Country Road

Every Day Is A Winding Road.



It’s getting nuttier and more surreal by the day.



I hope no one minds but another trip down a neural pathway. Yesterday I went for a quick saunter down Church Hill in Nutfield to have a look at St Peter and St Paul Church in ‘England’s Green and Pleasant Land’ on a blue sky day.



It is very beautiful.





St Peter and St Paul.



Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul.

Two Little Dicky Birds.




On the way back I chanced upon Nutfield Court.



The Nut. And the Nuthouse.

From Oxford Learners :

‘(British English, slang) a person’s head or brain.

​(British English also nutter) (informal) a strange or crazy person
He’s a complete nut, if you ask me.’


Cortex It.

A new bill is being introduced next week to begin Texit in the House of Representatives in Austin, Tx presumably.



From the NB Journal :


The 87th Texas legislative session began on January 12, 2021 and District 73 State Representative Kyle Biedermann says he plans to introduce his “Texit” bill next week.






And combine Nutfield Court and Texas.

The Cortex.



And Nodes and the Neural Pathways in the Mind. Does It Matter ?



Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality.



And when going to the airport remember to take your neural Path Port with you.



And the Path Word is Fidelio. Or something.



It’s Surreal.




Take Me Home.


77 thoughts on “Country Road

  1. Neural PATH PORT!
    OMG where’s anony! We have a lisp.
    Neural path port. Brilliant, Frank. And if the path word is Fidelio, it’s ‘oiled if’, like, Texas oil? We’re going to Texas mid-february.

    Speaking of a clown show getting stranger and stranger, here’s Fauci’s new assistant.

    And if you’re thinking that looks like a man in drag, that’s because it is. I mean, transgender.

    1. MJ

      I thought of Anon and her lisping when Path Port and Path Word occurred to me. I’m sure someone somewhere will already have thought of it though. But which part of the mind did the ‘Insight’ come from ? These type of thoughts come from nowhere. And Neural is an anagram of Unreal. The Unreal Path Port.

      And Texas and Oil are connected. Again oil seems symbolic. The black goo which speaks on all sorts of levels it seems.

      And Time. Paris France and Paris Texas. Interested to see what shows up for you in Texas. Texas Weird is a good description.

      And that pic is crazy. Also seems to have a Cheshire Cat type of smile.

  2. Frank

    Lol, St. Peter & St. Paul in “Nutfield”


    I agree

    I know somehow I am projecting this INSANITY

    I just …..


    I just want to be free.

    But back to the Rabbit Hole, I just discovered this vid, I guess “Isaac Kappy’s” swan song.


    A martyr?

    “Every Day is a Winding Road”…..

    yes i agree with that!!!

    But I need to shift my “perspective” to get OFF IT!

    And then see…..

    “Every Day is a Gift.”

    Thank you, Isaac “Cap-py”!!!

    The real “Christ Mass” present!

    The “Present”

    1. Also I am perhaps realizing….
      that when you undertake studying The Course in Miracles…

      just like any other “sacred text” or “gift” from above….

      Satan/Ego will try to infiltrate it.

      Because I do hear a lot of it in my mind as I walk down or up or “straight” down this HIGH WAY home…..

      I’ve come to realize that you need to discern what “Voice” in your head you are listening to….


      That ONE of the Voices, Ego/Satan’s, is incredibly INGENIOUS at masquerading as the Christ in your mind, praising you, “loving” you….

      When it’s actually the “Anti-Christ”

      leading you astray…. once again.

      It’s quite terrifying to realize:

      You can’t tell the difference.

      You’ve become lost…. in the woods.

      You “know” nothing….

      and you are just a blinded sheep being led to slaughter, and you can’t save your little ones from the slaughter either.


          1. Umm, “correction”?

            Yes, I agree:

            “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”

            but I do not place my trust in “Q” or in any of Satan’s “Plans”

            I place my trust in the MOST HIGH GOD alone.


            And then I know, all will be well with me, because

            “All things work for the best for those who TRUST in God.”


