The White House


Apologies for my absence over last few days. I’ve been moving into The White House. That’s if anyone noticed my absence !




I’m hoping this is the start of something new. About this time last year in 2020 I broke the humerus bone in my shoulder ( Funny Ha Ha ) on 15/1/2020 which was a ‘Welcome to 2020’. Welcome to 2021 – ‘2020 : It’s Behind You’. I’m hoping my move is symbolic of a more progressive and positive reality. I’ve noticed from observations and feedback with a few other people, they are also starting something new. As an example, my daughter is buying her first apartment and leaving the nest.



People may ask why I put so many images and personal elements into the article but over the years I’ve come to understand the external world is a form of projection of a subconscious process and it shows where I am going and where we are going. Surely Trump and politicians and kings and queens are more important than you ? The Universe says they are not. We are an integral part of the Universe and ‘God’and the Universe can’t exist without us. You are that important ! And do they even exist or just illusory figures in the ‘dream’ and you can add the NEWS to that as well. What is Real ?

And the move confirmed to me that there is definitely a Quantum World. Circumstances dictated I had to leave my previous apartment and there was a time pressure and also personal pressure put on me. I viewed four apartments and to each one I said OK and they were going ahead and they all collapsed and the only one that was left was grim. And feeling depressed at the thought of moving into the grim apartment I had one last look to see what was there and there was The White House. And my brain exploded ! Luxury apartment.

Even then the Quantum World didn’t stop. As part of the move I had to change ISP provider as my previous provider doesn’t have a service in the new area. And in a mad three or four hours on a Sunday afternoon I arranged three different dates for an engineer to call to set it up. Also I was suddenly told the new provider didn’t provide a service and then they did and then they didn’t and then they did. It was a totally crazy few hours.

And as another example of how Tech is a reflection of the subconscious Self as well. For a couple of weeks I am not connected to Broadband but thanks to super tech daughter who knows about this sort of thing I am now Tethered and this article will come to you via a Tethered connection. I just push buttons and hope for the best.

Welcome to The White House. Waiting for me and hanging from the curtain pole when I moved in.



And just a quick walk in the locality confirms that reality is a form of Wonderland. The New Normal service continues . Last week following the rabbit and neural pathways – thank you – I came across the Holy Well.



The White House is opposite Well House.




The Beauty Retreat.



And I’m just down from Crown Vet Clinic. It used to be the Crown pub.



And the Birthday.

‘Welcome to 125 Garage’ on the road to Godstone.



And Manifestations of Extreme Energy ‘Out There’.

Hairy, Horny Thor Man.



It’s Weird or Wotan.




Release The Kraken.


64 thoughts on “The White House

    1. Roob

      Thank you !!! 💙

      I’ve moved a few miles from Reigate. I am now back in Nutfield where I lived about 15 years ago. It’s Nuts in Nutfield.

      I’ve been behind keeping up with everyone else’s things over last few weeks but hopefully less second to second, day to day pressure now. But there is No Rest For the Wicked. I’m sure we will be kept busy.

              1. Roob

                And about 8th Jan.

                Not only is it Stephen Hawking’s birthday it is also David Bowie’s birthday.

                And if you haven’t watched The Theory Of Everything I recommend it. It’s easy to get cynical with figures like Hawking and I’m sure it’s glamorised . But his physical challenges were so ridiculously difficult. In some ways it may have been easier for Hawking rather than his family who had to cope with his disease. Most incredible story.

  1. ATONAL – any music that is not of western tradition. The sounds can be alien-ish.

    Elena said this coronavirus and mask wearing is a sensory test and that sounds spot on.

    From an article about atonal music

    “ Resulting changes in perception, evaluation and cognitive processing might appear such that individuals expect pleasurable moments, focus on particular stylistic or formal features or – which can be seen as the most important factor for the context discussed here – adopt a higher “tolerance for surprise, disgust, or ambiguity” ”

    When I think of atonal, It sounds like a description of music that’s just being itself with out having to toe the “lines”.

