Over here in the UK, the Astra Zeneca vaccine trial has been postponed.



It’s been pawsed.





Surreal : ‘Beyond Real’.




Opposite me is this house. With normal vision it looks like a solid brick house but through another set of eyes it looks like a Hansel and Gretel chocolate box house. I suspect ‘Through the eyes of a child’ is the correct vision.




The Space Between Us.

The Black Hole is getting closer. It’s now on the edge of the solar system.




War of the Worlds.



And Two World Wars.



The War of the Words.



Even Stay Wild has gone Quantum.



And the moral of the story – it’s freaky !


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    1. Anything to keep “mind”, instead of heart.
      When you see what these people (Bezos, Gates, etc), it doesn’t make sense. Except when you consider it might be for someone or something on another planet.

        1. And playing with ideas. Icke thought the signal was coming from the Moon. What are the planets and what is space ?

          And I’m working on the principle everything ‘out there’ is a reflection of internal consciousness what are they ? Astrology definitely seems to be real . Tell me about Mercury Retrograde. All my electronics goes haywire. Are they just pure energy ? And this energy is manipulated. At the same time they seem to have sort of reality.

          This speaks to me : ‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’.

          And watt is the weird thing at the edge of the solar system ?

          1. Everything “out there” is here and within, etc. I agree! I am looking at this from a perspective of trying to understand. If we talk about planets, then planets are within, as much as I can observe them with my eyes, telescope.
            Mercury…it’s the communication thing. And we speak Angle-ish. I know I say this all the time, but I really think that English languish is a hypnotic spell! And I wish I spoke other languages!
            There is a Hebrew story about Adam and Eve. In the garden, Adam and Eve ‘kissed’ each other without feeling any shame or guilt.(that’s the G-rated version, I guess). Anyway, it means that there was harmony…and likely NO WORDS! Because why would you need them?!

            1. I think the planets probably do have a form of solid reality. It’s like the Hansel and Gretel chocolate box house opposite me which I included in the article. It’s not real IMO but it does have a form of reality. I can see it and touch it and somebody seems to live in it and at the same time it’s a Hansel and Gretel chocolate box house.

              Who and what keeps the game going ? It seems to be mind stuff but there seems to be a consciousness which understands and manipulates the reality.

        2. Shells! Who was born from? 🙂
          Shells are currency. In native tribes along the eastern coast and inland, it’s called wampum

          Shells. They are beautiful. And life imitates ART. If you have the shell, (from which Aphrodite, or love, is born), then you have the most valuable. The “covenant” among native tribes weaved a beautiful pattern with wampum.

          “Wampum belts are a tapestry of art and tribal history. Made from the purple and white shells of the whelk and quahog, wampum beads embody the Wampanoag connection to the sea and to life itself. Each shell bead is imbued with memory and meaning by the maker.”

    1. Cats are the ultimate zen master.
      Why do anything other than take naps in the sun? hoo mans could learn from cats. Take a paws…

  1. Laura Pausini…Seen

    Sophia…Sofia…and the Dark Matter
    ‘If you want me
    I’m here
    No one sees you
    I will
    I want you to know you’re seen.’

    The Life Ahead

    1. Orlena

      Pause for thought. And Anti Matter.

      Have they left you alone about innoculation now ? Luckily enough no one has invited me to have the jab .

      Getting desperate . ‘Get your jab, get your second jab’ even though it will you give you a blood clot and vaccinate you against something that doesn’t exist IMO. It’s bollocks.

      “The best thing people should do is look at what the MHRA say, our independent regulator – that’s why we have them, that’s why they are independent,” said Johnson, who has received a first dose of the vaccine himself. “Their advice to people is to keep going out there, get your jab, get your second jab.”

      Who pays the piper ? The Government and Big Pharma. That’s OK then.

      ‘The MHRA is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care for the regulation of medical devices, whilst the costs of medicines regulation is met through fees from the pharmaceutical industry.’

      And reading the runes. Netflix said Contagion was ending on 3rd April . We’ll see.

  2. AstraZeneca
    the languish and ‘marketing’! Sorry, I didn’t think health matters would need a marketing department. The opposite is the case here in the US.
    as TRANCE eca

    Astra (likely means ‘star’)
    Zeneca… me thinks some Roman stuff going on here?

    SENECA! Hunger Games! (the colosseum, the fight, the games, the sport, OLYMPICS, NFLilim, etc)

    Astra Seneca.