            “The Big Show” off

            1. The shot of President Trump on the balcony for “bringing peace” to the Middle East, with Benjamin Netanyahu gloating on his RIGHT, the other clowns laughing on his LEFT…..

              With Trump in the middle….

              AH, they should invent a new word for Trump’s “grin+smirk+frown”

              He’s saying….

              I GOTCHA

              1. You don’t go near 9/11 NOR the “Moon Landing” Truth movements.


                Welp, sir.

                You didn’t “GET” me…..

                And you’re gonna LOSE the rest if you don’t INVESTIGATE and THROW DOWN the LIES about 9/11.


                1. The President of the New Republic WOULD:

                  Clean the SLATE.

                  Show the Demonic State in D.C. ….. how?

                  Through all its LIES!!!!

                  NASA, 9/11, and most importantly

                  the Kennedy Assassination.

                  3 lies that brought down “AMERICA” into 1 great HEAP.

                  It ALL HAS TO COME OUT

                  That is YOUR WAY into a “legitimate” presidency of….

                  Our New Republic



                  1. There are 3 CRIMES that the new, “No. 1” President of the New Republic must REVEAL and PROSECUTE to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW before we can “Reset”:

                    1) President Kennedy was assassinated by our own government.

                    All you have to do is LOOK at a still from his inauguration speech, with the two snakes, V.P. Johnson and Nixon behind him, their heads askew in dirision, with their (lol) “first ladies,” eyes gleaming with sneer, all lined up in a row on the left in fur stoles behind “Jacqueline.” (I won’t go into “her” here….)

                    2) The U.S. never landed on the moon.

                    The Apollo landing was filmed by the great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick at the same time he filmed 2001: A Space Odyssey. He left us clues to such in The Shining and then to the much deeper state of trouble we are in with the “secret societies” and pedophilia in Eyes Wide Shut.

                    3) 9/11 was an inside job, planned and executed by “American” men who have DUAL CITIZENSHIP with ISRAEL.

                    Commandeered by Larry Silverstein in cahoots with the Bush “presidents.”


                    We cannot MOVE FORWARD or “BUILD BETTER” without this FILTH, this CANCER in the body of our great nation, these…lies…

                    that have grown into a hideous boil….

                    being LANCED.

                    The evil, black goo of this TUMOR…..

                    MUST BE RELEASED.

                    For the body of our Great Nation to be Healed.

                    That’s all there is to it.


      1. Trinity

        What is the true voice of God or Spirit ? That question has troubled people since the Year Dot. Is what the voice says true or false ?

        Faith is important I think. These days I go with whatever shows up . Who am I to second guess God ? It is written in the script if you like. I have found myself looking up to the heavens sometimes though over the years in bewilderment and screaming at ‘God’ in pain and anger but I’ve found with hindsight it has made some sort of sense.

        I like this video from David Hoffmeister.

        Is this the Voice of the Holy Spirit or the Ego ?

        1. Thank you, Frank

          I’ve heard that from Jesus too: Don’t plan your day, just do what makes you happy!

          I got the “job” out of fear and I’m afraid it’s gonna “bleed me dry” before I can fully “unplug.”

          But that’s my fear, not my destiny….

          Thanks so much for listening to me and sending me this wonderful and “practical” guidance.

          Inspiration for me on what to “work” on, what to “refocus” on… to “be free”!


        1. Jenny

          Absolutely beautiful and total surprise.

          There were some cars and a few people walking up and down. I waited for them to pass by before taking pics and videos.

      1. And only realized today (how we delude ourselves!)….

        The only question I should ask is, “Are you single?”

        Everyone, please forgive me for posting personal stuff about all the “people” in my drama.

        I’ve been WRONG.

        To each and every one of you I have referenced in my posts:

        I’m sorry (yeah, truly sorry, not fake, weak Oh, I’m sorry!)

        Please forgive me .

        And it ends today.

        I’m going to focus on “communicating” better in the REAL WORLD.

        Not the digital one.

  3. That said,

    Do you HEAR this, like I do, if I am the female George Washington that John Jr., my “brother,” displayed on his cover of “George”?

    Am I his true “sister,” “Caroline”?

