Deep Water



The Gates are opening. It looks like a full on 3D collapse is in process. Personally I welcome it. This is why I am here and has been my job for many years now and for many others as well and probably you too even if you don’t know it.



And facing facts. Merovee has had a significant impact on the Ascension shift. As individuals we would appear to be very important to the Universe and consciousness. I think it’s safe to say we haven’t worked out why yet.



In A Course In Miracles , it talks about the Hero of the Dream. This describes the Little Me ego’s view of itself which applies to every individual persona as the centre of the universe.

‘The body is the central figure in the dreaming of the world. There is no dream without it, nor does it exist without the dream in which it acts as if it were a person to be seen and be believed. It takes the central place in every dream, which tells the story of how it was made by other bodies, born into the world outside the body, lives a little while and dies, to be united in the dust with other bodies dying like itself. In the brief time allotted it to live, it seeks for other bodies as its friends and enemies. Its safety is its main concern. Its comfort is its guiding rule. It tries to look for pleasure, and avoid the things that would be hurtful. Above all, it tries to teach itself its pains and joys are different and can be told apart.

The body’s serial adventures, from the time of birth to dying are the theme of every dream the world has ever had. The “hero” of this dream will never change, nor will its purpose. Though the dream itself takes many forms, and seems to show a great variety of places and events wherein its “hero” finds itself, the dream has but one purpose, taught in many ways. This single lesson does it try to teach again, and still again, and yet once more; that it is cause and not effect. And you are its effect, and cannot be its cause.’

Over the years, I have tried to walk the line of self awareness of the ego’s thought pattern in my mind and the real mind. Maybe not successfully at times. The coding is or was very ingrained in the mind. But the Universe loves its paradoxes though. At the same time, it wants you to Look Within and investigate the Self, examine it and release the unreal aspects of the Self.

As I said I welcome the Ascension process but it’s definitely not ‘All things bright and beautiful’ a lot of the time and it’s saying we are in Deep Water.



I have ended up in A Place Beyond Belief. It’s full on. Nothing seems real and it’s full of reflections and messages and neural pathways. Every day is an adventure. It is a cross between Narnia and Wonderland and the Land That Time Forgot and Frozen In Time. And at the same time it also seems to include The Prisoner and The Wicker Man. This article isn’t about The Fourth Wall concept and why we are characters on the Silver Screen but it is in there.




When I was a young boy, I can remember watching The Prisoner. It used to be shown on repeat after the Big Match on ITV on Sunday afternoons. I had no idea at that age what it was talking about but I did enjoy it though. Over the years ‘The Prisoner’ has kept popping up in a variety of ways. As an example, the car at the beginning of each series is a Caterham 7 and I used to know the owners who manufactured the Caterham 7 when I lived in Caterham and other things as well over the years.



In the Prisoner, he ends up in The Village which is a strange place to where he was abducted. The flip side of living in Narnia and the Village is some days I wake up feeling very much like Number 6 and the Village where I live has the same feel at times. One of the episodes ‘Free For All’ describes an election in the village and tomorrow there are local elections here. I can vote twice if I want.





Which leads into Darker Thing and mysteries. I won’t go into full details of my past memories but it seems to be tied in with Deep State and also having x 2 birth certificates and reviewing my past much of it doesn’t make sense. And I know others have similar glitches. It seems a jumble of at least x 2 memories and two selves in different space time is the best way I can put it.

And The Universe never stops talking. And it may not just be me who is effected.

‘Can You Know The Truth If Your Mind Has Been Wiped ?’.



And missing or repressed or replaced or twin Time Lines or reality.



FWIW I think we are now entering a period when Absolutes will disappear. If you expect the world to behave how you expect it or how you want it to be according to the old 3D rules of duality, it could get even more confusing and that’s saying something.





It’s a strange place.


22 thoughts on “Deep Water

  1. The deep water and the waiv er and the duplicity.
    Duplicity means ‘doubleness’ ‘twofold’, in the sense of being contradictory.

