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Know Thyself. But ‘Know Thyself’ maybe more complicated than we know or maybe not.




‘To be is to be perceived, and so to know thyself is only possible through the eyes of the other. The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds, that go on and are pushing themselves throughout all time.

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.’


Can You Dig It ?



Quantum Laughing Gnomes.



‘Where do you come from’ ?

‘Gnome Man’s Land’



Forget Me Knots.




Any Hoo.

Yesterday Jenny and I watched ‘The Dig’ movie on Netflix. Excellent movie. As a film it stands up in it’s own right but as per normal it seemed to be speaking.

Digging up the past or do you let sleeping dogs lie ?

It tells the story of the discovery and excavation of the Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon ship in Suffolk, England just before the outbreak of World War 2.







And what really got the motor cortex moving was when they discovered Merovingian coins on the site which I believe is connected with why we are ‘Persons Of Interest’.

From ‘Story – The Merovingian Coins’ :

‘Upon the excavation of the ship burial at the Sutton Hoo in 1939, a collection of gold objects was discovered within the purse in a small area described by Rupert Bruce-Mitford as “a major concentration of gold jewellery”. These were 37 Merovingian tremisses, three flans, and two ingots.

In his diary, C. W. Phillips describes the discovery on July 22nd of “thirty-nine gold coins in mint condition, apparently barbarous copies of Byzantine coinage.” On July 31st, a fortieth gold coin had been discovered after the floor of the burial was carefully sifted.

This initial analysis was partially correct, as the Merovingian tremissis was modelled on the Roman coin of the same name, introduced in the late 4th century as a third of a solidus.’



And with the current situation, there was a weird tangent at the end when the movie replayed the ‘Declaration of War’ speech by British PM Neville Chamberlain saying ‘We are now at war with Germany’.



‘I am speaking to you from the cabinet room at 10 Downing Street. This morning the British ambassador in Berlin handed the German government a final note stating that unless we heard from them by 11 o’clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw their troops from Poland, a state of war would exist between us. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently this country is at war with Germany.’


Can You Dig It and Down To Earth . Just passing it on.



Omega and the Daily Ground. Yet again it maybe more complicated than at first sight. Below are four pics which give essentially the same message but is it necessary to repeat it or is it the same message being received in four different ‘mind’ realities ? Possibly.






Back to the beginning.




It’s natural.


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      1. TTN

        I’m seeing all sorts of numerology with lots of people’s birthdays at the moment. It’s been there for a few years but it’s there all the time at the moment.

      1. MJ ❤️

        There is a saying which goes, ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results’.

        Crossroads: a point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far-reaching consequences. 🙂

        The episode is entitled, Time Squared.

        The shot in Time Squared.

    1. It is Mothers Day and he is wearing number nine. Just like my post/book on the Notre Dame back in 2019 and the syncs surrounding that particular number.

      These things are reflecting what is happening within and although it appears as negative I believe it is a positive.

      Reading the signs I believe it is an echo of the upcoming close encounter with our ET HER but then I know nothing Jon Snow.

      I have been writing about the white cross recently and I have almost completed the video on the Fifth Element it features the crossroads at least twice.

      Bruce Willis/Korben Dallas was a cab/taxi driver in the Fifth Element.

      I have been trying to convey in my posts what I have been experiencing over the past weeks as words cannot really describe it.

      However it has really ramped up these past few days accompanied by weird shit like suicidal birds flying straight into my windows with an almighty bang, and stuff disappearing which has never happened before.

      Bruce Willis was also a miner/driller in Armageddon digging up the p ast. Or uncovering the V mother ship.

      In the Fifth Element he is dressed as an orangeman.

      Maybe it’s also contact with Red Mars Daddy as well as Blue Mummy Venus.

      I have been getting an ancient Egyptian or Sumerian vibe or maybe even more ancient than that.

      All roads lead to Rome it would appear.

  1. Today is Mother’s Day in the US. And after seeing all the beautiful wildflowers yesterday, the message seems to be Mother Earth day (which is everyday). Of course, the dimensional weirdness only gets weirder and more intense.
    About ‘persons of interest’, I can’t help but think it would include a connected neural highway of certain people 😉
    This is the age of Aquarius, and everybody knows it’s time to clean house. We get to keep what we like and toss what we don’t.
    And as far as ‘this life is not your own’ is another thing on merovee that haunts me. Because whose is it? Can I have some of it? The whole earth is taken over by a deep state. Who is the deep state?
    I dunno. But Fuller’s Earth is going to filter out the poison.

