Bitter Sweet

When you work out what your totem is.

Let the Light guide you home.




It’s Bitter Sweet. To the Bitter End.




Much of the world around me is very strange. For most of the time it’s just me and the flowers and the birds going tweet tweet and traffic driven by faceless people and occasional Truman Show like characters that pass by. And also very peaceful. Even when I venture into town, the people and buildings feel very illusory.




I think I’m looking back into the past. The world is over – it never really started – and I think we only see the past replaying in the mind around and around. For example here is an old Fullers Earth building close by which has now been knocked down. To my eyes it looks suspiciously like Chernobyl. Microcosms and macrocosms.

‘In Ukrainian, the word Chernobyl means ‘wormwood’, the bitter-tasting plant. But wormwood is also the name given to a devastating star, or meteorite, in the Book of Revelation: “A great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water – the name of the star is Wormwood.’



Everything seems incredibly real but it’s not. ‘Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists’. Spirit sees things differently from us and wants us to let the Illusion go. In a sense the world is just a wish to be separated from God which is impossible.



Recently I’ve had two dreams saying the same thing. In the first dream, I had lost my mobile phone and wanted to email Jenny and I cried out to the Universe ‘Show me where my phone is’ and the next second I woke up and there was the mobile phone next to me so I emailed her. Problem sorted. Last night I had a dream where I wanted to go to the toilet. The first cubicles I came to were occupied and so I walked along a long corridor in a hospital as I knew at the end of it were the toilets. Suddenly a set of men appeared and a metal barrier came down from the ceiling and I was told I wasn’t allowed any further. And the next second I woke up and went to the toilet. Problem solved. The moral of the story of the dreams seems to be that the problem is solved when you wake up.

For me the ascension is very very real. This is happening. The world is a total illusion of death and disease and war and money and work and guilt and pain and suffering and fear and hate and whack a mole and the rest of it. And at the same time there is resistance to it and the total weirdness with the Covid 19 virus and the vaccination I believe is part of the resistance.

Essentially I believe it is an attempt to block memory at a collective level of our true nature and Who We Are.

From Wiki :

‘Body memory and cellular memory.

Body memory (BM) is a hypothesis that the body itself is capable of storing memories, as opposed to only the brain. While experiments have demonstrated the possibility of cellular memory there are currently no known means by which tissues other than the brain would be capable of storing memories.

Modern usage of BM tends to frame it exclusively in the context of traumatic memory and ways in which the body responds to recall of a memory. In this regard, it has become relevant in treatment for PTSD.’

And Cloud Atlas.



I haven’t bought into the virus from Day One and personal experience is important. I know only two people first hand who have been told they had the virus and both of those had doubts connected to the diagnosis. Below is a screenshot of the UK’s covid numbers. According to my maths, working from the Wiki numbers of 66.6 million population for the UK, it’s saying the percentage of people in the UK who have been infected with Covid is 6.5 %. And no one has recovered. Lies, Lies And Damned Statistics. Fxxking garbage. IMO.

A Tangent Universe.




I now see the world totally differently from my younger days. The world is full of symbols and synchronicity and mirrors and doublespeak and messages from spirit and multi dimensionality and strange time shenanigans and very little seems real. I think this is happening to a greater or lesser extent to many people. Basically my mind and vision and perspective has changed gradually over the years. It feels very similar to the movie Arrival where the translator Louise Banks finds her mind joining with the alien mind which lives out of linear time and I think a similar process is happening. And does beg a question. Is it Alien ? Whatever alien actually is. It seems to be different than in the movies. 👽👽👽



The Old World had it’s good parts. It’s like going to a school or work. You go to see your friends and that love is more important to you than what you are doing. Even that though can keep you in the loop – ‘The Ties That Bind’. But I think Monty Python has it right though. Much of it is a piece of shit when you look at it.



When you stop playing the game.

Believe It Or Not.


33 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

    1. Jenny

      Great catch ! La Porte translates as The Door in French. The Time Chamber and The Door and Chernobyl speaks. And Mars and Redhill and The Earth works. How does Venus fit into this ?

      And Nuclear seems to be in there. A short while ago today this showed up.

      Nagasaki in Japan . Incredibly beautiful but Everyone’s Gone To The Moon. And maybe a Higher Dimension or at least a different dimension.

      It’s a strange language but it wants to be understood.

      1. And reading the link fully this jumped out. Doublespeak or sub speak. Copyhold Works of the Earth Union Ltd. The Earth as a corporation but who are the shareholders ?

        ‘On the Redhill deposit, the most successful quarry operating at the turn of the century was the Copyhold Works of the Fuller’s Earth Union Ltd, established c.1860-70.’

        And this.

        ‘What Does it Mean that Corporations Have ‘Perpetual Existence’?

        The technical definition of a corporation is “an artificial creation of the law existing as a voluntary chartered association of individuals that has most of the rights and duties of natural persons but with perpetual existence and limited liability.” In other words, a corporation exists as a separate legal structure, almost as if it were a person under the law.