    I am duplicitous. I am not the same person outside the door as I am behind the door.

    And the question before us, how do we get to the point where we can safely remove the mask?

    1. Orlena

      There are many facets to this. Something has cropped up as it does. My Deep Water and maybe our Deep Water in terms of Merovee – IDK – is also extraordinarily Dark Water. Who are the faceless ones behind the masks ? Also Untouchables in the sense of beyond the law and also the Indian caste system.

      Seems to be saying my spidey senses are correct about the vaccine and memory and consciousness . I’m always wary of going into ‘Fear’ scenarios but I wouldn’t touch any vaccination with a bargepole.

        1. Frank

          I guess I was trying to say in a round about way, nothing or no one is what it seems. My view is there is two of everything. What appears to be and what is true. They contradict. What appears to be is usually obvious, what is true takes time and work to develop.

          It’s evolutionary. We are evolutionary. ‘Unrolling’, ‘opening out’.
          This is normal. πŸ˜‰
          How long it takes, this time, for us to make the evolutionary move from Egypt through the ‘desert’ to the land flowing with milk and honey depends on how much resistance we put up.

          1. Orlena

            I understand what you are saying. I think! 😊. We have our Shadow. I don’t take it personally. I see it as an unreal aspect of the Self which we are trying to release or integrate. I’m not sure exactly of the proces but we are in there at the moment with that.

            But 2 Of Everything personally takes on a slightly different meaning. I know there are X2 Frank and they are not the Shadow Self. Literally me in two places at once. It may apply to everyone. IDK.

            And there are extremely murky areas again which have to be gone into which seem to keep the game going if you like.

      1. Hi Frank hope you are keeping well and fully masked up. πŸ¦ΈπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

        In relation to the two times thing that is happening I see 2021 and 2012 as repeating. Yesterday I lost count of how many headlines had the number 2 or twice. A friend yesterday even told me to stop saying the same thing twice I said What do you Mean…What do you Mean πŸ˜‰

        Another asked if you have had your second jab yet?

        I said no I am self identifying as a transvaxxgender.

        Nice white dress.

        From Russia with Love or is it you only live twice.

        In the football world and in relation to the bluebells Chelsea reached their first Champions League final since 2012 winning 2 0.

        One of their players was wearing a mask the same thing happened in 2012.

        Their manager Thomas (Twin) 2cool took over from a younger manager midway through the season. The exact same thing happened in 2012….when Di Matteo took over from AVB Chelsea then went on to win the Champions League and FA Cup. Man City won the title that year as well. Now we have two blue teams in both finals.

        I see it as echoes in time like a song that keeps repeating when the needle gets stuck.

        A bit like my latest insane rant that was inspired by a conversation that took place a few years back between Roob, Divine DNA Korben Dallas and myself.

        1. TTN

          I’m fine considering the insanity. Lots of very interesting things going on at the moment. Just had a form of confirmation that my unpleasant memories are correct. Thank you ! In short it couldn’t have happened without some form of Deep State involvement and again is connected with Time. Fxxking about with consciousness. Dark City type manipulation.

          There’s definitely some weird loop with 2012 and 2 Of Everything. The London Olympics on the Prime Meridian in 2012 and now Japan Olympics has been moved to 2021 as an example though it is still called Tokyo 2020 which sort of fits with 2 Of Everything. 2016 is in the loop as well I believe. I’ve got a mad ‘Frozen in Time’ scenario where I now live in The Village for the second time too two.

          Also connections with the Olympics and 1&2 and Time . Whitney Houston died in 2012 on 11/2/2012 and the official Olympics song ‘One Moment In Time’ from Whitney Houston in 1988. Yet another Texas connection seeing you mentioned Korben Dallas. And there’s others I’ve seen as well.

