A Dali Mars


It may seem strange to focus on metaphysical and spiritual and reality and multi dimensional concepts as the world disappears down the plug hole but I think this is what is underlying the Life experience at present as ‘consciousness’ becomes untethered from the solid 3D reality we believed to be the real world.

Hypercubism and Alice.



And I See A Rhinoceros and Dali and Hyper Cubism .




Recently Mars has been speaking to MJ. Mars has always bubbled under for me with various experiences. As an example Jenny once sent me a picture of red earth in Texas and for some reason I thought ‘Texas is Mars’ and going to Texas only seemed to confirm this. MJ also visited New Mexico recently and got the same impression and then virtually at the same time MJ and myself had the same thought that Rain in Kazakhstan was also in Mars.

Here are some pics.

A pic of Mars by NASA.






And Kazakhstan.

From Planetavosti.com :

‘Most people believe the space agency that the next images of the Red Planet were taken by the Curiosity rover. But the residents of Kazakhstan, in turn, strongly doubt the veracity of NASA: the landscapes strongly resemble the terrain of their native land.

People living in Kazakhstan give vivid examples. So, the famous Gail crater is very similar to the Charyn canyon. It is also difficult to distinguish the valleys of Mars from the foothills of Karatau in early spring.’



Texas Panhandle.



And Kazakhstan.



In short, I think we maybe looking at different physical realities which mirror and overlay each other or are side by side and may exist in different timelines. And not only different collective realities but also personal realities.

And Dreamstate Logic has been speaking to me.

Dimension Zero.

“In order to more fully understand this reality, we must take into account other dimensions of a broader reality, the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.

The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent. Thus passing through the infinite varieties of space we reach the divine space which is absolutely free from all dimensions and constitutes the meeting point of all infinities.

The infinite source, cosmic music resonating throughout hyperspace.”



But I’m just Little Me. No you’re not !


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    1. Shifting sands and sands of time come to mind.

      And also The Dig. Can you digit? And Sutton Hoo.

      Also water and flow. My water is supplied by Sutton and East Surrey Water Co who are based in Redhill which I link with Mars.

      I got a parking ticket in Sutton I remember. Again another manifestation of guilt and ‘you have to pay’ I believe.

      1. I have always wondered about parking tickets and ‘trafficking’.
        To me, it feels like I am a slave. The entire earth is a slave to something else. Of course, I think there is higher, and sacred magnitudes of divine order, and the creator, but it feels like an imposed blockage is happening. Something weird is going on with time. 2012 is 2021. I watched the opening of the 2012 olympics again. It starts with a very brief screen that says “the Source of the Thames”. (Tethys). Water represents life, emotion, time and the tone. (Neptune’s tuning fork).

        1. MJ

          I’ve seen a number of things about Fallen Angels over the last few days. Lucifer and 9/11 Falling Man and the Man Who Fell To Earth. And also about a woman who falls to earth. And Angels and Angles.

          I’ve also been wondering about the mirror numerology with London 2012 Olympics and Tokyo 2021 Olympics and turning Japanese. Jenny and I have got this strange connection with Japan which doesn’t make a lot of sense but it’s there. Last summer one evening I really felt I was actually in Japan but also in England at the same time. It was a very weird sensation.

          Traffic has been showing up a lot . The Universe has been making a big point about it. Trains and Boats and Planes and mobile scooters and wheelchairs. All sorts of traffic. Different types of getting from A-B. E Motion and Motor Vation.

          And yesterday there was a strange neural pathway which led from Waiting for a Star to Fall to Surreyalism and I See A Rhinoceros and Alice in Wonderland in Guildford, Surrey and Alice in CERN, the Spectrum in Guildford, The War of the Worlds at Horsfell Common, Hyper Cubism, Guildford Space Centre and Cube Sats. It never ends. Maybe that’s the point.


          Alice in Guildford. I had a look round around the Alice section in the town a few years ago. It’s a good size. Not too much walking ! Again traffic. The A25 runs from Godstone to Nutfield and Redhill and Reigate and Dorking and Guildford in Surrey. I think we are looking at a mind grid with traffic. Jenny’s I35 video shows it as well. Also I’m on the same parallel as Rain at 51.2 latitude which also runs through Chernobyl and runs through Godstone to Guildford and is your birthday numerology. And Holborns Established 1974 is essentially on same line. About half a mile from the road.


          Also opposite me there is an OA type house called Well House on the A25 and I’m now seeing it connected with HG Wells and War of the Worlds.


          Accentuating the positive though.

          1. And work. This was in the NASA cube sat link. ‘Retaining students in STEM disciplines’ and workforce. Don’t need to work. Sounds like doublespeak to me.