        But “perpetual existence” in this context is a relative term: the corporation may go out of business, be acquired by another entity, or otherwise cease to exist at some point in the future. The term states that a corporation exists as its own entity, regardless of what happens to the individuals involved in the business. A discussion of the meaning of “perpetual existence” with respect to incorporation follows.’

          1. Roob

            That is weird. And ‘Well We’re The Band’ comes first to mind.


            The Quarry Men

            ‘Elmer is a name of Germanic British origin. The given name originated as a surname, a medieval variant of the given name Aylmer, derived from Old English æþel (noble) and mær (famous).’

            And changing the Covenant. A movie Jenny and I watched recently was a Spanish movie – A Coven of Sisters. Good film.

            And God’s Law :

            ‘In law, “a promise made by deed” (late 14c.). Applied in Scripture to God’s arrangements with man as a translation of Latin testamentum, Greek diatheke, both rendering Hebrew berith (though testament also is used for the same word in different places).’

            And on a tangent with Laporte. In my banking days in Redhill occasionally I dealt with Laporte. There was lots going on in the area with quarrying and brick works and connected things. But I remember one of my jobs had this ridiculous title ‘Head Of Financial Services’ – makes you sound important. I had no idea what I was doing like everyone else – and I got involved with sending out monies from a company called Redland PLC. The name rings of Mars to me now. Remembering Mars. Something along those lines. They had a rights issue and one morning £125 million landed on my desk and was given to me to distribute to five different companies and one of them was Redland Bricks.

            I remember because of the extreme amount of money even now . But the birthday numerology keeps showing – 125 and it was sent from a building which was literally next to A25. And we used what was called a CHAPS machine for authentication to send via CHAPS. I should have charged 5% commission.

            And Fullers Earth Works and Dr Who. Doesn’t say what the episodes were.

            ‘In 1954 the works, by now employing 780 men, were bought by chemical company Laporte Industries. Production was stepped up to meet increasing demand and a large factory consisting of kilns, granulators, blungers, silos and transit systems on several floors was built. A large quarry existed to the east and in the 1970s this strange landscape stood in for various alien worlds in the BBC’s Doctor Who series.’

            1. And I’ve been playing around with the connection with Clay and Cassius and Cassius Clay and the Roman Empire Never Died and slaves and someone or something seeing us as slaves and purely as numbers and the Earth as a corporation. And Self identity with your given birth name as part of ‘This is Me’ and ‘Who I Am’. How an individual identity is created. And connection with numerology. We are given a number on our birth certificates and Nat Insurance number or SS – Social Security – in the USA.

              ‘Cassius was a Roman senator and chief orchestrator of the assassination of Julius Caesar. He was later a general in charge of Republican forces along with Brutus. He was killed in the Battle of Philippi fighting against the forces of Octavian and Mark Antony.’

              And Redbrick Universe.



              1. And hair colour – 75%-85% of the world’s population has black hair.


                I think its mainly North European and Nordic and Anglo countries where hair colour is more diverse. There’s a red haired gene in my family and when I was younger Hitler would have approved. Blond and blue eyed and then hair went mousey colour.

                And vaccines and mouse and Memory T Cells and cellular memory and medical experimentation. In the cells. It’s not done for our health !

                ‘T-cell-mediated protection has been demonstrated in one licensed vaccine, BCG . However, this protection is relatively short lived and so new vaccines against TB are needed. A novel vaccine, L91 was evaluated in mice and when combined with BCG in a prime-boost schedule, L91 elicited greater expansion of TEM and TCM populations as well as boosting efficacy compared to BCG alone’

                From Mouse to Man. In my footballing days when you had an injury and making a fuss of it, sometimes the question would come ‘Are you a man or a mouse?’. And the jokey answer was ‘Squeak’.


              1. Roob

                Thanks. Again not sure why but that’s weird.

                And On the Square. Sacred geometry – squares and cubes and pyramids and circles etc. A short distance away is a Masonic centre. Held my wedding reception there. My step father was a mason and they offered it to him for free . Black and white flooring I remember.

                Quarry – a place where stones are squared.

                “open place where rocks are excavated,” late 14c., quarrei (mid-13c. as a place name), from Medieval Latin quareia, a dissimilation of quarreria (mid-13c.), literally “place where stones are squared,” from Latin quadrare “to make square,” related to quadrus “a square,” quattuor “four” (from PIE root *kwetwer- “four”). Quarry-faced, of building stones, is “rough-faced, as though taken right from the quarry” (1849).

                Square: In the operative stone mason era, the 90 degree angle of the square was a necessary tool used to test the accuracy of the sides of a stone to ascertain that the stone’s angles matched the square’s “true” right angle.

                Morality: In speculative Freemasonry, the square is a symbol of morality.

                Official Masonic Usage:

                It is one of the 3 Great Lights (the Square, the Compass and the Holy Book)
                In each of its above roles, it inculcates (teaches) the repeated lesson of morality, truthfulness and honesty.

          2. Fascinating! It’s crazy, but that’s where we are…everything these days feels like a ‘right to exist’ scenario. Could it be maybe that outside sky god? If you take so much focus away from the “mundane” earth, then this happens! rant over.

