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Firstly it’s Roob’s birthday coming up on 25th May. Get it right this time ! Happy Birthday 🙂 .

And Altered Images fits very nicely with the subject matter of the article.



‘I sometimes get this strange and uncontrollable urge to want to go home.’



And ‘Just Your Imagination’ and ‘It’s An Illusion’.

Maybe Top Boffins talk crap.



If you ever get the feeling you’ve been here before.

Round and round on the carousel of Time. Living in the Past which fits with current articles. I thought Merovee had left ‘Conspiracy’ behind but back again.



It’s Old Stuff.



In The Cells.



Cellular Memory and the past memory. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

‘The cells in our body divide constantly throughout life. But how do cells remember whether to develop into a skin, liver or intestinal cell? It’s a question that has puzzled scientists for many years. Now, scientists from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Copenhagen have come a little closer to understanding this process.

They have developed a technique that gives new insight into the so-called epigenetic cellular memory. With the new technique, called SCAR-seq, the researchers have been able to address how epigenetic information stored in histone proteins is transmitted when DNA is copied and cells divide. The new study has just been published in the scientific journal Science.

“We have developed a new tool to look at the transmission of protein-based information in general and how it contributes to epigenetic memory of mammalian cells. For the first time, we can see which proteins are on the two new DNA strands that are formed when DNA is copied during cell division. Thus, we can now investigate how protein-based information is inherited and propagated to daughter cells.”

“This is the first time we have direct evidence that a specific protein is linking the transmission of epigenetic information on histones with the replication of genetic information in DNA. We knew that histone-based information had to be transmitted to both new DNA strands in one way or another, but we did not know how,” says Anja Groth, professor at the Biotech Research & Innovation Center, University of Copenhagen, and co-author of the study.’


It’s Ironic. And I have a lot of sympathy for the poor mice !



From Ncbi.gov :

‘Iron deficiency (ID) is the most common nutrient deficiency, affecting 2 billion people and 30% of pregnant women and their offspring. Early life ID affects at least 3 major neurobehavioral domains, including speed of processing, affect, and learning and memory, the latter being particularly prominent. The learning and memory deficits occur while the infants are iron deficient and persist despite iron repletion. The neural mechanisms underlying the short- and long-term deficits are being elucidated. Early ID alters the transcriptome, metabolome, structure, intracellular signaling pathways, and electrophysiology of the developing hippocampus, the brain region responsible for recognition learning and memory. Until recently, it was unclear whether these effects are directly due to a lack of iron interacting with important transcriptional, translational, or post-translational processes or to indirect effects such as hypoxia due to anemia or stress. Nonanemic genetic mouse models generated by conditionally altering expression of iron transport proteins specifically in hippocampal neurons in late gestation have led to a greater understanding of iron’s role in learning and memory. The learning deficits in adulthood likely result from interactions between direct and indirect effects that contribute to abnormal hippocampal structure and plasticity.’


Memory is the past made present.

And Screen Memory and replacement and quantum memories – Wiki :

‘In discussing multidirectional memory, it is important to highlight that screen memory is also a kind of multidirectional memory, even though screen memory operates more on the personal level while multidirectional memory is primarily collective. Screen memory is “covering up a traumatic event-another traumatic event-that cannot be approached directly”.

Screen memory gains its significance from the presence of other memories and not necessarily as a stand-alone memory. With screen memory, there is more than one memory operating at the same time, except one is displaced by another, so we may not realise the presence of multiple memories. This points to its multidirectionality. The memory being used as a replacement is usually one that is easier to confront. This however does not result in the total silencing of the other memory(ies), which would suggest competition between or among memories.’


And the Miss Terry lady.




Personally a lot of Miss Terrees have surfaced and some very interesting things are being said. And a lot of what is being said is difficult to take on board but I suspect is reality.

Getting back on the right track.



It’s a Miss Story.


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        1. “Mnemosyne also presided over a pool in Hades, counterpart to the river Lethe, according to a series of 4th-century BC Greek funerary inscriptions in dactylic hexameter. Dead souls drank from Lethe so they would not remember their past lives when reincarnated. In Orphism, the initiated were taught to instead drink from the Mnemosyne, the river of memory, which would stop the transmigration of the soul.”

  1. The MIss Terree of the disappearing fleet…

    1. So I received a phone call today out of the blue from Folke stone in Clark Kent. It was from a mate who I haven’t heard from in a couple of years he told me he had just bought a VW Camper Van and was coming over to see me in a few weeks.

      Then as usually happens this just pops up on my newsfeed

      Miss ed (Green) Tree and the luck of the O irish.

      The tree fell in St Johns Church Road in Folkestone at lunchtime.

      The road was closed and police and members of the council were called.

