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        1. I remember both. I remember the Galapagos Island collapse because at the time there was something else going on with tortoises and turtles which linked to Darwin in the way it does.

            1. Roob

              There is a weird kaleidoscope mirror effect thing going on with financial stories and other stories I think.

              And crawling out of the sand and mud comes to mind with the Galapagos islands.

              And 2 of Everything and 911 with the collapse and x2 911 collapses on Monday and Tuesday. And Jen remembers 911 on a Thursday.

      1. There are two special solar eclipses in 2021. Named arch eclipses 10th of june and 4th december travelling radar from east to west and make special arch what to see it.
        St. Louis arch Opened 10 th 1967 exactly 54 years before special arch Eclipse.

        More about it in gematrinator blog

            1. And interesting phrasing in the title of the video. Time of Deep Reflection.

              ‘Jennifer McDermed reflects on being a viral hit.’

          1. Frank we were talking about Brighton a few posts back and as these things tend to do Brighton cropped up when I was writing the Fifth Element in regards to a songbird or a blue bird and learning a new language.

            I was watching the new series The Nevers at the same time a certain Mrs M. Brighton appeared with an amazing song that only ‘the touched’ could hear.

            It is very good series with a stellar cast it has a steam punk theme with a plethora of naked Irish ladies….. what’s not to like. 🤷‍♂️

            I also just happened to have chosen Brighteon to host my videos.

            and last night another bluebird/songbird cropped up….. Belle Silva she is Brazilian and she stands by her man.


  1. This was a report I read yesterday.

    It’s garbage.

    ‘On Sunday, the U.K. reported just over 1,900 new cases, bringing the total number of recorded infections in the U.K. to 4,450,777. As of Sunday, 15,918 cases had been reported in the previous seven days, up 8.6% from the May 3-9 period’.

      1. Talking of flowers Frank

        The full moon that occurs in May is known as the Flower Moon, named for the fact that flowers tend to come into bloom in May.

        A total lunar eclipse, like the one that will be visible in the US next week, is referred to as a Blood Moon due its more reddish colour than a non-eclipsed moon.

        When the Moon is full and at its closest point to Earth in its not entirely circular orbit, it is called a Super Moon and when a Super Moon occurs alongside an eclipse it is a Super Blood Moon – the full name for this moon is a Super Blood Flower Moon.

        As well as being visible across most of the US, people in Australia, western parts of South America and South-East Asia should be able to see the eclipse happen.

        The Super Flower Moon will turn a shade of red for 14 minutes during the eclipse, beginning at about 12:18 BST (07:18 ET).


        1. About Flowers.

          The writing’s on the wall. This was a mural Jenny and I came across in Mineral Wells. The Dawning of the Age Of Aquarius. Maybe in a quantum world, its the Dawning of the Age of Scorpio or Virgo or Capricorn etc.




          1. Frank there is def something happening in the ether as the weirdness here is going up a notch…

            A friend just dropped by and the first thing they said was “Have you heard the news….they have found the girl in blue…they are digging her up…you know at the cafe the one in Gloucester… that Doctor fella buried.”

            I replied “What Dr Foster who went to Gloucester.”

            English county, Old English Gleawceaster, from Latin Coloniae Glev (2c.), from Glevo, a Celtic name meaning “bright place”


            ” He wasn’t a doctor that F red West fella I don’t think… his wife helped him she was called Rose if I remember.”

            Teenager Mary Bastholm, who worked at the Pop-In Cafe in Gloucester, went missing in 1968.

            Earlier this month, a TV production company filming at the site – now called The Clean Plate – reported finding blue material buried.

            The discovery of blue material, spotted after the production company inserted a camera in a hole they had drilled, prompted police to carry out their own surveys of the cellar.

            The 15-year-old was wearing a blue jacket, blue and white dress and was carrying a blue bag when she went missing in January 1968.

            Det Ch Insp John Turner said Gloucestershire Police had carried out their own analysis and discovered six “voids or anomalies” which were at a maximum of half a metre under the toilet floor.


            In the series The Nevers.. Miss M Brighton sings a song and there was a hidden message encoded within.

            Seek Me BeeloW

            It is a blue meteorite/rock/crystal that is buried underground that they need to seek and they get blinded by the blue light.

            Reminds me of Doctor Who again… it began in 63 at Coal Hill School with a Blue Box buried in a junk(dna) yard and the first episode was entitled An Unearthly Child as the teachers thought she was a tad strange… now tell me about your weird childhood again.

            (Susan is listening to guitar ROCK music on her transister radio. I’m thinking The Shadows. She looks a little ELF like, similar to Au (dr ey Hep) burn.