    If not me…. who else?

    1. George Washington, faces off against and then DISMISSES…

      “General Gates”

      He DEFEATS “General Gates” and his “Hessians”


      1. You know….

        “Bill Grates”

        Haha, yeah…..

        You think that elite, effeminate, disgusting “computer programmer” LOSER…..

        Is going to take over the world?


          1. Now let’s be clear: these politicians in Washington D.C. like McConnell, Pelosi, Biden, Graham….

            They LIVE there.

            They are um yes, “dinosaurs.”


            They should have TERM LIMITS.

            But, they don’t….

            Is the military taking them down, finally?

            Is the whole evil COMPOUND going down, FINALLY?

            Are they being blocked from escaping through their secret underground tunnels?

            God I pray…..

            Pure evil

            Let’s bomb them to HELL

            1. See, the end of that clip is the putrid insect-like Queen, pulling off her disgusting egg-laying nest….

              To come after me.

              Bring it on, bitch.

              (This is all metaphor, you know. I’m a um…movie poet!)

              And a “metaphor” represents “real life” battle.

                1. OK!

                  “The Whole World Is Watching” (from opening of the vid)

                  They had that sign up here in Pawling for me to see years ago….


                  “The Power of Positive Thinking”

                  This town is the HOME town of Norman Vincent Peale, a 33rd degree Mason.

                  A “Master Mason.”

                  A Warlock, a Master Magician?


                  Donald Trump’s beloved “Christian” minister.

                  Also the “home” town of the “sheriff.”

                  My POINT?

                  Hmm, I had a big old Cadillac or some other wreck “back into” my path heading out of the supermarket one day with the plate: HANX.

                  You know, the sign-off um that MOVIE STAR um, what, “Tom Hanks” used to post his instagram picture of ROADKILL….. “Isaac Kappy.”

                  I think this town is run by the darkest of the dark “rulers” we’ve got goin’ in this “universe.” Witches, Satanic Rituals on Sunday midnights conducted by “people” who are ALL related by incest: COUSINS.

                  They’re all FAMILY.


                  I got “targeted” the DAY I moved in…..

                  It’s quite the movie!

                  So my POINT is?

                  I MIGHT BE the target of the BIGGEST PSYOP in History.


                  I’m not fallin for it.

                  Just NOT.


                  Good Bye

                  Oh and?

                  THIS is NOT a “love story.”
                  In REAL LIFE, I end up leaving….
                  Got it, INBREDS? (I’m sorry, that is not an insult, it’s the truth.You have “inbred” amongst yourselves to keep “others” OUT. Have at it! Not my problem. <3

                  1. I only listed 3 “national” lies…..but once you wake up…..

                    You realize, ANYTHING that comes from your TV is a LIE

                    ESPECIALLY if it incites FEAR in you and especially if it LIMITS how you live your LIFE: Oh, I shouldn’t go hiking alone, or the Boogeyman will get me!

                    It’s SICK SICK SICK

                    Thank you, MAG

                    This one is a good one.

                    RIGHT ON.



                    1. Welp

                      If you are on “my team” and you read my posts…..

                      You saw that the great great vids I posted above were “removed”


                    2. And if they REMOVE your videos, then you KNOW.

                      Isaac, wherever you are….. 🙂

                      You’re right over the TARGET.

                2. I just read the details: suicided on the 31st (God was with him, if so…) off a bridge on Route 66…..

                  Do you remember my post of that sequence in “The Machinist” at the “AMUSEMENT Park,” with “Christian” riding with a little boy, a “ride” called “Route 66: The Road to HELL.”??? (I’m NOT saying anything about Bale personally at all….. no, I don’t think he is a pedo. This is ALL metaphor…. and he is a MAJOR um, figure, in this NIGHTMARE dream we got goin on…. A “good” one. He’s the Bat Man. Forever…)

                  1. I had miracles today…..

                    Here is my “testimony” that Jesus IS working in MY life….



                    I went back to work today after calling out sick (and I really was: I had neck and back pain…. also idk, suffering “love sickness” and a “broken heart” at the same time) for five days.