    1. MJ

      One of my questions has been what creates noise. You suddenly hear builders in the background making a noise, or lawnmower man or alarms going off or whatever. Does our mind create the noise ?

      1. I often wonder that, too. If it’s our minds, then we are in the position that seems like the world is so much bigger and if noise makers are constantly popping up then our subconscious is letting stuff out or something. And time doesn’t exist so it feels like an annoying dream.
        It is a good question, though. For example, all these rules and demands from anything to do with kids. It’s so incredibly over the top with the stuff you have to do for school and it feels like a big machine that has completely taken over. It’s not living! It’s just being a slave to the machine and I just can’t participate.
        Noisy yard tools that start up right when you get relaxed! Absolutely awful! And then the question is, why the yard tools? (To make the job quicker) so really the question is why having a yard that requires so much work? If you’re gonna do work, then why not grow food? Why not permaculture? I don’t like the way suburbs look with row after row of sameness. You’re pretty much born into a place that has a machine running every aspect of life and it’s horrible. It’s when I had a sun that I really saw things as they really are.
        The mask “protects” others from you.
        I haven’t quite figured out what is happening but I think it’s to do with being free from that machine.

        1. I think part of it maybe accepting discordance and a reflection of it in the mind. As an example when I was in ‘3D’ I didn’t really understand people who were on a spiritual path. Wine, women and song and football and a bit of politics thrown in were the main engine. Now I see things differently I find it difficult to relate to people including friends and family who view the world through accepted vision. I still enjoy wine, women and song and football though. A friend of mine used a good phrase – 3D functional. I think there is an element of different frequencies and vibrations but also I think there maybe a double headed coin side to it with the War of Ideas and ‘I am right’.

      2. Last summer someone set off a mega blaster firework in the back alley at about 4 am. Gave a whole new meaning to the words, ‘wake up call’.

        Several hours later when I logged on to Merovee, you had just posted something about ‘love bombs’.

        You posted the words, I literally heard the sound. 🤯

        p.s. Glad your move was made safely. 😊

        1. Elena

          Thank you 💙 It’s a blue heart day ! Another question always arises though. What does The White House symbolise ? What is the real White House ?

          I remember the Love Bombs. Mine came via music the day before I wrote that article. Small three minute You Tube pop songs can really speak. The phrase MJ used – atonal – is a very good description.

          And how and why we experience things and think similar thoughts to each other will hopefully be resolved and understood. For me it points to One Mind and One Self but how that works frazzles the mind.

            1. MJ

              In a comment to Roob I’ve mentioned about 8/1 and Hawking and Bowie. And Car Clues or something. Hawking suffered from Motor Neurone Disease.

    2. The way he describes it…negative, difficult, unstructured, intuition, feeling. Creating tension, attraction, repulsion. He’s describing the feminine principle. What is not, as opposed to what is. The, I am that I am.
      Very interesting. I had never thought of it that way before.

      1. It’s like the moon. But if we were more in touch with moon, then we could handle and work with the “phases”.
        Everybody has ZOOM meetings.
        ZOOM is MOON with sideways N or Z.
        I always think we are looking at ourselves on the screen. Or something.

      2. And he didn’t say the words but add “unloved” to that.
        If, …or actually when that is realized, we are knowing how to make it work! Bring it together, equal parts, temperance, …with tone and also (not)tone, and not requiring a word for it.
        The “word” does not rule and also no threat. We can Just BE⚡️

  2. Frank, if inclined in a quiet moment, close your eyes, plug your ears with your thumbs, and press your fingers over your eyes. Elbows out on either side of your body. The sound is incredible. It’s the sounds of the entire Cosmos.

    Glad you made it home.

    1. Anon

      I don’t know if this is the same thing ? Years ago this spiritual malarkey suddenly materialised. One of the things that came from it was a form of ringing in the ears. I wouldn’t describe it as tinnitus but more like a tuning fork. I spoke to a friend at the time who knew about these sort of things and she said she could hear it as well if she concentrated and said it was the sound of soul. It’s there all the time in the background. More recently – last two years – I’ve picked up something else in the antenna which I describe as the ‘Whales Are Calling’ because I think that’s what I’m hearing.