    “Fuller’s Earth can be used to decontaminate skin after nerve agent and other exposure. Fuller’s Earth resembles clay in texture and form, but it is actually a superabsorbent form of aluminum silicate. Mostly composed of silica, magnesium, iron, and aluminum, it has been used for centuries to absorb dirt and oil.”

    It’s a miracle product and it’s just what we need. It’s a filter, beauty product, and even medicinal.

    The spiritual “war” is just showing the impurities and bringing them to the surface.

    1. See that small strip of paper at the bottom of the information board? Its a bonkers of a map. Would seem like a joke, except as you can see, the case is locked and there’s park rangers here and there.

      Here’s a map to the Netherworld and there’s some interesting places along the way.

      1. About the map.

        As you noted The OA speaks to me and Jenny. This is a screenshot from The OA in the second series. The prisoners from the first series manage to jump into a different dimension but end up still trapped by Hap in a hospital for the insane.

        I’ve been looking at some gifs and pics from The OA recently and this jumped out from the second series. Firstly I doubt if the doppelganger effect is a coincidence. Also it reminds me very much of when Rain posted a map which showed Kazakhstan above USA. Everything’s up for grabs at present.

        And the OA is in this pic with the circle around the A in Slated.

        And Omega.

        1. I see the map as the Palm Tree just like the fortune tellers try and tell you the right way to go in the future by reading your T leaves and your map/pa(l)m trees.

          Say Hello WaVe Goodbye

  2. This is the happy house, we’re happy here in the happy house
    Oh, it’s such fun, fun, fun
    We’ve come to play in the happy house
    And waste a day in the happy house, it never rains, never rains

    We’ve come to scream in the happy house
    We’re in a dream in the happy house
    We’re all quite sane, sane, sane
    This is the happy house-we’re happy here

    There’s room for you if you say “I do”
    But don’t say no or you’ll have to go
    We’ve done no wrong with our blinkers on
    It’s safe and calm if you sing along, sing along, sing along

    This is the happy house, we’re happy here in the happy house
    To forget ourselves and pretend all’s well
    There is no hell

    I’m looking through your window
    I’m looking through your window

    Oh, how the turn tables.

    I don’t know how it works, but our neural highway is making connections and time isn’t a factor. Thanks to Frank who patented Fuller’s Earth, we can see patterns and have intuition about this so Mother Earth can be free and wild, not domesticated.

    “…we know ourselves by perception of others…”
    Yes. And I love being bound by love. I don’t need the 3rd party archon blah blahing at me.

    It’s ok. Fuller’s earth is causing things to surface 🙂

    “Pioneering aerospace engineer and science-fiction writer Wernher von Braun may have predicted Elon Musk’s plan to colonize other worlds nearly 70 years ago when he described a man named “Elon” ruling over Mars.

    Von Braun created the character “Elon” in his 1952 science fiction novel “Project Mars” — a space fantasy about a mission to Mars, according to a report.”

    This German engineer *ahem*, NAZI, came to Huntsville, Alabama as part of Operation Paperclip.

    “In 1960, his group was assimilated into NASA, where he served as director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center and as the chief architect of the Saturn V super heavy-lift launch vehicle that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon. In 1967, von Braun was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering, and in 1975, he received the National Medal of Science. He advocated for a human mission to Mars.” (wikipedia)

    MARTIAL Space Flight Center.
    And before that, it was called REDSTONE.

  3. Oh this is FUN FUN FUN FUN

    at 10:05

    His real name is Abel and he’s from Ethiopia.
    Cain/Abel, Romulus/Remus

    Ark of the Covenant and Lucy.

    The influence of Mars on our mind is an outright takeover and it’s becoming clear. Once you see it…

    FARM “to tax”
    PHARM “to poison”

    Adrenochrome. “In solution, adrenochrome is pink and further oxidation of the compound causes it to polymerize into brown or black melanin compounds”

    The ‘weeknd’ on Black Panther (BLM)

    “I’m always ready for a war again”

    It’s not my story.