            ‘NASA assists the Nation in attracting and retaining students in STEM disciplines. This strengthens NASA’s and the Nation’s future workforce.’

          2. About Japan, I am obsessed with Japan! I love everything about it. I want to go to Tokyo and also the countryside. M says I would love it and that I have ‘Japanese energy’, so join the club! it’s actually one of many places I am obsessed with but it’s probably number one.
            When Charlie was younger, I read to him about a Japanese boy who was born from a peach. Momotaro.


            Peaches are symbols of immortality.

            And about roads, ley lines, and energy lines,… Peaches Geldof. She was saying some interesting things right before she died about the satanic cults. And when I was walking on Mt. Pisgah, I just had this moment of knowing that events and placements are happening on energy lines to hold the field in place at a certain vibration.

            1. Good thinking about Peaches. She died between Westerham and Sevenoaks just off A25.

              And about Japan Olympics in 1964 . I can’t remember the Games themselves but I remember the music the BBC played connected with the Games. Again 36. I notice the video is 3:06 mins. And Nazi Olympics in 1936 as well.

              Another thought about traffic and islands. Both UK and Ireland drive on the left hand side and so do Japan and New Zealand. Again I wonder about realities which mirror or overlap.

  1. This is what I have been looking for. A Martian/Nephilim/fallen angel connection!

    “More striking as a linguistic clue is the close similarity between the Sumerian/Akkadian word ‘Anunnaki’ — the children of the heaven-god — and the Israelites’ ‘Anakim’ (the sons of Anak) who are identified by the Bible in Numbers 13:33 as post-Flood Nephilim. Since Abraham, the patriarch of the Israelite clans, originally came from the Sumerian city of Ur, this linguistic relationship could be direct.

    The Anunnaki are mythically associated with demons as well. For although they are children of An, the sky god, they live in the Underworld. And from there comes a connection also with the planet Mars — for the ruler of the Sumerian Underworld is Nergal, the Mars god!

    Ancient-history scholar E.A. Wallis Budge explains of the Sumerian mythological Underworld, “It was ruled over by a goddess called Allatu, or Ereshkigal, who, with the help of the Six Hundred Anunnaki, took charge of the spirits of the dead.”[9]

    And then, as if to complete the circle, in a Sumerian myth entitled, Nergal and Ereshkigal, Ereshkigal turns her kingdom over to another god, Nergal, who rules as king. She says to Nergal, “You can be my husband, and I can be your wife. I will let you seize Kingship over the wide Earth! I will put the tablet of wisdom in your hand! You can be master, I can be mistress.”[10] As to Nergal’s identity, Budge states, ” . . . his star was Mars.”[11] Here, in ancient Sumerian myth, is a connection between the Nephilim and the planet Mars!

    The legends bear the appearance of a revision. Originally, the Underworld is ruled by Ereshkigal. Could this have been the state of Sumerian myth when the Nephilim astronauts arrived? Then the Underworld is turned over to Mars. Could the arrival of Martians have prompted the Sumerians to ‘update’ their mythology?

    As for the intentions of the Martians, there are the chilling words of Ereshkigal to her Martian husband: “I will let you seize Kingship over the wide Earth!”

    Most of Sumerian mythology is likely just embellished folklore. For example, the apkallu — the ‘wise fish’ which tutor the Sumerians — are said to appear before the Flood, but it might well be that the Sumerians got their chronology confused along the way, and mistook for the Noachian Flood a more recent local flood (for which there is archeological evidence). Likewise, the Sumerian ‘king list’ with ages of hundreds of thousands of years looks very much like the early genealogies of Genesis grossly multiplied — suggesting a translation error.

    But within it all is a startling three-way coincidence — Martians, Nephilim, and Anunnaki. Therein might be a grain of truth.”


    1. the bible reference, Numbers 13:33 has those special numbers… like Psalms 133 (the verse of free masonry). It mentions Mt. Hermon, the place of the fallen angels. It’s always a mountain. Mt. Ararat, Mt. Hermon, Mt. Pisgah. I recently went to Asheville, NC and hiked around Mt. Pisgah. There is no doubt beautiful vortex energy there. Also there is the former site of one of the Vanderbilt’s summer houses (I guess a mountain retreat for the ones living at Biltmore estate).
      In the comment above, “kingship of the earth…” and the theme of mountains… this is what I find a bit disturbing: having walked around Mt. Pisgah in North Carolina, I got the feeling that something about the magnetic energy and field are the things being “seized” and trapping this energy or keeping it a certain force could do things to the mind of humanity in a way that is hidden. Except when you actually feel it! Over the last few years I have become sensitive to subtle changes of energy. Just overall sensitive to everything. I do wonder about those chemtrails and what I have observed to be a blocking of the sun. The sun that went from golden to silver and along with that, a change of the field of the earth.