      And about Nutfield. There is an element of returning to the move. Previously I lived there for about fifteen years. It’s on the same stretch of road as Reigate and Godstone and also Redhill. Nutfield and Reigate and Godstone are Toy Town and picture postcard towns. They are not real is the only way I can describe it. Another plane. And Redhill has the most peculiar energy because it doesn’t have any energy. It is The Abyss . Stare into Redhill and it stares back at you.

  3. Masonic, artificial manipulations to “square the circle””

    Dis Cern (untether from the artificial)

    “Embodiment of the Christos Blueprint allows for discernment of artificial timelines, by testing the signature of field architecture and noting that the architecture or timeline is being generated artificially via Alien Machinery and is wholly inorganic.

    An awakened human with an active 12 Strand DNA imprint may run base 12 frequencies throughout the planetary grid, which has the potential to heal the dimensional splitting that occurred between the organic reality and phantom reality. The organic layers co-exist with phantom layers, side by side in timeline stacks. It is possible to discern the organic timelines versus the artificial timelines, when running the Christos Blueprint 12 base code frequencies within the Lightbody.”

    “Quantum” is language of masonic scientists. Use it in quotes.
    It tries to describe morphogentic fields.

  4. Remember “Storm Zeta”?


    “those that maintain the Grey Alien Technologies, such as Looking Glass projected holograms, are attempting to reclaim those groups that they lost control over while being moved out of the artificial timelines.

    Most of these technologies use symbol code programs that are targeted to the human subconscious in order to turn off or reverse Genetic Switches, that would naturally turn on Multidimensional Communication and Higher Sensory Perception, such as the innate occurring skillset of Remote Viewing energy fields. The NAA use symbol codes from humanities native DNA language to target the subconscious and Conscious Mind of the Negative Ego programming to direct and manipulate thoughts, belief systems and perceptions in the 3D reality.

    In some cases, awakening people become in consent with controlling entities, in which they receive enhancements in exchange for being monitored and experimented with. The Zeta and those entities that use grey alien technology are prolific in making these agreements with those in the new age groups.

    1. I see what you mean but if you are knowing that it can’t even touch you then nothing to worry about.

      Anony, those “parasites” clutter the mind with that, too. You are not corruptable. You’re just hueman, and it feels vulnerable. This world teaches from the get-go, that vulnerability is weak, and be the opposite at all times. Yet, to be the opposite is to deny who we are, and is to never see. We are vulnerable, as love is vulnerable and all-consuming. Wear it like armor. It’s two things at once: invasive and vulnerable, which is intimacy. The predator/prey in nature is never an act that involves an ego mind, if just is. Sometimes you are the predator. Sometimes you’re the prey.
      Manly P Hall says “to be eaten by a Lion, as a human, is a leap forward, as you are consumed by nature”, in other words, better to flow, than to think. Thinking is abrahamic. And he sucks.

    1. at 19:00… and more beyond that.

      There is a non-human element to this. But I have a feeling that there is a complexity added to the “chaos” that is not “alien”, in terms of an outside parasite, but something desperate to reach out and will keep trying until there’s a wake up.
      Kind of like a love bomb.

      When you realize it’s both you, yet not you. It’s me.
      ZOOM IN

      1. Isn’t he? I tell him all the time and he just stretches out in the sunlight and rolls over. Best life.
        We adopted him a couple of months before his first bday. He was a foster kitty living with foster parent because he needed to get healthy and came from a trailer park that had a cat colony growing. The foster parent named him Sprocket. I do love that name. But he was a surprise for Charlie and I let Charlie name him. He immediately said “Fizzio”.
        🤷🏻‍♀️ He was 4 or 5? I have no idea where that name came from.
        And we call him Fizzy.
        Maybe he’s a spy cat from Italy and his name is Fizzio d’Medici or something or maybe he’s from an ancient Italian bloodline. 🙂
        Actually his name is Fizzio del Gato Sangria del Congo la Bamba de Papá el Sergio al Alhambra Jésus de Cristo del Taco Muhammud el son de Madonna con queso negro modelo cerveza from Turkey El guapo meow.

