Stranger Things




And Time going backwards and forwards.



Very deep into Deep State. In short ‘it’ is saying there has been a serious reality manipulation.



It truly is a Life Of Surprises. The Universe has a habit of taking you down a path and warming you up and then the punchline.

And Deep State of ‘Consciousness’ and the Self. This trip is not for the faint hearted. In short, it is saying there are two timelines. Maybe more but definitely two timelines and this seems to be reason for the memory wipe. For whatever reason one of these time lines has been shut down or repressed. Questions then come up to whether both timelines are valid or is one time line only real. It is a total mind fuck beyond belief. And again to Jenny and MJ. Just thank you !




Memory Or Memories ?


40 thoughts on “Stranger Things

  1. Let’s make a deal.

    I didn’t “say anything stupid.”

    So you hold up your end of the bargain: Let me sell my house at a decent price, and find some way to take care of “the family’s problem” yourself, or you could give me the clear go-ahead to burn the pile for you……

    I’m not “resigning” until I have sold (#666) on Old Route 55….

    I’m not running from this cursed piece of property until I have burned the grave myself or you let me have a buyer and maybe who will “take of it” for you.

    (Sorry Frank….sort of “out of the blue,” eh? πŸ™‚ )

    Hi “M”

    I love you, thank you for…. idk… TRYING TO HELP.

    That’s what I fell in love with you for….

    {And “more” πŸ™‚ }

    1. “In your world I have no meaning”


      I have no world anymore.

      It’s just me.

      1. Hi Frank!

        I’ve taken my “sexual harassment” complaints [metaphorically speaking] in the work “PLACE” high table. We’ll see what goes….
        I finally am “stating my case.”

        And it’s a “good” one. πŸ™‚

        Thank you for letting me use your platform to do what?

        Find “True Love”?



        Just ….

        My Self.


          1. Mary Magdalen wore such a black robe at our Savior’s crucifixion.

            And it was she who was the FINAL WITNESS to Jesus’s “last words”:

            “It is . . . accomplished.”

            NOT “finished” ( ah, you snake Satan…..)

            No, … “accomplished”:

            From “MW” (THE dictionary we “proofreaders” and “copy editors” defer to)

            Definition of “accomplished”
            1a: proficient as the result of practice or training
            an accomplished dancer
            also : “skillfully done or produced”

        1. Trinity

          I hope it goes well. Even those sorts of procedures can be tortuous though. On the roller coaster !

          The important point though is that you express yourself I think.

          1. Thanks Frank!

            Exactly that, and I’ve already been shut down (I’m actually relieved).

            My “sexual harassment complaint” went “nowhere.”


            No, the Miracle is related to “Batman and Robin.”

            “Robin” = “Blake”

            I won’t out him anymore, but it’s “M” for…. hmm, the Arch Angel? “Mike”

            Haha! The “M” to my “W” (The “Man” to my “Woman”)

            Both “M” ‘s…. Twins? Perfectly “matched”?

            The man’s softness strong enough to support and embrace the woman’s hard weakness?

            He’s “M”

            I’m “M”


            Neo + Trinity = One


            Man/Woman? Isn’t that a favorite of Satan’s delusions that man and woman are created “equal partners”? When in REALITY God created woman from Adam’s rib as his helper, NOT EQUAL, she is a part of him.

            In Holy Matrimony a single man and a single woman become “one flesh” again.

            Batman (Mary Mag, the hardened older “Woman” disguised as “the Batman” in a black cape and mask) and Robin (the young, fledgling “Man” disguised as another’s man’s “bitch”?)


            Years ago when I understood what kind of house I had moved into, I put it up for sale. I had a few people come thru, and I was the gracious host desperate to "sell" my cursed property. Any Who one woman came to tour our home with her daughter, who when they came out on my back deck, was stung on the foot by a hornet! I was shocked, first ever on my back deck! I searched under it after and found a YUGE hornets nest hanging from the floorboards.

            So! This year, as I have albeit slowly but assuredly prepared the property for sale again ("Slow and steady win the race!" (thank you, Theresa <3 )
            I was walking around trying to stomp down the emerging beast weed, the cursed bamboo, that surrounds it, pushing it down and then it grows nicely, close to the ground without obscuring the "view"….

            And what do you know, looking under my deck I came face to face with a beautiful bird's nest!!! I didn't dare touch it…. Pretty large one too.

            Since then I've noticed a robin around that end of the deck and in my yard, patrolling.

            It must be hers.


            And what color are the beautiful eggs of a robin? You know, the Robin that is the "first sign of spring"?