    What do Romans speak? LATIN (NATAL)
    Why do the names in The Hunger Games all seem Latin?
    Caesar Flickerman

    And yes, I acknowledge the names here…just trying to figure it out.
    Suzanne Collins is from Sandy Hook. So is Bruce (CAITLYN (natal) Jenner (gene)). OLYMPIAN
    “Call me CAITLYN”


    more from that…
    “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is a book set in the universe of the The Hunger Games. It follows Coriolanus Snow, who is chosen to mentor a tribute in the upcoming 10th Hunger Games. He hopes of securing a scholarship to the University for mentoring a winning tribute. Coriolanus is assigned the District 12 tribute, Lucy Gray Baird, who sparks the Capitol’s attention after singing during the reaping. Coriolanus’s friend Sejanus, originally from District 2, is shocked when he is paired with a tribute from District 2 and doesn’t want to continue mentoring in the games.

    When Coriolanus realizes that the tributes have not been fed since arriving in the Capitol, he begins sneaking Lucy Gray food from the Academy. The other mentors follow suit, but the arrangement ends when one mentor, Arachne Crane, is murdered by her tribute after Arachne taunts them with food. Clemensia, Coriolanus’s team member is distraught by the murder, leaving Coriolanus to complete an essay they were to do together by himself. He presents the essay to Head Gamemaker Volumnia Gaul, proposing a betting scheme and sponsorship of the tributes to engage the people of the Capitol in the Games. Dr. Gaul drops the essay into a tank of genetically modified snakes, or “muttations”, then convinces Clemensia to retrieve it. The snakes are unfamiliar with Clemensia’s scent, because Coriolanus had been the only one to touch the essay. They attack Clemensia, and she is severely poisoned, proving that Coriolanus was the sole author of the project.”

    I’m not going along with this stupid tale. It’s where I put boundaries. And someone told me once, “if it feels awkward to set boundaries with someone, you definitely need to”.

    Why with Gates? I dunno. A spell. Just because it’s Gates, doesn’t mean we aren’t the ones that need gates!

  3. ‘We are so ingrained in the idea that we are separate from other people and, yet, the design of the universe means that you aren’t just a part of Infinite Being. You ARE Infinite Being as it experiences itself from your particular viewpoint.

    This is not wishful thinking. It’s the way the universe was designed. It’s standard metaphysics.

    What this means is that you, an apparent individual in this physical world, are connected all the way up through the stairway to heaven, or the different layers of consciousness, to your essential nature as the One.

    This means that you don’t just have the potential that you were led to imagine. You have, because of who you are deep inside, infinite potential. Infinite Being has infinite potential. You, therefore, have infinite potential for the expansion of your conscious awareness in your journey all the way back home to that from which you originally came.’

    1. That is the thing to remember while digging through this madness and chaos.Thank you.
      I can see how my comments would seem like fear porn but I don’t see it that way. For me, it is a way to understanding. No victims. No predators. No feelings of wanting to see ‘justice’. Just tired of wearing masks and feeling like I am on someone or something else’s stupid plan for existing.

    1. The Fountain of Youth ! Again why the mirror ?

      And Dreamstate Logic.

      I had a dream a couple of nights ago. In the dream I was playing for the England football / soccer team and for some reason we were invited to meet Pope Francis. What was interesting was the Pope Francis in the dream was totally different to the one we see. Our Pope Francis seems jovial but in the dream he was younger and about 60 and had a different physical appearance and slightly more business like. He didn’t look like me. I told him Francis was a good name and he seemed very surprised to meet me. I wonder if our dreams have some sort of reality in another dimension.

      And I told Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand – ex England footballers but in the dream as members of the football team – ‘you won’t understand this but Pope Francis is the projection of me and he doesn’t exist’ and then I woke up.

      1. About Mars and war and 2 Of Everything.

        I think Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the same event in mirror dimensions or realities. And the Mind, to keep the illusion of one straight history and linear time shows it as two separate events.

        1. There is time manipulation happening NOW! It’s like 2012 all over again!

          from bibliotecapleyades

          “Many missing puzzle pieces of my journey began to fall actually into place in my late 20’s, when I encountered something extremely dangerous concerning a Mars colony, global security, the fate of the human race and the famous date of 2012 – a potent marker embedded in my spiritual DNA and the basis of my ongoing interdisciplinary research.”