    1. Came to post about the royal mail redirection as well. Signified in the phenomenal screen world by the theft of Nancy’s computer. On one level it’s a way to put her in a holding pen while accusations about what was found on it circulate. Similar to Clinton saga. One trick ponies. This clears the way for Harris. Biden is already a goner. Trump a temp one.

      It will be a Pence Harris admin. As in Prince Harris. He is not related to the Coburg cyborgs. He paid entrance fees into another lineage.

      Redirecting royal male.

      People don’t understand why I post that stuff about the synthetic and organic timelines and that’s ok. Spirit and their personal experiences and preferences guides some to find messages in movies and Katy Perry videos and Musk, etc. Those dont guide mine.

  5. Notice how Caesar has wrestled control of most births? Somehow an organic birthing process isn’t sufficient and those who desire one are gas lighted and “love bombed.”

    What’s love?

      1. You missed the metaphor. I knew you would.
        I’m not surprised you are pulling out that card.
        I am a mother who has never given birth.
        I have been pregnant but have miscarried.
        Would you like to hear about this?
        Even if I had never been pregnant, I would still be a mother as motherhood is not tied to physical labor. Hence, why you see many women who have multiple children but are not mothers. Analogous to this might be the insistence that Hillary would have been “the first woman to blab blab blah” when in fact her vagina did not make her politicos indistinguishable from a mans.

        1. The idea that motherhood is only tied to physical labor that produces one’s personal child is courtesy of Caesar.

          That is being fixed.

          1. We’ve talked about it on the old MV.
            I’ve spoken about it here many times which is how you knew to ask.
            And which is why you asked.
            Thank you, Roob.

  6. Synthetically induced births breed synthetically induced timelines wherein people run around not knowing what’s real while others run around babbling they were born into syn. Ever noticed how the new age rhetoric is much like the old age rhetoric. Same cult ural filters, same cult ural anchors.

  7. Here’s a hollow graphic insert of the regular bloke type. A GANkind who is a cross between Bieber and John Mayer whose most famous song is “Your Body Is A Wonderland.” The irony. Pushing huemans to get V’ed, become MANkinds, synths. MJ, dont tell me this doesnt have an real impact if you’ve ever donned a mask and obeying unreal rules. On the ground they’re rolling out the doses in the inner cities. Seems there’s two doses spaces out by a week give or take.

    And that’s just the beginning.

    I’m over apologists. Even they speak about “quantum entanglement”. But never say what that even means. Lots of catch phrases, few deep dives.

    1. Ok. What are you saying?
      If we must always use a story outside of us, then we are never real. Because we are everything. If we’re not, then tell us the new news.
      I feel something isn’t ok, as in, there needs to be temperance.
      But instead of the meta 4s, can we have direct “connection”? The languish is that… languish.
      I know a little Spanish.
      And I know a big French.
      The Russhin’ down the street is a slav of moor des-cent-aunts from the bikini bottom.
      Anyway, enough of the damn. Nothing stops the water that we all are, and that is truth,
      Hearing you loud and clear, and I hurt too in ways that I cannot articulate that would not be understood or in a way I could say; that feeling I described is a doorway, as emotion is a conduit and medium for new information. But we use the same medium to ex-change the forever free song or sing real. We’re talking, so we’re SAME. (say-me), so there is no me, no you, and that gets us now-here.
      To be direct, I am asking you to be direct.
      This could be the new medium for the message.

      And I am going outside boundaries here… this is a description of me, describing a dream that I had about meeting me, that was a better version of me…everybody is a better version of me. Everybody. But I love them, so I want them to be. (Which creates the boundary). You see the paradox?! Maddening!