            Beautiful pale blue

            1. So “M” <3

              It's important to note that this all really is a dream.

              I think the Course in Miracles works in your life to awaken you.

              Yes, and when you wake up in the Matrix…..

              You wake up to a NIGHTMARE.

              But Holy Spirit works with you, slowly, lovingly, patiently…

              and turns your dream into a beautiful one.

              It's beautiful to me now, no matter what "happens" or "what you do" in the future.

              You have already done it.


                1. And I have no respect, being a woman, for any “woman” who tries to take me down through gossip, lies, and slander, because she is obviously a….


                  Come at me, you bitch from hell. Born in 1958, sounds about right. You seduced your older cousin nice and tight. Well I don’t care….

                  Haha, I DON”T CARE

                  Have at him, he’s obvs so debilitated by being in your web for so long that he has no strength left to escape your black widow spider strength.

                  He’s almost dead.

                  There is nothing I can do about that.

                  Jus sayin’

                  To BE CONTINUED.

                  1. “To be continued…..”

                    Until I SELL this house.

                    If not?



                    I’ll CROSS that BRIDGE when I get to it.

                    “Coming soon”……


                    1. LOL, “Part 2” of this sequence has been DELETED from Y– Tuub.

                      Gee, I wonder why? WHO knows why…..

                      Welp, here’s what “they” left behind.

                      Why am I fighting this BITCH FROM HELL?

                      It’s kinda obvious, is it not?

                      It’s NOT for “HER-MAN.”

                    2. It’s just to….

                      get rid of her.


                      She’s a WITCH … and?

                      A “public nuisance.”

                      EVERYONE is afraid of her.

                    3. So “M”

                      Remember, I AM watching if and when they “apprehend” you (Trinity on her bike: “Shit…”)

                      It’s up to YOU if you want to “pursue” me.

                    4. I AM still in “the game.”

                      I’m dangerous.

                      I can ruin your “life” if you let me.

                      Jus sayin

                    5. Remember….

                      This is all a dream.

                      I can’t save you.


                      can I “ruin” you or hurt you in any way.

                      I think the bridge between us might be too large to “cross”

                      It’s OK

                      I’ll love you until the end of time ANYWAY.


  2. Slated and Cellular Memory. I have no idea about the science behind it but it seems to be saying something. In Deep Water.

    Epigenetic :relating to or arising from non-genetic influences on gene expression. “Epigenetic carcinogens”.

    Wiping the slate clean: erasing cellular memory and resetting human stem cells

    ‘Ficz and Reik were able to show that, overall, the reset human stem cells showed a loss of methylation marks throughout the genome; they essentially had their epigenetic memories wiped clean. This low level of DNA methylation demonstrated their similarity to early embryonic cells and thus was a strong indication of their regained pluripotency.’

    And Miss Terri Lady.

        1. Frank I think that is why Hugo lost it….it can make you feel paranoid and believe that everyone is out to get you. I can understand and sympathise with that. Talking of losing it I appear to have lost your email address can you resend it please thanks.

          1. TTN

            About Hugo. I don’t think it is my place to comment. I feel I don’t know Hugo’s personal circumstances or life experience well enough. As I’ve discovered occasionally sometimes they are out to get you. If he chances on this comment he is welcome here.

            And about email. The sign said Deep Water. It is Deep and Dark Water beyond belief. I’m shutting down personal email and in person contact as much as possible until things become clearer. Again seems to be a mirror . And ironic. During the lockdowns I have never been so popular. A stream of people knocking on the door. And now everything is supposedly opening up I’m going into lockdown. I’ll keep Merovee running. It maybe illusory but someone or something will keep going until the death to keep the game going.

    1. ‘The Montreal experiments were a series of experiments, initially aimed to treat schizophrenia by changing memories and erasing the patients’ thoughts using Donald Ewen Cameron’s method of β€œpsychic driving” as well as drug-induced sleep, intensive electroconvulsive therapy, sensory deprivation and Thorazine. The experiments were conducted at the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University between 1957 and 1964 by the Scottish psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron and funded by the CIA as part of Project MKUltra, which lasted until 1973 and was only revealed to the public in 1975.’

      1. Spidey senses are tingling.

        Neuro Linguistic Programming.

        ‘Neuro-linguistic programming emerged as a light version of mind control techniques used by the CIA on MK-Ultra victims in the ’50s and ’60s. While the CIA inundated those poor souls with extreme amounts of drugs and verbal cues, NLP users simply overwhelm their victims with vague phrasing and physical cues. While it sounds like the stuff of sci-fi movies, this mind control seems to actually work, and how the media may be using NLP to control everyone you know.’