                    Playing on Chill, thinking about Jesus, my chickadees and titmouses having visited me today as I headed out to “work”: “Solid Gold Love.”

                    Also…. “Air” by “Mike Mills”….. (“the mills of God grind exceedingly SLOW but exceedingly WELL”)

                    the car in front of me as I headed into the “Gap” had a heart with wings on it…. I thought, is that a Rogue? so I inched closer and saw no, it was an Escape.

                    Then…. after taking today’s offer of “VTO” after explaining to my supervisor that I had been out due to injuring myself last shift with a strained muscle in my neck and back that was PAIN full, and the truth, and he asked if I was OK, and I said yes….will be back in tomorrow….

                    I was HAPPY to get a day off from WORK and decided to go over to Walmart and pick up a thing or two I was looking for as I am working on my ark, my “escape” vehicle, if you will…. ha, my “White Horse”

                    And heading out of the Walmart parking lot (after finding the PERFECT “thing”) I spotted a car ahead of me with the plate: HISHEART.

                    And now, after just rewatching the clip above from “The Chosen,” I finally HEARD (like the song I HEARD playing at Walmart: “Let love in….”) this crucial bit of dialogue:

                    “”Why are you doing this??”

                    “I have not revealed myself to the public as the Messiah….
                    “You are the first.
                    “It would be good if you believed me.”

                    “You picked the wrong person….”

                    “I came to Samaria just to meet you. Do you think it’s an accident that I am here in the middle of the day?”

                    [crying, shaking her head…]
                    “I am rejected by others….”

                    “I know. But not by the Messiah.”

                    And you know these things because you ARE the Christ??”

                    [He nods…. 🙂 ]

                    “I’m going to tell everyone!!!”

                    “I was counting on it!”


                    “Spirit and truth?”

                    [He nods]
                    “Spirit and truth.”

                    “It won’t be all about mountains or temples?”

                    [He shakes his head smiling, no….]
                    “Soon?…. Just the heart.”

                    “You promise?”

                    [He nods]
                    “I promise.”


                    Solid GOLD Love
                    A HEART with WINGS

                    1. Vernon Howard’s
                      SECRETS OF LIFE (R)


                      “‘Does the devil exist or not?’

                      ‘He exists as a temporary idea but not as a permanent Reality. I’ll
                      explain. When you think of the devil, what do you really have? Only a
                      thought. Now, if it remained only a simple idea no harm could come to an
                      individual. But the idea of a devil gets wrongly mixed up with
                      self-reference, fearful imagination, a hypnotic attraction to danger,
                      and other harmful states. So now the careless person is taken over and
                      controlled by this directionless mass of wild energy which is called the
                      devil. This is the cause of all human violence and suffering.’

                      She asked, ‘If there was no devil _in_ me there could be no devil
                      _against_ me?’

                      ‘That’s right. The devil can’t exist without you, without your unseen

                      ‘How can I stop creating the devil?’

                      ‘Catch him in the act of trying to move into your inner home, as when he
                      tries to enter with anger or gloom. Your awareness gives him no place to
                      live and grow. All this will be explained in detail in our classes which
                      start soon. Meanwhile, practice…’

                      She did. Later that day she went grocery shopping. A glass jar
                      accidentally fell off a shelf and smashed at her feet. She was about to
                      react with guilt and irritation, when she suddenly remembered. She
                      watched the devil trying to take her over, which prevented it.

                      ‘Devil – I’ve caught you!’ she exclaimed. She knew she had made a
                      sensational spiritual breakthrough.”

                      Mystery Stories for Winning Happiness
                      SOLVED The Mystery of Life, Chap. 2, p. 20

                    2. I can honestly say that I am not a whore…..

                      BUT Satan’s “temptations” are such that… don’t “see” it.

                      That, God forbid…..

                      I could become one.

                      And I REFUSE that “destiny” not only for me…..

                      But for my son.

                      The “love” of my life.

                      And so, what?

                      Do I remain a VIRGIN the rest of my life?


                      But I FINALLY learn how to DEMAND from a MAN……

                      That he RESPECT me.