          I’ve lost it with football and news in general. It’s so unreal but I did notice the Glazers and the Theatre Of Dreams invasion at the weekend at Old Trafford – ‘Some people are on the pitch. They think it’s all over. It is now’ and the connection with the Palace and Eagles. The old nickname of Crystal Palace before the Eagles was the Glaziers. And again The Prisoner with Crystal Palace and the Glasshouse. That’s the term for a military prison.

          We’re in a movie. Local elections yesterday.

          1. Frank you are spot on it appears to be a prism prison.

            The Crystal Palace was a cast iron and plate glass structure, originally built in Hyde Park, London, to house the Great Exhibition of 1851.

            Hyde Park so it is invisible it also has a HEXagonical like cell structure.

            This has been depicted in movies over the years but most recently in WandaVision as WestView or Westworld is created.

            I watched a documentary on Palace a few weeks ago back… in the 70’s as you know they were known as ‘the team of the future’ or ‘the team of the eighties’ when Malcolm Allison arrived he changed the name to the Eagles. Terry Venables appeared to be the brains behind the operation.

            It was their M23 rivalry with Brighton that I found interesting they used to be called the Dolphins go figure.

            The first known crest (1946–1975) to be used by Brighton & Hove Albion was the traditional coat-of-arms design of the TWIN towns of Brighton and Hove. A hybrid design employing the shield of Hove and the dolphin crest of Brighton was also used at times while a calligraphic shield was worn on the team shirts in the latter 1950s. During the 1974/75 season the club became known as ‘The Dolphins’ and by the beginning of the following season, a new club crest had been introduced.

            Both this nickname and crest were to prove short-lived, however, following an incident said to have taken place in the Bo’SUN public house in Brighton. Prior to a ‘derby’ fixture with fierce rivals, Crystal Palace, a few away supporters started chanting, “Eagles, Eagles” to which a group of Brighton & Hove Albion fans responded with a chant of “Seagulls, Seagulls”.


            When I was in Brighton I ended up in a street which was a mirror image of where I live now it was a very strange sensation as the pub on the corner looked identical and had the exact same name as the one beside me in Bournemouth.

            It was covered in painted white birds/doves but instead of an olive branch they have a (tuning) fork in their mouths it was called Westbourne. I was visiting No 23.


            this is written inside the one in Bournemouth


            and Hyde in Life on Mars

            his Mum lived in Number 23 with a cat called Ivanhoe… who writes these tails.

            The next morning, Sam, as in his earlier dream, walks the streets looking for his boyhood house. He spots his cat, Ivanhoe, ducking into number 23. Sam rings the bell and his mother Ruth answers. πŸ™€

            Reading the signs I would say

            Curiouseer and Curiouseer.

            1. We’re in a strange place.

              Both Brighton and Crystal Palace have connections too many to go into here. I like Brighton but it does have that Wonderland effect with The Lanes and other places.

              The ones that seem pertinent are I got beaten up in Brighton after going to a Camra ‘In Camera’ beer festival. I also remember Sieg Heil and Eagle trial. Very weird .

              As far as Palace goes and the Malcolm Allison era. In the cup run in 1976 before each FA cup tie Crystal Palace came down to Lancing College down the road from Brighton to train when we were in the 3rd Division. Apart from being exciting to Palace fans at the school in the first round, it didn’t seem very relevant as 3rd division clubs don’t go very far normally but as it went on it got more exciting. Even Football Focus turned up but I’m sure Football Focus was called something else but Wiki says not. Doesn’t mean that it wasn’t.

              And I’ve left another comment about horses which includes Red Rum and The Shining. I went to the semi final at Stamford Bridge against Southampton which we lost. They kicked Peter Taylor and Alan Whittle off the park and Taylor had to go off and Whittle limped around for most of the game. Still aggravates after this time ! And this is another weird time slip loop thing. I know my memory is correct with this. It was the day of the Grand National and people were listening to the Grand National on the radio as well as watching the game. Red Rum won his 3rd Grand National. But according to wiki he won his third Grand National in 1977. In my world it was 1976.

