The Darkest Dark

It’s a seriously weird place.

The Windmills Of Your Mind.





If you pay attention the Universe will give you clues as to what’s coming. Maybe too much information but a week or so ago as part of my grocery trip I was in need of a stock up of toilet rolls. Normally I buy a two pack but this time I couldn’t find a two pack and was forced into buying a four pack of toilet rolls. The Universe likes its toilet roll jokes. And shortly after the Deep Water sign showed up.



At one level, the Universe says don’t take it too seriously and don’t take yourself too seriously. It really is an illusion – ‘It’s just a bad dimension is all’ – but at the same time it wants you to investigate the deeper and darker reaches inside the Self.

I’m very aware that many people have suffered trauma of different sorts. At the core I see the world as a case of PTSD from the separation with God and pain is pain and comes from the same place within the Self. You can get easily caught up in your own special pain and the drama of your story.

But at present it does want you to look. Firstly just thank you so much to MJ and Jenny with this. I’ve written about my SRA memories over the years from time to time. Under the surface it has plagued me whether they were true or not. Someone went digging and the long and the short of it is that it’s saying ‘ Yes. They Are’. And for me the obvious conclusion is that there has been a systematic reality manipulation which applies to all sorts of areas. Down on the Farm and feeding off and directing energy.

Strangely the SRA is probably not the most difficult thing to deal with. Also another conclusion that has cropped up is that my past maybe radically different to how I remember it. Or there is more than one past and a quantum past. Whatever. It is seriously fucked up. It’s difficult to say how much it relates to others and whether others have had the same reality manipulation but from a few observations it would appear that others I know have serious reality glitches in their past such as schools that disappear off the face of the earth.



Basically I think we are trying to get back on the right track and correct the energy flow. As part of this certain symbols have repeated.

Firstly the Altar and the Chapel.



And another is the Rose Window.



Also the Space Suit.



Which leads into The Church Of Batman. When I went to Texas one of the things I noticed is that God is everywhere. It is full of churches with strange names. In my mind I think of them as The Church Of Batman. And one of the other questions that has cropped up is why certain Churches Of Batman have influence and an ‘In’ with Royal families and Presidents and banks and big corporations on a global scale ? Maybe it’s just a case of following the money. In my banking days I would come across strange money flows from time to time but think there maybe more to it.

Another thing is that different actors and actresses keep showing up. One of them is Tom Cruise and seems to relate to his connection with Scientology and also the Scientology HQ in East Grinstead, England and the link with the Prime Meridian and Time. And is he a clone or some other such weird stuff ? Baa. And why he hasn’t aged in 35 years ?



Another one is a British actress called Celia Imrie. This is more obvious and I believe it relates to a psychiatrist called William Sargant and his connection with MK Ultra and other Deep State shenanigans : Aangirfan – Celia Imrie and William Sargant.



On the bright side though. An article in 2021 wouldn’t be complete without a flower pic. Bulb Energy.



A Rose By Any Other Name.



Watt Is Real.


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    1. Anon

      I think you are correct. I knew it was a clematis. It’s on the wall of the garden with the windmill also in the article.

      ‘The Clematis montana originates from China. It is a fast growing, deciduous climber that is great for growing along hedges, through trees or up houses. During mid-late Spring, flowers made up of 4 dusty pink petals and golden-yellow stamens are produced. The beautiful, dainty flowers can reach up to 7.5cm in width, surrounded by leaves that consist of 3 leaflets. The climber is best positioned where it will reach full sun as well as partial shade. It is known to be tolerant to a heavy frost, hardy to -25c.’

      And even Clematis speaks – Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.


  1. It doesn’t get much more darker than this

    or this

    In the Bible, if you study the root of the word ‘mark of the beast’, we learn that the mark G5480 is from the same as G5482 to sharpen to a point; a stake.

    It appears that the state and the NHS instead of IHS have taken the place of God and taking the vaxxine has become the new communion.

    It’s a new religion.

    They will be saying getting the jab gives you immortality next. 🧛🏻‍♂️

    You might feel a little prick as it goes in.

    1. TTN

      Vaccination is part of Darkest Dark I believe. I’ve used that term because it suddenly popped up in a weird way as these things do.

      I think you know the back story. One of the questions I’ve asked myself is why I have’memories’ and others don’t. In the locality of one of the establishments I attended no one else seems to have memories apart from one other individual. What went wrong with the programming that the memories seeped through ? There were others and why haven’t they remembered ?

      I don’t know for sure but one of my theories is that just before I left the second establishment I was meant to have a BCG vaccination and for some reason I didn’t have it. I think it may effect memory. With this and if you look at the science involved with vaccination Memory cells are at the heart of the science connected with vaccination. And this coming up at the same time as the memory wipe pic and other things leads me to believe that this is what the innoculation is about. And maybe more than just memory. Even the use of the term ‘memory cells’ seems to indicate something.

      1. There is also a strange link with Chris Hadfield and Space Oddity and the Space Suit in connection with Darkest Dark.

        I know reading things into popular culture is not an exact science but I link this with the Dr Who episodes ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ and ‘Day Of The Moon’ and The Silence and why you forget them as soon as you see them.

        1. Frank I think you have more theories than Einstein 😆 you are worse than me and that sure is something.

          However I get what you are saying. One of the many things that I think links us is childhood trauma, we all appear to have went through very unpleasant experiences, some worse than others. Or maybe some of us have blocked out the worst parts to protect ourselves.