      2. The looney tunes character Marvin the Martian was wanting to “blow up planet earth” because it interfered with his view of Venus.
        He also wears a Roman outfit.
        The Rosicrusian modus operandi is to keep Venus (love) in line with more emphasis on structure and time (Saturn), going by the line of prophecy (biblical playbook).
        Sometimes I fear we are in a time loop. It can’t be difficult.
        They are nothing but a deck of cards!

        1. MJ

          I was thinking along the same lines earlier. It’s not all that ! If history has any sort of reality to it , the 3D world has been around a long long time – ‘Memphis Egypt : A Crazy Long Time Ago’. I date the current ascension shift starting back in the 1960s and see 1963 as the portal year and yet within a blink of an eye in the Big Picture of about 50 or 60 years, under a bit of pressure and energy it’s on the point of collapse.

        1. MJ 🙂

          Yes! I wouldn’t mind a good facial mud mask and Pore it out while doing grocery runs but I don’t think the Cos-play-medics, WHO are running the show, would approve. This reality likes its fictional characters and wants us to believe in its authority and authenticity. At some point, we really need to reach for a Fuller Earth meaning to this absurdity.

  1. “Oneness is simply the idea God is. And in His Being, He encompasses all things. No mind holds anything but Him. We say ‘God is,’ and then we cease to speak. . . .”

          1. Haha!

            The Lady of the Deep Blue Sea (her colors blue and white) and her shooting star. <3

            But no, when I first was "star" gazing at the photo I did notice the pink reflection on the water to the left…aurora borealis reflection? So I went to the links in the description and clicked to see the original photo because I was also wondering if the photo was fake, with fake stars…

            But as you can see it's the Moon's reflection on the water in the same sky as the dawn, the Sun "rising" or rather APPROACHING in its course circling a flat earth. Taken in Spain.

            Night and Day side by side….a revolving yin and yang disc….as the sun and moon circle around the earth TOGETHER. Two "spheres" that just HAPPEN to be EXACTLY the same size? No, two discs of LIGHT created by Yah, one to light the day and warm and give life to the earth an its plants, animals, and His children, the other to guide their footsteps should they venture out at Night.

            Intelligent Design of Our Creator.

            Sometimes in their courses circling in the DOME above the flat Earth, as the sun circles in tighter and tighter to the North Pole (giving us here in the northern "hemi-SPHERE [a lie]" our summer and no nighttime in the "northern" latitudes of the TARGET (see the map of our Earth in the "United Nations" logo, with its grid of 33 precincts under and within which we are imprisoned so that we never venture to explore the outer ice rim they call ANT-Arctica nor the inner circle" of the Arctic….)

            sometimes the sun and the moon pass each other and that's when we get our solar and lunar eclipses.

            The Father's design, the moon given for us to "count the days" and months, always the same year after year and century after century like…



            Lucifer sees the clock ticking down now….

            His "Time" on Earth torturing Yah's children is almost up….

            That's why we are in lockdown as he tries his best to completely destroy the Most High "God"s CREATION.

            He's fighting a lost battle….

            It's written in the STARS.

            I can't get this video to play….

            Maybe you can!


            1. “The Crown of Life is referred to in James 1:12 and Revelation 2:10; it is bestowed upon “those who persevere under trials.” Jesus references this crown when he tells the Church in Smyrna to “not be afraid of what you are about to suffer… Be faithful even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

              Five crowns – Wikipedia › wiki › Five_crowns

              1. And from the little Dollar Store framed quote I have over my kitchen counter that fell down as I was furiously making my dinner after a frustrating, long shift of “work” last night:

                “Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear.”

                  1. Jesus Christ “Super” Star

                    That “Shooting Star” in the photo of a “flat” (lol) Mother/Wife/Sister Earth,
                    “Our Lady” in blue and white, unconditionally offering her LOVE to the Father/Husband/Brother Skies above?

                    The Deep Blue Sea MIRRORS the Deep Blue Sky…..

                    And the “shooting star,” so SPECIAL it is not FIXED in a constellation…. It’s “Risen Above” the firmament and can shoot across the sky as a message from God to those who pray for the Father Yah’s Guidance.

                    It’s JESUS!

                    Sending a message from His

                    Mother and Father: YOU ARE LOVED

                    The Obedient Son…. become SUPER star…..

                    Coming soon to SAVE us…

                    The “lost sheep” is Israel.

                    We, the Children of “God”…..

                    Jesus’ Brothers and Sisters in the Body of CHRIST

        1. Darn it, Frank

          I posted my Reply under MJ’s comment and it had a Bitchute vid so I guess it went straight into the “trash” bin! lol….

          Could you retrieve it? (TIA…)

  2. And again alternate or parallel timelines and time shenanigans.

    I took a closer look at the Nutfield War memorial today. It reads ‘Lest We Forget. Our Men of Nutfield 1914 – 1919’ but in the background there’s a sign reading ‘Lest We Forget 1914 – 1918’.

    And the real Greta and Data Selves and Self Identity.

    Will the real Greta stand up ?

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