          “Right after 9/11 and in the midst of much global turmoil, we synchronistically met at a psychic program, where we were recognized for our charismatic presence and accurate skills. Encountering her vibrant and free-loving spirit and seeing her symbol-weaving ancient story in her tattoos and talismans, I felt an instant recognition.

          Realizing we had been experiencing parallel traumas, since childhood and in the program, we also left the place at the same time.

          Several years of friendship later, in the spring of 2006 in Washington DC, I met her and her new romantic partner, who I will call Agent X. He claimed to know himself archetypally as Joseph of Arimathea/Osiris/Orion and affiliated with different, interlinked secret societies, e.g. Knights Templar and Freemasons.

          He and Laura quickly formed an intimate relationship, and I helped conduct a ‘Divine Union’ rites of passage for them.

          Agent X revealed that his group had identified her through her bloodline, as the matrilineal great-granddaughter of 34th U.S. President Eisenhower (and the Allied Commander who defeated Hitler). As well, they knew her as a unique reincarnation of Magdalene/Sophia/Isis (ever since she was young, many psychics have recognized her).

          He also said his group was interested in her twin sons, who they knew as Romulus and Remus (founders of Rome) and the hero twin archetypes in the Mayan prophecy.

          They had a list of male partners, who she could be with in possible timelines, and he was one of them. They targeted her (especially her heart) and these men through electromagnetic or psychic weaponry, and indeed many men tried to destroy her throughout her life. Agent X admitted that he (as well as his parents) was implanted with a chip and had a multiple personality disorder, which involves very sudden robotic and abusive behaviors.

          This is the typical profile of someone who was subjected to well-documented MK-ULTRA experiments and multi-generational occult ritual abuse.

          While Agent X didn’t reveal what he knew about me or how I could have been identified in various timelines, Laura herself has confirmed to me my own inner knowledge of my very few incarnations. Like her, I’ve met also a series of men who were variously Nazi manipulated and ET abused since childhood and who created very uneasy environments for me.

          Their data about Laura and her partners were seemingly gathered through a time viewing device (which they had called ‘Looking Glass’) or ‘Orion’s Cube’ or possibly through remote viewing or even time travel – all part of their cadre of top classified technologies (already disclosed in increasing black projects literature).

          Credible whistleblowers have proposed too that I could be a ‘person of interest.’

          This includes lawyer Andrew D. Basiago who was recruited into DARPA’s Project Pegasus in the 1960’s-70’s to teleport to Mars based on Tesla technologies, and who also attests to the use of time devices known as ‘Chronovisors’ in order to collect data about future leaders, as well as able to track past lives”

          1. MJ

            That’s on the same lines as my DNA cloning memory and the message from the clone on Mars and using wormhole technology and about same time as well. It was about 1970 when I was 10.

      2. For me, the non-realness is at an all-time high. There’s real people, not real people and some people are somewhere in the middle. And with the pope Francis thing, it almost feels like neural pathways were hacked and therefore a reflection was made. But why?
        It does feel like the mind is trapped in a way. But the ‘fabric’ is really becoming frayed. The show can’t go on forever.
        Maybe it is just a dream.

        1. MJ

          It is seriously weird at present ! I get the feeling that we’re on the outside looking in and inside looking out and also piggy in the middle.

          About Dreamland. In the past my dreams and the ‘waking dream’ were separate. Recently they’ve become less so. As an example I was having a dream about a week ago and I had lost my mobile phone in the dream and wanted to email Jenny and I was getting anxious. In the dream I said to the Universe ‘Show me where the phone is’ and the next second I woke up and it was next to me and then I emailed Jenny. So that was sorted 🤔.

          And Prince Philip. You just get the feeling that the Royal Family and Bidens and Trumps and Pope Francis x 2 etc really don’t exist. In Redhill this morning some of the people were acting in the most peculiar way. Strange walks and mannerisms and looking and sounding very odd. Don’t think they are real.

          And this showed up this morning. Infinity hypercube . And Alice which takes in Alice in Wonderland and also CERN.

      1. I don’t understand, clicky. What is the person saying about the bridge and the deeper meaning?

          1. Roob, Q was a Trump thing. Trump (Trump’s uncle) is associated with Tesla.
            Baron is a time traveler.

            Mysterious Q knowing things because of timelines being wonky!

            Trump and the “border”, kids in cages, and the bizarreness with adrenochrome and ‘trafficking’. While trafficking happens, (or maybe not), I don’t understand what the deeper meaning is. It must be mass amounts on certain ley lines or something.