          As part of my research for my Close Encounters posts I have come across some very dark material which I will share at some point in relation to alien abduction.

          However many of these experiences appear to be linked to religion in some way or to man made religious organisations.

          The moon landings, 1969 and memory are all things Roob and I were talking about a year ago in regards to the religious order, the Silence.

          I have been saying from the beginning of this entire Covid shenanigans that it has a religious feel to it.

          The first day of Lockdown I posted a video entitled the Silence Has Fallen. Or you could call them the Not Sees or the Observers or the Vampires hence their deathly white appearance.

          The Silence like the Observers all wear suits, they love their rules, at least publicly they advocate no touching, no hugging, no intimacy or positive warm emotion of any kind is allowed. They all wear the same uniform because they love uniformity…you will comply or else.

          From today though we are allowed to hug but only in the government approved manner.

          There are FIVE Rules to hugging …🤪

          On one level they appear to be feeding off us and manipulating time/reality and memory just as depicted in Dark City or the Matrix or the Adjustment Bureau.

          Major world events on mainstream media are used as programming or a ritual of sorts as depicted in the video clip below.

          Cube brick said his Moonolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey was placed deliberately as a symbol to be implanted into the collective subconscious akin to a hypnotic suggestion.

          Maybe that is why copies of them started appearing around the world at the end of 2020 beginning of 2021.

          One of those rituals was the 2012 Olympics. I had a flash of insight when I was watching the opening ceremony that there was some sort of manipulation of time going on.

          Messing with the timeline and memory a fork in the road. It has all been done many times before methinks.

          I suppose that is why the writings of science fiction authors from the 20th century are now becoming fact. Or why Hollywood always depict’s a bleak dystopian future.

          It is programming the collective consciousness in order to project it into this (tick as appropriate) reality/simulation/dream/computer program… the media is the mess age. I am not saying all news/movies or tv series are doing this.

          As we know some truths about what is going on are also hidden within movies.

          I watched this movie a few months back I think you might find it interesting.

          1. TTN

            ‘Tell me about your weird childhood ?’ is a phrase I use to describe it.

            I haven’t had alien abduction experiences as far as I am aware but I know others who have. They seem to be ‘real’ to the extent that we seem to be living in an illusion. Terrifying .

            Jenny and I have watched Bliss. It’s a very good movie. The ending has a similar pattern to some other movies. It has an ambiguous ending. I’ve seen the same question at the end of Shutter Island, Atonement, Inception, Life Of Pi and a movie called Fractured. And the question is which version do you prefer ? And I’m very much seeing the Background People element in the film.

            Before your time on Merovee in the couple of years of run up to Olympics I talked about nothing but Time in relation to 2012 it felt like. It was all about Time and now we have the mirror with Tokyo 2021 and London 2012 which seems to say the same thing. Tia Sharp’s death took place on the Prime Meridian in New Addington during the London Olympics which sadly didn’t surprise me. And weird link with Sarah Payne – Sharp Pain.

            And there is the link with aliens and Olympics. Los Angeles – 1984.

            Over the weekend, a woman who was very much on the periphery of ‘my story’ suddenly burst through the ether and has come to the forefront very quickly after the ‘memory wipe’ pic showed up . It is seriously weird. I know Jenny was deleted from the memory bank and now this lady. And I was deleted from Jenny’s memory bank is another conclusion. It may fan out. IDK. I tend to stick to what I do know. I am either looking at a false memory laid over another memory or two timelines. Or maybe some other weird shit. But someone or something has gone to a lot of trouble. And religion comes into it I think. 90% of my ritual memories mainly take place in a chapel. There’s 2 Of Everything. x2 chapels in fact.

          2. I didn’t have any childhood trauma. Certainly nothing akin to what you or Frank or others on here experienced. I did spend quite a lot of time on my own, playing by myself, but it wasn’t traumatic.

    2. TTN

      The blood of Jesus only saves if you have faith, you must believe it works. And that it was necessary to begin with. Same was true of the lamb when it was slaughtered by the Jewish High Priest and the blood poured out on the altar. Probably the same is true of the virus and the shot. Without faith it won’t work. Our cooperation is required.

      The thing about this indoctrination is it’s now jumping the bounds of Judeo-Christianity.

      1. Hi Elena I hear ya..they are using fear as a weapon because that has proved so successful in the past.

        However I believe Christ’s teachings of love and forgiveness were never truly followed by the man made ‘Church’.

        Your El Presidente yesterday said that those who refused the maxine would ‘pay the ultimate price’. That sounded like a threat to me.

        I am surrounded by the fanatical disciples of this new religion as they glare at me behind their three masks and face shields keeping their distance and wearing their surgical gloves.

        I refuse to wear a mask I walk around as normal, very rarely does anyone challenge me. I smile and say good morning and that makes them madder than hell.

        I travelled on a coach and a ferry a few days ago not a word said to me. It was outside and they were all wearing masks, where is the common sense 🤦‍♂️ and you can’t talk to them or reason with them…the reptilian side of the brain appears to be in charge.

        I for one am not converting to an illogical and insane fear and death cult.

  2. And why does nobody seem to live in Kyoto ?

    As one of the comments says : ‘When I was there it was so crowded you could hardly move. This video is amazing with the empty streets. It seems like you are back in the old days.’ I’ve got something very similar here.

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