  2. The word “Anakim” reminds me of a place in Russia called Arkhaim. It’s in the Chelyabinsk oblast (where meteor hit in 2013, coinciding with lightning striking the Vatican).



    The site of Arkaim is close to the Kazakhstan border. The culture was skilled at metallurgy and warfare (Mars). Also the first chariots discovered was part of this culture.


    Of course I am paying attention to all this, the meteor was on my birthday which also happens to be a specifically Roman festival.

    Lupercalia. The she-wolf. Wolves are sacred to Mars. As are horses.
    Philip (horse-loving), died at 99 on the 99th day of the year.
    Who knows what is actually happening, but those people are obsessed with the fallen angels.
    I think we are in the ark right now because there is a flood.

    In the book of Enoch, it mentions one of the fallen angels as Azazel. He teaches the art of metal-working, warfare, cosmetics, and other things ‘god’ gets upset about.

  3. I first heard about Tethys from Rain. Tethys and her counterpart Oceanus are Titans. On an ancient Babylonian tablet, it describes the land on Earth surrounded by Oceanus, also known as ‘bitter waters’.


    And Oceanus Borealis is also the name of the ocean that used to be on Mars.

    “Bitter waters” reminds me of Revelation 8:11 which mentions wormwood. Chernobyl means “wormwood”.

    And if you go to google translate, the latin word for ‘love’ and ‘bitter’ are almost identical.

  4. The Guilt Trip explained, and it’s chilling.
    The virus is no longer the killer (yes she used that word), you are.
    The explanation begins at about 5:45 in.

    This is where my rant begins.
    In PA, people who want the vax are being turned away because they do not have a state issued ID. In other words, if you cannot prove that you are a legal resident of this state, they will turn you away and deliberately leave you exposed to this thing that surely will kill us all. And against which, they alone have the protection. There’s a sick joke here somewhere.

    This memory of Mars I’m experiencing is the war zone memory.

    1. They are not vaccines, Elena. If you can’t go back to your old ways of living after taking their shot(s), then they are not vaccines.

      Certificate Of Vaccination = ID – COVID. The name of their game is hidden in plain sight, and we’re being dis-eased into a social control structure that isn’t for our benefit.

      Here’s a completely different situation in which ‘vaccines’ shouldn’t be playing a role, but is being used to decide who lives and who dies…


      1. Exactly. The duplicity jumped out at me. The claim to have the elixir of life and at the same time demand proof of life. If that makes sense.

        There was this constant promise of ‘return to normal’, followed by ‘whatever that is’. This unwillingness to define normal was a hint, that normal was not where we are headed.

        In the larger picture I think we’re being asked to re-examine power and authority and how and who uses it effectively. In other words for the benefit of everyone. And to that end don’t allow yourself to be ‘guilted’. It’s total manipulation and how the rug gets pulled out from underneath us every time.

        And thanks for the heads up about COVID. I hadn’t seen that.

      2. Roob

        I’m linking the vaccine with mind control and reality control and memory. There’s some seriously weird shit gone on with memory and time shenanigans.

        ‘Body memory and cellular memory.

        Body memory (BM) is a hypothesis that the body itself is capable of storing memories, as opposed to only the brain. While experiments have demonstrated the possibility of cellular memory there are currently no known means by which tissues other than the brain would be capable of storing memories.

        Modern usage of BM tends to frame it exclusively in the context of traumatic memory and ways in which the body responds to recall of a memory. In this regard, it has become relevant in treatment for PTSD.’


        I’ve also wondered if Leg Iron’s story about false memory and nuclear war has an element of truth to it. Where do our stories and movies come from. Is it imagination or memory ? Let all the poisons etc.

        And an old saying from when I was younger ‘You can look but you can’t touch’.

    2. Orlena, serious question. Do you think covid is real? And that it kills people? Please don’t be upset about my question. Here on merovee it is difficult to know if someone is being literal or symbolic.

      1. MJ, you never upset me. If I ever gave you that impression, I’m sorry.
        I’m used to engaging people head on and saying what I think.

        I think there is something going on. Is a medical virus? No.
        Awhile back Roob posted a pic of a ship floating above the water and I think it was you that said, isn’t it interesting how the mind creates explanations for what it doesn’t understand. We need to create some kind of frame of reference. And virus fits the bill. Because whatever this is, is perceived as a threat. And again, we were told long before this whole thing started, ‘there is no threat’.

        As I said in my reply to Roob, ultimately it’s about authority and power and who wields it. And right now that is way out of balance and needs correcting.

        1. I totally agree!

          No you did not give me that impression. It’s just a weird question and I really do like knowing what everybody here thinks. I think I am actually looking for a frame of reference, as you said.
          Totally bonkers at the moment.

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