            1. I have a theory that Trump’s a bit like a mirror made of gold…

              ‘When humans started making simple mirrors around 600 B.C., they used polished obsidian as a reflective surface. Eventually, they started to produce more sophisticated mirrors made of copper, bronze, silver, gold and even lead.’


              People project on to him and are reviled or not by what is reflected back. Pretty much everything he’s been accused of doing by the Democrats, Globalists and the Media during the 4 year paws in their 16 plan that ends in a reset for humanity, they were doing before and now again after, but sped up to make up for the lost time…


              Yes, I know that’s propaganda; all sides employ it, so bear that in mind if you decide to take a proper gander…


              Personally, I’m still not convinced Trump isn’t actually Andy Kauffman 😉

              1. That makes sense! Trump is gold. Me and Charlie played Lego movie 2 video game and there’s a hidden level where everything is gold. There’s no karma because I guess you’re in the golden era.

          2. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread…Alexander Pope

            As in…people without good sense or judgement will have no hesitation in jumping into a situation that even the wisest would avoid.

            Nice and easy does it every time. 😎

    1. A sudden eruption…

      Soufrière (French: “sulfur outlet”)

      At 1,234 m (4,049 ft), La Soufrière is the highest peak on Saint Vincent as well as the highest point in the island country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.[1] Soufrière is a stratovolcano with a crater lake and is the island’s youngest and northernmost volcano.’

      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines…

      ‘As the living embodiment of the Crown, the sovereign is regarded as the personification, or legal personality, of the Vincentian state,[n 2] with the state therefore referred to as Her Majesty in right of Her Government in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, The Queen (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), or simply The Queen.’

    2. The Prince was 99 years old and this was on the 99th day of the year with 266 days remaining in the year.
      On the last day of the year it will be 8888 days since Princess Diana was murdered in Paris.
      266 days is the normal gestation period for twins.
      On the 266th day of the year in 2015 the 266th pope met Obama in the White House.
      From the 266th day of 2020 to 9/4/2021 = 6 months and 6+6+6 days.

      1. Ken

        ‘Philip is a male given name, derived from the Greek Φίλιππος (Philippos, lit. “horse-loving” or “fond of horses” ), from a compound of φίλος (phílos, “dear”, “loved”, “loving”) and ἵππος (hippos, “horse”). Prominent Philips who popularized the name include kings of Macedonia and one of the apostles of early Christianity. Philip has many alternative spellings.’

        1. Frank,

          Actually my brother in law has the same name and that is my name too but with the extra l. Ken is my shortened middle name.
          I quite like horses but too scared to ride one!

            1. Frank,

              Well I can understand that you know as we have some similarities, such as we both lived in Norfolk for some time and we both were in the Royal Navy. I also went to see him and his family once at Sandringham. Yes, those were the days!

              1. Ken.

                That’s interesting with the royal family. Quite a few people including myself I know have connections with members of ‘elite’ families and I wonder why.

                I went to the Sandringham estate once . My cousin’s wife used to work in a gift shop on the estate. Beautiful area .

      2. The next day on 24/9/2015 Obama hosted Xi Jinping in the White House.
        From 23/9/2015, the 266th day of the year, to Jinping’s next birthday on 15/6/2016 was 266 days.
        From 24/9/2015 to 9/4/2021, today, = 2024 days or (44×44)+(44+44) days. (2+2+4 = 8, 2x2x4 = 8+8, where the number 8 signifies THEIR New Beginning)
        Obama was the 44th president.
        The light memorial for the twin towers comprised 44+44 xenon lights shining up into the sky.
        All the 44’s above add to 8.

        1. Ken

          ‘The news will be of desperate sadness to the whole family no doubt, but for Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the death of their father and father-in-law has come on a particularly poignant day. On 9 April, 2005, Charles and Camilla married at Windsor Guildhall, St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, meaning that today is also their 16th wedding anniversary.’

          Also 3,6 & 9 and 666 . 9 + 9 = 18 and 9 x9 = 81.

          1. And the Windsaurs. I don’t discount the theory.

            ‘The main difference between dinosaurs and reptiles is that dinosaurs are a diverse group of extinct reptiles whereas reptiles include turtles, crocodilians, snakes, amphisbaenians, lizards, tuatara, and their extinct relatives. Furthermore, dinosaurs stand up on their legs, positioning their bodies directly on the legs while reptiles have parallel thigh bones to the ground. Moreover, dinosaurs can run faster than other reptiles of the same size while reptiles walk and run with a side-to-side motion.’