      Mr AUSTIN , owner of A&A Clearances a company that gives you a clean slate…which deals with house and rubbish clearances, said: “I had just left home and was about to get into my VAN when I heard a CRACK and it came crashing down.

      “The fire brigade said I should buy a lottery ticket as it is my lucky day

      At Willesbrough in Ashford, people looked on in disbelief as a large tree came crashing down in the recreation ground off Hythe Road at about 3.30pm.

      It was witnessed by Kyle Stingemore, who said: “The wind just blew the tree completely over.

      “It ripped out the ground to the floor in seconds! Wasn’t gradual, it just went with a BANG.”


      Then I realised Folke stone is beside the White Cliffs of Dover and I was over at the White Cliffs last week.



      where of course I discovered the Bluebird cafe


    2. Miss Terree… or is it Miss Terra?

      Mother Earth.
      Everything was born from Terra and Ouranos.
      Ouranos (heaven) is coming back to Mother Earth. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

      And Uranus has been in Taurus since 2019 and will be til 2026. No wonder all the bull symbolism!



  2. He took them up into a loft which could only be reached by a ladder from the harness-room, and there kept them in such seclusion that the rest of the farm soon forgot their existence.’

    Sounds like they vanished into a pocket universe to me.

    Talking of vanishing Roob this one is for you as Frank has mentioned it is your birthday coming up and as it is one of your fav films and mysteries as to what happened to poor old Ash ley….or Les ley HOWard from Gone With the Wind.

    Did those pesky notsees/watchers/observers get their hands on him and wisk him away. He always was hard to catch a bit like a phantom but he excelled at smuggling people out from their prism.


    Now You SEE Him Now You Don’t.

    Or maybe he went home to the Tara timeline.

    Who Sir, Me Sir, Yes Sir

    Swing LOW Sweet or should it be Tweet CHAriots…

    Hands up Number 55 tell us the secret to your vanishing act.

    In other news I am h ear ring that only three airports will be left open in England and the rest will be closed as the airways will be restricted. I can’t breathe…. which is why they are spending so much money on rail ways.

    Maybe the railways are taking all the anti-vaxxers to the newly reopened gass chambers and it will be a one way ticket. I am sure Hancock and John Stone will be the conductors charging them for the privilege.

    All Brits and Europeans from the North in general are banned from flying to Amerika but the children of people from the South are smuggled through the back door… Anon would find that very phunny.

    Over to Channel Nine

    Lawmakers from Tennessee are demanding answers from the Biden administration after reports of migrant children being flown to Chattanooga.

    Senator Mars ha Black burn, Rep. Chuck Flasher mann, and Sen. Bill Hagerty have signed a letter to federal officials, calling for an explanation after they say they were “LEFT IN THE DARK” about the situation. Tell me about it. Who writes these tails.

    As usual it is always personal over to Brittany Faith who likes to play her cards close to her very large chest.

    According to Tennessee immigration attorney Brittany Faith, the federal government is not obligated to tell lawmakers about these situations.

    “That would be completely against regular agency procedure,” said Faith, “USCIS Nashville doesn’t alert the governor or the senators every time they approve someone’s green card or grant citizenship.”


    I met Brittany once I didn’t have much faith in her Handing me a Green Card.

    And I have a friend coming back from Portugal they have to stay in quarantine and get test after test in case they are tOXic but I think it’s way too late for him as I have no doubt he is completely infected.🧛🏻‍♂️

    He wants to stay here but my reply was…..bite me.

    1. Apocalypse Now

      At least 15 people died when torrents of lava poured into villages AFTER DARK in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, destroying more than 500 homes, officials and survivors said on Sunday.

      The eruption of Mount Nyiragongo on Saturday night sent about 5,000 people fleeing from the city of Go ma across the nearby border into R Wanda, while another 25,000 others sought refuge to the north-west in Sake, the UN children’s agency said on Sunday.

      Elsewhere, authorities said at least five other people had died in a lorry crash while they were trying to evacuate Goma, but the scale of the loss had yet to be determined in some of the hardest-hit communities.

      The great reveal behind the curtain/door at the end of the show show.

      It’s not real… just reel to reel or eye to eye. It is only real if you believe it to be real.

      Actually it is more of a virtual reality game…..where you get to choose your avatar and learn your lines. And you have bought your ticket to this particular crazy ride so there is no turning back now.

      Do you trust your five senses or do you have faith in something you cannot see?

      Talking of eyes I have had to go to the eye clinic as they are still playing up…it’s very painful I can tell ya…gotta go round wearing shades all day.


  3. Ego (critic and judge) meets the Rat (artist and creator) named Remy (short for remedy maybe?), and is transformed.

    Disclosure…Disclose your energy.


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