The Ties That Bind

At one level I think it is just a movie. It is a Program Me but someone is very keen to keep it running. In the UK, we have a long running TV show called ‘Casualty’ about staff and patients at Holby City hospital. Occasionally I’ve wondered when will the BBC axe Casualty ? I haven’t watched in years but I remember each episode seemed to be a repeat of the previous episode. There seems to be something to the thought.




The Ties That Bind.



The Work Programme.




The Children’s Programme.



The Money Programme and the Dark City.



Paying for it and the pain for it.



The Space Programme.

These jackboots are made for walking. Naza and Nazis on the Moon.




The Sports Programme.

The 1966 World Cup and 4-2.





The Health Programme.



Etc, etc.



And Break On Through.




Well We’re The Band. Still trying to work that one out 🤔 .


9 thoughts on “The Ties That Bind

  1. The Darkest Dark and Dark City.

    Every picture tells a story.

    Mr Book

    Mr Hand

    Mr Hand is a Latin scholar. I think Latin maybe the language. The Roman Empire never died.

    This is in there somewhere.

    ‘The Seemingly Minor Change the Pope Just Made That Is Freaking Out Conservative Catholics.

    On Friday, the Vatican announced a new order that would barely affect most practicing Catholics: there are now strict rules for when and where the traditional Latin Mass can be conducted. Among other new regulations, priests can no longer decide to celebrate the Latin Mass; they must instead ask permission from their bishops, who should make sure that there is an organic demand from the actual faithful and that the priest is not seeking to celebrate the Latin Mass because he sees the normal, vernacular version of it as invalid.’

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