            Dinosaurs and reptiles are two forms of animals with a long evolutionary history. They are characterized by the presence of a scaly skin and laying eggs on the land.’

          2. Frank,

            Good spot!
            16 years (8+8 yrs) is 192 months = 8x(8+8+8) months.
            192 figured prominently in the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games in 2012.
            The distance from Glastonbury Tor in the UK to the Olympic Stadium is 192km where Glastonbury Tor took pride of place in the opening ceremony in 2012 on July 27th.
            192km is 119 miles and there were 119 animals in the opening scene.

            During the London Olympics12 year old Tia Sharp went missing in London on 3/8/2012 and her body was found on 11/8/2012, one day before the closing ceremony.
            From 9/8/2012 to 9/4/2021 = 8 years and 8 months.

            1. 9/4/2021 is also the 22nd (11+11) birthday of Lil Nas X the rapper selling 666 pairs of Nike ‘Satan Shoes’ for $1018 ea pair (see Luke 10:18) and they all have a drop of human blood in them.
              “Satan Shoes” = 121 (English Ordinal) = 11×11 (Antichrist number squared)

                  1. Dream and Anon,

                    Thanks for that!
                    Also, because of your findings I looked a bit closer.
                    Queen Mother was also born on same day as they tell us Obama was as well as M. Markle.
                    QM born 4/8/1900
                    Obama born 4/8/1961
                    M. Markle born 4/8/1981
                    From QM born to M. Markle born = 9×9 years! Or (3+3+3)x(3+3+3) years
                    However, it is known that Meghan was introduced to Harry. ie she was chosen by others to meet Harry.

                    Princess Margaret was the Queen’s sister (the only sibling) and sister in law to Prince Philip.
                    From Princess Margaret’s death on 9/2/2002 to Prince Philip’s death on 9/4/2021 = 6999 days.
                    Yes, for the Queen it was from her sister’s death to her husband’s death = 6,999 days or 999.9 weeks ending on day# 99!!! (33+33+33)
                    6+9+9+9 = 33.
                    6999 = 2333+2333+2333.
                    999.9 = 333.3+333.3+333.3!!!
                    And of course the date is the 9th = 3+3+3.
                    In the Bible the number 9 stands for Finality!
                    And here we have it in bucket loads!

                    1. 49 days before Philip dead it was prince andrews birthday february 19th 2.19
                      When Andrew born Philip was exactly 2019 weeks old.

                1. Dream,

                  Good spot about the Queen Mother’s funeral being 9/4/2002.
                  But are you referring to Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister in the other part of your comment?

                  1. I am okay.thanks
                    In my area very few corona patients. I dont know Nobody.
                    So I live like No disease here

                    1. Dream

                      It’s similar here.

                      The official statistics which I don’t believe says there have been a large number of cases in my local here.

                      I only know two people who were told they may have had it but both were open to interpretation The first had two tests. One was negative and the next was positive.

                      The other one was put on the records as having virus but never had a positive test. The Doctor thought she had it and so she became a statistic. And also helped with claiming sick pay from her employer which I think had something to do it.

                      Reminds me of cervical smears and false positives.

                      ‘OMG. I’m going to die’ and then the next test says ‘No. You’re not going to die’.

  4. I’ll put this here.

    NASA captures Martian landscapes in Kazakhstan

    ‘Most people believe the space agency that the next images of the Red Planet were taken by the Curiosity rover. But the residents of Kazakhstan, in turn, strongly doubt the veracity of NASA: the landscapes strongly resemble the terrain of their native land.

    People living in Kazakhstan give vivid examples. So, the famous Gail crater is very similar to the Charyn canyon. It is also difficult to distinguish the valleys of Mars from the foothills of Karatau in early spring.’

      1. I had a similar feeling going back to about 2012 when I felt I wasn’t in the solar system but in Sirius.

        I like Rain’s explanation which is that we have different realities. As an example Texas, Kazakhstan, New Mexico and maybe Antarctica are essentially the same place in different dimensions but from other universes or dimensions in Time. It does seem to be saying Texas, Kazakhstan and New Mexico are Mars though. And leads me to another question. Are we in the same realities and dimensions ?

        And the Upside Down, As Above So Below and the Mirror Verse.

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