                      And that we PROVE our love for each other.


                    3. I admit, this is counter to vids I have posted, the WOMAN with the head of snakes and hmm, yeah, a chest of power!…. Rihanna, whom I love, and her vid, calling, trying to make the man, do what, exactly?

                      COME, for God’s sake.

                      I’m HERE.

                      Just come over, and let’s get to know each other!

                      This is a BATTLE I have fought my entire LIFE.

                      Not doing it anymore……

                      Even tho….

                      I LOVE you!


                    4. Rihanna is in a white cube, surrounded by God’s beautiful NATURE.

                      The “New Kingdom”?


                      You just have to….

                      Ask, and it will be given you
                      Knock, and the door will be opened.


                    5. Every movie can have a happy ending.

                      It’s up to us, to break out of our “roles,” and COMMUNICATE with each other.

                      “Let’s talk this over”

                      The DEVIL wants to stifle ALL TALK, ALL COMMUNICATION.

                      You must see that.

                      The devil is real, but he’s ONLY in your mind…..

                      Whether or not you make him real is up to you ( and me ). 🙂


                    6. And to “M”

                      I was not suggesting that YOU have not “respected” me.

                      Just the opposite!

                      It’s been your Respect for me, and your efforts to help me, that I do do do so appreciate!

                      In fact, it breaks my heart!

                      Love is a DANGEROUS thing.

                      It can KILL you.

                      That’s the Truth, Ruth.

                    7. But it won’t kill US.


                      We’re both “M”

                      How can “Love” kill US when we are already “One.”

                    8. Haha, I don’t know, call me crazy!


                      In that Matrix clip I LOVE to watch…..

                      I see…..

                      Trinity = Mary (me)
                      Neo = Michael, the Archangel (you)
                      Morpheus = John the Baptist, who was the announcer of the coming of the Messiah (God)

                      A Holy Trinity



                      All doing battle together against …..

                      the DEVIL

                      Oh, and I’m never ASKING you to “come over.”

                      Soon, there won’t be a place for you to “come over” to….

                      I have fixed my house up with the thought of trying to find a housemate, since I can’t pay the mortgage etc on my own anymore…..

                      But could never get comfortable with the idea of living with a stranger in my own home……

                      The realtor comes over on Monday to “assess” it for me, and of course, start the process of finding a BUYER.

                      I really did fix it up, all newly painted, nice and the way I’d want to live in it, and with the idea of sharing it….. someday…..with idk…..


                      I would love to be here in the spring…..

                      When my newly planted Redbuds are sure to bloom…..

                      Along with my Dogwood.

                      But I can’t afford it on my own.

                      I’m seeking a “house mate.”


                    9. huh, just noticed after rereading my post, yeah

                      hmm, the date posted (Great Britain time) is???

                      January 31….


                    10. So, “M”

                      (I like that! 🙂 )

                      If you are “interested,” I’d like for you to do one of three things:

                      Call me (they have my cell number in the system over there…. or I’m pretty sure I’m listed in the book with my crappy land line connection)

                      Drop by in the next couple of days during the DAY…. you know the “number”: “14”…. It’s “old”….and it’s the “Road to Heaven”! (55)

                      Or, wait until we see each other again at work, and ask me about my “house for sale.”


                      I’m easy…..[Joke! That’s a JOKE]


                    11. I want you to all know, I just watched the above vid finally to its END now….. I’m glad I posted it on 1/31 at “10:31 A.M.” (??? ah no….) to demonstrate HOW the Enemy works to deceive ME, with seeming honoring me as “special,” and thereby YOU…. IF “I” fall for it.

                      I’m not falling for it.

                      My impression: This is last resort Satanic DECEPTION. From and FOR the “Elite” and the Fallen Angels and of course, Lucifer!
                      For them to be ABSOLVED of the crimes of sacrificing children (why? AWWW, they’re really just “children too!” locked inside their traumatic childhoods…. )

                      Maybe for HUMANS, but not for Satan’s “children”: i.e. DEMONS.

                      No, God’s punishment WILL COME UPON THEM ALL.