  4. Hell-o all.

    I just wanted to make my last post the Truth that I have been led to, and it’s quite mind-blowing and kinda settles EVERYTHING, once and for ALL.

    I’ve tonight been listening to “Alan Watt,” just this past March “passed away” and all the TRUTH he had to say, a lot along the lines of the truth spoken by William Cooper….then all that truth later we’ve been exposed to like PizzaGate, child-trafficking, transgenders, Holly Wood witchcraft, “cannibals in the ‘woods,” um…. what else? It’s all REALLY bad, that’s for sure…

    The “truth” of “them,” and how we have been controlled and “genocided” down through the CENTURIES.

    That we are still living in Egypt, a la Mr. E’s discourses….

    HOWEVER this “Alan Watt” nor “Bill Cooper” (9/11 truthers)…. KNEW the ULTIMATE TRUTH that has been revealed to US ALL now….

    That the EARTH is flat and is as it was CREATED, as described in the Book of Genesis.

    WHY is this SO important?

    Because the Fallen Angel Lucifer wants us ALL to FALL COMPLETELY for his FINAL DECEPTION: the arrival of “Aliens.”

    Somehow “aliens” are going to be our final “enemy” when they are just the DEMONS that have been TERRORIZING the Children of God all along.

    This is NEW TRUTH (No, actually….. the old TRUTH from the BEGINNING! i.e. Genesis! The Serpent in the Garden)

    The WOOL has been pulled from our eyes.

    This IS IT.

    The old 9/11 truthers have passed on. (and the fake 9/11 TRUTH shills like “” revealed. You know, “Luke.” Did you know English is not his first language? Lot of “change” he’s been able to inspire, eh?)

    We are the Final Generation, “as in the days of Noah.”

    The End is near for sure…. now that the WHEAT finally SEE the WEEDS rising up to FINALLY suffocate and strangle and kill them “for good.”

    Read the Bible, most importantly Genesis, the New Testament, and Revelation.

    There’s nothing left to say.

    Seek Jesus as your Lord and Savior

    The Son of the Most High God, Jah.


    It’s the “Good News”!

    1. So this is not the time to give up and just lie down and die… 🙂

      THIS IS the Time to rise up in Spirit….


      1. Trinity we are all on the same wavelength and have been for some time.

        We are all connected in ways we cannot yet understand.

        It is always darkest before the dawn of

        The Gene Isis story of creation.

        Did you say Dr Wattson or Dr Cooper?

        Independence Day represents the alien demons getting their butts kicked or flattened by the E Wave or the Fifth Wave or the Fifth Love Bug Beat le.

        The Call of the Wild..the MV and the mirror VW

        The real men and the real women or Neo and Trinity or Christ and Mary that you are always referencing which is inside all of us are having their ancestral Divine DNA awakened no more prism prison plan et.

        The NoaJoaN of Ark the H is the bridge/crossroads between the two pillars the XX and the XY the 23 pair of chromosomes become the 33 or 88 when they repent or turn around to face each other.

        Cowboy Dallas and LeeLoo they bite back.

        High on a mountain out searching for gold (going the wrong way)
        Women/Men have had warning of scriptures foretold
        Turn around (re pent) and fight for freedom you can hear the people screaming
        Calling all the heroes, they’re shooting up the town boys (with needles.)
        The Women/Men returned to find their home destroyed, people rushing round with scars of war.
        Babies crying the aged wounded mourned, calling out for someone to hear their prayers.

        Five miles away were the thieves and the bandits (archons)
        Laughing and joking sickly and crude
        They didn’t know that the original/real men/women had come back home (their memory restored)
        They didn’t know they were being pursued (and hunted.)

        But then I am currently receiving electric shock treatment in Arkham Asylum so I just might be as mad as a hatter. 🤪

        1. Thanks, TTN

          I DO get it…. My default language is the one I use, but….

          I “get it.”

          If only I could get it.

          I think the only thing we REALLY fear is “judgment.” And I just mean everyday “judgment” from our “loved ones.”

          Who don’t “get it.”


        1. Welp you did see that #3 (Mama Bear) got shot dead in Times Square, on Mother’s Day (LOLOL), ya know, her old hunting grounds.