            [Memory – laboratory]

            SUSAN: Yes, I can see red turns to blue, Mister Chesterton, but that’s because we’re dealing with two inactive chemicals. They only act in relation to each other.
            IAN: But that’s the whole point of the experiment, Susan.
            SUSAN: Yes, it’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? Well, I’m not trying to be rude, but couldn’t we deal with two active chemicals? Then red could turn blue all by itself and get on with something else? I’m sorry, it was just an idea.

            [Totter’s Lane]

            IAN: She means it. These simple experiments are child’s play to her.
            BARBARA: You know, it’s almost got to the point where I deliberately want to trip her up.
            IAN: Yes. Something like that happened the other day. I’d set the class a problem with A, B and C as the three dimensions.

            [Memory – classroom]

            SUSAN: It’s impossible unless you use D and E.
            IAN: D and E? Whatever for? Do the problem that’s set, Susan.
            SUSAN: I can’t, Mister Chesterton. You can’t simply work on three of the dimensions.
            IAN: Three of them? Oh, time being the fourth dimension, I suppose? Then what do you need E for? What do you make the FIFTH dimension?
            SUSAN: Space.


            1. TTN

              A few years ago I came across a very weird doppelganger.

              At the hospice shop where I used to volunteer the Head of Trading at the time facially was a male doppelganger of Rosemary West.

              1. Frank my Italian friend is a double of my Dad in every way, it freaks me out at times, he even tells the same bad jokes and has me playing golf.

                Roobster met my Dad once he waved at her apparently.🖐🏻 but then she always had a sixth sense.

                Meeting Mrs West would be an unreal experience.

                Talking of doubles and mirrors I hear rumours that another Frank (Lampard) maybe taking over at the Crystal Palace I hope he does better than that other double dutch Frank fella.

                Over a year ago.. before I caught myself on.. I ordered a Chelsea mask but a Crystal Palace one arrived instead… it is still in it’s package. I did find it phunny at the time… you can have it if you like.

                On your previous comment I also uncovered a Ja Pan ese link with alien contact in my latest post which I am still writing.

                and you only live twYce was filmed in Japan… Bond even turned into one…. the Y chromosome the fork in the time stream….slyding doors and beds.

                I am back on the job in a few weeks.

                Going back to the same school twice… Life on Mars.

                But before then London’s calling…. first Chinatown and a bit of Peking Duck… then on to the Fulham Rd near the Bridge in the West to watch the Champions League game. (hopefully we won’t lose a fifth final) then finally off to Woking possibly for a bit of Poker…. but you need big cojones to play with this crowd.

                They were telling me they used to play every Sat night at a pub in Redhill.

                55 has been trending recently back on my old stomping ground in Glassgow the UNION B EARS celebrating 55 titles on the 15/05 on the River Cl Yde.

                Mirror mirror.

                and the same with my old team in Belfast they are on the verge of winning their 55th title.

                I was thinking of calling in on the way back as it is close by but I don’t think you are ready for any Visitors yet. 👽

                I will email you over the weekend you can let me know.

                Ciao for now.

                1. I have the same thing with my Dad. A lookey likey was at the hospice shop . And also in this video.

                  Good luck with the job. Something definitely going on with repeat patterns. This is the second time in Nutfield.

  2. And I’ve moved this over from comments in last article.

    This from TTN :

    Frank I think you have more theories than Einstein 😆 you are worse than me and that sure is something.

    However I get what you are saying. One of the many things that I think links us is childhood trauma, we all appear to have went through very unpleasant experiences, some worse than others. Or maybe some of us have blocked out the worst parts to protect ourselves.

    As part of my research for my Close Encounters posts I have come across some very dark material which I will share at some point in relation to alien abduction.

    However many of these experiences appear to be linked to religion in some way or to man made religious organisations.

    The moon landings, 1969 and memory are all things Roob and I were talking about a year ago in regards to the religious order, the Silence.

    I have been saying from the beginning of this entire Covid shenanigans that it has a religious feel to it.

    The first day of Lockdown I posted a video entitled the Silence Has Fallen. Or you could call them the Not Sees or the Observers or the Vampires hence their deathly white appearance.

    The Silence like the Observers all wear suits, they love their rules, at least publicly they advocate no touching, no hugging, no intimacy or positive warm emotion of any kind is allowed. They all wear the same uniform because they love uniformity…you will comply or else.

    From today though we are allowed to hug but only in the government approved manner.

    There are FIVE Rules to hugging …🤪


    On one level they appear to be feeding off us and manipulating time/reality and memory just as depicted in Dark City or the Matrix or the Adjustment Bureau.

    Major world events on mainstream media are used as programming or a ritual of sorts as depicted in the video clip below.

    Cube brick said his Moonolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey was placed deliberately as a symbol to be implanted into the collective subconscious akin to a hypnotic suggestion.

