The Band


On 24/7 Time is a Changing. We’ll see in time how that plays out.



The Universe speaks in strange ways at times.

The tracks of your years.



The Sweat Band.



Sweaty Betty.



Well We’re the Band.



In the Garden.



And Worm Charming.



Where are we ? I think we are always at ‘Home With God’ but within the illusion this is not how it is experienced. Personally lots of thing have come up over the last few weeks and the conclusion is that a lot of trouble went in to keeping me going down a line that suited the agenda and I’m sure others as well. It’s not pretty. And in the bigger picture the whole world whatever the whole world is.

Plugged in.





And The Money Programme and currency and energy flows and cash cows. Economists talk about the trickle down effect. It’s bollocks. The system is designed to trickle up not down.



I believe we are unplugging and detaching at the moment.



I think we are all feeling it.

Homeward Bound.


40 thoughts on “The Band

  1. The Bandana. I’ve been wearing a white one with a partial Guy Fawkes drawn on it for a year and a half. PA has now dropped it’s (visible) mask mandate.

    Bandana comes from Sanskrit ‘a bond’.

    A bond.

    And a Hindi word bandhna ‘to tie’ and bandhnu ‘tie dyeing’.
    Tie dying, or break the record in the Valley of Death.

    The heat is on and in keeping with the exploration of abandoned places.

    1. Orlena

      The ties that bind come to mind. Plenty of them.

      Old boys ties.

      ‘An old school tie or old boys tie is a tie that, on leaving school, former pupils are entitled to wear. They will be in their old school or old-boy society colours. According to protocol, it may only be worn by former pupils. This symbol can be a discreet passport to the old boy network, and such ties can be an indication of one’s social standing. Conversely, wearing a tie to which you have no right is a serious social gaffe.

      Although originally an institution of male-only schools, some schools of mixed or female-only membership do present their female leavers with a tie or other equivalent. Alternative clothing such as socks, scarfs, pyjamas and even underwear may also be available in the old-boy/old-girl colours.

      These exclusive ties are not limited to British public schools: they are also a practice of some elite schools in Australia, many private, state-integrated, and some of the more prestigious state schools in New Zealand, many clubs, military regiments and colleges of universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, and have also spread to some of Britain’s former imperial possessions, including Canada and the United States.’

      And the Band and the Banned and Untouchables and emotional blackmail. Won’t someone think of the vulnerable.

      1. Frank

        That’s spot on and ‘bondage’ and identity is involved.
        The ID, psychic energy, pure instinct, wild at the core.
        Exposing the core, that’s nuclear. When the ‘water level’ drops and the containment fails.
        The heat is on. Disclosure energy. 🥵 🛸

          1. And Identity and ‘What’s in a name’.

            At birth you get given a name and birth certs and SS numbers and things. And everyone says your name is you and so you learn it and it becomes part of your identity. And you see other beings ‘out there’ with different names so they must be different from you.

            1. It sounds like the way the laboratory functions. Everything gets labeled, and categorized. Dissected and analysed. And is it or isn’t it ‘gain of function'(?).

              Function…an activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing.

              1. One of the ideas playing around my mind is that we are in the underground bunker and plugged into the mainframe to create a reality to avoid an unpleasant truth similar to the Matrix. Roob’s friend Leg Iron wrote a very good story about a reality created to avoid the truth about a nuclear war. Having said that I think our reality is created to avoid the good stuff.

                1. I’m beginning to think that unplugging is a good way to describe what’s happening. And just trying to put this into a framework I can understand.

                  The Id which is pure energy is disconnecting from the structure of the Ego and Superego which connects the Id to and thereby creates the external environment. The Ego and Superego have not worked very well and do seem to lend themselves to the guilt trip. Hopefully we’ll create a better channel of communicating or disclosing our energy. Until then I expect we’ll see lots of energy escaping unchecked and it will be chaotic.

                  1. yes. Sounds right to me. Orlena, I hope you got my happy birthday wishes ☺️
                    I am so happy you were born. And I think we are all about to be born again, together. Not in the way you see in a movie depicting stupid southern people, like born again christians, but in a way that connects us.
                    The ID is there, but not the ego and not the SUPER ego. The “outside” world is NOT “in” Diana. But the outside world could be better. If we’re in an egg, together, we are all IN-Diana. IDK. Something about the inside sun and inDiana. The VIRGIN is about her not giving up the L-DNA. The land.
                    There’s di-mensions. So, compassion flows throughout. Because there is no scarcity. No judgement. Just temperance🔥

    1. Cluedo?! 😂


      nobody did anything, anywhere, with any “weapon”. They just had a party

  2. This is further to my comment about exposing the core. It’s a little long and politically driven, but something is happening which the media is trying to ignore. Probably because they can’t understand it and frame it for us.

    This is pure unbridled energy, erupting spontaneously.

    And these two people who are big advocates of the vax are seeing it. What they thought was going to protect them, is not working.
    This may be one of my crazier comments but I think we have reached the moment right before the ‘man and woman saw they were naked and were ashamed’.

    1. Because when the pendulum stops swinging, and there’s that moment…it gets intense. Nobody can ‘say’ anything. IN-TENSE. (out of time).