      I met anonymouse, and she is way different than you’d imagine. She’s beautiful and has no age. She’s way kinder in “person”, in fact, … charming. Super intelligent and doesn’t even give a f*** about that, making it even better. There was a time I thought anonymouse was in her 20s, or to be more direct, I thought I could not place any idea of (maturity?), as she threw things Ruth-less-ly and mysteriously in a contradiction, yet with enough emotion to pull me in and ponder the variety of comets. (In other words, it was my inability to really understand her but always felt connected and felt she was under-appreciated and somewhat misunderstood).
      This is about me: I put up walls because it’s easier. And, I am scatter brained and I feel lots at once and feel overwhelmed. But if I truly connected full-on and unleashed a love attack without holding back, … I would kill them unintentionally because there is full reign given to the creation and sometimes it spins out of control. The mask thing… it’s a reflection of me. I wouldn’t mean to kill them, but I would drown out the sun and that’s my boundary. If I have to exist, then I’m living out this cosmic temperance with everybody and I feel like everybody hates me but what to do?!
      What if you have to exist then the best you can do is change. I don’t know what else to do and I honestly feel overwhelmed. There’s nobody to talk to, to get thru. And I don’t blame anyone, I just feel helpless.
      I really don’t know what’s happening sometimes and I feel this block and boundary and what really needs to happen is for people to feel what has built up. There’s a saying, “what you resist, persists”.
      Let flood gates open. Let the ocean of emotion run free. See, lacking melanin is a deficiency, and maybe I’m tryin to connect. I am a wreck. I can’t sleep. I don’t like to eat. I drink too much. And thank god for weed. Charlie and that surrounding energy would never know because I’m in dream state. He will never suffer because of the protection. If everything happens at once, then let’s do something to change perception of experience so we can all be in that wonderful place of heaven I created for my sun. I don’t want to be divided anymore. I want to be dimensional.
      There is an inversion of how energy works, presented to us. For example, the consumer culture is a machine that churns a scientific formula of unrealistic images and concepts constantly shoved down our throats. The impact is more than we’d like to know but since we’re having this conversation, safe to say something is knowing about our subconscious or it’s just the “state” we’re in.
      If I could snap my fingers and switch on paradise, would I not?! Of course. Because I feel like I have thought every reason I might want to be here and the only reason is for Charlie because I don’t make anybody else happy so I have nothing to offer and I am exhausted by the conversation. The reason to not be in paradise is to have a more earth experience. But who defines earth? And who has a say? If I can’t talk or I’m miss understood, wtf to do?! It’s a crisis!
      Right here, commune icate in multi ways. That is the multi-pass.

      I’m asking for help. It’s kind of like stripping down. No pretense. Just standing naked, with no regard for how the “lighting” is or is not complementary to what the outside seems to see and readily gives input.
      What you don’t see is what you get 😉 help this is needing remixed.

      We’re about to be NO-MAD.
      Is that like anti-mad?

      Anti mad. Adam ant.

      Yep. The languish manifest.
      So… from the heart. I need help to connect.
      The message is heart, not mind.
      Can I get through?

      1. Lacking melanin is a deficiency but that doesn’t apply to you…

        You have sufficient melanin for you…

        And you are a nomad. We both are…

        ‘Nomad generations are born during a spiritual awakening, a time of social ideals and spiritual agendas when youth-fired attacks break out against the established institutional order. Nomads grow up as underprotected children during this awakening, come of age as alienated young adults in a post-awakening world, mellow into pragmatic midlife leaders during a historical crisis, and age into tough post-crisis elders. By virtue of this location in history, such generations tend to be remembered for their rising-adult years of hell-raising and for their midlife years of hands-on, get-it-done leadership. Their principle endowments are often in the domain of liberty, survival, and honor.’

        Did you listen to Molly’s podcast yesterday? I did, and I thought of you…

  8. I know this info might be infiltrated as well and it requires discernment.

    “Morphogenetic Field is a form-holding Blueprint that stores information for how that “form” of consciousness will manifest. Morphogenetic Fields are comprised by templates of conscious light and sound which serve as the blueprints on which matter and conscious identity will then manifest. This occurs at a microcosmic and macrocosmic level and is a part of the mechanics of all creation.