          #1 too, not sure…..

          Oh and?

          I still think “Merovee” has become (did not originate as) a CIA Operation. Love you Frank, but just sayin…..

          Ya know, just being frank.


          1. Trinity

            The pay’s crap ! Non existent actually. Fresh air and on a wing and a prayer since 2004 and rely on what comes my way.

    1. Roob

      Reflections of Is Real and Bulb Energy. Last night. The tree is alight. It’s a time of Deep Reflection.

      And Greene King. Suffolk has been showing recently . Greene King is based in Suffolk and Sutton Hoo was in Suffolk.

      And also England’s Green and Pleasant Land which is not always so pleasant. And Angleland and reflections. Jenny and I watched a movie called Stardust a few weeks ago which was based on a book by your man Neil Gaiman I think. Basically there were two realities which were divided by a wall. On one side was some sort of magic land and on the other side was England. One of the characters in Magic land said ‘I’ve always wanted to visit England’.

      Reflections of Is Real.

      1. Frank I watched it when it came out in 2011 it is a good film and is another mirror. I had planned to include it in my series of posts.

        Stardust is another reflection of the Fifth Element. She is dressed in blue and falls from the sky. The wall is a dimensional one which is currently guarded but that is about to change.

        The actress name is Danes or Angelic/Divine DNA a fallen angel from ET call Homeland. In the movie her name is Yvaine it also features a Frank Ellis as Mr Moonday. Who writes these rats trails.. a Gay man you say.

        The main protagonist has to battle the three witches who want the fallen star’s heart/power for themselves. He also has to battle three brothers who are after the ruby. Then finds his mother is from beyond the wall (ET) and she left him a Babylon candle a rock ET to transport him back to her world.

        The transgender theme is complete with De Niro as a cross dressing pie rats. The male and the female the two stars/pillars becoming one at the crossroads.

        Charlie Thomas Twin Cox, the youngest of five children, is from Irish and Scottish heritage and he does a very good Belfast accent in Boardwalk Empire he also starred in The Stone of Destiny.

        He grew up in East Sussex and Dorset.

        I have posted this song so many times now I have lost count


        1. TTN

          It’s a fun movie in its own way and normal weird stuff in it. I’m hoping at some point it will make sense. I’ve given up trying to work out some of these things. I’m sure it will reveal itself when the time is right. What got my attention though was the comment about England. It’s been pointing out ‘England’s Green and Pleasant Land’ recently. Not sure at present why. Your neck of the woods has beautiful areas and all over the world. Maybe its a personal sync but think there maybe more to it.

      1. Hollywood deception as it reveals the truth about “angels” and “demons”

        “God is a kid…. He’s not planning anything…”

        Ya think?

        C’mon people, this shit runs DEEP

        1. I’ve been blind to my imprisonment to “alcohol” but now I SEE.

          My maternal great-grandfather, bar owner who crossed the mob and had to flee to Canada. Only a “good cop” was able to bring him home…..

          I have as well a paternal uncle, liquor store owner, good guy, but he committed suicide….

          Um, let’s see how the DEMON ALCO-GHOUL has wended its life into MINE…..

          Well nothing MAJOR. Like I said my mom had her “liqueur” probably every night I don’t know….

          Point is….

          The demon “alco-ghoul” is a REAL DEMON.

          I let him go, or so I thought….

          Then I got led to “Pawling.” The “Home of Positive Thinking”

          Home of a 33 degree MASON, Norman Vincent Peale.

          The “spiritual leader” of Donald Trump, who I DO indeed think now …

          is coming BACK.

          The Anti-Christ.

          The “orange man”?

          No, the Golden Child.

          1. The point is, the alco-ghoul will never “let you go.”

            I’m the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my HEAD, an ugly cow lick that extends down the back of my “crown.”


            The “Mark” of the BEAST

            How I got it I know not…..

            Isn’t that how a “curse” works?

            Or a witch’s SPELL?

            It works by the fact that you HAVE NO IDEA you are under one.

            It is BROKEN when you….. finally see it.

            When you wake up to it.

            By the power of your NEWFOUND BELIEF IN GOD.

            Faith in Jesus and Our Father Yashua…..


            “Do NOT FEAR.