    Maybe that is why copies of them started appearing around the world at the end of 2020 beginning of 2021.

    One of those rituals was the 2012 Olympics. I had a flash of insight when I was watching the opening ceremony that there was some sort of manipulation of time going on.

    Messing with the timeline and memory a fork in the road. It has all been done many times before methinks.

    I suppose that is why the writings of science fiction authors from the 20th century are now becoming fact. Or why Hollywood always depict’s a bleak dystopian future.

    It is programming the collective consciousness in order to project it into this (tick as appropriate) reality/simulation/dream/computer program… the media is the mess age. I am not saying all news/movies or tv series are doing this.

    As we know some truths about what is going on are also hidden within movies.

    I watched this movie a few months back I think you might find it interesting.

    1. And my reply. All this stuff is surfacing. Jiggery Pokery.


      ‘Tell me about your weird childhood ?’ is a phrase I use to describe it.

      I haven’t had alien abduction experiences as far as I am aware but I know others who have. They seem to be ‘real’ to the extent that we seem to be living in an illusion. Terrifying .

      Jenny and I have watched Bliss. It’s a very good movie. The ending has a similar pattern to some other movies. It has an ambiguous ending. I’ve seen the same question at the end of Shutter Island, Atonement, Inception, Life Of Pi and a movie called Fractured. And the question is which version do you prefer ? And I’m very much seeing the Background People element in the film.

      Before your time on Merovee in the couple of years of run up to Olympics I talked about nothing but Time in relation to 2012 it felt like. It was all about Time and now we have the mirror with Tokyo 2021 and London 2012 which seems to say the same thing. Tia Sharp’s death took place on the Prime Meridian in New Addington during the London Olympics which sadly didn’t surprise me. And weird link with Sarah Payne – Sharp Pain.

      And there is the link with aliens and Olympics. Los Angeles – 1984.

      Over the weekend, a woman who was very much on the periphery of ‘my story’ suddenly burst through the ether and has come to the forefront very quickly after the ‘memory wipe’ pic showed up . It is seriously weird. I know Jenny was deleted from the memory bank and now this lady. And I was deleted from Jenny’s memory bank is another conclusion. It may fan out. IDK. I tend to stick to what I do know. I am either looking at a false memory laid over another memory or two timelines. Or maybe some other weird shit. But someone or something has gone to a lot of trouble. And religion comes into it I think. 90% of my ritual memories mainly take place in a chapel. There’s 2 Of Everything. x2 chapels in fact.

  3. Monsters. 😱

    Surfacing from the deep.

    Emerging from the underworld.

    The trauma is a collective one, experienced in individual ways. Don’t take it to heart. Don’t blame yourself or anyone else.

    Stop and be friendly. 🛸

        1. Roobster I was inundated with msgs last night because everyone thinks it was me 🦸🏻‍♂️ as it was here in Westbourne.

          I have heard rumours of an actual underground network here which is planning to take action against further lockdowns and vaccinations. They rip down Covid signs and spray paint their tags around the place…. but it’s got absolutely nothing to do with me.


          This morning I was awakened at 6am by helicopter’s flying overhead.

          But have you looked at the guy. I know I have put a bit of weight on over lockdown but do me a favour.

          and last night someone texted me ‘you can’t run and you can’t hide.’ but reading the sines that means something good is about to happen.

          No one is getting their hands on my junk DNA dance moves unless they have a LEELOO Dallas multi-pass.😉

          Talking of hyding as I posted previously the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was born in Westbourne as it was written here by Robert Louis Stevenson.



          I watched that movie Y esterdaY it was about a worldwide blackout and a guy who was cycling fell and banged his head and woke up in an alternate timeline… a lightning fork in the road.

          Slyding Doors and talking of the Fall and Doormen.

          The revolution starts here at Number 23…no touching of the head this time please it’s been touched enough already recently.

  4. The Worldwide Church Of God.

    Bobby Fischer.




    Mr. Armstrong spent much of the 1970s traveling the planet, meeting kings, presidents and other heads of state. Some of the most well-known leaders he met were Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Otto von Habsburg, King Leopold iii, Hosni Mubarak, Anwar Sadat, Shimon Peres, Indira Gandhi and Emperor Hirohito. He traveled multiple nations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.


        1. Fronts :

          ‘A front organization is any entity set up by and controlled by another organization, such as intelligence agencies, organized crime groups, terrorist organizations, secret societies, runaway slaves, banned organizations, religious or political groups, advocacy groups, or corporations. Front organizations can act for the parent group without the actions being attributed to the parent group thereby allowing them to hide from public view.’

              1. The logo for the Bluebell Railway is remarkably similar to the way I have started my signature since I got married 😉

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