                      You know how I know?

                      First red flag: the CREEPY-ass “judge” and other “people” on the um, dais. INCLUDING that TROLL named “Steele.” As well as the man’s “sister.” Fake ACTING. Yikes, REALLY BAD….. No “Oscars” for them.

                      Second: Um, no tears.
                      Also? He gives no names, because WHY? He honors his “word” and made a gentleman’s AGREEMENT not to. LOL!!!

                      Third, and final: He does not mention the NAME above all NAMES given to us by Our True Creator Yahuah as the One He sent to save us:
                      “Jesus Christ.”

                      Instead he honors the “Koran” and “The Torah,” and DISSES the Holy Bible.

                      The “Holy Bible” is the only Sacred Text that contains the Sacred “Word” of Jesus Christ.

                      This man is a FAKE.
                      He’s a DECEIVER.
                      He’s NOT believable.


                    12. “Satanic Deception” {i.e. “Temptation” to believe in HIM, not The Most High God, Yahuah, and His Son, Yeshua}

                      Much like the song and the video Lucifer sent me: “I’ve got SOLID GOLD LOVE for you”

                      Which (SYNCH? No…. SINK! to the bottom of the SEA) shows ME in my white Town & Country minivan TRYING to head NORTH thru New England, to ESCAPE.

                      But do I?

                      No, no…. The DEVIL keeps pulling me back….. Back and forth….. Up and down….

                      And now I have a ‘love interest” that might keep me in Satan’s web: this house? “Let love in…!” Oh puleeaase!

                      The Devil’s Game

                      No ESCAPE.

                      Ya think?

                      Don’t be so sure, “Prince.”

                      I’m ONTO you in a major way, now…..

                      [wink wink]

                    13. Any man who tries to “communicate” with me, who tries to “connect” with me…. is BLOCKED. (haha, no woman ever tries to connect with me…..hahaha! lol)

                      Whether “he” knows it or not, either by threats to him, or lies and slander about me… Maybe I don’t pick up on my phone (because I don’t hear it….)

                      It’s a BATTLE.


                      IT”S ALL MINE

                      I ACCEPT IT NOW

                      I”M “M”


                      A MAN and a WOMAN REBORN…..

                      in ONE (MW)


                      It’s OKaaay…..

                      I’m OK

                      I’m…. actually…….

                      “happy” about it.

                      Counter to my argument that the Creator did not create women to be “warriors”….

                      I LOVE being a WARRIOR….

                      Especially NOW….in the “End Times”….

                      “As in the days of Noah.”

                    14. I’m sure I don’t need to point this out, but the way YouToob RUINS the end of every clip with those pathetic popup windows of related clips….

                      like Keanu screaming “behind the scenes,” etc.

                      RUINS IT

                      Ugh. You suck, in a LOT of ways, “YOO TUBE.”

                      I don’t want to be FOREVER struck from your community if I ever want to try to “use you” someday.

                      Take it as “constructive criticism”?

                      Oh, but you’ve become this giant robot, a COMPUTER.

                      And MACHINES don’t know how to take “constructive criticism.”

                      WHAT EVER

                    15. And The Terminator is now coming true…..

                      We are in a war against MACHINES.

                      I do believe this is PROGRAMMING…..

                      Being programmed to give up FAITH and HOPE in Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. This movie puts this war and a dead, charred earth against the machines at 2029….. I mean, their war just GOES ON AND ON.

                      It’s NOT going to go “on and on.”

                      NO WAY can it!

                      If the Earth is dead and charred….. the human race wold have been long since gone extinct.

                      You get me?

                      This is FAKE
                      This is FEAR PORN at its BEST!
                      This is UPSIDE DOWN.

                      As much as I’d like to “be” “Sarah Conner”….. a “hero”…

                      I SEE THE DECEPTION.
                      I SEE THE DEVIL trying to make me “worship” my self.

                      I’ll just say “I had a dream” in which it was spoken that the “end of the world” will be in eighteen months. And that there will be utter chaos until then; law and order COMPLETELY GONE.

                      So I calculated it, and it comes to July 2022…..