            ONLY BELIEVE.”

            1. That’s why I was shocked to see Sheriff Butch embrace Donald Trump as he looked at ME, (the camera) yes……


              And Melania look as well (she the “handler”?) with a gloating Death GLARE.

              What the HELL?

              “Sheriff Butch” what the hell are all the secrets you have to SPILL TO ME?

              Not the least of which might be the body of your UNCLE”S MURDER in my yard? You and your cousin’s uncle? I mean, WHAT THE HELL PLACE did I FALL into?

              JUST ASKIN!!!!

              Love you, you’ve been nice and trying to help me…. got me my Social Security Card back from MOBS and THIEVES….



              1. The freeze frame of that moment is truly demonic on the part of both Melania and the Donald, his look of disgust….. her look of evil triumphant glee.

                What is it?

                That Sheriff Butch “believes” in me? Just meaning, he sees what “Anna” began and will not let go and that I don’t deserve? That he’s trying to “save” me?

                Yikes, it’s crazy.

                Call me crazy.



                Hey, I have a jump on you all in that yeah…..

                The Anti-Christ is HERE.

                The FINAL TRUMPET.

                (Where is “Anon”? Is she ok? Just wonderin’….. I miss her feral attacks on me in the name of “politics” Did “Anon” get retired? )

                1. AND? And and….

                  YES, my ROBOCOP posting of May 7 “triggered” the pathetic fake psyop in Times Square with a FEMALE HERO COP saving the day.

                  The POINT IS…..

                  This WORLD IS A STAGE.

                  And NOTHING BUT.

                  It’s just WAITING FOR MATERIAL to feed it/them…. the fake ACTORS.

                  SO I WILL STOP FEEDING THEM.


                  1. Interesting insight, tho, don’t you agree?

                    “All the world’s a stage…..”

                    But to realize….

                    that’s ALL IT IS.


                    And that’s it.

                    Wowa….. Took me like, idk, um…. 30 plus years of messing around with “sacred texts” just to finally get it?

                    Hahaha, Frank!

                    Our “Garden” is a house of mirrors, ain’t it!

                    Where YOU see only lovely young ladies….

                    I see demons with big pricks from HELL.


                    To each “his” own.

                    And that’s the Truth.

  5. Dow Jones dipping heavily today 11/5 down 534 points at nearly 12:30pm their time.
    I see on May 7th it was at a high of 34,777.76 or 777777 near enough!

    From 29/10/1929 Stock Market Crash to 1/2/2021 = 33,333 days.
    On 1/2/2021 there are 333 days remaining in the year!
    From 1/2/2021 to 7/5/2021, DDJ close at 777777 = 3 months and 3+3 days.
    So what next?
    There is a full blood moon eclipse on May 26th!
    If 1/2/2021 is 33,333 days from 29/10/1929 then what is 33,666 days from 29/10/1929? Why New Year’s Eve 2021 of course
    And 3+3+6+6+6 = 8+8+8.
    This same date is 8,888 days after Princess Diana was killed in 1997.

    1. MJ

      And the Old Town. The Bald Explorer took Jenny and I on a trip to Eastbourne Old Town today. Suddenly appeared in YT as it does.

      The Lamb 1180, Cornish Cross, St Mary’s Church and a Well. And Lamb and Lam.

      And the Old Town.

      Old School 🤔

      Old Post

      Old Bakery

      1. A few weeks back my friend from C ape town send me a video of the fire on Table Mountain it burned down the oldest windmill in SA along with the library.

        It reminded me of the fire at Notre Dame as it happened exactly 2 years and 3 days later.

        1. That sort of fits with a strange meeting on Monday . I went into Holborns Est 1974 and saw Michaela Strachan I think. Difficult to tell behind her mask. A doppelganger anyway.

          When I got home I checked her Twitter account and it was the day she left quarantine after flying in from South Africa where she now lives. Cape Town has a link for me as well. The crystal warehouse where I worked was owned by a South African company Topstones who are based just outside Cape Town.

          Back to Michaela Strachan . I noticed she had mentioned the Cape Town fire in her tweets.

          But then this morning in connection with your comment I had another look at her Twitter account.

          There is a place.

          The sign said Deep Water and it wasn’t joking. The altar has been showing up since then in a variety of ways . In Deep Water and Dark Water.

