The Shock Of The New


The Universe speaks in very strange ways. Today I bought a birthday card for my brother Peter in WH Smith and used the automated self service till to pay. I input a £5 note and waited for about £2-50 in return . I expected a couple of £1-coins and the rest in small change but it all came out in 20 pence pieces so if anyone needs 20p pieces I’m your man.

It’s All Change.




And it’s fxxking weird in Dead Hill Redhill. It truly is the Abyss. Everyone’s gone back to the moon again.




There’s Two Of Everything.

The Hu.

Hu Are You ?





And the Spectrum. Along with other intangibles such as the weather and music, numerology and astrology, ‘Colour’ has been expressing itself.

The Color Purple.

For Holocaust Memorial Day many UK landmarks were bathed in Purple.



And Kamala Harris.




Also the animals are making themselves heard. The Birds are everywhere.



‘To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn. There Is A Season Turn Turn Turn’.



About this time last year I included this in an article ‘Big Time’ which in short said 2020 would be the last year in 3D. Personally I am seeing very strong signs that we are entering 5D. And many people I know are having new starts of one sort or another.

‘Well 2020 has definitely hit the ground running. I was watching a video earlier where it said 2020 would be the last recognisable year in the Old Earth. And the little voice tells me that Reality is about to change ‘Big Time’ is the phrase used.’

Another Place.




And Time. I’m sensing that we maybe entering the Now. The Present is the Present. Neither the past or the future are real and Tomorrow never comes.

Don’t Look Back In Anger.



It’s just a memory.


20 thoughts on “The Shock Of The New

    1. Last night I went over the wall and surveying the scene this morning looks like it’s demolished. It was crumbling anyway. Went arse over tit in the dark but the humerus is intact.

      Another Fall. There’s two of everything.

      And weird shit we’re smoking. Happy birthday Breaux Bro. I’m a lucky man. And just received text saying the Garden is being dug up next week. I’ll be connecting with Godalming.

      Reading the runes in the Bigger Picture or maybe it’s the Smaller Picture I’m expecting big stuff with the currency and money.

  1. Frank speaking.

    All change and shock of the new. Change is as good as a rest.

    The Universe is saying all change and ‘little voice’ says change the name I use here to Merovee. See how it goes. I’ve thought about it before but didn’t get round to it.

    1. Bah Humbug.

      Curmudgeon :

      ‘The word curmudgeon has been in use since the 1500s, though many find it confusing. We will examine the definition of curmudgeon, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

      A curmudgeon is an ill-tempered old person, usually a man. A curmudgeon is cantankerous, surly and mean. The origin of the word curmudgeon is up for debate. One theory is that it is derived from the French term cœur méchant, meaning bad-hearted. This theory is not widely accepted. Another possible origin is the word cornmudgin, meaning someone who hoards grain. While an early definition of the word curmudgeon was miser, this theory does not have much support. Most linguists believe that the word cur, meaning dog, is somehow connected to the word curmudgeon. Related words are curmudgeons and curmudgeonly.’

      1. I had a very annoying day yesterday, thanks to our friends in the mask patrol. In keeping with your theory of 2 of everything, they suggest we should now wear 2 masks. 🤬 🤬

        About the origin of the word, I like the cur theory.

        As for the rest of my experience this curmudgeon says it all. And as always, is not for the faint of heart. 😂

        1. Elena

          I ended up with two masks . I forget it shortly after masks in shops rules was introduced and bought another one so got a camouflage mask and black mask. And the other day I forgot them but had my Harry Potter scarf on and wrapped that round my face. It is the theatre of the absurd.

          About Two Of Everything. I’m seeing it as connected with multi dimensionality. There maybe a lot more than two of everything. And another difficulty is doublespeak . When people come out with weird statements like that what does it really mean ?

          Also I’ve been playing around with 2021 being mirror year of 2020.

          And about Bah Humbug. Even though a lot of this drives you up the wall I do enjoy the space with lockdown. The SE of England is very heavily populated and I’m not going to deny I enjoy the ‘less people’ aspect to it. Or is it heavily populated ? Do we see background people and background noise and background other things ?

    1. Swim

      Metal is not really my thing but I was interested with The Hu being from Mongolia.

      Something energetically going on in that part of the world connected with dragon energy.

      Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu

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