  3. Space Programming

    Time running backwards and Moon Walk.

    ‘Ringed by footprints, sitting in the moondust, lies a 2-foot wide panel studded with 100 mirrors pointing at Earth: the “lunar laser ranging retroreflector array.” Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong put it there on July 21, 1969, about an hour before the end of their final moonwalk.’,end%20of%20their%20final%20moonwalk.

    1. Darkest Dark programming.

      ‘But why the overshoes aren’t at the museum like the rest of Armstrong’s gear?

      The crew left behind about 100 items on the Moon as a weight saving measure. The list includes not only TV lenses and bodily fluids, but the infamous shoes as well’

    2. I don’t believe them. They are not who they say they are. They are frightened, like me. “Using these mirrors,” explains Alley, “we can ‘ping’ the moon with laser pulses and measure the Earth-moon distance very precisely. This is a wonderful way to learn about the moon’s orbit and to test theories of gravity.”
      no. absolutely not. You don’t treat the world that way.

  4. Your “Return to Innocence” is not just going “to happen.”

    I’ve woken to the fact of curses of the famililial, generational, and local being thrust upon me on a daily basis…..

    Is anyone so “good” they’ll just bounce off?

    Not when we are “weak.” Not when we just “let them.”

    It takes constant “vigilance.”

    What does that mean?

    I think now it takes constant PRAYER in the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, JESUS CHRIST, to BATTLE the EVIL ONE.


    You will get BURIED.

    Daily prayer for Jah, the Most High “God,” to protect you and turn back any evil “spells” and “curses” upon their sender.

    Even the Devil’s personal curse upon YOU and your body, to STOP you in your WALK with JESUS, needs to be FOUGHT.

    PRAY constantly!!!


    1. PRAY!


      And then….



      1. Hi, Frank

        There is no “return to innocence.”

        Can you turn back time?

        Sure, you can reverse the spiral and go back in “time” and make believe All is Well again!

        It’s a set script that you can UNWIND back to your innocence, but you will not be able to, you know, “get it back.” It’s like losing your virginity. It’s gone.



        That HE is the ONLY WAY…..

        ONLY HE can UNLOCK us out from this spiral of DEATH called our DNA.

        ONLY HE can get us OUT of this SPIRAL of DNA we are STUCK in, that spirals back into our personal guilt and sin-ridden past and into our doomed future, our death sentence, our PRISON, our MATRIX…..

        and ONLY HE can get us BACK HOME to the Father.

        HE’S THE “ONLY WAY.”


        Either JESUS was lying, and He does not strike me as a LIAR nor son of the Serpent Satan who is the Father of ALL LIES….

        or He spoke the TRUTH.

        How much you wanna wager I’m right….

        … your very soul?

        GOOD LUCK!!!!

        1. I just watched a Snarky McAllister vid last night and well….

          She reported that these, among other people, have been EXECUTED in military tribunals sentencing such lowlifes to death for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, which would include: pedovorism

          PEDOVORISM: great word! kind of encapsulates it all!
          Pedophilia, sex with INFANTS, crimes against children, child torture, rape and murder, and yup! Cannibalism!

          Marina Abramovich
          “Lady” Gaga
          Justin Bieber
          Chrissy Teigen
          Katy Perry

          Well, I watched Katy’s videos and she seemed to me like some sort of undercover agent for JESUS.

          Like her smiling and hugging that WITCH FROM HELL, Hillary Clinton….

          Is she an undercover….

          WHITE HAT?

          (Looks like the Rock can’t even stomach saying her name…. LOL)

              1. As was here documented on Merovee, I fell under Stephen’s spell.

                I sat in the audience of his show when he had Mel Gibson on…. way up in the rafters.

                And Mel stood at some point in the break and like, beamed his eyes up at me looking down into his, I just was like, wtf…. and left.

                Well, now I know what he was telegraphing to me…. that “Stephen” was a sick “elite,” chum with the Podestas….

                And that there was no point to my being there.

                1. I love you, Mel. You’re the greatest movie “artist” of my generation. You’ve done it all, and all with good faith and righteousness….

                  And a fiery devotion to God.

                  You are the Best among Men.

                  You are charming and I fell in love with you at first sight watching The Road Warrior and oh well…..

                  You’re the one who got away.

                  Not that we ever met.

                  1. All the great tributes and vids on YouTube to The Road Warrior and Mad MAx are GONE. Just think about that: the awesome vid of the greatest movie chase scene with a soundtrack in TRIBUTE to the movie…. was DELETED. DO you understand what that says about the ROBOTS reading and CENSORING what we post?

                    Hope so!

                    It’s basically GAME OVER, but whatever….

                    1. I know I sound like a stupid fan, and of course I never fantasied anything more than a connection professionally of film production themes and artistry.


                      Our connection goes DEEPER.

        2. Mission Impossible then 🙂

          ‘Pioneering research into quantum computing reveals time moves forward and backward, upending much of what we know about the nature of time.

          A team of quantum physicists at the National University of Singapore has found that time behaves differently in quantum computing models.

          They say what is true at the quantum level is true for the rest of the universe as well.’

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