          1. About Notre Dame fire and ‘It’s A Small World’ and distortion in perception. When I saw this pic from the Notre Dame fire I saw a small cathedral going up in flames. An airfix cardboard cut out Notre Dame.

            The date was a Fahrenheit 451 date – 15/4/19 and Boston Marathon was also 15/4.



            And the Rose Window is connected with the Dark Water.


            And The OA.



      2. LAMB!
        It’s the BLM code.
        Black Lives Matter
        Bureau of Land Management
        chilam BALAM
        “Written in the Yucatec Maya language and using the Latin alphabet, the manuscripts are attributed to a legendary author called Chilam Balam, a chilam being a priest who gives prophecies and balam a common surname meaning ʼjaguarʼ. Some of the texts actually contain prophecies about the coming of the Spaniards to Yucatán while mentioning a chilam Balam as their first author.”

        Neptune’s coming around, in case you haven’t noticed 🌊🐬 BIRTH
        The Jupiter reference… always has to be…


        Jupiter Ascending

        “The matriarch of the House of Abrasax, a powerful alien dynasty, dies. Her children — BALEM (Eddie Redmayne), Kalique (Tuppence Middleton) and Titus (Douglas Booth) — fight over inheritance of her assets.

        Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) was born on a boat at sea to a Russian mother (Maria Doyle Kennedy). Her father had been killed in a robbery prior to her birth, and her mother named her Jupiter, a name her father had loved. Jupiter and her mother move to Chicago to live with family, where Jupiter grows up.

        Years later, Jupiter is working as a maid alongside her mother and aunt. They clean the properties of wealthy citizens of Chicago, scrubbing toilets, and Jupiter finishes each day miserable, whispering to herself about how she hates her life. She dreams of seeing the stars through a telescope she can’t afford to purchase. With the encouragement of her cousin (Kick Gurry), Jupiter decides to sell her eggs to a fertility clinic to get some money and buy the telescope.”

        just sayin

        1. Romans. Whatever they are. They are the abrahamic, Akhenaten, earth-hating god. Whatever that is, can fuck off.

  6. Love you guys, each and every one of YOU “out there.”

    I’m going to burn it.

    Give me strength, Holy Spirit, to do what is right.

    I think, no I believe…..

    It’s the least I can do for you.

    1. “The Cross”

      I’ve listened to this album over and over……

      I know it by HEART


      1. I am still stuck in this idk yeah, romantic “triangle.” Which is not to diss its power, ah no….. Or the power of “love” going three ways. I mean that well. Butch, she loves you to DEATH. She’s never gonna let you go. YOU NEED TO LET ME GO. I’ve seen her love for you. Get counseling, I mean it.

        I’ve been wrong I suppose, pointing out the obvious um, fatal flaw? in your relationship…..

        That won’t wipe away the sight of her following me, letting me know you’re her man.

        This is my Vernon Howard email for today:

        “Please simply give up your misery. To do that, you have to know that
        that is your life. Now what synonym would you like for misery? Worry?
        Chaos? Always feeling that you’re left out?

        You can give it up right now, and I instruct you to give it up right now.”

        Powerful Secrets for Self-Awakening – Part 2
        The Laws of Spiritual Development – MP3 CD, track 7

        Now this is so New Age….

        And what I have learned from trying to do the Course in Miracles, and be all FORGIVING, is that IT LACKS LOVE.

        I feel like, Oh, OK. It’s just me, I am some sort of LOSER who wants to live in misery and am always “too sensitive” to all the attacks I experience EVERY DAY.

        Um, no thanks.

        I’ll take the rescue from Jesus, who CARED.

        HE CARES about me and my mistreatment, every detail of it, He KNOWS what I am enduring, and HE wants me to just KNOW:

        GOD LOVES YOU.

        JESUS does not CONDEMN you…..

        He simply says, GO FREE.

        “Sin no more.”

        It’s a very different MESSAGE.

        Thank you, Jesus!


        I love you Butch and Rebecca and Jake too! You may not believe me, but I do.

        WE NEED JESUS to help us through this.

        And always know, I am your friend.

        I think this is the most TELLING episode from the Gospel: that Jesus was not only WILLING to talk to such an untouchable WOMAN as this, but that he SOUGHT HER OUT.