              Again horses. The reason why Crystal Palace came down to Lancing was that the head of football at the school Ken Shearwood had an ‘in’ with the FA. He was friends with Harold Thompson who in the period was head of the FA. Ken Shearwood played for a famous amateur football side after WW2 – Pegasus – founded by Harold Thompson. Combination of Oxford and Cambridge university students.



  2. About Time Loops and in a Movie . I came across this very friendly horse yesterday. Looks happy enough and plenty of food in a nice field but it is what we term a Knacker’s Yard. The last meal before the horse is taken off to become glue or whatever.

    ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They ?’ and the Circle Game.

    And Tracks Of Your Years.

    Stephen Paddock and the Strip. Paddock : A small field or enclosure where horses are kept or exercised.

    1. And down the neural pathway it connects with the Godfather and the Lost Inheritance and the Orchard and apple trees and energy going down the wrong line and fraud. And Car Clues and Waiting for A Train and Looking for Atlantis. And ‘Down On The Farmacy’ and ‘They Shoot Pigs Don’t They ?’. These Shrooms are powerful ! I don’t need any help in that regard. It just feels like it.

      Paddock Wood.

      1. And further down the rabbit hole with horses.

        Jenny sent me a video about architecture and Troy, New York and reality meltdown.

        Troy was a horse that won the English Derby in 1979.

        Red Rum was the horse that won the English Grand National three times and came second twice . It was also on the door of Room 237 in The Shining.

        A few nights ago a snail turned up on the wall outside my apartment. L’Escargot was the horse that interrupted Red Rum’s winning streak in 1975.

        And Frankel ridden by Frankie Dettori. Strange place this.

        1. Frank you posted the same video twice just to go with the two times theme. I can’t see the Architecture one.

          Talking of horses I took this in the New’s one of my fav places to visit as all the animals run free.

          They shoot horses don’t they…. nope they are just chilling.

          The sunsets are pretty impressive as well.

                1. Frank I know I remember all the chatter at the time, I got that as well that summer personally as I have posted before when I was in Yorkshire.

                  I was listening to the radio they were playing Richard Burton’s monologue to War of the Worlds when they interrupted it for breaking news of the Aurora dark night shooting.


                  It’s no coincidence that I now have a close friend from Horsell Common in Woking.

                  In 2012 I felt like I was being awakened and something of huge importance was happening. I am getting that same feeling again now to go with the same thing twice theme. And again in the football world it repeated itself as in 2012 Chelsea came back from behind to beat City 2-1 and the same thing happened again yesterday and Palace also won 2 -0.

                  A few months back I received downloads or insights into the whole alien ET angle. Which is why I started to write a series of posts with videos to accompany each one. I can’t explain with words what is currently taking place but yesterday I had some very strange things happen to me even more than the usual weirdness.

                  I also had a second visit from an Observer a few weeks back he was in the same place as the last time but he was a different guy. He was standing outside Starbucks dressed in his 50’s grey hat and suit and he stared at me as i walked past.. his eyes looked pink or red and he had the usual albino complexion.


                  I was in a hurry to deliver documents to a friend so I just laughed and shook my head. The strange thing was nobody else appeared to notice this weirdly dressed and so out of time/place man standing there but he certainly noticed me. It’s nuts.

                  Talking of Nuts and Nazis and Mars this has been circling these past few days.

                  Elon Musk tweeted he cannot escape his destiny of going to Mars. This guy replied.

                  “Speaking about destiny, did you know that Von Braun’s 1953 book β€˜Mars Project,’ referenced a person named Elon that would bring humans to Mars?” he wrote. “Pretty nuts.”


                  In the book he also describes a fictional disaster when a rocket blows up killing the people inside that is almost exactly identical to the real Space Shuttle Challenger disaster that took place on January 28, 1986, with seven would-be astronauts inside, showing that seven would-be astronauts who were killed had not studied this book to anticipate this problem.

                  Looks like Rocket Man was tuned in as Kendo is so fond of saying.

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