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  1. ‘In fact, resistance to love’s flow is at the root of all human pain and suffering.

    When you experience what we call emotional eruptions or sudden outbursts of intense “negative” emotion, this is simply an indicator that you have run up against a pocket of your own resistance to the flow of love.’



    1. Orlena

      Nick Pope was in charge of a secret British military dept set up to investigate alien activity. Part of his job included saying that everyone who saw a UFO was mad .

      Psychics or Physics ?

      I’ve wondered about the Laws of Science over the years and it’s connection with the Law. Are there any laws of science ? Or does the idea come first and then to retain the illusion, Laws of science are invented to explain how it works when it’s just mind stuff. It doesn’t make sense to me that how a heavy jet plane made of metal can get off the ground and then stay there.

      And body memory. On my mobile phone I can copy and paste by pressing my thumb on a link and then by pressing it here a link will appear. Doesn’t make sense to me that my finger would be able to do that. But also body memory and how the finger could keep the data in it’s files.

      And ‘It’s the Law’ and compliance and how bureaucracy has a fetish for signatures and agreement. What if there is no Law ? Ramble over !

      1. Power.

        The Fellowship of the Ring…The Band.
        ‘Not all those who wander are lost’

        No mads…people without fixed habitation.
        No mad land and the Amazons…”we are a bridge to a greater understanding between all men”.

        Disclose your energy.

        And last but not least, Brood X is about to emerge from the underworld.

        For now, I’ll leave it there. 🛸

        1. Orlena

          Subterranean Homesick Blues. After reading the Brood X link I thought of the Bob Dylan Day of the Locust song and ended up at Subterranean Homesick Blues. Broody can refer to either slightly depressed and thinking deeply or when women feel broody for a baby.

          1. Not the best quality video, but the only one I could find with all the lyrics.
            Even today some are too dangerous to sing out loud.

            As I went walking I saw a sign there,
            And on the sign it said “No Trespassing”.
            But on the other side it didn’t say nothing,
            That side was made for you and me.

            1. Orlena

              Trespassing has been showing for me recently. To get close to the daffodils a couple of weeks ago I had to walk past a sign signing ‘No Access To The Public’. I got shouted at from a distance.


              Yesterday I walked down a private driveway to take a pic of different clock faces at Clock Cottage. A journey into the subconscious I believe. Frozen In Time. There are four clock faces – NEWS – and are stuck at 2, 4 6, and 10 .


              And out of Now Here yesterday a Folly Tower suddenly appeared in the distance which I hadn’t seen before and I think I would have. If it is a subconscious reflection I’m wondering what it means.


              I went exploring to get a closer look. It’s actually in the grounds of a house called Red Wood. But I crossed the line as I met some people who were keeping an eye on me and I said ‘Is this private land ?’ and they said ‘Yes’ but they were fine with it. And they asked if I wanted to go BMXing on a BMX layout in the woods they were building. I declined. I’m conscious of my shoulder still and under strict instructions not to take too many risks when I go exploring.



              And I think this also was on private land. I’m not sure exactly with this. I came across a Red Hill or Red Mound which had a swing on top. Again ‘Remember Mars’ seems to be in there. Red Earth. Looking through Time I think. I’m playing around with the idea that Mars is a ‘Future Memory’.



  2. And Daddy My Daddy

    My daughter and I watched Borat 2 last night. Brilliant movie. It was about Borat and his daughter.

    And Kazakhstan and Texas and Georgia and New York.

    Borat goes from Kazakhstan and lands at Galveston, Tx and moves onto Dallas State Fair and then into Georgia and ends up in New York with Rudy Guiliani. Poor man. I only felt sympathy for him.


    1. And Whose The Daddy ?

      Over the years, I’ve come across father and children relationships where the blood relationship has been questionable. But it hasn’t mattered. It’s the heart that is most important. Luckily I never had that question mark. Old Blue Eyes.

      As an example my daughter’s Grandad wasn’t her blood grandfather but he was her Grandad. That’s what the heart said between the two of them.

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