        He KNEW she was HIS lost sheep.

        He LOVED HER and it was His Mission….to save her.

        1. Well, I guess I can see now how and why I fell in love with Hollywood.

          “On the Waterfront” was INSPIRED filmmaking.

          I was inspired at that young age in my life to investigate this new “artform.”

          Yep, The Godfather too…

          How “film” can work to inspire people to change, to be “good.”

          It’s over now but I’m not giving up on filmmaking, some of the best films come from outside “Hollywood” after all, like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

          Any Who…
          Where Are We?

          It seems like the old world of celebs and Hollywood and “fashion” has simply passed away.


          Good riddance


          1. Frank!

            I just need to leave one more clip to let the f–ers know:

            Don’t f— with me, cuz I’m out to .


            YOU (i.e. THEM)

            (Here we go again….. )

            Have to, that’s all there is to it.

            [straight face]

            Listen, you can laugh all you want about my posts….
            I’m living this shit, and it ain’t FUNNY

            1. Trinity

              I’m just trying to maybe give you a brief respite and put a smile on your face for a few minutes.

              These are my thoughts FWIW. At some level what we experience is a choice even though we may not be consciously aware of what we choose. This can be either an ‘ego’ choice or a choice at a soul level to go into murky areas.

  7. Thank you Frank.

    Yeah, every time I leave my “last post” I regret it because it’s “all about me.”

    But I keep coming back to post because it’s not all about me and my miserable “life story” which is the same as everybody else’s!

    What I want to share is this discovery of a “way out” through Jesus, because if there were no Savior sent to us by Our Father, we’d all commit suicide.


    All of us “wheat.”

    To make another “final post” I want it to be about the Messiah.

    Now, I watched Episode 4 of the second season of “The Chosen” last night.

    I am no expert, and I do not want to “diss” (ha, wouldn’t that be “dismiss”) their portrayal of Our Savior: The Messiah.

    So I know I have posted in the past how Jesus “wouldn’t do that” or “say that….”

    And that I am uncomfortable with the “fiction” being woven into the Greatest Story Ever Told.

    I liked Episode 4 and it’s always rewarding to see LOVE win over HATE.

    So then I realized that Jesus was a “man” but more He was Spirit, barely contained therein. In the Essene Gospel of Peace or those found texts, He was depicted as a Healer who kind of came and went with the wind, barely leaving any FOOTPRINTS….

    So I also thought and realized that what the Creator of The Chosen has said, he’s trying to make the figure of “JESUS” more accessible to us.

    SO I agree now….

    The Jesus of “Jesus of Nazareth” is, um…. not really “accessible” and we are now even farther FALLEN down, even for me…. I feel I have lost so much of the lifting inspiration that I experienced when I was “awakened” to Jesus LOVE for me.

    And all these years since, with the Fallen Angel WEARING ME DOWN…..It is like a “Death of a Thousand Cuts,” compliments of Satan.

    So “JESUS” is such a incomprehensibly awe-inspiring SPIRIT of LOVE that if you tell a story of the “man” and of His love or healing that is GOOD, that HEALS, that brings “brothers” back together….

    Then it must be TRUE.

    Jesus is THAT big.


    1. So this is the concept or “idea” we have of “JESUS” that I want to correct.

      The entire mission of Socrates was devoted not to teaching wisdom to
      men, but to urge them to see their lack of wisdom. Again and again,
      we must try to see the vast difference between factual knowledge and
      intuitive wisdom. Facts are useful for the Outer World, but wisdom
      serves eternity.”

      The Power of your Supermind, Chap. 7, p. 82


      It’s healing and wonderful to feel and experience Jesus’s “LOVE.”

      But the POINT IS:

      He was on a MISSION.

      He was FAITHFUL to IT, and ONLY it: ‘Save my children.”

      He didn’t so much as “love” us, no….

      Jesus LOVED the FATHER and OBEYED.

      This is CRUCIAL to your understanding of “JESUS”

      It’s exactly WHY He taught, “Do not worship me.”

      “Worship ONLY our “Father.”