    1. Or?

      Am I the Master and Commander….

      I CHOOSE the latter.

      I AM the Master and Commander of this SHIP.

      MY ship.

      I won’t post “Capt Kirk” again…..

      Because I’m not that…..

      I’m BIGGER

        1. “M”

          I’m going back in. I’ve not been “terminated.”

          I am attracted to you but I am also scared of you, at the same time.

          I made a yuge mistake with the chimney guy.

          I think you know I’m not going to make that same mistake again.

          I sense you are not “up front” with me, while at the same time I sense you …. CARE …. for me.

          It’s quite treacherous, this “true love.”

          You know, learning how to “trust.”

          I just have to say that Satan’s deceptions are so so so subtle.

          He can “get you” any way, any where you have a weakness.

          My weakness is finding my “true love.”

          …my Neo to my “Trinity.”

          A partner, a “mate,” to walk this lonely road with me.

          When that MAY BE just Temptation.

          And actually…..

          that Satan is laughing at me.: MOCKING me for this “tale” I have spun as “Trinity.”

          Once you recognize that JESUS is your only partner, the ONLY ONE who can walk you out of here……

          Then Satan presents you with, in my case, “men” who “WANT” me.


          To take me OFF the straight and narrow highway HOME.

          Walking with JESUS.

          If I fall to Satan’s temptation of a “real man” who wants me and is willing to walk with me…..

          Welp, it’s not YOUR fault but it MAY BE a LIE.

          That you really DON”T want to walk this miserable road with me (altho you think you might…), you’d really just rather gain a reprieve of our misery and assert your manhood by “VTO”ing me.


          Hey, you turn me on.

          But perhaps it’s not in a “good” way? I don’t know….


          Where do we go from here?

          I don’t know….

          Just survivin.

          Gonna take it one step at a time.

          And I still love you, buddy.

          I think the point is…..

          If you want to be with me, and all the lovely “vibrations” we got goin on….

          You’re going to have to come to me on bended knee.

          You’re going to have to renounce your former life COMPLETELY.

          And join me in the adventure of a lifetime.

          1. And this is NOT about me being more powerful than you, or making you bow before me……

            It’s about reclaiming our innocence before the Father, our Creator.

            If you think on how “good marriages” are formed…..

            The prince kneels to the princess.

            Because he’s asking for her lifelong DEVOTION.

            Once she gives it, it’s his FOR LIFE.

            I was fallen, like you….

            I thought it good to try each other out before you “commit”….

            I think that is wrong now.

            Do you want to really go on an adventure with me?

            I’m not the Ho with the big boobs or the ass sticking up in the air inviting you…..

            I’m a “good girl.”

            And you know that, that’s why you love me.

            1. But you could be just another psychopath like “B” and “J,” two columns of society, set upon me, to confine me, the Priestess, by Lucifer.

              Meant to tempt me into never being accepted, to feeling REJECTED by LOVE.

              NEVER good enough.

              Well, it won’t work this time around.

              I get the feeling, no man has the balls to come for me, period.

              “No man” in this world at least.

              Not their fault.

              Jesus is “my man.”

              If you want to JOIN me in my seeking of HIM, then you are welcome!

              Don’t you want to be saved, and then have me too, Mike?


              1. Because I want you…. to want me….

                … and to have the balls…..

                to come for me…..


                ASK me to dance with you.

                I so want to dance with you….

                …it hurts.

                1. Frank keeps with these “Reply” buttons so it makes me want to add that….


                  You don’t have to renounce your former life “completely” lol….

                  But yeah, you’d have to commit to me, period.

                  Hey, that’s enough.

                  I’ve got to get ready to go back into work by Thursday at 1:20 AM.


                  Wish me luck, all.


                  1. The point is….

                    It’s not about “sex.” Hetero, lesbo, homo, whatever.

                    It’s about LOVE, which overcomes all.

                    I really do believe that.

                    I’ll not be “throwing my pearls before swine” ever again in this life.

                    Only to a man who proves to me that he will protect them. And “ME.”

                    And if he never comes along, then so be it…..

                    I’m “good.”

                    1. That said, I also believe that, what’s the word, “deviant” sex, just meaning not what the Creator created sex to be, between a man and his “wife”….. (I’m guilty too, not pointing fingers….)

                      That these relationships, which we are deceived into by the world’s deception and fake allure of “love”….and yuh, LUST thrust onto us by “Cupid”…..

                      do not nor will they ever…..


                      Never become the REAL THING.

                      TRUE LOVE

                      … the way the Father created it.

                      “All that glitters is not gold.”


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