Another Place

I seem to have landed in Another Place.

I hope whatever and whoever is WE has as well. I think we’re on the same journey even though we may experience it in our own individual way. It’s early days though.

This is happening.





Let The Sunshine In.



And Sister.




The Universe speaks in a very very weird language.

I have been living in Wonderland for more than a few years now. It’s saying I’ve been upgraded. It is now Max de Winter Wonderland. This is seriously ‘Nuts Whole Hazelnuts’.





And lots of pics of Snow. It is so insanely beautiful.













And the Corner Shop.

In Reigate it is Ruby’s Convenience Store.



In Nutfield it is Holborn’s.

Established 1974.




And Texit.



Texas in 1880.



The Walmart Supercenter at 1836 S Main St, Weatherford, Tx. Every door is a portal.



Don’t forget your neural Path Port.


32 thoughts on “Another Place

    1. Elena

      As you were saying ‘ Feeling The Cold’ . And Cold Feet.

      And ‘It’s a paradox’. You have to go Insane to go Into Sane.

      And another example of the wordplay in the universe – the River Seine.

      1. ‘Relating to proposing a referendum to the people of the State of Texas on the question of whether this state should leave the United States of America and establish an independent republic.’

        “Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.”

  1. YES! An-other place.

    Nice to meet you on the neural pathway 🙂 Here’s my path port. Why are you laughing? I can’t help it ifth I hathf a lispth. (Venn diagram shows clearly an overlap of what I think is funny and what I go to hell for).
    Can’t helph it.

    an- … like, anode. We have been talking about ‘nodes’, “the point of exchange”.
    Seems like it feels like there is or was a hijacking of the nodes. Caused some WALLOP or will-op.
    Pillow talk (intimacy). The bilateral brain having pillow talk is intimate.

    If you get banned from twitter, you must be talkin something that somebody don’t want you talkin’ bout!

    He’s just MY PILLOW!
    A pillow is a cushion… to cushion the SHOCK!⚡️

    1. “But, adds Montúfar, “While freedom is the ultimate goal, the presence of Mars in this configuration could make us do something that we might later regret.” The energy of this transit may have us trying to claw our way out of the constraints we feel that we’re in, but we must think things through and create a plan before acting. In other words, don’t quit your job on a whim without something else lined up. The word of 2021 should be intention.
      Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, says that this is a true “gambler’s transit,” meaning it can go either way in terms of incredible breakthroughs or a disappointing loss. But Montúfar stresses that slow and steady wins the race: “Under this aspect, we can really manifest the autonomy we need and deserve, as long as we’re strategic at creating this new reality for ourselves.””

      This speaking of skies is insane. For the first time, I see that a reflection has happened, the polarization has been reflected to the heavens! Never before have I witnessed such a polarized forecast, rather than the (never specific and water-y tone) of the speakeasies.

      “… might later regret…” has absolutely zero meaning.
      This is the time. Because the TIME EMIT is happening and this is the portal.
      LOVE is time travel. And AMNIOTIC is the field, I mean, FLUID.
      FLU ID. No thanks, I don’t need a vax. If I can survive myself, why would I need something from the outside?

      I just dropped in…

  2. The new place, born from the I AM-NIOTic, I am that I am, and AM NOT!
    I saw it. I feel it. I see it. And I don’t. The do-nut. Voodoo do nuts. And the Simpsons. What is-real? Not that. Or this. It shall be erased via vile vortex. Awful.

    A pillar (pillow?) of salt?

    I land in the stream. The bureau of land management. Hmm… funny, it wasn’t needed before… but the time travel thing. I think “it” (the field) folds in on itself.

    I just want to land on this interaction with not a clone of Dolly, and Roger that 😉

  3. A cathode is the electrode from which a conventional current leaves a polarized electrical device. Electrons have a negative electrical charge, so the movement of electrons is opposite to that of the conventional current flow. Consequently, the mnemonic cathode current departs also means that electrons flow into the device’s cathode from the external circuit.

    The electrode through which conventional current flows the other way, into the device, is termed an anode.

    I saw this

    because of this

    and I think this

    big changes coming and we get back to the HEART of matter 🙂

    1. MJ

      Unfortunately can’t read the first video ‘In Your Country’ on YT because of alleged defamation but found it on Vimeo.

      The one thing I would say about my ‘memories’ is that there is no way that it could have gone on without some sort of Deep State involvement. More to it than a bunch of weirdos getting their kicks.

      And Tracey Twyman. Her death happened in that insane suicide window.

  4. Texit.

    It’s Official.

    God is everywhere.

    ‘Today, State Representative Kyle Biedermann’s legislation that would give the people of Texas a chance to vote on Texas becoming an independent, self-governing nation became official.

    The “Texas Independence Referendum Act” would give Texans an opportunity to head to the polls in November of 2021 and start the process of reasserting our status as an independent nation. If the people vote in favor, the bill provides for the establishment of a committee to begin working on a transitional plan which would address all of the issues related to decoupling from the federal government.

    This bill is simply to put the question to the people of Texas. Even if legislators don’t personally support TEXIT, at a minimum they should support your right to publicly debate and vote on the issue. Your representatives either believe that you are smart and responsible enough to make this decision or they believe that they know what’s best for you regardless of what you think. There is no middle ground.’

    UT news.

    Neural pathways. The hippocampus and the cortex.

    1. Roob

      The Wall St Shuffle. Something going on with money and the currency. Always something going on with currency I suppose.

      Also I wonder what Texas would call their currency if they secede from the USA.

      Star Money .,cents%20to%20a%20U.S.%20dollar.

      ‘In the early days of Texas, a variety of currencies served as cash, including Spanish and Mexican money, bank notes from various U.S. states, and currency issued by private companies (call shinplasters). The Republic of Texas first issued paper money in 1837. This currency was called “star money” for the small star on the face of the bill. The star money was not face value currency, but rather interest-bearing notes (similar to a treasury bill) that circulated by being endorsed over to the next payee. In 1838, Texas issued change notes with elaborate designs on the front and blank backs.’

      ‘The ballot shall be printed to permit voting for or against the proposition: “Should the legislature of the State of Texas submit a plan for leaving the United States of America and establishing an independent republic?”

      And one of the many oddities I’ve noticed recently is seeing people who walk with an exaggerated shuffle.

      1. It’s a Space Oddity.

        Don’t look back.

        God doesn’t play dice. Or does she ?

        ‘The quotation says, “Quantum theory yields much, but it hardly brings us close to the Old One’s secrets. I, in any case, am convinced He does not play dice with the universe.” It was addressed by Einstein to Max Born (one of the fathers of Quantum Mechanics) in a letter that he wrote to Born in 1926.The “Old one” and “He” Einstein refers to is God. The fame of this quotation stems from two sources: 1) Einstein’s disagreement with the fundamental concept of Quantum Mechanics that at the quantum (i.e. atomic) level nature and the universe are totally random, namely events happen by mere chance; 2) Einstein’s views about religion and God.’,does%20not%20play%20dice%E2%80%9D).

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