how did young ambitious actors like Al Pacino get sucked into it in the first place…..

                  I heard the Jimmy Stewart was the last of the Old Hollywood stars who never sold out.

                  The last?

                  Or the only….

                  (There is always coming back from the DEAD, Al….)

                  1. I think what we have here is the moment before Sodom and Gomorrah get blasted out of existence.

                    Do you want to be rescued?

                    Or will you look back….

                    And turn into a pillar of salt.

  4. How do you disCern demons from sheep?

    The tattoos.

    “Sorry” no I’m not sorry.

    Anyone who would deface their God-given body with tattoos, and to the extent of on your neck? Or with “sleeves”? WT!

    It’s just….

    DISGUSTING… and why?

    It’s DEMONIC.

    You have marked YOURSELF as a SLAVE.

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