                      A lot SOONER than this movie says it will be.

                    16. I guess I’m meant to post stuff and then teach how I have gone astray with it….

                      How I’ve gone astray….. again.

                      Read these lyrics, and understand:

                      Doh doh doh, doh doh doh
                      Doh doh
                      Doh doh doh, doh doh doh
                      Doh doh
                      Doh doh doh, doh doh doh
                      Doh doh
                      This hit, that ice cold
                      Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold
                      This one, for them hood girls
                      Them good girls, straight masterpieces
                      Stylin’, wildin’
                      Livin’ it up in the city
                      Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent
                      Gotta kiss myself, I’m so pretty
                      I’m too hot (hot damn)
                      Called a police and a fireman
                      I’m too hot (hot damn)
                      Make a dragon wanna retire, man
                      I’m too hot (hot damn)
                      Say my name, you know who I am
                      I’m too hot (hot damn)
                      Am I bad ’bout that money?
                      Break it down
                      Girls hit your hallelujah (wooh)
                      Girls hit your hallelujah (wooh)
                      Girls hit your hallelujah (wooh)
                      ‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you (wooh)
                      ‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
                      ‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
                      Saturday night, and we in the spot
                      Don’t believe me, just watch, come on!
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Hey, hey, hey, oh!
                      Wait a minute
                      Fill my cup, put some liquor in it
                      Take a sip, sign a check
                      Julio, get the stretch
                      Ride to Harlem, Hollywood, Jackson, Mississippi
                      If we show up, we gon’ show out
                      Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy
                      I’m too hot (hot damn)
                      Called a police and a fireman
                      I’m too hot (hot damn)
                      Make a dragon wanna retire, man
                      I’m too hot (hot damn, hot damn)
                      Bitch, say my name, you know who I am
                      I’m too hot (hot damn)
                      Am I bad ’bout that money?
                      Break it down
                      Girls hit your hallelujah (wooh)
                      Girls hit your hallelujah (wooh)
                      Girls hit your hallelujah (wooh)
                      ‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you (wooh)
                      ‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
                      ‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
                      Saturday night, and we in the spot
                      Don’t believe me, just watch, come on!
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Hey, hey, hey, oh!
                      Before we leave
                      I’mma tell y’all a lil’ something
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      I said Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Come on, dance, jump on it
                      If you sexy than flaunt it
                      If you freaky then own it
                      Don’t brag about it, come show me
                      Come on, dance, jump on it
                      If you sexy than flaunt it
                      Well, it’s Saturday night, and we in the spot
                      Don’t believe me, just watch, come on!
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Don’t believe me, just watch
                      Hey, hey, hey, oh!
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up (say what?)
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up
                      Uptown Funk you up

                      It’s from Lucifer, the Angel of “Air” (music, lightning, the Inter Net, wireless, 5G)

                      That is his “temptation” for me at his finest. My talent for “dance.” And, yes, my “sexiness.” “I’m “SEXY.” I was BORN THAT WAY….

                      Love of “self.”
                      Love of the “glamour” of evil.
                      Love of fake “love of thy neighbor.”

                      It is all BLASPHEMOUS especially by taking the LORD”S NAME in VANE:

                      “Girls hit your hallelujah” (Woo!)

                      Um, yup: is it encouraging masturbation much?


                      “Your Hallelujah”


                      All sing and praise should only be directed to our Father, JAH.

                      HALLELU JAH!

                      Forgive me Father, once AGAIN.

                      And THANKS BE TO YOU!

                      For OUR SALVATION, through or SAVIOR, YOUR SON

                      JESUS CHRIST

                    17. Correction: I was not “born that way.”


                      The clip of Bernaud yields much truth: that we are born into a system that wants to suck us dry of our let me say, INNOCENCE.

                      That’s why FORGIVENESS of each other is the WAY OUT.


                      But ONLY PART OF IT.

                      WE CAN”T SAVE OURSELVES, OR EACH OTHER.


