Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

It’s old stuff. The universe does speak in the most peculiar way at times.

Ancient dreams in a modern land.

And Reflections Of Us. Sometimes silence speaks and you just feel it. Thank you.



Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.



Maybe it’s just a movie but we seem to have work our way through the Crystal Maze and I think we are going backwards rather than forwards. Or possibly both at the same time. Who knows ?

Deep Water. Deep State. Deep Shit.

This is a very strange place and the imagery is totally bizarre at times. Love Has Won was a website which I visited a few times until I realised Mother God was probably totally bonkers. And Mother God Amy Carlson has now been found dead and her body discovered in a mummified state. The whiff of Deep State and Deep Shit is there.



From BBC News :

‘It was late on a Wednesday night when the sheriff of Saguache County in Colorado asked Corporal Steven Hansen to investigate a report of a death.

A body, he was told, had been found at a house in a remote cul-de-sac near Moffat, a mountain-flanked town of about 100 people.

Within hours, he executed a warrant to search the house. Inside, he was disturbed by what he saw.

In one of the bedrooms, a shrine had been made for what Mr Hansen described as the mummified remains of what appeared to be a woman.

Placed on the bed, the woman’s body was cocooned in a sleeping bag adorned with Christmas lights, while glitter make-up had been applied around her eyes.

The body is believed to be that of Amy Carlson, the 45-year-old spiritual leader of Love Has Won, a religious group branded a cult by critics and police.

Little is known about the origins of Love Has Won, which is believed to have emerged in the late 2000s under a different guise.

A follower encouraged Ms Carlson to join their movement, paving the way for her elevation to the head of Love Has Won. Its disciples do not appear to have a fixed set of beliefs. Instead, they practise and preach a fluid theology consisting of New Age philosophy, conspiracy theories, and messiah worship.

Their messiah was Ms Carlson, who was known as “Mother God”.


Apologies for showing this pic again but it speaks.



Cellular Memory.

Deep down in the cells we know.




Forget Me Knots.


11 thoughts on “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

  1. And the Pathway. Luckily enough it doesn’t have to be lonely. But choose your companions carefully.

    There are many paths in life
    but of all these paths
    There is one you must travel
    That path and that one is for you alone
    And whether you want to or not
    you must travel that path.
    So the choice is not the path because it chose you.
    The choice is how you travel that path.
    With unwillingness for the pitfalls and stones
    With resistance because the sun is barely able to reach
    a path that cuts through ravines.
    Or with the will to be gentler and
    wiser at the end of that path
    than you were at the beginning.
    The path chose you : will you chose it too ?

    Hans Stolp.

    1. The Mind Grid.

      Dormer Cottage was rented or owned by the Scientologists and lived in by Bruce Davis, member of the Manson family before he returned to California a few months before it all kicked off.

      The Church Of Batman and the Occult of Personality. And noticed Amy Carlson was raised in Dallas. A22 and I35. Smelling rats.

      Maybe 2 of Everything.

      L Ron Hubbard.

      Herbert Armstrong and Worldwide Church Of God.

  2. Transmuting pain into the gold of transformation.

    ‘A trauma, loss, or crisis is an energetic gateway to soul level transformation. It may trigger an unresolved pain that we haven’t fully healed. The pain may seem to come out of the blue; yet, it has been buried in our psyche for years. Even when you think you have worked through a traumatic experience; the subtle layers of pain may surface for healing when you least expect it. Without full release, however, this psychic pain can create chronic distress that can manifest as depression, anxiety, or physical illness. Only when such pain is released and then, transmuted into positive energy can we bring about self-healing.’

  3. Following the rabbit.

    The Darkest Dark.

    Yesterday Pope Francis kissed the tattoo of an Auschwitz survivor Lydia Maksymowicz.

    Maksymowicz is a survivor from Auschwitz and was the subject of experiments by Josef Mengele. And screen memories or screened out memories. A few years ago I had a job interview to work at a call centre. During the interview I was shown a tablet with Happy Smiley faces to indicate how happy the staff were. But what I saw underlying the picture were figures in a concentration camp. At the end of the interview I was asked if the job appealed . I said No which then upset the Crown.

    And hive mentality. When I see the pics of Josef Menegele, Donald Cameron from MK Ultra, William Sargant and Dr Fauci I see the same man – Big Pharma Farmer. In short, the mind by passes any recognition of the subjects as human and they are just an experiment. For the greater good according to their belief system. And Auschwitz and Arbeit Macht Frei and survival.

    And Innoculation and medical experimentation. See Tuskegee and secret vaccination trials in Africa.

    And how the media reflects back. Hap in the OA and the Glasshouse.

    1. And Bramble Ties and Forget Me Knots and cellular memory. What are we meant to be remembering ? It may be just as simple as remembering God but think there is more to it.

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