    All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through these morphogenetic (form-holding) imprints. The architecture of that manifestation template is the 12 Tree Grid. These exist as a quantity of crystalline (that’s why it’s also called a crystal body), energetic substance that is composed of specific patterns of frequency. The universe is one massive field of consciousness embracing and containing all other forms where all experiences of reality and manifestation takes place. Layers upon layers of morphogenetic fields exist at every level form has manifested at each dimensional plane in the Universal Tree of Life.

    … our personal blueprint (i.e. morphogenetic field) is known as our personal morphogenetic field, and it expands to exist at a planetary level, the Galactic level, The Universal Level and Multi-verse levels. All of the levels of the manifestation templates, the Personal, Planetary, Galactic and Universal 12 Tree Grids are nested together interconnected as what manifest within our holographic reality.”

  9. “The macrocosmic structure of the Universal Tree of Life is replicated within the microcosmic structure of the personal tree of life, as the Musica Universalis, the Music of the Spheres which act as the harmonic structure that organizes the spherical vibration of multiple spectrums of frequency.[1][2] The Music of the Spheres incorporates the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or tones of energy which manifest in numbers, visual angles, shapes and sounds, that are all connected within a pattern of proportion.

    Thus, we may become attuned to see these patterns of movement as energy in action in the multidimensional realities that are represented in our model of the Universal Time Matrix, as these massive sentient fields of co-creative Collective Consciousness that are journeying throughout time, space and dimension. Layers upon layers of Morphogenetic Fields exist at every level that a form has manifested as a Station of Identity in each dimensional plane, these dimensional spaces embrace and contain many other forms where all experiences of reality and manifestation take place. These fields are instruction sets that hold massive amounts of intelligent energy and intelligent consciousness communication that can be interacted with through heightened sensory awareness, such as Telepathy.”

    1. The tree of life is like the spine. Tuning forks protrude from it, protecting the heart. Something is shifting. Venus squaring Chiron, the wounded healer. Venus just moved into Capricorn. She’s laying down some new concepts. The good news, is that she only does that so the party can get started 😎

    2. Born from a shell-phone, emanating from the spine. The sea shells have a spiral, representing all things at once. What happened after the birth? She was forced to be “pinned down” with Hephestus, by her “father”, who wasn’t even so, as she was born parent-less. She just is. Hephestus is an underworld metal worker which explains the long, drawn out feeling of time spiral, as in bound to earth. Somebody somewhere wasn’t satisfied with their manifestation. 😳 Giving up material things, here. I just want it nice, which means the surrounding has to be nice.

      We have to break free to be free and we’ll be free to be free and we’ll see what we are. I’m ready.

  10. This has also been for people beyond MV.

    Frank, perhaps your location in Nutfield is an invitation to visit the “nuts and bolts” of ideas you believe in, phrases you/we use. How has it all worked?

    “Holograms and Clones for Satanic Ritual” on that glossary page resembles some of the things you’ve spoken about and your perception that you have a double “birth”.

    I’ll stop now.

    Godspeed everyone.

    1. Anony, I agree. Something in the atmosphere doesn’t sit right at the moment.
      Seems like 2021 is hyper level BS. I don’t mean to be a downer, I just am saying the experience. A huge clearing out is happening and some stuff is coming up that feels like annoying, as if to say “sure you don’t want to duke it out over this anymore?” kind of feeling.
      I’m so over it.
      I’m quite certain. I don’t want any more crap from that disgusting place we are leaving behind. Let the psychos live out their very short end of time scenario. Don’t look because it isn’t happening. In a short time, we come home to a clean house. And then we can just be. Sipping tea or wine and listening to beautiful birds.

  11. ONJ looking stunning. In the glory of the 70s, which is kind of yuck somehow, but IDK, this movie has always fascinated me. Perhaps the 70s is the tackiest decade, but its super fun. The 60s and 80s were better, as far as pretty much everything, aesthetically and intellectually.

    Why is this movie and song being broadcast in my head right now?



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