                      I will say, I adopted “sexiness” perhaps because I was born and raised in my early years bereft of attention, my parents were not “woke,” far from it….. they never ABUSED me outright but their being unable to “love” me left me born an “orphan”. Emotionally NEGLECTED. I think my rage at never having been able to get a man to “come for me” is directly connected to my frustration that I don’t CONSCIOUSLY remember but that an older cousin said once, that I was left for hours in my crib. I can really imagine my frustration at calling out to Mom! Come get me! No more nap, please come!

                      And having no answer….

                      UNCONSCIOUSLY I may have adopted a “sexy” way of being I would say out of my desperate LONGING for LOVE.

                      Thanks be to God I’m not at the far end of the spectrum, but I think that’s what it’s about.

                    18. So let me end this thread with a prayer of thanks to my Creator.

                      To My Father, Yahuah; His Holy Spirit; and His Son, Jesus Christ.

                      3 in 1

                      THE “Holy Trinity”

                      “Amazing Grace,
                      How sweet the sound
                      That saved a wretch like me.
                      I once was lost, but now I am found,
                      Was blind, but now I see.

                      ‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
                      And grace my fears relieved.
                      How precious did that grace appear
                      The hour I first believed.

                      Through many dangers, toils and snares
                      I have already come,
                      ‘Tis grace has brought me safe thus far
                      And grace will lead me home.

                      The Lord has promised good to me
                      His word my hope secures;
                      He will my shield and portion be,
                      As long as life endures.

                      Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
                      And mortal life shall cease
                      I shall possess within the veil,
                      A life of joy and peace.

                      When we’ve been there ten thousand years
                      Bright shining as the sun,
                      We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
                      Than when we’ve first begun.”

                    19. One more CRUCIAL bit of info…..


                      And the “children” being rescued from tunnels under Manhattan….

                      I’ve been unhappy with the fact that nothing has been revealed to the public….

                      Yes, the Republic!

                      “We the PEOPLE.”

                      And that they don’t want to, YET …. because there would be “riots.”

                      And I’m like, ya think? Everyone’s ASLEEP.

                      But then I heard, these children are not “JUST” Haitian grabbed after the “earthquake” or from war-torn Iraq OR from poverty-ridden, drug-addicted minorities in the cities’ slums….

                      O M G

                      These children are OURS.

                      Harvested…. how?


                      I believe in you, Q.

                      Thanks for touching base with me.

                    20. To finally end this, um after “researching” Isaac Kap-py, and the letter q for a bit…..

                      I have deduced that “Isaac Kap-py” was a psyop…… (i’m doing weird punctuation things bec otherwise this won’t post…. Big Brother, ya know…)

                      And lo and behold I came upon this blog, which pretty much states what I believe to be true. (Ha, it even SHOWS what I posted on here a couple years ago: Who killed J-F-K.)


                      EVERYTHING at this point, my Friends in Christ, is a psyop.

                      Goodnight, and good luck!


                    21. Up, pull it up:

                      Jesus wants me to tell you all…..

                      It’s not “good luck” that’s gonna get you through.

                      It’s Godspeed.

                    22. To Dallas

                      I just got your group The Chosen email about your shoot down in Texas of The Sermon on the Mount.

                      I responded that I’d like to be an extra, and Jessica responded that you’ll let me know if you need “help.”

                      I’d love to just be there and witness it, better to be included as an extra…. and if so, I don’t know, meet you and talk with you and somehow connect in the name above all names: JESUS.

                      I’m not very good at following the protocols and I tend to do crazy stuff like this.

                      I’m on your email list: marycaroline

                      I want to come down to Texas to see at least, and maybe participate, but if not that’s OK, your shoot.

                      I’m a hey, Columbia University educated film critic!!!


                      And I’d love to get my journalistic career GOING again…..

                      in the WORK for CHRIST.

                      I pray my message gets to you.

                      If not, hey, it’s OK

                      I know this all works for the good for those who love God.

                      God bless YOU!


                    23. It is a monumental task to film The Sermon on the Mount.

                      I’m actually fascinated on how you are going to do it…..

                      You’ve done a wonderful job so far.

                      I pray you and your wonderful lead actor continue to be inspired!

                      I somehow know you will be.


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