      1. Trinity

        I don’t know if any of this helps. I find surrendering to whatever it is and asking ‘Where do you want me to go ?’ seems to work after a fashion. And Holding Hands 👫. At present it’s probably the wisest choice. The old world is shutting down and if you follow the old rules you find they don’t apply much any more.

        1. Thank you, Frank

          I do do that when I’m trying to be “sober”: I ask, What do you want me to do? “Just be happy.” … ok…

          Any WHO (haha, who’s the “WHO”? Yep, God!!!)

          Much love and thank you.

          I’m gonna be OK.

          It might be simply my journey is to keep expecting Someone else to save me….

          When God has given me everything I need to save myself.

          These “truths” actually sound so trite….

          It’s not until you actually try to LIVE THEM that you realize…..

          You’re in deep water.


          Not drowning, somehow held up.


          1. So what just happened in “my world”?

            I look out over the nighttime “peaceful” lake in Murrow Park to see flashlights shining down into the water… yeah, what, looking for a corpse?

            I shouted them off, said they were breaking the law being in thep ark after dark, and they left…. the “losers.” 🙂

            These demons I am surrounded by are complete utter low-lifes with NOTHING better to do than to stalk me and read my posts.

            So Frank THANK YOU.

            It really is time to SIGN OFF.

            I’m so sick of this sh-

            Not your fault…..

            I started it?


            I’m gonna end it.

            1. Hey, it’s 10:11 p.m.

              I am negotiating with the TOWN to have my house SOLD.

              (…. and whatever dead body may be buried in my back yard. Haven’t decided whether or not to burn the whole pile….. but, the POINT IS:…)

              This is ME

              (and it’s OK Frank…. this is all METAPHORICAL…. I’m not going to literally k- anybody….. 🙂 )

                    1. Who is Thor, and Who is Loki?

                      Who Who Who?

                      The WHO

                      That’s Who….

                      Who are you?

                    2. Every time I think of you
                      I always catch my breath
                      And I’m still standing here
                      And you’re miles away
                      And I’m wondering why you left

                      And there’s a storm that’s raging
                      Through my frozen heart tonight
                      I hear your name in certain circles
                      And it always makes me smile
                      I spend my time
                      Thinking about you
                      And it’s almost driving me wild
                      And that’s my heart that’s breaking
                      Down this long distance line tonight
                      I ain’t missing you at all
                      Since you’ve been gone away
                      I ain’t missing you
                      No matter
                      What my friends say

                      There’s a message in the wild
                      And I’m sending you this signal tonight
                      You don’t know how desperate I’ve become
                      And it looks like I’m losing this fight
                      In your world I have no meaning
                      Though I’m trying hard to understand
                      And it’s my heart that’s breaking
                      Down this long distance line tonight
                      But I ain’t missing you at all
                      Since you’ve been gone away
                      I ain’t missing you
                      No matter what I might say
                      And there’s a message that I’m sending out
                      Like a telegraph to your soul
                      And if I can’t bridge this distance
                      Stop this heartbreak overload

                      ‘Cause I ain’t missing you at all
                      Since you’ve been gone away
                      I ain’t missing you
                      No matter what I might say
                      I ain’t missing you (I ain’t missing you)
                      No way
                      Since you’ve been gone away (I can lie to myself these days)
                      I ain’t missing you
                      And there’s a storm that’s raging
                      Through my frozen heart tonight

                      And I ain’t missing you at all
                      Since you’ve been gone away
                      I ain’t missing you
                      No matter what my friends say
                      I ain’t missing you
                      I ain’t missing you (I can lie to myself these days)
                      I ain’t missing you at all, I ain’t missing you (No way, baby)
                      No matter what my friends say (I’m doing fine here)
                      And I ain’t missing you at all
                      I ain’t missing you
                      I keep lying to myself every time I think of you
                      I’m okay
                      I’m doing fine here from day to day
                      I ain’t missing you

                      I can lie to myself

              1. Frank, I have to agree.

                This “moment” seems suspended in time ….

                Good and Bad, at once.

                Up and Down, together….

                Too fast and too slow, at the same time!

                It’s like torture!

                Then ….



                1. Trinity

                  That’s what has been shown to me. We are Frozen In Time. And there is very much a roller coaster in play at the moment. One day you think we’re getting there and the next day it drops back to the same old same old. I have faith though 🙂 .

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